Monarch Industries always provided excellent quality services and products. They dominated the worlds Smartphone, Car, Home Appliances, and Computers market. They have never let their customers down during their thirty years of existence. Therefore, the incident attracted the attention of various circles. It could be considered the first product of Monarch Industries to fail in the market.

Not only that, the petition to release the next generation of VR devices had already crossed 1.3 million signatures online. Even though at the opening of Abyss Online Beta, there were only a total of 1050 active players from seven selected countries. So, where did those one million signatures come from?

Probably, word of mouth and also reviews from players who played Abyss Online live. That caused many gamers around the world, including in South Korea, to get dissatisfied with the product from Monarch Industries even though they haven played it directly.

On the side of Monarch ENM, the subsidiary of Monarch Industries, which was in charge of the gaming division, was not bothered by the problem at all. Monarch Industries wouldn be the worlds largest multinational industrial corporation and technology conglomerate if it was impacted by such a trivial matter.

Monarch ENM hurriedly stated that they would release the next generation of VR devices that were updated from the previous devices. The release would occur at the same time as the official launch of the game Abyss Online two weeks later. And the Beta Phase event was canceled to ensure the upgrade process went well and smoothly.

After the statement, the companys stock, which had fallen slightly, rose again as before. It immediately relieved the various parties and partners of Monarch Industries.

Meanwhile, Seo-jun, who saw the news, just shook his head while catching his breath after running, gasping for air. He knew it wouldn work. The 1st and 2nd generation of VR devices was a helmet that did not provide a real virtual world experience at all. Therefore, peoples high expectations would once again get betrayed. The companys stock fell seven times and the lowest for the first time, causing panic among Abyss Online game investors.

To salvage the bad situation, Monarch ENM hastily released the 3rd Generation of VR Capsules, which again didn provide the real freedom and touch of the virtual world as an alternative world to the real world. Yet, they insisted on releasing the 4th and 5th generations with the same concept as the 3rd generation in a row for a year.

That caused Abyss Online to go down and get labeled as the worst game in the last decade. The situation had not changed for approximately three years. Monarch ENM ended up skipping the 6th through 9th generations as they finally realized that the capsule device wasn going to give the players what they wanted.

Then in 2038, the 10th Generation VR Cabin was officially released. A device that could present the nuances and real experiences of the virtual world. Many did not believe it, and the device initially had the same poor sales figures as its predecessor. But, after that, some tycoon boys bought and played Abyss Online with it. Then, Abyss Onlines prestige and 10th Generation VR Cabin skyrocketed among the mass.

Seo-jun could follow all that information because he used to be a game addict. He could be said to be a jerk because his only job was watching tv and playing games, while his brother was responsible for his living expenses. But now, he knew it was wrong and immoral. He had learned and matured a bit due to being trapped in Abyss Online and having to play in real-life and death situations.

Talking about life experiences, Seo-jun planned to visit his older brothers house because he felt guilty for being a burden in his previous life.

”I was mean to Seung-woo Hyung. I even forgot my nephews face. ”

But before that, he needed to rest for a few hours because his whole body ached. It was the accumulation from yesterdays fight and the exercise he just did. After all, his current body had never done such a tense thing previously.

In a private hospital, in front of a VIP room fully armed with ten bodyguards from the Monarch Security Service. Not only that, every path leading to and exiting the floor was guarded by two guards each. The bodyguards were members of the companys 13th team. They could do that because of a direct request from the director of the Monarch Security Service to order that the entire floor get vacated.

Not even paparazzi or journalists could enter the floor unless they were allowed to. Even the doctors and nurses, who came to examine the woman that was being treated in the VIP room, needed to get inspected for authenticity.

Dok-so arrived, and the guards stayed still doing their job without moving to stop and check on him. It would be foolish for those guards if they couldn recognize their own team leader with just one glance.

When Dok-so was in front of the VIP room door, the guard, who was about to beat Seo-jun yesterday, wanted to ask about what the director said but didn after seeing the leaders face.

Inside the room, a female bodyguard was guarding their client, still unconscious and lying with bruised marks.

The female bodyguards name was Oh So-hyun. She bowed when she saw Dok-so come into the room and then asked about her leaders meeting with the company director.

”Sir, what did Director Kim say? ”

”What else did he say other than his displeasure with the 13th teams performance. You can tell by the red mark on my face from being slapped to assuage his anger. ” Dok-so grumbled.

The Monarch Security Service had 13 teams. Each team consists of 20 to 50 guards. The numbers on the team showed their hierarchy in the company. Even though all the guards were tier-2 certified, it didn mean every team had the same level.

For example, the 13th team was weaker than the 12th team in terms of strength and numbers. The 13th team only had 20 members, including Dok-so. Meanwhile, the 12th team had 22 members, and the 1st team had 51 members.

”Well, it can be helped. You
e our leader. So take the risk. ” So-hyun replied with a gentle smile.

”How is Miss Im doing? ”

So-hyun glanced at the woman lying on the hospital bed and said, ”Miss Im is fine. There are no major injuries. Luckily there are only bruises on her body without any fractures. ”

Dok-so heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that. ”Im grateful. Even though the time is short, there is still a chance for Miss Im to be able to take part in the international ice skating competition, which will be held in two months. All we can do now is pray that Miss Im has a speedy recovery. ”

In the next moment, the look on his face instantly turned heavy. He asked So-hyun to drag the guy who paid the thugs to beat up Miss Im in front of him. He had previously heard from his client that an unknown man was obsessed with her.

The man continued to call Miss Im but was immediately rejected. But, to warn the man, Miss Im then picked up the phone from the man and told him to stop bothering her. After that, Miss Im got threatened with being taught a lesson if she didn want to have a relationship with the man after she blocked the mans number. That was why Miss Im hired the 13th team to keep her safe.

”Bring that man before me. No matter if hes the son of any tycoon, no one should get in the way of the Monarchs Security Service. ”

So-hyun could only shake her head. ”We can , sir. ”

Dok-so widened his eyes. He was about to scream in anger at the words of his subordinates. But, he remembered being in the patient room. He asked back while holding his anger.

”W.h.y.?! ”

So-hyun understood that her leader was upset from his trembling voice. ”The man was escorted by the 9th team of the Monarch Security Service. ”

”What!? ”

Hearing that information was like a lightning strike in Dok-sos ears. Monarch Security Service was a group that was unmatched by any party in South Korea. Even the people in the Blue House sometimes hire their services from time to time.

In order to hire a team of Monarch Security Services, the price must match the task at hand. Prices here vary depending on the value. Sometimes money, information, or whatever was valued and worth the work to get done.

Dok-so didn know what kind of deal the guy got so he could hire the 9th team.

”Do we know the identity of the man? ”

”We don know because while we were investigating, the bodyguards from the 9th team appeared to stop our men. Thats why we assumed that the man was escorted by them. ”

Upon learning that, Dok-so had the urge to throw a tantrum if it weren for him being in the hospital right now. The director of the company certainly would not want to share information about the client from the 9th team. In the end, he couldn do anything about it.

Fighting with other teams from the company might not be prohibited, but the director wouldn be happy if that happened. He could only sigh. Thinking back again. The matter was purely their fault for neglecting to keep Miss Im out of harm. If they had managed to take care of Miss Im carefully, such an incident would not have occurred in the first place.

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