LUO Yan stood up, putting back the egg in his Items Tab.  He ran towards Shen Ji Yun.  When he reached him, he raised his head and smiled up at him.  ”How did you know I was here? ”

He was just actually about to return inside.  Because he knew his team mates usually went straight to their headquarters ’ main hall whenever they logged in.  He was planning to wait for them there.  He knew that today was also the first day of university for their three college team mates.  So he thought he had to wait awhile before any of them logged in.  

That ’s why it ’s quite a pleasing surprise seeing Shen Ji Yun this early.

Shen Ji Yun gazed down at Luo Yan.  As usual, he was immediately attracted by his smile.  He especially liked it when he smiled so brightly like this.  Because he could see that it was real.  

Then his gaze glanced at the silvery white robe Luo Yan was wearing.  Every time he saw him wearing it, he felt happy.  Maybe because he was the one who gave it to Luo Yan.  

”I logged out yesterday just outside the palace, ” he answered.  Meaning when he logged in today, he appeared outside of the headquarters.  That ’s why he saw him immediately.  

”Why did you log in early?  You didn ’t have any lecture? ” 

”No, I don ’t have much lecture during Modays, ” Shen Ji Yun answered.  ”How about you, how ’s your first day at school? ”

”It ’s okay.  Though a bit boring since we didn ’t really start classes, ” Luo Yan said.  ”But my classmates seem to like me. ”

”Why wouldn ’t they? ”

”That ’s right.  How could they not like me when I ’m this pretty, ” Luo Yan said puffing out his chest, showing off just how proud he was.

Shen Ji Yun let out a surprising laugh.  ”Yes, how could they not? ”

Luo Yan stared at Shen Ji Yun.  Because he was currently laughing, his usual cold exterior suddenly melted.  His beastly amethyst eyes were bent into crescents.  His lips that were usually in a straight line were now curved in an attractive arc, making his whole features much softer.  

A simple smile could truly change the atmosphere around a person.  If Shen Ji Yun smiled more often, he would definitely be always surrounded by people, more particularly, girls.  An image of that kind of scene suddenly flashed in his mind.  His brows slightly creased.  For some reason, he didn ’t like seeing that kind of image.  He shook his head and also shook away the strange idea and the strange feeling it evoked as well.

So instead, he smiled at Shen Ji Yun.  ”Thank you for the gift. ”

”Did you… like it? ” Shen Ji Yun asked.

He looked like he was simply asking but Luo Yan could see in the way his gaze darted sideways that he was nervous.  Was he anxious about what his answer would be?  Luo Yan chuckled.  How could this guy be so awkward and cute at the same time?

”I love it, ” he said honestly.

Shen Ji Yun ’s face visibly brightened when he said that.  Despite the almost non-existent change in expression, Luo Yan could still tell that he was happy with his answer.  ”That ’s good. ”

Of course Shen Ji Yun was happy.  When he was contemplating on what to give Luo Yan as a reward for doing so well in his exam, there weren ’t many ideas that came to his mind.  The only one he could think of was sending a human size rabbit stuff toy.  That ’s what he first thought when he found out that Luo Yan liked stuff animals.  But he realized it was a bit unoriginal, considering how his younger brother already gave him one.

So he went and asked for Bai Ze ’s opinion on what kind of gift teenagers would like.  He gave him some kind of weird grin before answering and telling him that any normal girl would love to receive flowers, chocolates, jewelries, or any kind of cute things.  Then he proceeded on asking who the girl was, when did he meet him, and why did he didn ’t know anything about it.   At that point, Shen Ji Yun no longer cared about him.   

He didn ’t understand why Bai Ze automatically assumed it was for a girl.  Were girls the only one allowed to receive gifts?  Because he knew he wouldn ’t get a proper answer from him, he decided to just search online and asked the ever dependable Baidu.  

He didn ’t really get much.  Because most of the research results showed the same uninteresting things – gadgets, shoes, anything sports related, and games.  Just like the stuff toy, he thought all those things were unoriginal.  Then that ’s when he thought if he wanted something original, then he should just customize something.  The idea of a music box came to him then.  Probably because he just remembered the dance Luo Yan did inside the blue door.

It was easy to get the music Luo Yan danced to.  He just had to ask someone from Moonlight Media to send him the music file.  It was the first time he used his identity as his uncle ’s nephew to get something.  Then he looked for a shop that customized things like music box.  It took a while to find a suitable shop that could satisfy him.

But now, listening to Luo Yan saying that he loved the gift, he felt that all the hard work he put into that music box was worth it.

”But Brother Ji Yun, why am I the rabbit? ” Luo Yan asked, finally asking the thing he ’d been thinking of since he got the music box.  ”Do I seem like rabbit to you?  Like do I seem weak and helpless in your eyes? ”

Shen Ji Yun was caught off guard by that question.  He didn ’t know how to answer it.  ”I— ”

”Brother Ji Yun should be honest and not give me some perfunctory answer, ” Luo Yan immediately said, acting like some strict teacher scolding a naughty student.

Shen Ji Yun gazed down at Luo Yan ’s serious expression.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  When he opened his eyes again, although he ’s still reluctant, he already decided to tell the truth.

”It ’s because when I first saw you, I thought you were as cute and fluffy as a rabbit. ”

By the time Shen Ji Yun finished, his whole face was already blushing red.  

Seeing that, Luo Yan almost laughed.  Because that expressionless face dyed in red just looked so cute.  He suddenly had a strong urge to bully him.  But to the more important issue – his guess was indeed right.  When they first met, Shen Ji Yun associated his image to a rabbit.

”Even after knowing me, does Brother Ji Yun still thinks that I ’m like a rabbit? ”

”No.  You ’re more like a fox that looks like a rabbit, ” Shen Ji Yun said honestly.

Luo Yan stopped for a second and then let out a loud laugh.  Because with his current appearance, that was indeed a very apt description.  Like a fox in rabbit ’s clothing.

”Because Brother Ji Yun has been so honest, I ’ll let you pinch my cheek, ” he said, remembering that when they first met, this guy pinched his cheek.

”Can I? ”

He smiled and nodded, raising his left cheek for Shen Ji Yun to pinch.

Shen Ji Yun reached for Luo Yan ’s cheek and pinched it.  ”Soft. ”

Luo Yan looked at Shen Ji Yun and saw that his entire expression became gentle and soft the moment he pinched his cheek.  Looking at Shen Ji Yun ’s expression, seeing those usually cold eyes staring at him full of tenderness, Luo Yan felt like his heart just somehow missed a beat.

Before he could think, he already stepped back.  Then he quickly passed him by.  ”Let ’s go back inside, maybe the others are already there. ”

He walked fast towards the palace.  And as he did, he could feel his face heating up for some unknown reason.

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