Paragon of Sin

Chapter 289: G.S.T Next Act

To the eyes of the spectators, who were unable to come to the truth with incomplete information, it seemed that Long Chen had made a deal with Wei Wuyin. He had given him his spatial ring as an effort for forgiveness and then Wei Wuyin had taken into consideration Na Xinyi ’s favor. With these two things, Wei Wuyin decided to forget the incident and not press the issue.

Those in the know, those who followed the spiraling and epic events surrounding Wei Wuyin, were aware that Na Xinyi was the name of a young woman from his days on the Myriad Monarch Continent. She had called forth Wei Wuyin from his Sky Palace, and he descended in grand fashion. With his name, the world stopped and the inevitable downfall of the Ji Clan was the end result.

To hear it once more, many were filled with curiosity regarding how this female ’friend ’ of Wei Wuyin had such an important position in his thoughts. In their eyes, Long Chen had exhibited an intense desire to kill Wei Wuyin, and to allow an insignificant character like him to live was a grand, magnanimous decision. Considering Wei Wuyin was an Alchemist, the only Heavenly King of the Extreme Creation Mountain, and had the full support of the Myriad Monarch Sect, it was unlikely that that storage ring was anything more than a formality offering.

To them, Na Xinyi was the name to focus on.

Quite a few in the Myriad Monarch Sect who were watching Wei Wuyin, Haungfu Jinwei, or the twin fiery and frost beauties, were already making plans on finding and forming a relationship with Na Xinyi. This ranged from disciples to elders, and even outsiders.

After all, Wei Wuyin wasn ’t just ’some talented alchemist ’ any longer. He was a genius cultivator. While the title of an Alchemist can gain respect, most saw them as opportunities to support their own rise, and their actual practical importance wasn ’t very high. But a talented cultivator, not only was respect given but fear and reverence. He was a threat and a future leader of the cultivation world of the starfield.

Even the King of Everlore never had the ability to claim the starfield as his own, whether he wanted to or not wasn ’t something they knew, but history showed he didn ’t.

While these members decided in their hearts to find and cozy up to Na Xinyi, Wei Wuyin was on the surface of Junia, beneath his Sky Palace, surrounded by three Golden Starred Beasts. The White-Blaze Tiger was laying down, its large head used as a seat by Wei Wuyin.

The Three-Eyed Tenebrous Crow had a white sphere beside it. It played with it somewhat, pecking at it with its beak like a curious child. Wei Wuyin ignored it, focusing on the Titanic Mudworm Snake. Its body still contained traces of his elemental origin force. He couldn ’t feel or see the immense healing effects it had on the creature, but he was startled by how it was undergoing a slight change.

Not only had its scales and flesh completely regrew, but its originally dark-brown scales were also turning white. It seemed its bloodline was being unintentionally modified by his elemental origin force. Even its aura was becoming purer, and its eyes seemed to be changing slightly.

It felt…


Wei Wuyin sat with furrowed brows, a light of interest and contemplation within. His astral force, regardless of which, stemmed from his innate energies, and these energies contained all the energies within his body. This meant void, eden, alchemical, saber, elemental origin, and draconic. The only difference between astral force and draconic astral force was the ratio, with draconic energies occupying the vast majority of its composition.

The Titanic Mudworm Snake was slowly exhibiting a draconic aura with its natural earthen energies being affected and influenced by his Elemental Origin Intent. The fact it could absorb his Intent, exude traces of a draconic aura, made him feel somewhat baffled.

It opened its mouth and Wu Yu ’s black ring shot out, arriving next to him. Wei Wuyin didn ’t even bother looking, his silver eyes fixated on the snake. Wu Yu remained silent for a minute, noticing Wei Wuyin ’s focus and decided to interject:

”It ’s transforming, ” Wu Yu said.

”That ’s obvious, ” Wei Wuyin replied with an indifferent tone. Wu Yu was an ancient expert from an era thousands of years ago, and he was the founder of the Myriad Monarch Sect. When Wei Wuyin first met him, he had respect towards him. While he still had some, he no longer felt the need to lower himself.

Wu Yu understood Wei Wuyin ’s attitude and didn ’t mind. He had set himself as an enemy, nurturing a disciple that would likely force him to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect. While it could be regarded as an unfortunate circumstance, Wei Wuyin had already made a concession and spared Long Chen twice already on his account.

”From what I can sense, its Bloodline Source is refining your Elemental Origin Intent. Furthermore, your astral force has an intrinsic quality within, allowing it to integrate into its fleshy body. If I had to wager a guess, it ’s the ’transformation ’ quality of alchemical energies. ” Wu Yu explained, but his voice contained a hint of doubtfulness.

He knew that Wei Wuyin had an Alchemic Astral Soul. If he didn ’t, it was impossible for the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign to manifest at his cultivation level. After all, to concoct Ninth-Grade Pills, the unique power of Mystic Ascendant-level Alchemic Energies was required.

Only an Alchemic Soul can produce energies beyond its cultivation realm. There wasn ’t any other soul that had such high-level leaps, at least to his knowledge. But even now he couldn ’t find out why Wei Wuyin can have innate alchemical energies that allowed combat prowess to remain.

Conventional Alchemists refined alchemical energies using methods and only enough for the concoction process. Most of the time, their body was entirely void of this type of energy, allowing them to retain their combat prowess.

The reason they do this is because of an alchemical energy trait that transformed the energies and forces it connected with incomparably and unimaginably gentle. Since Alchemic Souls fused all their innate energies with it at all times, the Qi, Astral Force, or raw energies refined by a Natal Soul or Astral Soul was rendered into the same state.

This led to the notorious situation of them lacking combat strength.

Wu Yu had an innate sense that, while wasn ’t currently at his original peak in terms of distance, was still exceptional in terms of clarity. Yet he still couldn ’t determine where or how Wei Wuyin had these energies within his body. In fact, besides the two Astral Souls in his dantian, he couldn ’t sense anything else of detail. It was mysterious.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened after Wu Yu ’s explanation. He had never come across a situation like this. A beast refining Intent into its Bloodline Source? Alchemic Energies inducing a transformation? These discoveries opened new roads to what was possible.

He kept this in mind before finally turning to Wu Yu. ”I didn ’t think you would comprehend my intent so quickly. ”

If Wei Wuyin could see Wu Yu ’s appearance, he would be revealing a wry smile. ”It was only because my own interest and thoughts had long since aligned with it. ” If he knew this would happen, he wouldn ’t have wasted two years and directly made an agreement with Wei Wuyin when they first met.

But how was he supposed to know he would become a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist so quickly? Furthermore, he was obviously far, far more talented than the King of Everlore. Well, perhaps only a little more talented. After all, the King of Everlore had acted as the trailblazer of the Alchemic Dao in the starfield, forming his own path without help.

Wei Wuyin was essentially reaping the benefits he left behind by him, and the knowledge and comprehension of seniors after thousands of years of discovery, invention, and hardship. If the King of Everlore was given the same circumstance, perhaps he would ’ve taken less time or the same amount as Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin nodded. Since he learned about the Oath regarding the Grand Monarch from Tuo Bihan, he ’s wanted to find a way to bypass this. He could concoct Spirit Cleansing Elixirs for everyone and rid them of their oaths, but that wasn ’t in his favor. The oath was merely a formality anyhow. No one believed the Grand Monarch Lineage would rise again.

He didn ’t want the oaths removed. No, he wanted to use it. He wanted the Myriad Monarch Sect to remain the same. What he wanted was simple: to choose his own heir to the Grand Monarch Throne. This was a desire he had expressed to Wu Yu before, but he was denied; Wu Yu had chosen Long Chen. Due to this, he didn ’t dwell.

But the thought had never left his mind. And it seemed that Wu Yu had the same thoughts. If it was before, perhaps he wouldn ’t entertain the thought, but Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. It simply wouldn ’t matter if Long Chen was nurtured, considering his killing intent, Wei Wuyin was very unlikely to allow his continued existence.

But an alchemist could be overcome, even a Mortal Sovereign. The issue was Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base, strength, and talent. They all exceeded Long Chen by several levels, and he was merely five years older. Give another five years, and Long Chen would never be able to catch up.

Even if, EVEN IF, Long Chen were to obtain the Grand Monarch title, he would forever be beneath Wei Wuyin. In fact, he might be far below his subordinates. The heart devil that was Wei Wuyin would fester and sooner or later, only one would survive. In that situation, Long Chen would be faced with going against the entire starfield.

He had no path of survival.

Wu Yu sighed, ”It can be considered ill-fate that the two of you clashed at the beginning. The contrast… ” As someone who stayed with Long Chen since he was nothing, since he had everything to prove and nothing to lose, he could easily realize his current state of heart and mind.

In the end, Wu Yu had decided to cooperate with Wei Wuyin.

”You need a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist to revive? ” Wei Wuyin directly pierced the veil and threw out his assumption. There had to be a greater reason why Wu Yu ’s thoughts had aligned with his own interest. When he first heard from Wu Yu about his purpose, he felt that he was using Long Chen to revive. While it didn ’t seem like he had malicious intent, it seemed he had bet all his chips on him.

”… ” Wu Yu remained silent for a long moment. After that long moment, he sighed. He had sighed more today than he had ever in his life. Wei Wuyin was a terrifying youth. At least the King of Everlore was eccentric and lacked such frightening intelligence. He was easier to manipulate and lacked ambition. This was proper for an alchemist without strength, acting as Sage to the starfield with selfless desires.

He decided to explain it all. ”All those years ago, I had reached an unfathomable peak, breaking mortal limits and touching mystical laws. After attaining the Mystic Ascendant Realm, and following his departure for greater pastures, I grew ambitious. I claimed the starfield as my own, and fought against my peers. I felt invincible. Even ’she ’ couldn ’t match me.

”My confidence got the better of me, and I decided to assail the next phase of the Mystic Ascendant Realm…I inevitably failed. My body was destroyed and I was forced to house my Mystic Soul and Sea of Consciousness within this ring. ” Wu Yu ’s voice contained a long-forgotten pride and tone of a majestic tale. He went into depth on how he claimed this starfield.

How, with their power, they fought across the Dark Void like gods in legends. They were at the height of their potential, unleashing strength beyond the mortal limits. In their hands, stars were formed. In their hands, worlds were crafted.

The three suns that exist in this starfield? The ones revolving across the world with brilliance and worshipped by all? Only one originally existed thousands of years ago. He had created one. It was his most wonderful achievement.

But alas, his confidence was ballooned by his rise. Without the King of Everlore to support his cultivation beyond the Mystic Ascendant Realm, how could he do so? In fact, how could anyone? He had only reached the Realmlord, Timelord, and Starlord level with his selfless and loving assistance.

They all did.

Evident by his departure, the starfield rapidly declined.

”The King of Everlore left? ” Wei Wuyin was startled. He had thought he had died. While it was never verified one way or another, there were all sorts of misleading records that state he died or left, and no one could be solid in their assumption. However, Wu Yu lived during that time.

”He came across the same obstacle as before, ” Wu Yu was slightly emotional. If the King of Everlore had overcome this obstacle, he would ’ve reached untold levels. As for his failure facing the next phase of the Mystic Ascendant Realm? It wouldn ’t have happened.

Wei Wuyin frowned, ”He couldn ’t exceed the Mortal Sovereign level? Because… ” When Wei Wuyin came to this conclusion, he knew why the King of Everlore left.

He didn ’t have the means to tackle the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Tribulations with an Alchemic Astral Soul. They were the only other tribulations outside of the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation that was fully and completely lethal. The other tribulations can kill, but only if one is unable to meet the basic requirements to overcome.

For example, Wei Wuyin suspected that a certain level of Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, Intent, and Mortal State was required to assail the Seventh Tribulation. This was true for all the other tribulations too. For the Soul Idol Tribulation, one needed to have a certain level of spiritual strength. For the Spatial Resonance, one needed to have a certain degree of compatibility with spatial energies. The others similarly had their requirements.

This was only to succeed. As for how far one went and benefits reaped, that similarly was determined by their foundation and talents. But these requirements weren ’t truly determined by raw combat ability. The last three tribulations were.

Without the ability to resist these tribulations, he must ’ve been trapped in the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase, up to his departure.

”Because he lacked the strength. He tried to devise a way to overcome it, a better Everlore Ascension Pill, or some fantastical pellet, but he couldn ’t. Near the end of his natural lifespan that had been lengthened by various products to the extreme, he left the starfield in search of a way, ” Wu Yu explained with emotions unbefitting of a monarch. The amount of respect he had for the King of Everlore was endless.

’No wonder the thoughts on whether he died or not was so divisive. No one knew if he succeeded or not, and since his lifespan was nearly over… ’Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts turned melancholic. To think a legend could die out in the Dark Void without a proper and deserving ceremony, it saddened him to no end.

Considering its been thousands of years, he ’s likely dead.

Wu Yu finally got to telling Wei Wuyin his true intentions, ”My Mystic Soul and Sea of Consciousness is within this ring. It was given to me by the King of Everlore. He called it the Celestial Ring of Immortality. It placed me in a state of protective stasis to prevent my lifespan from running out. The only ways for me to reconstruct my body is with the support of a Mystic Ascendant Realm expert that cultivates the same Cultivation Method I do. Otherwise, that body would reject me. It would either degrade at a rapid pace or my cultivation would stagnate forever.

”Or, I need a pill the King of Everlore had devised for this exact situation. A subordinate of his had ascended the Mystic Ascendant Realm and failed, his body destroyed, but with the help of ’her, ’ that person survived. To remedy this situation, the King of Everlore had funneled two decades of his life devising the ninth-grade pill- ”

Wei Wuyin interrupted with a tinge of shock, ”Ever-Rebirth Pill. ” He knew it was the third product at the ninth-grade that the King of Everlore had devised. It could, without issue, replicate the physical imprint on a Natal Soul, Astral Soul, or Mystic Soul and reconstruct its body according to it perfectly. This meant…a complete bodily resurrection.

According to the details, this body was a full reset. There would be no need to recultivate or anything, the pill itself would simply reconstruct an exact copy of the cultivator ’s body.

If Wu Yu obtained this pill, wouldn ’t he regain his complete strength?!

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