Valentin went to his office when he was done finishing his morning preparation of getting ready, tonight he would be having a meeting with Gadot.

They had to discuss their treaty and the terms and conditions that were proposed. Valentin went to his vault and checked the briefcase with the weapons.

They would have to start to explore the machines soon, and they were at a huge advantage. But for today they had more matters to deal with.

When nighttime came, Valentin got dressed in his suit and he and Rex with his other men were out the door.

They went back to the same area as they did for the meeting. Valentin got in the room and waited. The door opened and he was surprised to see Blue walking in.

She had bruises on her face and he knew it was due to their fighting but what impressed him more was the fact that she wasn limping at all.

Her hair was slicked back and it was a perfect shoulder length, Valentin had to snap out of it. She sat down and looked at him squarely,

”My apologies for Gadot not being here, he has some pressing matters. ”

Valentin knew what she said was a whole lie, Gadot was injured from his fight with him, yet here Blue was and she had fought way more and had been landed more blows by him and she still was standing.

This was way better, Blue was way more suitable to be the leader, not Gadot, she was so different from the girls he had.

”I see, rough week? ” Valentin responded to her.

”Just minor injuries. ” And Valentin could see that she had dismissed him from asking any more questions in regards to her.

Valentin threw the papers at her, ”We are not signing this shit. ”

Blue didn seem to be fazed and he was more impressed at the look she had, it was like she knew thats how they would feel about the treaty.

”I thought as much, thats why I am here. Could you let me know what you have in mind? ” Blue replied.

Valentin wanted to curse himself when his mind went to the gutter at her question, what he had in mind was to take her here, on this very table.

”The fifty-fifty all-round rule of sharing everything is simple bullshit, and I don answer to anyone, I want to find an amicable way for us to have different routes. ”

Until I take you guys down, but he did not say the last part out loud.

Blue nodded, ”That seems logical, I will discuss it with Gadot and we will get back to you. ”

”Do send my regards to Gadot. ” Valentin had said it in a way in which he knew she would know that he knows they are lying about the whereabouts of Gadot.

”If thats all…. ” Before Blue could finish her sentence, Valentin asked the question that he had wanted to ask her all along,

”How did you become Gadots second hand? ”

Valentin saw her eyes flicker and thats the first time he saw a hint of emotion from her but it was gone in a flash, ”I believe thats personal matters, I meant in terms of business. ”

Her voice was still neutral and she didn give anything away,

”Fine, I do have other means to get the information I want about you Blue. ”

Blue tilted her head, ”Do whatever you want, there is a saying: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. ”

Valentin nodded at her statement and he got up. She held out her hand and he shook it. He could smell her scent, it was unique and alluring.

He let go of her hand and was out of the office, he could hear her behind him, Valentin and Rex went out front, where their other men were waiting, and got into the car.

He saw Blue getting into a car and his car sped away.

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