You are My Euphoriant


Chapter 1 – The Devil I

”Yeah I am so happy I was given a job at A.F.D Ltd , I am so happy ” Alicia jubilant shouted as she entered her apartment. Once she was in she sighed disappointed at her best friend Kelly who was sleeping on the couch in the living room. ” Oh Kelly I have always warned you to stop sleeping on the couch ”. Seeing that Kelly isn bulging to wake up she shouted out loud ”Fire,there is a fire outbreak, run ” and Kelly jumped off the couch with a sleepy face and out of anxiety ran out of the living room.

”Hahaha I got you, you sleepy head ” ” stop that Alicia you know l often get panic attacks ” she said while calming her racing heart. ”I am so sorry bestie but you gave me no option, I tried waking you up ”. ”Ok lets forget about that l have some important news for you , please just try guess ” Alicia said with her puppy dog watery eyes facade as she normally calls it P.D.W.E.F ”.

Kelly chucked when she saw her friends little facade, ”Alicia you should know that this doesn work on me and besides l am not good at guessing, but is the news for me?. ”Hell no, its for me and since you can guess l would tell you the news ”. ”So whats the big news babe, tell me ” Kelly asked enthusiastically. ” I got a job at A.F.D Ltd ”. Alicia said with a wide smile on her face. ”Oh don tell me its that arrogant, self-centered, ruthless and heartles

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