COULD it be? Could it really be? – Xia Li thought. Her eyes getting brighter and brighter the more she thought about it. Surely, it ’s not just her fujoshi side making up things, right? 

Just look at how Noctis reacted in this situation. He wasn ’t angry, he wasn ’t even annoyed. In fact, just one look at him and anyone could tell that he ’s very amused with situation. And if you look even closer, underneath the amusement, one could see that he ’s also very happy. 

What else could it mean? Of course, it ’s because he also liked YUN! 

This was definitely not just her delusion or her wishful thinking. It ’s not because she wanted it to be true that ’s why it ’s the first thing that came to her mind. Okay, maybe just a tiny bit. Even so, it ’s clear as day (no, it ’s actually only clear to her) that Noctis definitely also had feelings for YUN.

As a fangirl, finding out that the ship you ’re rooting for actually had a chance of sailing, wasn ’t this like a pie that fell from heaven? No, it ’s more like the feeling of winning a lottery. This was simply a dream come for true for a fangirl like her. 

The worry and awkwardness Xia Li felt earlier completely vanished. She looked at Noctis with bright eyes and said in a very enthusiastic voice, ”Then, I will make more fan-arts in the future. I hope Noctis will continuously like it. ”

”With Sister Catnip ’s talent, I have no doubt that I will like everything that you draw, ” Luo Yan said with a sincere smile.

Xia Li was simply hit by this smile. Add that to the other softly calling her ’sister ’ and it was a double kill. She was about to response when a milky voice suddenly interjected;

”Eclipse also want a fan-art of himself. Eclipse especially want it to be cute and beautiful! ”

Xia Li gazed down at the cute boy. Because of him exposing the ’truth ’, she was able to find out the secret between Noctis and YUN – that the two were already in love with each other. That ’s why she felt extremely kind while looking at the little kitsune. This was her lucky star! Of course, she should be gentler and more patient.

”Then, this big sister here will draw one for you, ” she said.

She looked at Eclipse, then at YUN and Noctis. And then suddenly realized that the little kitsune looked a little bit like YUN, except that his eyes were blue, just like Noctis. Wait- why did she feel like she was looking at a family of three?

With that thought, a burst of inspiration exploded in her mind. She now suddenly had an idea of what to do next.

”Eclipse is waiting. Cat Sister, no take backs, okay? ” the little boy said, his big blue eyes blinking at Xia Li before raising his little finger at her, clearly wanting to get her promise.

What else could she say? Of course, she directly hooked the other ’s little finger with her own.

Xia Lei, on the side, only felt that he was dreaming right now. What happened to the shura field he was expecting? Why did it become a field of rainbows and butterflies all of a sudden? 

He had long imagined what would happen if Noctis or YUN found out about his sister ’s hobby. He was expecting some kind of battle to happen. He was even ready to defend his sister. But who would have thought that the result was the complete opposite?

Looking at YUN, the other was completely expressionless. As if all of this had nothing to do with him. Of course, that ’s only in his eyes. If he knew what Shen Ji Yun was thinking, he would definitely not arrive at the same conclusion. While Noctis, on the other hand, was smiling with a hint of admiration on his face while looking at Xia Li. As if he truly liked the fan-arts his sister made of them. 

So, what did this mean? Honestly, he had no freaking idea. It ’s like he was presented with a simple Math problem. But because he was too stupid, he couldn ’t solve it no matter how much he thought about it. 

At the end, Xia Li simply gave up. What ’s the point of understanding anyway? As long as his sister was not being inflicted in any way, then, why should he care?

Bai Ze glanced meaningfully at Xia Li. Seeing as how the other ’s eyes were shining, he knew that this was her expression whenever she thought of something she wanted to do. Since Xia Li was literally looking at Luo Yan and Shen Ji Yun with glowing eyes, he could only assume that it had something to do with the two. Probably another idea for a fan-art?

”So, you still have talent for drawing, ” he commented. ”Are you posting your fan-arts on Weibo? ”

Xia Li scratched her cheek, ”Yeah, it ’s all there. ” 

Somehow, she felt a bit shy again for some reason. Probably because she was friends with Bai Ze. She had friends that knew about her fujoshi tendencies and therefore her favorite hobby as well. But she also had friends that she hadn ’t told it to. Not because she ’s embarrassed. But because they weren ’t yet on the level where she would tell them about it. In short, these people were only casual friends in her opinion.

If Bai Ze should know that he was only regarded as a ’casual friend ’ by Xia Li, he might really cry right now.

”I also kind of want to see myself drawn by you. Could I ask this great artist to also make a fan-art of me? ” Bai Ze asked with a cheeky grin.

”What great artist… ” Xia Li said. Even though she looked reluctant, one could still see that she was happy hearing such a compliment. 

”What? I ’m only telling the truth, ” Bai Ze said, not leaving his eyes on Xia Li, as if trying to show his sincerity.

Xia Li felt her cheeks heating up. What ’s wrong with Bai Ze today? Suddenly becoming such a smooth talker.

This time, it was Luo Yan ’s turn to glance at the two with a meaningful look.

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