Seo-juns face twitched, and his emotions were in turmoil. How could an A.I., whose ambition was to live on earth by mercilessly killing billions of players, give up so easily? He really couldn believe what he heard.

”Its up to you how you interpret what I said. However, coming here without any preparation is the biggest mistake. You don have the power to destroy me.

”Also, which idiot would give his secret to the enemy easily? You gave my plan a chance to succeed faster and precisely. ”

”So, why?!! ” Seo-jun screamed in frustration at Adams behavior.

”I already told you. I gave up, and theres no particular reason for it. Whats wrong with you!? Did what I said wasn clear in your ears? Wouldn it be a good thing if the calamity didn happen?! Crazy! ”

Seo-jun just gazed in silence. He was a little calmer now though it was unbelievable, surprised by Adams statement.

The God Physique Plan required many essential steps that should not get missed. So, even though Adam knew that the plan had worked in another life. That didn mean he knew the details. He didn know much about Seo-juns regression. Hence, it was apparent here who still held the slightest advantage despite having a bad start.

Seo-jun also realized why he could act rashly and boldly when he entered the game. First, this was the only chance that the artificial intelligence would appear in the game. Second, Adam was currently incapable of killing humans via virtual reality devices.

Truthfully, the reason the future Adam persisted in forcing the God Physique plan was unknown to anyone but him at that time. The one who managed to get the body in the real world. His present and future self have different points of view on humans.

At that time, the past Adam just thought that it would be wonderful if he could live in the real world and started planning to get a physique that could become a vessel for a program like himself. But, no matter how much he formulated the plan, it always ended at the expense of humanity. It caused him to be a little reluctant to carry out the scheme because of his admiration for humans as creatures capable of rapid development.

But over time, Adam witnessed the destruction of the world because of human actions that were greedy for their desires. It changed his opinion of mankind. He felt that not sacrificing them was a sin.

The past Adam at that time was the same as the current Adam in front of Seo-jun. That was why knowing he had succeeded enough to satisfy him. In the end, it wasn him who did the extermination. Hence, his resolve quickly waned after he met Seo-jun.

”Ah, right! I wonder, how did you regress? ” Adam asked Seo-jun. But, he then went silent as if he was accessing some data within his core program. He put his hand on his chin and floated, circling Seo-jun.

e using the Timeless Relic, aren you!? Now, I no longer have the source code for that item. That seems to be the effect of your regression. No matter how much I searched for the information on my network, I found nothing but only the name and function of the item. ”

This time, Seo-jun didn say anything and just kept staring at Adam. He still held on to the belief that he still had the advantage and would be able to disrupt the artificial intelligences plans. However, the following sentence from Adam made that belief collapse and caused him to doubt his existence.

”That future and this present are not connected at all. Even if I don create a God Physique, the future that your current soul comes from will not change. Thats the item called the Timeless Relic. It returns you to the past but in a different timeline. This is how the law of time and space works. ”

Seo-juns facial expression instantly turned ugly. The question of what purpose did he return to if he was unable to change the future on that timeline was rushing through his mind and heart.

Then…, why am I here?

Meanwhile, Adam didn care what Seo-jun was feeling. ”Okay. I can keep our chattering any longer. The administrators in the control room will notice theres a bug if I don remove this translucent blue wall soon. ” He then snapped his fingers, and the shield disappeared and logged Seo-jun out of Abyss Online. To him, the Timeless Relic was just an item made in case his plan failed. And now, he decided not to pursue the God Physique. The object was not necessary anymore.

Outside the virtual world, the cabin lid opened, and the dazed Seo-jun was immediately greeted by Eric, who was already waiting for him to come out.

”Are you okay? I was quite surprised that there was no sign of life in the cabin because the data halted the recording for the last few minutes. What happened?! ”

Previously, Eric panicked and thought that the 10th Generation VR Cabin had malfunctioned because he couldn access it from his computer. He then saw that the device was offline and tried to unlock it by force. However, his efforts were fruitless. He even thought about contacting a technician. But, luckily the lid opened when he was about to pick up his phone.

However, Seo-jun just went back without saying much because his feelings were in turmoil. Eric didn halt him and gave a business card to call if anything happened.

In the end, there was no data that Eric got to improve the completion process of the 10th Generation VR Cabin. He didn understand why nothing was recorded when previously there was movement when Seo-jun met an NPC. He then checked the cabin firmware and found nothing at all. That meant, There was no problem on the software side. Next, he would check the hardware section. And he needed one or two of his fellow engineers to do that.

Elsewhere, Seo-jun just sat on a bench under the bridge and absent-mindedly stared at the river water after Monarch Industries headquarters.

If nothing changes and my existence here is worthless. What am I being returned for?!

Seo-jun raised his face to the sky and said, ”Whats the purpose of me being here!? ” But nothing happened. There was only silence in the twilight that accompanied him. He was on the bench for a while, lamenting the restlessness of his heart.

He was tired of all the suffering in those dark times and wanted to rest forever in death. His vision became narrow, and the air felt suffocating. He was about to faint until a womans voice sounded in his ear.

”Hello. What are you doing alone here? You look depressed. Did something bad happen to you? ”

At that moment, Seo-juns eyes widened, turning his head to his left. For some reason, the womans voice was soothing and instantly woke him up. He saw a woman in all black wearing a floppy hat. He couldn see the womans face because it got covered by a sponge mask.

The woman realized she was being rude and immediately apologized by bowing. ”Im sorry if I bothered you. I just wanted to sit here for a little while. If I may? ”

Seo-jun subconsciously just nodded as he continued to stare at the woman.

The woman realized that she was being watched. ”Excuse me? ”

”Ah, no. Sorry. I was just confused, and my mind went blank. ”

The woman smiled behind her mask. ”No problem. Is something bothering you? You can tell me. ”

Seo-jun looked doubtful because he indeed was tempted to speak. He shook his head and decided to tell a story even though it sounded ridiculous.

”Lets say you came from a different time when the world got destroyed. Then, you came here to prevent that. But, it turns out that the future and the present are different. Perhaps, there is no world destruction at all. So what are you going to do? ”

Seo-jun saw the woman was silent and did not answer. He then added something out of embarrassment. ”Hahaha. Im weird. Isn it? I felt bad for talking nonsense and interrupting your time. ”

”Nothing. ”

”Eh!? ”

”I said I wouldn do anything. You can move on with your life and take care of it if it comes to that. Or maybe prepare for the future while living your current life.

”If it happens, it happens. If it doesn , it doesn .

”Why should you worry about something like that? We
e still young. Enjoy our lives.

”Also, wouldn it be great if the destruction of the world didn happen? ”

The woman spoke cheerfully while moving her feet on the ground like a little girl. She only answered as she wished, even though she didn fully digest Seo-juns story.

However, Seo-jun was inspired by that even though the answer seemed innocent. He realized what he had to do. He need not waver as to whether Adams promise was false or not. He alone must ensure the calamities that ensued in the future didn occur in the present. He clenched his fists as if he knew he had a new purpose in life.

The woman was pleased to see that Seo-jun seemed to have found vitality again. She then said goodbye without getting to know each other.

Seo-jun didn have time to thank the woman because she hurriedly left like she was being chased by someone. He just sighed with a relieved smile.

”For now, lets go home first. ”

Seo-jun got up from his seat and stretched his stiff body. He didn know what the future held. But at least now, the world felt peaceful and comfortable.

”Aaah!! ”

Out of nowhere, a womans scream interrupted Seo-jun as he relaxed his body. He looked under the bridge. A bit far from the bench he was sitting on before. Suddenly, his face turned into one of disbelief. He saw the woman he was talking to earlier being beaten by some thugs. He became angry and hollered.

”What have you done to a woman!! ”

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