You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 5 - First Day At Work (1)

”Sir you have a meeting by 9am with the board and departments of the company which is thirty minutes from now ” Miss Xia his secretary informed smiling. He just nodded in response, she is used to his attitude and after that she left his office to resume her duties.

His eyes were fixed on a file in his office which he was reading with utmost interest, he spelled out the name written on it ”Alicia Von Donald ”, ”so you are the new recruit of the legal department he chuckled showing off his two deep dimples at the sides of each cheek. He remembered his first encounter with her, at that time she could not see him clearly due to the clubs lights were dim , she punched him twice on his face . It was a friday night and Jason along with his two best friends;Dave and Lim.

Dave is the owner of the biggest Tech Company in America and one of the biggest in the world. Lim is the owner of the biggest construction company in America and one of the biggest worldwide. After Jason won a big contract with some Asian investors they decided to celebrate together. They were drunk after having much to drink, Lim was with him while Dave left after he spotted a lady, he went after her.

Lim went ahead and due to his drunken state started flirt with a reddish-brown haired beautiful lady with her unique dark green eyes , she fought him and Lim kept stumbling when he almost fell down Jason went to settle the fight he ended up being punched twice by that girl and she left but never did he forget her and she is going to start working in his Company tomorrow.

He smiled again thinking of a scenario where a little stubborn cat tries to get into the lions den and he started laughing. His office was soundproof and his employees at the highest floor where hi s office is didn hear him else their hairs would have stood up in fright, this is because no one have seen him laugh only when he was about to deal with his enemies in a brutal way and this is a sight for few people.

At Alicias Apartment

Alicia continued sneezing until she finally stopped. Kelly told her ”lt seems someone can stop thinking about you babe ” when Alicia heard her and scoffed and said ”girl you are so superstitious and believe in all those weird things ”. ”No l am actually very serious ” ”by the way what about that guy that asked for your phone number, has he called ” Kelly asked while scanning some mails on her laptop. She was free today, she didn go to work because her boss travelled, since she was his P.A there was nothing she could in her workplace so she decided to spend this day with Alicia and help her prepare for her first day at work. ”I gave him the wrong number, you see l really want to concentrate on fulfilling my dreams and starting this new job tomorrow ”Alicia said. ”Ok I understand ”Kelly said, ”but you have come of age to start up a relationship, what do you think about that? ” ”You should be the one thinking of that since you are older ” Alicia countered.

Kelly smiled bitterly at what Alicia said but her bestie didn notice, she remembered someone and a tear fell off her beautiful eyes but she was swift to clean it before Alicia notices. She helped Alicia sort out her clothes for work and they ate dinner and drifted to sleep after they watched their favourite movie The Notebook.

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