You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 9 - Carie\'s Arrival

”Uhm sir, I came to get your signature on these shipping documents so I can get access to the seaport and make my investigations on the case regarding the stolen containers ” Alicia said looking at him. Jason dropped the file he was reading, collected the one she gave him and was intensely reading the content of the files. He looked at her and caught her glaring at him so he asked her with a raise brow, ” Whats with that look? ”, ” Uhm sir I have been standing for the past twenty minutes and my knees are aching badly, can I sit down while you
e still checking the files? ” Alicia asked with pleading eyes. Jason averted his blue eyes from her and told her while looking at the files ” It hasn been long since you came so keep on standing till I am done ”he said seriously.

”This arrogant man is also wicked, Kelly was right all along and I defended him without knowing him, he looks like a sweet angel but he is a devil in disguise ” Alicia mused to herself. After reading and signing the papers Jason gave the files to her and then she took slow strides towards the door because her legs were feeling numb, she reached for the doorknob but Jason stopped her.

” Wait this is the first case given to you since you started working here, make sure you don lose because I don want the reputation of my company that I have built for years to go down the drain because you aren competent for the job, you don have the required experience for this job but youve got an good grades and graduated with the highest honours Summa Cum Laude and you were also a topper at your licensure exams but I just hope you know what to do, and don forget to close the door tightly before leaving ”Jason said coldly with an indifferent face as he continued checking the other file on his table.

At The Alfredos Ancestral Mansion

At the ancestral mansion of the Alfredos all the maids lined up outside the massive castle like building awaiting the return of the Young Miss. A black Maybach drove in and immediately Grandpa Alfredo knew it was his beloved grand daughter.

Caries POV

When the car entered through the golden gate securing the mansion, carie was welcomed with the breathtaking view of the place, she really missed her house and everything seem new cause so many things were actually renovated, she saw fountain close to the ever green garden it looked so magnificent as spring water gushed out of it like a geyser. The car arrived at the front of the mansion and when she saw her grandad her eyes welled with tears. She reminisce her memories here, both good and bad including the worst thing that had ever happened to her took place in this same mansion but she always tried her best to stay positive. She is back and will not be leaving again. Carie stepped out of the car with Lim, ”Oh my beautiful grand daughter, Ive missed you so much ”Grandpa Alfredo said as his eyes welled up. Carie hugged him and kissed his cheeks ”I have also missed you grandpa and I promise you that I wouldn go back again, I have finished whatever I have left to do remaining in England and I wouldn be going back anytime soon, lets go in ” carie said but when she turned she saw their butler ”Oh butler Luke I miss you so much ” carie said as she hugged the elderly man standing close to her grandad, ” my dear we all missed you so much as well ” he said with a teary eye. They really missed carie because she was very bubbly and cheerful but the mansion became dull after she travelled adding to the fact that Jason doesn like coming home, he actually stays at his own house but from time to time when he is less busy he would spend time with his grand father outside the mansion. Things went like this until Old Master Alfredo developed a heart disease and began pestering Jason to get married and because of that he hardly spend time with his grandpa.

”Grandpa I will be leaving now, I have an appointment ” Lim said ”Ok son thank you for picking her up at the airport ”Grandpa Alfredo said, ”She is my fiancee and thats my duty, bye ” Lim bade them goodbye and was about to leave when he suddenly halted and said ”Oh before I forget ” he went forward to carie kissed her before everyone and whispered to her ”I will be back for you ” he left after that leaving carie standing motionless. Grandpa Alfredo chuckled and thought to himself ” kids of this generation are really vocal and open regarding their love ”, ” carie lets go in ” he said before carie was brought back to earth and her heart still beating like a drum because of what Lim did, then she smiled and said ”Okay lets go in now ” then they entered the mansion while the maids took her things to her room.

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