Paragon of Sin

Chapter 421: Outside Visitors

Wei Wuyin ’s incredibly domineering words and frightening display of his unfathomable control of the Desolate Ninth Mountain Astral Formation had thoroughly shaken the hearts and minds of everyone present. He had somehow hijacked Grandquake City! Furthermore, no one noticed!

The lingering sensations of disbelief, uncertainty, and confusion stayed within their thoughts as everyone below observed Wei Wuyin ’s floating figure. They also noticed the Grey Sands Elf female that he carried in his arms, their expressions even more confused.

Who was this unfathomably handsome-looking man? Why would he act against Grandquake City? How did he take over Grandquake City? And will this last or was it just a fading event, with the schemes of the powerful experts of Grandquake City behind it? 

These questions blared through the minds of most, with a few thinking of some absurd questions or thoughts. But the most pressing question within the minds of those smarter and farsighted, such as Chu Leitao was: ”What now? ”

Fortunately, they didn ’t have to wait for long. 

Wei Wuyin swept his gaze across the city ’s inhabitants, gauging the size and population. He was quite shocked by the average cultivation level within this city of roughly fifty million, and the size of this circular-shaped city was 700 miles in diameter. It was large, but relatively compact.

”I ’ll introduce myself: I am Wei Wuyin. From henceforth, Grandquake City will be under my control. But, I have no intent of changing daily structure or uplifting certain traditions. The city will function as it always has, simply with me replaced as the City Lord. If you wish to leave, you may do so—I won ’t stop you.

”The city ’s fees, costs, and day-to-day operations will remain unchanged within the city, but I ’ll be overseeing the financial details. Until I give an order otherwise, all inhabitants of Grandquake City, foreign and native, may act as you have always done so. As long as you display no hostility or scheme against me, you ’ll be unbothered by this transition. ” 

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t spoken these words, but used his eden force to erupt, sending these words directly into the minds of everyone within the city. Those experts who had never been spoken to directly via their minds panicked, fear apparent in their eyes, but those weaker were just startled by how clear and loud Wei Wuyin was. 

After speaking those words, Wei Wuyin hefted Ai Juling into a firmer carrying position before flying through the hole he exploded and melted through the ’former ’ City Lord ’s tower. He vanished into the hole before the eyes of everyone and the tower soon repaired itself, concealing the events of what was happening inside.

”… ” A few individuals of the less brave sort released heavy sighs of relief. Some looked to their immediate neighbor, uncertain if they should act as Wei Wuyin said, or panic and run in hopes of avoiding some unfortunate event befalling them. The ones in the most awkward position were the previous members of authority within the city, thinking if they should resist. But when they saw the Desolate Ninth Mountain Astral Formation was still active, their hearts quickly cooled down.

If they acted rashly, wouldn ’t they be courting death? With that formation active, this city has been impregnable and resisted numerous vengeful experts from the Central Regions for millennia, so why risk that when they couldn ’t even compare to those experts?

There were two individuals who were frowning amongst the millions of inhabitants. They were sitting across from each other, an on-going board game still in the process of being played. This duo of young woman and old man had a faint glow of similar spiritual light emitting from their eyes, with the young woman ’s focus on Wei Wuyin ’s exit and the old man observing the grand mountain that stayed lingering in the sky.

”Grandpa, who is that person? Is he actually in the Soul Idol Phase or is it a concealment method? ” She was shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base, asking these questions to the old man across from her. 

”Hm, ” the old man rubbed his beard with a little hum of interest and intrigue. 

”Hey! Old man! ” The girl shouted and slammed the table, displaying a pretty pout of aggravation. Any man would find her unbearably cute, wanting to hug and hold her at this moment. 

The old man shook as he nearly fell off his chair, barely catching his balance with strained effort. He coughed a few times, feeling that his granddaughter ’s temper was truly something else. If only she was more gentle, less competitive, how easy would it be for her to find a nice husband? With a sigh of depression at this difficult problem, he soon lost himself in his own sorrows.

The young woman seemed to be familiar with the old man ’s tendencies and said, ”If you don ’t tell me; I ’ll tell Grandma about you sneaking into the bathhouse of the city. ”

The old man ’s expression changed drastically as if he was a man being told he was about to enter death row, quite ugly and twisted. With a shift of expression, he became unfathomably calm and serene. ”What bathhouse? I have no idea what you ’re talking about—None at all. ”

The young woman snorted while folding her arms, revealing her exquisite curves, ”Let ’s see if she believes me or you, Mr. Thick Skinned Pervert. ”

”… ” The facade on the old man ’s thick-skinned face was slowly crumbling as he looked as if he was about to cry, as if he was about to beg for mercy.

”Enough! Tell me already! ” The young woman had long since learned of the old man ’s practiced antics to stir pity, so she thoroughly wanted to skip it. 

The old man sighed to himself, ”How did that sweet little gentle dollop of mine raise such a fierce woman? The woes of the old is always due to the young. Haaaa… ” 

The young woman ’s eyelids twitched, and she was about to threaten further when the old man spoke. ”He is indeed at the Soul Idol Phase. Furthermore, he ’s absolutely terrifying. I ’ve never seen a youngster like him. ”

”… ” The young woman ’s expression grew serious, her gaze returning to the City Lord ’s tower. She had more questions, but she knew that once the old man began to speak, he was a flood unleashed by a shattered dam, there was no need to urge him further. 

As expected, the old man continued, ”Just his foundation is heaven-defying. He doesn ’t have one Astral Core, but two independent Astral Cores with fully developed World Seas. And their sizes are quite massive. So massive that I ’ve never seen any match it at his cultivation level. ”

”Two? Massive? How massive is it? ” The young woman curiously inquired.

”Not as massive as his third leg, but massive nevertheless. ” The old man said with the utmost serious expression, expertly concealing his perverted intent. The young woman ’s expression darkened, a faint blush on her face as she fiercely glared at the old man for his untimely perverted mind. Moreover, why was he inspecting that?!

The old man seemed to be entirely innocent, ”His Astral Cores are both ten centimeters in size. ” When he said those words, the young woman ’s hands trembled and her body shook. 

”…What?! ” She strained her voice out, sounding hoarse and losing a little of its pleasant-sounding pitch. 

The old man nodded, ”He has two of equal size. Mind you, they are independent—fully independent. Unlike those strange humans with unique bloodlines, his Astral Cores aren ’t linked. I ’ve never seen anything like it before. ”

The young woman was still trying to process the size when the old man elaborated, her eyes flitted with disbelief. ”He ’s not of that lineage? ” She had carelessly assumed that was the case when she heard her Grandpa mention his two Astral Cores, feeling that it wasn ’t that amazing considering the strange lineage of humans that she knew of.

The old man shook his head with a contemplative frown, ”He ’s cultivated a unique method it seems, one that mimics those bloodline abilities. But to see a method that exceeds their lineage in terms of quality, not quantity, that ’s a shocker. They were already heaven-defying, and there ’s someone who made them obsolete. The woes of the old being pushed out by the new. ”

A trace of greed surfaced within the young woman ’s eyes when she heard about this unique method, because that meant it could be cultivated. If she obtained it, wouldn ’t she be able to have multiple astral souls? Multiple astral cores?! How could she not desire it?

”A method like this can only be cultivated by those who ’ve never overcome an Astral Tribulation, so only the Qi Condensation Realm. ” The old man added some words, whether it was intentional or unintentional, it deflated the woman ’s enthusiasm. She knew the Astral Tribulation solidified one ’s path, making it very difficult to veer off without completely restarting one ’s cultivation.

Of course, the old man merely lied. His eyes shifted to the young woman. ’If you think a youngster not even fifty created that method, you must be delusional. If he has such a foundation and exquisite methods, his master or clan must be extremely terrifying, and the protective means he has must be beyond your imagination. Don ’t blame me for lying little girl, your life might ’ve just been saved by this lie. ’ The old man ’s thoughts were clear and guilt-free. 

”How did someone like that end up here? Isn ’t this the True Element Sect ’s World Realm? ” The young woman asked, feeling it strange that someone like this existed here. He was clearly a foreigner, as this incomplete World Realm lacked the necessary means to develop such a character.

The old man frowned slightly at her words, ”He ’s a participant of the trial embedded here; he ’s developed Elemental Origin Intent. You recall that white lightning? It was infused with Violet Lightning Intent, a high-level Lightning Intent. I ’m shocked he had comprehended such a powerful Lightning Intent. In terms of speed and searing strength, its in the top three. ”

”What? He comprehended Elemental Origin Intent as well?! Isn ’t that too much? ” The young woman felt shocked, realizing that Wei Wuyin was anything but ordinary. Then a thought occurred to her, ”He ’s a Chosen Candidate of the True Element Sect?! ” She exclaimed in disbelief.

Just as the old man was about to speak, his eyes faintly constricted. A bitter smile then revealed itself on his face, shocking the young woman, and with a tone of being caught with his hands in the cookie jar, he scratched his head and said: ”It seems I ’ve been discovered, haha. ”

The young woman was rather confused by his words.

”Yes, you have. ” A voice erupted from behind her, causing her to snap her head back, her eyes flashing with spiritual light. Those same eyes tightened into needlepoints, shocked by the person who showed up.

It was a man of otherworldly, unearthly handsome looks that seemed to originate from immortal legends, dressed in black and standing quite tall. With silver eyes that were quite radiant, he had a faint smile on his face. It was that young man from before!

It was Wei Wuyin!

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