~On the 4th month, in the Hill Country of Rilland; 8:30 A.M~

As the bell rang, almost every student of Shrewsbury Academy, the leading educational institute of Rilland, and prestigious to the world of Neaveh, attended their respected classes, they were awaiting this great day for their awakening.

Every student when they
e about to take the step into adulthood will lay hold for the day of their awakening; of their bloodline and class, as well as any additional benefits such as the passives that come with them.

”Good Morning. ” A particular student greeted as soon as he entered his class.

The name of this Student was Ekron Fearghast, but those that were more familiar would call him Vim. He is a vibrant one with a strong body and charming visage. He lives with his uncle Kratos and his Godmother Kissa, the latter of which is referred to as the Witch of the Crimson Creek.

”… ”

”… ”

Everyone stared at the moment of his notice, but no one greeted him back except one.

”Good Morning Vimmy! ” This was a young female that waved at him.

Her name was Raina, who was one of the most popular girl within the Academy, who is also known as the Blue Pearl due to her big watery blue eyes, and short blue hair. Aside from that, her most distinctive feature was the horn protruding from her forehead.

Vim always renders himself in a state of relief everytime he lay eyes on her. He still sees her as the rather shy and cute little sister that he has to protect even up to now.

Raina too was always excited to see him, and give him space as she scooch over, looking onto him playfully as he sat.

When he did, he pulled out a box wrapped in blue parchment, held by a red ribbon out of his bag and handed it over.

”Happy belated birthday. Im sorry I wasn there, but you know my uncle… ” That of which he expressed deeply.

Raina birthday was two days ago, and he promised to her that he will be there, but his uncle had other plans for him.

”Its okay, I wouldn want you to get into trouble! ” She honestly cannot help but winced when thinking of his Uncle.

Although she was sad that he couldn attend her party, she was also happy that he didn refuse Kratos order because he probably wouldve outright kill him if he did.

”Thank You! ” Nevertheless, she thanked him with a hug, though she wouldn want to open her present right now.

Next to their seat was another male and female having a conversation. That was Elis, the Deputy Monitor, and Viole the Class Monitor. The two of them were a couple.

”Surely if I awaken as a Gladiator, even the God King Zeus himself will acknowledge me, and our marriage in your house will go even more soundly. ” Elis gest in excite.

”You will be a great honor upon my family, and will gain access to even the Vasinar Dungeon! ” She responded, but said nothing of Zeus.

”I swore Ill be the greatest warrior the world will ever see! ” And that he said with confidence.

He was one of the rising star of the academy, being an exceptionally skilled and talented swordsman. Surely, his bloodline and class awakening would be great, she was convinced.

Her eyes then hovered over the other male students who she had seated and quieted, not perceiving them as much. That is, until her eyes landed on Ekron.

Ekron who felt that someone was looking at him soon had his eyes locked unto hers. Honestly, he did not know what to say, they had a good relationship when they were little, but now…

And Viole must admit he was wonderful. He is the strongest and brightest one in the class, and though they loved each other as kids, her feelings were mixed before him.

The goodness of seeing that sculpted body of his, and the mesmerizing scent he exudes that would cloud her mind and make her legs weak every time she is near him, scratches that itch she thought she never had.

But something deep within her began loathing him once they hit puberty, and the more she falters to his presence, the more the hate for him increase.

”Just how can we live like this? ” She wondered.

”Am sorry Vim! ” She apologised weakly.

Elis that was by her side and with a good ear obviously heard what she had just said, but before he can get any affirmation, their Teacher excitedly Busted through the door.

”Heh Heh Heh, I know you all were waiting on this day, the most important and ceremoniously day of your life, and not just that, but to also judge your *fate*! ” He pronounced, emphasizing on the latter word.

The man before them was Richard Culmon, and was one of the oldest professors within the academy. His broad bald head is always perceived as ugly by many, and he has a short, stocky body.

In his mind, Vim always dub him as Pimp Dirt because of the way that he dresses, and know this man have done many questionable things.

And with a flick of his right hand, more than two dozen blue vials took form, levitating at his side.

”As you know, these are awakening factors. I will be calling you one by one where you will not only gain your awakening but to display your gifts to the entire class. ” He instructed them sternly.

Although Vim understood the procedures, he still thought the idea of forcing students to expose themselves to the others, especially those who may not be lucky today will not go well.

Still, there was something else of concern to him, so he raised his hand up high, not that he really needs to, being one of the tallest boy within the class to gather Richards attention.

[Ekron POV]

”TCH… ” Mr. Culmon clicked his tongue in annoyance when he saw my hand.

”Yes Ekron Fearghast? ” And he allowed me to express rather tiredly, he wants me to make it quick.

Honestly, I guess thats fair. Although I was at the top of the class, there were many times when I would correct him during his teachings, and even talk back to him if I judge him taking things too far. No one likes a smart ass as much as they hate a kiss ass.

”Can I be excused from all of this? ” When I shared my concern, the entire atmosphere changed.

The entire class turned towards me, showing their expressions of various kind. Even Raina was confused by my statement.

”What are you doing Vimmy? ” To her, what I said was probably bizarre.

Mr. Culman who was already getting increasingly annoyed, creased the brow between his nose upon hearing this.

”Is there a good reason on why you want to be excused from an important occasion such as this? ” Honestly, he couldn understand what was going on in his students head.

”No disrespect, but Im just speaking for myself. This awakening agent wouldn work for me, my ancestors had never awakened this way, and yes, I bear the records to attest to this! ” And if they want proof, I forward out of my bag the chronicles of my ancestry.

Preposterous! ” He shouted, and like him, Everyone except Raina looked at me incredulously.

”Heh, he probably doesn want to be embarrassed if he has a weak awakening!. ” One of the students expresses his thoughts.

His name was Yorkie, and he is among the few that would be quick to antagonize me any chance he gets.

”Mr. Big man is frightened that he wouldn remain at the top for too long. ” And another joined in.

All because I work hard and always win when they challenge me. They
e portraying me as if I were a condescending person.

”Even if he becomes weaker and useless down the line, he would always be beautiful to me! ” And these chiding words came from a sweet feminine voice that was never unfamiliar to me.

Everyone knew who it was. It was the Alf known as Freja, another of the academies pearl. And she gave a gentle smile when everyone looked at her, it was especially directed at me.

Honestly, I cannot help but roll my eyes and sigh at her petty antics, and so did The majority of the girls within my class.

At one moment, she would be incredibly sweet towards me, but will be sarcastically mean at the next.

I will admit she had helped me many times in the past, steering away the stupid boys who tend to berate me due to their envy as well the girls who tried to get too touchy-feely, hence why they don tend to come around me these days.

She will however also berate me, but I know this often times happens when am around Raina, and I will say their relationship is complicated.

I used to play with both of them along with Viole when we were kids, and I was like her dark Knight that will take his princess everywhere.

The two of them still talk and for this reason, she cannot just disregard or chase her away from me, nor does she want to break this relationship nor incur my wrath.

The two of them are very precious to me, maybe Viole is still the same. I honestly don know how to properly deal with these women.

Thankfully, Viole brought attention to herself.

”Enough, I will not allow any more slander towards our classmate! ” She shouted so that the chiding may stop.

”And I will implore you not to anger someone that could easily snap you in half! ” Even Elis express his disappointment in their behavior.

His words, however, when thinking it over, did cause the lot to shudder because they know I am well capable of doing such a thing.

Actually, I wouldn injure anyone that badly to the point it could cripple them for life. I am not as evil as my uncle Kratos nor am I that easily angered.

When the commotion stopped, Richard Culmon heaved mightily, then looked at me once more, not as tiresome as he earlier was.

”You claim that these awakening factors that have proven time and time again on awakening every student from the past even to the present without fail will be ineffective for you? ” He questioned me seriously.

”Yes, that is correct ” I confirmed

”… ”

”And you
e implying that there are other methods more substantial to your awakening due to your pedigree? ” Mr. Culmon further questioned.

So, I went to him, handed over my records forward, saying:

”I have everything on record to prove to you that is true… ”

So, Richard Culmon skimmed through my book of chronicles, whilst the class remained quiet, and when he was finished, he looked satisfied, handing me back the book, then mentioned.

”And you couldn have informed the council about this because… ” Mr. Culmon appeared to have believed, but this was another puzzling matter.

In response, I pointed at the bruises on my face that I hadn hidden, then rolled my sleeves to show my markings, even my legs, they were riddled with cuts, bruises, and evidence of being beaten with blunts. And this can even be seen through the bandages covering them because they were still fresh.

Everyone also noticed there were bandages wrapped below my nape when they examined me more closely. They assumed the worst, and it was correct that the same went for the rest of my body.

”During the break, I was constantly being trained and didn have the time. I probably couldve shared this before that point, but it is the truth! ” And granted to say, everyone was shocked to see these markings.

e a wicked man Kratos. ” Raina couldn help but turn with disgust.

Seeing my handsome face in such a condition isn new to anyone else here, but this is the first time they saw hints of my actual training. Raina is most aware of it and always pray for my betterment every night.

e probably wondering how is it even possible for me to walk, much less stand.

Mr. Culmon just looked at me awkwardly. Then he nodded slowly, saying:

”You are excused! ”

So, I was sent to the corner of the class, watching as everything resumed. For most Awakeners its through this process, but for mine it is by both factor of age and when the stars within the cosmos aligned.

So, when the class resumed.

”Elis come forward and take your awakening factor! ” Commanded Mr. Culmon.

When Elis drank the vial, he shined in a dark brown aura, an indication of being properly awakened.

Elis Langston –

Age 18

Bloodline: Berserker Human

Class: Gladiator

Ability: Iron Guts -Increases strength, defense, resistance, and speed by 25% when struck with afflictions.

”Yes, I awakened as a Gladiator, I knew that am destined for greatness! ” He puffed with confidence.

How cheesy I might add.

The next to drink the vial was Viole, and knowing her family, it was obvious to know what it was when a ring of fire began surrounding her, and bursting forth into the air in the image of a soaring bird.

Viole OtImmortia –

Age: 19

Bloodline: Half-Faunus; Model Phoenix

Class: Empress of Flames

Ability: Life Burn -The heat produced by the Flames would gradually chip on their targets mana and stamina.

”As expected from the house blessed by Zeus… ”

”What can I say, am proud of my wife! ” Elis bragged.

Following suit was Raina, and when she drank hers, She glowed in a hue of blue, where then ice particles began to take form.

We watched as her hair grew longer as it flowed past her shoulders, where also the horn protruding through her forehead increased by 3 inches, and a pair of feathery like wings took form and extended from her back.

Raina Ctesias –

Age 18

Bloodline: Half-Faunus; Model Unicorn

Class: Maiden of Ice

Ability: Glazing Light -All ice type abilities cast time is decreased by10%, and strength increase by 5%.

”Wow! ” Was everyones reaction. This was the most distinctive of the awakenings thus far.

”See that Vimmy, am like a Pegasus! ” She chimed excitedly, and I embraced her, when she flew towards me rather clumsily and wouldve crashed if I hadn caught her in time.

”Hmph! ” Freja reacted sourly, watching us from the distant.

She forwarded when it was her turn, and when she drank the Vial, she glowed, she took to herself the aura of gold.

Her gray hair turned white & glossy, and her brown eyes turned golden. Giant golden flower buds began to take form around her, and quickly they began to bloom. It gives an astonishing scenery.

Freja Sommerfeld

Age: 19

Bloodline: Alfen; Model Solus Fae

Class: Sun Florist

Ability: Floral Dance – Depending on the movement performed, it can target a specific stat, gradually increasing or decreasing it, starting at 1%

”So beautiful. ”

”Shes like an angel descending to us from the sun. ”

I must admit this was almost as marvelous as Rainas, I wonder what the others entail.

But before it things went forward, Freja declared

”Feel honored that I Freja Sommerfeld, Envoy of the Alfs and Vanir grace you with her higher presence. ” And she turned and winked in my direction. Heh, when I awaken youll see how l will deal with you. Every year of your life, Ill make sure that youd never go childless.

There isn much I can say when it went on. A good amount of them had awakened a good bloodline and class, but also a good amount of them had their expectations shattered when they received nothing upon their bloodline and earning poor classes; such as fisherman, and farmer.

”Class dismiss. ” Mr. Culman said coldly and left the class.

Honestly, I would like to punch this man in the face for forcing the unfortunate students to expose themselves like that. It hurt both Raina and I seeing them all walk out in shame.

At this time Raina and I were about to leave, where we also interlocked with Freja who was about to leave at the same time.

”You desire me that much? ” I joked at her.

”Hmph. ” She responded with a pout, arms folded and all. She was also blushing, and her long ears were flicking repeatedly, it was adorable.

”Ah? ” But she yelped when I forced her within my grasp, and she was quick to become comfortable, gravitating to the heat of my skin.

Raina when seeing this smiled cheerfully and when we were about to leave, I heard something.

”Wait. ” It was an audible voice that echoed through my ear.

And when I turned to the direction of that sound, I saw what remained, one of Mr. Culmons Vial, there was still an awakening factor unused, and surely this one was originally meant for me.

It seemed that ”Pimp Dirt ” couldnt be arsed about this commodity. But still without his input I wonder why it was still floating in the air, and why it was shining ever so brighter.

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