SHEN JI YUN was staring at his hand that was still being held by Luo Yan. No, it was probably more accurate to say that he was holding his hand. After all, his huge hand was completely engulfing his. Looking at their connected hands, he felt like a light feather was brushing his heart.

It ’s a weird feeling, it ’s like he ’s floating and everything inside him was all giddy and fuzzy. He couldn ’t even describe it properly. He just knew that he didn ’t dislike this feeling. How could he, when he felt this warm?

The arc of his lips turned up, making his usually expressionless face much gentler.

That ’s what Luo Yan saw when he turned to Shen Ji Yun. It almost made him halt in his tracks. Because seeing such a gentle expression on his face was something rare. It made his already handsome face even more handsome. Looking at him was truly such a feast for the eyes.

He stopped and shook his head. What the hell was thinking during a time like this? He glanced down at their still connected hands. Maybe it ’s because of this. He tried to take back his hand, but when he tried, Shen Ji Yun ’s hold just became even tighter.

”Brother Ji Yun, ahm, can I get back my hand? ” 

Shen Ji Yun seemed to only get back to his senses because of Luo Yan ’s request. He unwittingly let go of his hand. And then, he immediately felt a sudden loss because he could no longer feel the warmth from that small hand.

”Brother Ji Yun, let ’s go to one of the building ’s computer lab. I want to go to the smallest, ” Luo Yan added.  ”The others might catch up to us if we don ’t move now. ”

That last sentence completely woke Shen Ji Yun from his momentary trance. That ’s right, if those four caught up to them, then his time to be alone with the rabbit would be cut off. They probably wouldn ’t have the chance to be alone together again for the day.

”This way, ” he said, then he reached for Luo Yan ’s hand. He didn ’t even ask why the Luo Yan wanted to go to the smallest computer lab.  ”It will be faster this way, ” he added, not directly looking at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan looked down at their hands that were once again connected. Shen Ji Yun probably meant that they would reach their destination faster if they held hands. Which was probably true, in a sense. So, he didn ’t complain and just let him. 

What he didn ’t see was that both of Shen Ji Yun ’s ear tips, even his nape, were now bright red.

With that, the two walked towards the smallest computer lab.

Luo Yan looked around the familiar corridor. It seemed like nothing had really changed that much in this building as well in the past seven years. He just hoped that the habit of that professor he first thought of when they came here didn ’t change as well. Because then, he had to think of another plan again.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

”Here it is, ” Shen Ji Yun said, stopping in front of a double door. 

Looking at the door in front of him, Luo Yan suddenly felt nervous for some reason. Was it because he ’s meeting someone from his last life? Or was it because he was about to learn what happened to his body? Either way, he still had to go through this door. So, it ’s useless to worry about this right now.

He took a deep breath and turned to Shen Ji Yun.  ”Let ’s go inside? ”

Shen Ji Yun nodded and opened the door. Both of them walked inside. There were desktop computers arranged in a station like manner. Aside from all the computers being the latest model and some improvements here and there, the room looked exactly as Luo Yan remembered. 

”Wow. What a cute room! ” he said, acting all amazed and surprised while walking further and turning around.

As he did that, he also glanced around and observed the surrounding. Now, where was that code maniac of a professor? 

He walked towards the area where that person usually was. If he was here, he would definitely be on his favorite spot. A special nook at the very corner. He often cooped himself there with his laptop, always typing various codes. And because there was barely any class being held here, he just made this place his own.

During his senior year, when he was doing his thesis, this professor just happened to be assigned to Luo Yan as his adviser. Unluckily enough. So, he had spent quite a lot of time in this computer lab as well. That ’s why he knew quite a bit about that person ’s habits.

Although he was his adviser, he barely guided him with his thesis. Rather, every time he was here, all they did was play games. It ’s because that guy was such a sore loser despite being so bad at playing computer games. Which was really weird considering how much of a genius he was in any other thing computer related.

He was quite the young professor. If Luo Yan remembered correctly, that guy was only in his mid-20s when he died. So, he would be in his early 30s now. 

After a while, he heard the familiar sound of someone typing. He turned to the left and on that familiar nook, he saw a rather shabby looking man sitting with his knees up and a laptop on his lap. He was lying in such a peculiar angle, one would question how the heck was he able to type that way. 

His black hair was messy with a long fringe that was almost covering his eyes. There were huge dark circles under his eyes, a sign that he often didn ’t sleep much. The white lab coat he was wearing was all crumpled. And he was nibbling on something. if Luo Yan guessed correctly, it ’s probably lollipop.

[There he is.]

Professor Rong Shun!

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