The Friendship of Brando and James

It was early in the morning when Brando arrived at the domestic airport, Philippine Airlines. He wanted to buy a ticket to Bacolod city, the capital city of Negros Occidental, but it was closed. He had to wait for trade hours tomorrow to buy an airline ticket. Brando went to the coffee shop, bought a cup of coffee, and sat on the bench near the shop. Some passengers are asleep waiting for their flights; some chat for pastimes. He had almost finished his coffee when a man sat near him, eating biscuit crackers. He was also carrying a backpack, but it was too old and his clothes were old as well. No one would have thought that this man had lived a healthy and stable life before. The man was anxious after eating the biscuit and the tension on his face was there in his gesture. He stared into the darkness of the night, instead of sleeping. Brando wondered about him, he looked at him with remorse in his heart. Suddenly the man with tears in his eyes glanced at him. Brando called him to find out what was bothering him so much. Slowly the man stood up, walked over to Brando, and sat down next to him. Brando held out his right hand. ”Hello friend, Im Brando Ramirez. Im traveling alone to go to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. But, I don have a plane ticket yet, so, I have to wait another seven hours to buy at the ticket booth. Are you alone? Ohhh, by the way … whats your name friend? ”

”Ahhh … Ohh..James is my name … James, James Montero, ” while still holding Brandos right hand. James lied about his family name. ”Are you okay James? What can I do to help you? ”

”Its a long story … but I need financial help to get home, to our village. I have a plane ticket but by bus… my money is not enough. Can you help me Brando? ”

”Are you going to Bacolod too? ”

”Yes friend. ”

”Well wait for the ticket booth to open and well buy a ticket. For the two of us, James. ”

”Good for me and my family. ”

”You want to eat? Come on, theres an open restaurant over there. ”

”Okay Brando. ”

James was thrilled to meet his new friend. They had an opinion of Brando and he found out that Brando was capable and came from a wealthy family. They ate together at a restaurant, and their friendship grew as time went on. Brando and James boarded a plane to Bacolod City airport, but they were taken to Silay Airport because this is the newly opened airport. The sudden relocation of the airport is actually a planned tourism development of Bacolod City and Silay City, for the amalgamation of the Metro Cities Development Board. The ticket seller explained to Brando and James about this new development. On the plane, one of the topics they discussed was the transfer of the airport from Bacolod City to Silay City.

”James, you know what, relocating this airport is not a good way to elevate the image of Bacolod, as if, city leaders have given Silay City a gateway for improvement themselves. ”

”Yes Brando, Im with you for that reason, but, you see, Bacolod airport is small, the runway is not safe and narrow and its safe for the residents around it. So, I think, its better this way, in Silay City. ”

”Lets see in the future..well see. ”

”By the way friend, where are you going after arriving at Silay Airport? ” James asked.

”You know, I have to stay with my cousin in the town of Binalbagan… near Sugar Central. Its been a long time now that I haven visited them. In fact, it was a surprise visit. ”

”Are you on vacation? ” James asked.

”Yes … yes … yes friend. ”

”Good Brando! Why don you visit our place in Hinigaran first, before heading to Binalbagan? Our place is truly amazing; many rivers, waterfalls, forests and amazing mountain scenery. My family will be happy if you can… ”

”Yes..yes my friend. I am happy with your invitation. I will come to you for .. lets say… 2 days to stay there? Are you okay? ”

”Okay, Im happy friend that you accepted my invitation. My son will be happy too! Also, my wife Melba! ”

”James, are you married already? Can you tell me your story … while we eat our breakfast? ”

James recounted his life without any hindrance to Brandon. ”Living in our area is a horrible thing that must be addressed when it comes to my ambition to live comfortably. We are a large family of ten and have very few acres of land to depend on. Our parents inherited that land from our ancestors. My father labored day and night to develop it so that we also inherit it. When my parents died, my two eldest brothers managed it, but in my case, I went to the city of Bacolod and finished my course. But because of my life aspirations, I have long been separated from my family. I graduated from college, married my best friend, and had a child. My married life was chaotic because I am not satisfied to live uncomfortably in a remote place. Married life is not for me. My wife stayed there in Hinigaran, and I went abroad to work, expecting all to be well; believe I can move my wife and son to the city. I worked hard, saved money, studied a few other subjects in my spare time.

The hope that I changed, when I met a beautiful lady, who could provide something special, something lovely when I was out. We nurtured our love for each other that we could no longer control. My family didn know about her and our relationship. I secretly resigned from my job, returned to the Philippines, and stayed in Manila to look for work. I tried my best to send money to my family in Hinigaran every month. They believed I am still working abroad; but in fact, I am here in the Philippines looking for a job. As time went on, without a job, my financial ability diminished and I stopped sending to my family. The hardships of life even food and myself came to the point that I borrowed money from my friends without me paying. They reported to the police, I was called to pay, but I could not give them anything. I was imprisoned locally until a wealthy politician paid for all my damages. He gave me a plane ticket. I stayed a bit in the city hoping I could get a job but to no avail. So, I decided to go here for my flight to Bacolod City, just a ticket, without cash in my pocket. Here I am, saved by my good and rich friend, ” James said to Brando with a smile. ”


Darkness again, darkness began to cover the world, the couple Virginia and Daniel showed their happiness because it was time for them to receive the devils food. As they do when this time comes, they go to the back of their house, slowly transforming their form into werewolves. When the couple left, Mary went to her parents room, looking for something that could answer what was inside her, what she had been trying to configure for the past few weeks. She opened the wooden cupboard, pulled out the drawers one by one, and found a red box that caught her attention. Quickly and hurriedly she opened the box and read the documents. This is her birth certificate, her parents name written on the paper.


Brando and James arrived on the seventh night at the Hinigaran terminal. Brando bought some biscuits, fruit, candies, and other items for James family. They asked some tricycle drivers to accept their offer to drive them to the village. No one wants to take them to that place because they are afraid for their lives. Other residents told them that at night, two hungry werewolves were killing people for their dinner. Brando spoke up to offer a large amount of money to a tricycle driver. He nodded positively, and they traveled all the way to Jamess place. For James, he knew about werewolves rumors; for Brando, he knew nothing about it, besides, he didn believe in the matter.

They got to their destination safely with no problems, and James family was surprised and happy. James and Brandons family came together for the celebration until the wee hours of the morning. They were tired and tired of their story and they all fell asleep unaware of what had happened to their neighbor.

Their neighbors wife Cynthia was crying, and cursing why a monster had killed her husband. He even cursed the leaders of the area, who did nothing to prevent the killing. Melba woke up early in the morning because of shopping at the market for the visitor. He hurried home when he found out about Antonios fate.

”James, James, wake up! ”

”What? .. Ohhh, why? ” James asked his wife Melba.

”Last night, our neighbor, Antonio was killed by a large animal. His body, hands and legs were torn. I think, big and tall animal! Im scared James! ” Melba hugged her husband tightly.

”You cook our breakfast and I will visit Cynthia. Go..go .. ”James hurried to his neighbors house, listened to a group of people talking about the incident, got the news, and went home. ”Melba, is Brandon awake yet? ”

”I think, yes, I heard him moving in his room. ”

”Brando … Brando, ” James called to Brando as he approached his room.

”Yes, my friend but Im still a little dizzy. ”

”Do you want to wander around this place? Theres a river where you can wash your clothes and refresh yourself. Toto will accompany you there. ”

Toto was happy to hear what his father said. He was ready to accompany Brando who also wanted to swim in the river. In the meantime, he asked James about the news.

”James, what happened there? ” Brando points to the groups talking to their leader. ”It was just an accident, ” James replied.


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