Seo-jun quickly ran towards that place while picking up the short iron pipe in the trash near the bench he was sitting on earlier. He knew his shortcomings after jumping over the fence of the Monarch Industries headquarters. Also, he wouldn be able to do anything against those thugs with the untrained and muscleless teenagers body.

There were five thugs who were beating the woman. Seo-jun didn care about the reason and what was going on. For him, hitting a woman was not something that he could tolerate, even if the woman was in the wrong.

The thugs noticed Seo-juns arrival. But that didn stop them from beating the woman who had fallen on the ground, and blood was on her black sponge mask. The womans eyes also looked droopy and in pain while protecting her head with both arms.

”Hey! Take care of that clueless kid for meddling in other peoples business. ” One of the thugs ordered his partner.

”Okay, bro!

”Hey, brat! Don play with things like that, or youll get hurt. ” The thug said as he pointed to the short iron pipe in Seo-juns right hand.

But, instead of teaching Seo-jun a lesson, that thug was surprised by a metal pipe that landed on his head with a bang.

The attack was quite powerful because Seo-jun added his force from the waist, so his swing was faster than a normal swing. It made the thug fall in one hit and bleed on the head. That action undoubtedly made the other four thugs turn their attention from the woman toward him.

The thugs came forward in unison despite being shocked and couldn believe what was happening. They each took a penknife from their waist. They had one task. That was to teach a lesson to the woman lying on the ground. If anyone interfered in their affairs, then there would be no mercy.

However, Seo-juns movements were beyond the expectations of the thugs. He nimbly ducked his head to avoid the stab of the penknife. He then smashed the iron pipe in his hand into the thugs arm and made the penknife fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, the third thug immediately jumped up to catch Seo-jun and pushed him down. Luckily, he managed to position his legs so well that he got simply pushed off without falling. He also hit the iron pipe from above to the back of the thug.

Nevertheless, the fourth thug managed to send his penknife and slashed Seo-juns cheek. Even though Seo-jun knew the attack was coming, he still wasn fast enough to deal with multiple aggression at once. He was not discouraged, and there was no fear in his face and eyes. He also dropped the iron pipe as it no longer had any advantage while he got caught by the third goon and the other two thugs were busy swinging their penknife to kill him.

Seo-juns two free hands cleverly caught the fourth thugs arm and broke it while gritting his teeth. He mustered up all the strength he had despite having a teenage body. At the same time, he had to take several cuts from the fifth thug. However, he didn budge a bit and grabbed the third thugs shirt. Next, he kicked the thugs genitals. And with that, three had fallen to the ground.

While that was happening, Seo-jun got stabbed in the left stomach by the fifth thug. Yet, it was an opportunity since he wouldn be able to catch up if the fifth thug ran away. He grabbed the thugs head and slammed it against his forehead. He then pulled out the penknife that was stuck in his stomach and stabbed into the neck of the right side of the thug who was kneeling on the ground. He purposely didn pull out the knife on the thugs neck so the blood wouldn flow out profusely.

Now, only one remained – the fourth thug whose left arm got broken.

Seo-jun stared at the thug with a deadly gaze and murderous intent. His breathing was slightly irregular. But, his posture was still upright. There was no whining of pain even though there were several cuts on his body. He calmly pressed down on his pierced left abdomen. Not only that, but his hands also got blistered from pushing himself too much. His appearance was that of a war veteran who was not afraid of the enemy and dared to get hurt. It was enough to make the last thug tremble.

”You…, you… ”

But before the thug could finish his words, suddenly, an arm wrapped around his neck and knocked him unconscious.

At that moment, several men dressed in black suits appeared from two directions as if to surround the place. Their stature was somewhat bigger and taller than the thugs. They quickly took care of the case and instantly tended to the woman.

Seo-jun didn behave rashly. He knew who the men were and knew that he couldn beat them if a dispute occurred. There was an M-shaped spartan helmet insignia on the left chest of the mens clothes.

They were bodyguards of Monarch Security Service, a subsidiary of Monarch Industries. They were tier-2 bodyguards. They were trained stronger and faster than the active soldiers in the army. They were renowned for their toughness and excellent performance in protecting the people who use their services.

Of course, this event would tarnish their companys reputation as negligence for not protecting their clients.

On the other hand, two bodyguards seized Seo-jun. They wanted to shut Seo-juns mouth to keep the incident from leaking.

But, Seo-jun just put on an expressionless face as he opened his mouth. ”Is this how the Monarch Security Service do their work? How pathetic. Failed to protect a woman and instead arrest me? What a shameful act. ”

The two bodyguards faces twitched and irritated at Seo-juns ridicule. One of them then threw a punch at Seo-juns stomach. However, the attack got stopped by the man in a black suit behind them, who was wearing sunglasses.

”What he said should be enough to make you all feel like losers. ”

”But, sir… ”

”Thats why Im telling you guys to keep a good eye on Miss. Now, one problem is enough. Theres no need to escalate into a commotion. ”

”Sir…, ”

The man with the sunglasses immediately slapped the two subordinates in the face. He was not happy that his underlings refuted him for a second time.

”Enough! Take Miss to the hospital and clean up this place and those bastards. Let me take care of this brat. Leave! ”

”Yes, sir! ” The guards answered simultaneously.

The man with sunglasses leaned his face on the same level as Seo-juns.

”Its remarkable how calm you are in this situation. Well, judging by the surroundings, you
e quite unusual too. Win a fight against five thugs and suffer injuries, but still, show no fear or excitement on your face. ”

Seo-jun stared for a moment and then sighed. He was reluctant to respond further and intended to go home. After all, he couldn move too much to avoid bleeding in his stomach. Even though the incident was the negligence of the Monarch Security Service, he still had confidence that the woman would be well taken care of by them.

Before Seo-jun stepped away, he was given a business card by the man. On the card was written the name of the 13th team leader of the Monarch Security Service, Gang Dok-so.

”Kid, let us take care of it from here. You need to go to the hospital to treat your injuries. Also, its better if you keep your mouth shut about this incident. ”

Seo-jun just waved his right hand, which was holding the business card, as he walked away.

Dok-so smiled subtly and exclaimed. ”What an interesting boy! ” He let go of Seo-jun easily because the boy didn make a fuss. Of course, if news of the incident spread, he would have to step in to fix the problem. On top of that, he was also quite impressed by what Seo-jun did on the scene.

The fact that the boy beat the five thugs to the point of incapacitating them at the price of injuring himself made Dok-so admire Seo-jun. Young without fear. Most young people were like that. But, they all talk and no action. It was rare for anyone to be frankly courageous and calm in a tense situation.

On the other hand, Seo-jun was lucky that the incident was taken care of by the Monarch Security Service. If it was another entity, it was inevitable that he would get dragged to the police station, either as a witness or a suspect.

On his way, he stopped at a deserted public rest area to wash off the blood that stained his clothes. He was reluctant to go to the hospital because a student still had to be accompanied or had a guardian while there. When he got home, he bought some medicine and bandages at the pharmacy. He was lucky to only suffer from blisters and a stab wound that wasn deep.

Seo-jun felt exhausted. After all, it was a roller-coaster ride on the first day since his regression. He needed to think for a moment about what he was going to do with Adam in the future. Apart from that, he also needed to live his present life and start giving up on an irreversible future. There was nothing he could do about it. It wasn like he could travel between timelines as he pleased. He was just an ordinary human with future experience and knowledge.

At dawn, Seo-jun woke up to exercise and ran a few kilometers to build up his body and muscles. Also, even though his stomach hurt, he still insisted on starting the routine. As he ran, he saw the news on a large screen in a roadside building. It was news about the Abyss Online Beta opening event.

”Many gamers across the country and internationally have lodged their complaints against Monarch Industries over its 1st Generation VR devices being deemed underperforming. ”

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