New life as a Turtle.

Cultivation Manual

James wasn sure what he should do. Whoever this person was they didn seem to be hostile at the moment but he always had to be careful.

James wanted to run away for a minute because he wasn sure of this entitys true nature.

Why don you come on in little one. Id like to have a little chat with you.

When James heard this he thought it would be impossible to have a chat with him considering hes a turtle. He cant speak, turtles don have vocal cords.

You don have to have vocal cords to communicate with me. If it was anyone else you probably wouldn be able to communicate with them due to the lack of vocal cords but you don have to worry about that with me. The mysterious voice plied almost as if it could read James thoughts.

James at this current moment was terrified. How could he read his thoughts, was there anything that be could hide from him. What should he do if he turns hostile, so on and so forth.

You don have to worry about any of that. Just come on in and have a chat with me. Its been thousands of years since someone was able to see through the illusion on my cave and just walk strait in.

First off James was surprised when this mysterious entity talked about thousands of years ago. What cultivation realm would be required for someone to live such a long life.

Second he was confused on what illusion he was talking about. It just looked like a regular cave to him so he just walked strait in. But in the end James decided against any other thoughts and to just walk into the cave.

Good, Good, cone on in little turtle. Said the mysterious entity to James thoughts on entering

James started to creep his way into cave and his surroundings started to change. On the cave wall there was milky white crystals growing all over the place. James was wondering what they were because of the dense spiritual qi coming off them.

Those are spirit crystals little turtle. They aren low quality either, they are all top quality spirit crystals. Just my presence here has caused the spiritual qi to increase in quality and quantity in this cave giving it a perfect environment to grow spirit crystals.

James was still baffled could this person really just read his thoughts like its nothing, and what were top quality spirit stones he had only heard of low quality spirit stones.

Oh Im actually surprised that you have heard of spirit stones in the first place. They are quite the rare thing even if its low quality. But thats nothing to worry about everyone had their secrets. Top quality spirit stones are above high quality which is above medium quality which is above low quality. One top quality spirit stone in this world would be worthy of being a national treasure because they never pop up in this worlds spirit mines.

First James was surprised that all of those crystals that had to be in the thousands were so expensive. Second he was surprised this entity didn question his secrets. He was very thankful that he didn but was still kind of wondering why.

Everyone had their secrets, there are many things about my life that I don want to tell you and Im sure there are things about yours you don want to tell me. Its a part of life, if I tried to pry into your secrets I would lose your trust, and thats something I don want to happen.

James couldn quite comprehend everything this entity just said but thats fine. He decided that he would continue moving into the cave.

As he continued into the cave the amount of crystals just kept increasing and increasing the further in he went.

Eventually James made it to a huge open space in the cavern where there were a ton of crystals that seemed to be rainbow in color. The spiritual qi in the crystals was so dense it was difficult to even look at it. Soon a screen popped up in front of him

[item – Immortal crystal


James was confused as to what this immortal crystal was but he knew that it was a grade above The top grade spirit crystal but he didn know what it really was.

Soon he saw a huge figure that seemed to be hundreds of meters long and a hundred meters tall. It was a dark shade of black and just his presence seemed to distort the space around him. He had horns on his head and s huge mouth. It seemed to be a dragon from the myths.

”Welcome little turtle, its been a very long time since Ive seen a turtle that had managed to cultivate, and even longer since Ive seen a turtle with intelligence. ” Said the dragon.

Why have you called me here? Asked James

”Oh, you just remind me of a friend that I had a very long time ago. He was a turtle just like you, we used to travel the world together. We would go from continent to continent seeking out opportunities to increase our cultivation. Oh the fun times we had, but now he has fallen to the passage of time. It was a sad occasion, I had hope that he could be here today with me but sadly that wasn his fate. ” Replied the dragon

James didn know what to think of this whole thing. He couldn tell if he was telling the truth or not, but he was hoping that he was because that would give him hope to cultivate to a high level. It also have him hope that there was a cultivation method that he could use as a turtle other than one he would have to buy from the system.

Great sir if you don mind me asking what cultivation level are you at? Asked James

”Oh you cam just call me by my name Emry, you don have to be so formal. My cultivation realm is something that you don have the comprehension to even begin to understand but just know that Ive already ascended to a higher realm. Replied Emry.

James was a bit confused as to what be meant but he kind of had an idea from some of the books he read when he was back on earth. The higher realm was something that you would need to ascend to once you reached the limit of the lower realms and you cant increase your cultivation any further unless you ascend.

Why did you come back down to the lower realms then asked James curious as to why someone from the higher realm would come back to the lower realms. Asked James

”The main reason I came back down was memories. To be able to increase my cultivation any further I have to let go of my past relations. My past is holding me down and i have to let i go. The way that I chose to do that is to pass on my friends legacy. One of my biggest regrets was to watch my best friend fall while I rose. So by passing on his legacy hopefully he can live on through that. ” Replied Emry in a sad tone.

If you would like I don know how much help I can be of but I can try to find this person that can take the legacy of your friend since I plan to travel the world while increasing my cultivation just like you and your friend did back then said James kind of hoping he can help this man out.

”Ha Ha Ha!! You don have to worry about that kid. I can cover this entire planet with my spiritual sense so I wont have trouble trying to find someone to pass the legacy onto, in fact Ive already found someone to pass it onto. ” Replied Emry in a cheerful tone.

At this point James was incredibly surprised, how high does ones cultivation need to be for one to have a spiritual sense that can cover an entire world. James felt that he had met the most incredible person or really entity that he has ever met, and will probably ever meet.

Alrighty then, would you mind if I stay here for a couple of days while I try to find somewhere to live? asked James.

”Go ahead dont worry I wont be here much longer so you can also take everything in the cave since I dont need any of it. ” Replied Emery.

Eh, why wont you be here much longer? Asked James.

”Because Ive found the person that is going to take my friends legacy and hes standing right in front of me. ” Replied Emry in a cheerful voice.

James looked around for a couple seconds before pausing then pointing at himself and saying Me!?!?!?

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