Chapter 811 INTERVIEW (XVI)  LUO YAN watched asSofia rushed out of the study, almost stumbling onher own feet because of how fastshe ran. When the other walked out of the door, he finally released the laugh hed been holding. 

How adorable.

He toldSofia thatshe was the cloud and he himself was the night. He gave the other so much hint, he would be truly annoyed if he didnt get it. The hints he gave him was almost in your face that if his cinnamon roll didnt get it, he would seriously question his IQ. And the thing his cinnamon roll would never lack was that. 

Seeing as how the other ran as if some axe murderer was chasing after him, Luo Yan could only think of two reasons for it. In the off-chance that his cinnamon roll forgot his IQ and didnt understand the message he was trying to convey, he probably ran out that fast so he could stop himself from hitting Luo Yan. If that wasnt the case, then, the other must be too shy and ran out before the game system could not detect his mind associating the detectiveNPC to his rabbit.

Luo Yan leaned more on the latter. Just like him, his cinnamon roll was probably trying his best to prevent his mind from mentioning him and the others. Luo Yan felt a bit guilty. He probably shouldnt have teased the other too much. Especially considering his effect on the guy. Just a simple mistake and they could fail this task. But he just couldnt help it. 

He shook his head. He really should control himself sometimes. 

With that, the interview continued on.

The next one he called was the solicitor, Arthur Wells. After all the basic questions, like where was he and what was he doing during this and that time, Luo Yan started asking about things that he considered as important points.

”How long have you been Mr. Harcourts solicitor?”

”Almost 30 years,” the other answered without any qualms.

That long? Then this lawyer must know a lot of family secrets. But before he could ask something on that line, Arthur Wells beat him to it.

”Although I may have been under Mr. Harcourts employ for that long, I wasnt privy to any family secrets,” the other said as if he had already known what he was thinking. “My relationship with this family is strictly business.” 

Luo Yan scratched his nose. It seemed that he wasnt able to hide his expression, probably because his mind was still on his cinnamon roll. He pinched his arm a bit to return his focus. 

He stared at Arthurs expression. It was still as serious and wooden as before. He didnt think that the other would lie about this. After all, what would he get from lying? From his observation during dinner last night, he could tell that this NPC was not close to any of the Harcourts. Yes, even Mr. Harcourt himself. His attitude towards his employer was respectful but very perfunctory as well. As if he was just here to do his job as a lawyer.

The Harcourts reaction to him was also very natural. Obviously, they were already used to the others wooden personality. Which further proved that Arthurs relationship with the family was truly just business. 

”Dont worry, Mr. Wells, I wont ask about that,” he said. “I only want to know about the specifics of the revised will. Both the old and the new.”

He was referring to the will that William was planning to sign 20 years ago and this new one. If this man had been the Harcourts solicitor for 30 years, then surely, he would know all the details of both wills.

”Then, your question should be corrected,” Arthur said. “In the past 20 years, theres only been one change in Mr. Harcourts will.”

Luo Yan frowned when he heard that. “What do you mean?”

”He never revised his will 20 years ago.”

”You mean he never made a will that would leave all his properties to Richard?” Luo Yan asked carefully.

”No. I was never informed of that,” the solicitor confirmed what Luo Yan just said. “Mr. Harcourts will has or rather, had always been to equally divide his properties to all his children upon his death.”

Luo Yans frown became deeper. What did that mean? Could it be possible that saying he would leave everything to Richard was fake, just a blind threat to force his children to be in line or something? But wasnt that too extreme? Just like what he did last night. Its as if the old mad was inciting evil. Hes starting to really get confused by the purpose of William Harcourt.

Then, he remembered one important point that Arthur had said. That the will had changed one time in the past 20 years. Meaning William might not have done 20 years ago, but he surely did sometime in between. No, maybe it was the revised will leaving everything to the real Sorcha.

To make sure, he directly asked Arthur if that was indeed the case. The others answer truly surprised him.

”Yes, thats the content of the new will. Youre probably thinking that this change only occurred recently. On that regard, I think I have to correct you. Mr. Harcourt revised that will 10 years ago.”

”You mean as early as 10 years ago, he already decided to leave everything to Sorcha?” Luo Yan asked just to make sure he correctly understood what the other was saying. 

”Yes. But again, with a slight correction. The bulk of the family properties will be left to Sorcha. But 50,000 pounds will be given each to Harry and Daphne. Charles will also receive an amount of 50,000 as well as a seaside villa.”

In short, the only ones who wouldnt receive anything were Edward and Catherine. That amount of money was already plenty during this time period. With inflation, that 50,000 pounds would roughly amount to $800,000 today. One could say that William was already pretty generous. 

But the question here was, why exclude his other two children?

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