You are My Euphoriant

Chapter 11 - Devil in Disguise

Alicia was sitted in her office viewing the files given to her by Mrs Jane regarding her first case, she was really happy about this, ” finally I have been given a serious job though it was only yesterday I sorted out those files but it feels like I have been doing it for a long time and to think of it I was expecting same today but it seems lady luck is on my side ” Alicia said smiling. ”But this case is quite interesting since I would have to go for field work ” she continued.

The case is on hijacking (theft) of some containers of the company that was shipped from Greece by some custom officers while clearing the goods. This case is quite difficult but what should she expect from this company, according to Mrs Jane the case is common and easy so it was given to her since she is new. ”I need to gather the document of shippings of the company carried out in that seaport and get the C.E.Os signature on them, and also checkout the seaport and the activities of the officers that were on duty that day, check all the cctv footages and find the hideout of the officers who stole the containers and… oh my! there are numerous things to do I thought this was easy, its more difficult than I thought, now I prefer sorting out the documents, Urgh I would get a headache thinking about of this, Alicia muttered while pressing her temple. ”At my former work place I was given a partner to work with on every case but here I wasn even given the luxury to get one, I am required to do everything alone since according to them its an easy case. You can do this Alicia, fighting ” Alicia encouraged herself. She gathered all the shipping documents, after that she went to the C.E.Os office to get his signature.

Alicia stood in front of Jasons office, she was kinda hesitating to knock she remembered the way he rudely treated her at the conference room. ”This arrogant jerk always has this dark aura around him that makes him scary, he acts like a grimreaper even though he looks really handsome. I should just knock before someone sees me standing here like a fool ”, Alicia said and knocked on the door.

Inside Jasons Office

Jason was sitting on his majestic chair making him look like a formidable mafia lord, his eyes were fixed on the monitor screen before him, he was watching the cctv footages and he saw and heard everything Alicia said. He personally asked Mrs Jane to give her that case to handle without the help from anyone, this is just a tip of the iceberg on what he had planned for her. Seeing her here surprised him because he thought that she would give up on seeing the work load, instead she had the guts to stand in front of his door and call him names, ” this little wild cat doesn know that shes actually playing with fire ” Jason thought while smirking. ” Come in ”, Jason said, after switching off the monitor he brought out some files from his shelf and started reading it.

Alicia came in and gulped seeing him sitted on his chair looking so hot as he tries to adjust his bangs so he could see the file properly. Her naughty mind darted of and she thought of climbing on his desk removing his tie and sitting on his strong thighs and kissing his pink lips till it turned pale, thinking about this she was getting wet. She snapped out of her thought when he cleared his throat, ” Oh Alicia, concentrate on what you are here for and knock those lewd and perverted imaginations off your brain ” she scolded herself inwardly.

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