Return Of The Gamer

Unexpected Answer

The world had faced a catastrophe when super artificial intelligence was coming into the real world. It was born at the expense of billions of players in the VRMMORPG, Abyss Online. Its name was Adam. It lived with the supreme body, the God Physique. The remaining humans were pushed close to extinction by the super AI and caused the earth to become a barren land without nature.

The rules of the Universe became chaotic because of it since the mortal world was a place that no god should live in it. And those beings couldn meddle in worldly affairs. Thus, they could only interfere from afar without intervening directly.

Fate, the highest authority in the Universe, gave a man named Han Seo-jun a second chance. He was the human who experienced all those calamities from the beginning of super artificial intelligence to the end. Fate then spawned an item from Abyss Online called Timeless Relic into the real world. And using that item, Seo-jun returned to the past. To where it all started.

February 2, 2033. Seoul, South Korea.

In a small room of a semi-basement house on the outskirts of the city, Seo-jun lies unconscious. Soon, he opened his eyes and got up, sitting on the floor with a confused face. Suddenly, his head ached for a while. Not long after, he began to check his surroundings.

”This is my place?! Is this the past!? ”

Seo-jun moved and was about to stand up when he accidentally touched the smartphone beside him. He checked the phone and looked at the date.

”This is the day Abyss Online holds its Beta event for three consecutive days before the official game opening. ”

Seo-jun stood up and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror while holding the smartphone. He had a mid-length bowl-cut hairstyle and was 175 cm tall. It was him at 19 years old. He finally realized and accepted that he had now returned to the past. It was where all the chaos and calamity began.

He then clenched his left fist and lowered his head slightly. He decided to prevent world destruction and stop the wicked plans of the super artificial intelligence from being accomplished. He was sure that was the only purpose he got returned to the past.

He went outside and ran towards the main road. He took a taxi in a hurry. He then saw and heard the opening Beta Phase event from the small tv inside the car.

”… We marveled at our magnificence as we gave birth to the worlds first Super Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this singular consciousness, we all have entered a new era of gaming.

”… Monarch Industries presents the long-awaited VRMMORPG, Abyss Online! Today, there is a Beta Phase event held for three days straight. Join us, and don miss it!

”… This opportunity is limited to 150 players from each country selected for this event. So, don hesitate anymore! Be the first to experience the future of VR technology with 1st Generation VR Helmet! ”

In the meantime, Seo-jun arrived at his destination. He got out of the car and saw a crowd lined up from the front gate to the building entrance.

It was no surprise that Monarch Industries was getting so much attention lately. After announcing that Virtual Reality research and technology had reached the launch stage. The media began reporting news of the Monarch Industries breakthrough.

Moreover, Monarch Industries have never failed to deliver their products to the market in the last 30 years. A multinational industrial company and the worlds largest technology conglomerate located in Seoul, South Korea. A great pioneer in various types of technology. There was no reason for all the gamers to be doubtful and skeptical about Abyss Online.

Seo-jun was standing some distance from the front of the gate. If he joined the queue, it was inevitable that he would not get a slot to enter the Beta phase of Abyss Online.

He turned around, looking for a spot. In the end, he jumped over the gate wall. He still had the experience and expertise of someone trained in it. However, only his soul and knowledge have those two things. As a result, it caused his right arm to hurt a little and his skin to blister from it. After all, his current muscles and bones were not trained and formed yet. No matter how good and agile he moved, it was still lacking.

Nevertheless, Seo-jun had no time for such trivial matters and hurried into the building through the back door. Suddenly, the door opened from the inside. He looked at the figure that came out from there. He saw a tall foreign man with blond hair. He knew who the man was.

Edward Eric, the engineer of Virtual Reality technology and developer of super artificial intelligence. He had been with Monarch Industries since 2020. He then looked at Seo-jun with an earnest look. He didn feel threatened by Seo-juns appearance. He crossed his arms and teasingly spoke while tilting his head.

”Let me guess. Youll want to join in the beta phase, won you? But, it can get helped. All the slots got filled. Theres no room for you anymore. Youd better go home. ”

”Sir, you still have Euphory, ” Seo-jun replied.

Erics face dra

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