Seeing the shocked faces of Violet, Sasha, and Ruby, She explained:

”My sword is very heavy, and no ordinary vampire can lift it without the proper training. ”

”…Why is it so heavy? Doesn ’t that hurt in a fight against another vampire? ” Ruby asked.

”That ’s because her sword wasn ’t created to fight other vampires… ” Lacus replied.

”… ” Eleonor is silent, she can understand that Lacus said this on purpose to pique Ruby ’s curiosity.

”What do you mean? ” Ruby asked.

”… ” Lacus didn ’t answer anything.

”Forget it, Ruby. That ’s not something you need to know right now. ” Siena supported her sister.

”… ” Ruby was silent.

”Why? Why can ’t she know? ” Sasha asked.

”…Because this is a rule created by the king, only the king, or the leaders of the Count Clan can give that kind of information… The rule is silenced by a magical contract, ” Violet explained.

”…You seem to know about this, Violet. ” Ruby looked at Violet with a glint in her eyes.

”Oh? Who told you about it? ”

”My Mother. ”

”…Agnes… ” Eleonor sighed.

”Remember, don ’t overdo it, okay? ” Then, hearing Scathach ’s voice, the group looked toward the woman who was talking to Victor.

Leaving that subject aside, for now, the women decided to watch what Victor was going to do.

”Okay… You don ’t have to keep repeating it. ”

”I don ’t want you to destroy the entire forest! The poor thing already suffers from my daughters and me! ”

”…Where did this cheap sentimentality come from out of nowhere? This is not like you… Just hire a witch to revitalize the forest or something. ”

”I changed, okay? In fact, my head is clearer now… ” Then, realizing she was getting off the subject, she said, ”Just don ’t overdo it, and just use the ice! ”

”Okay. ”

Scathach nods with satisfaction.

Eleonor pointed her trembling finger at Scathach:

”… T-This is my master? ”

”… ” Victor ’s wives and Scathach ’s daughters were silent; they also didn ’t know what was going on.

But one thing they were sure of! They didn ’t know how to react to this situation!

They weren ’t used to Scathach reacting so differently!

And Victor ’s wives aren ’t enjoying this change at all! Mostly Ruby!

Victor relaxes his body a little and assumes a fighting stance.

”This position… It ’s the same as mine… No, it ’s a little different. ” Siena analyzed…

The magic symbol on Victor ’s gloves starts to glow blood red, ”Just ice, just ice… ” He muttered over and over as if trying to concentrate.

His fist is covered in an ice glove, and with a quick punch that only people like Siena and Scathach could see, he punches the air!


The women heard a noise as if the air had been broken, the air pressure was so intense that the forest could not take it and it was torn apart, and there was no tree left to tell the story! And, the effect of the attack is not over.

After the wind pressure was gone, everyone could see that a small part of the forest had turned into a snowy area.

”… V-Victor! ” Scathach disappears and appears beside Victor, and then she slaps him on the head, ”You overreacted! How am I going to explain anything now? ”

”Eh? But I did it right! ”

”Huuuh? Where is this correct!? I told you not to overdo it! ”

”I didn ’t exaggerate! It is the forest that is weak! It ’s not my fault! ” The two leaned their foreheads against each other and started facing each other as if they were about to fight at any moment.

”…Monster…Master created another monster… ” Eleonor spoke.

”This is ridiculous; there ’s nothing left of the poor forest, ” Pepper commented.

”… ” Siena just looked at Victor with an emotionless face. It looked like she needed to reassess her opinion of him.

”… ” Lacus didn ’t say anything either.

”Hmm, I can do something like that ” Violet didn ’t want to miss it!

”Let me show you! ”

”NOO! ” Sasha held Violet.

”Violet, just don ’t try to compete now, okay? We know that with your fire, you can wreak havoc. ”

”Eh? But… ”

”Just no, okay!? ” Ruby spoke in a more assertive tone. ”I don ’t want my house to become a deserted place. ”

”…Just hire a witch, ” Violet pouted.

”… ” Ruby said nothing and stared at Violet.

”Okay, okay. ” She sighed.

”Ladies… Shouldn ’t we have left for the capital now? ” Luna suddenly reminded everyone.

”Oh, ” Everyone has completely forgotten about that.

Scathach and Victor move away from each other.

Soon Scathach explains her technique, ”Originally, this attack was to freeze everything in a straight line, but Victor put in a lot of force, and because of that, there ’s nothing left to be frozen. ”

”This is like a combination of my technique and Pepper ’s technique, ” Siena said.

”Yes. Control is the fifth technique. Control focuses on using all four techniques as efficiently as possible. Now, do you understand why I never taught you? ”

”Yes, we ’re not ready yet, ” Ruby said.

”Yes. Unfortunately, you guys aren ’t as passionate about training as he is. ”

She didn ’t want to discourage their daughters and say that they didn ’t have the same talent as Victor either. After all, she knows it was because of Victor ’s blood and mindset that made it possible for him to learn things in such a short time.

If he only had the talent, he wouldn ’t be so strong in such a short time. The mentality of looking at training as fun made it possible for him to learn things faster since, when someone is having fun learning something, they learn faster; it ’s common sense.

And she ’s sure her blood played a big part in his training, though she wasn ’t going to say it out loud.

”…That ’s not true, we train- ” Pepper was about to protest, but she stopped talking when she heard her mother ’s voice.

”Lacus lives in her sleep. You live watching cartoons together with Ruby, and I also know you got weaker because you didn ’t practice what I taught you, and Siena is always busy, and when she ’s not busy working, she ’s looking for a husband. ”

”… ” Ruby, Lacus, and Pepper had no way to defend themselves from their mother ’s words.

But Pepper said something in a low voice, ”It ’s not cartoon… It ’s anime. ”

”M-Mother!? ” Siena couldn ’t believe her mother said that out loud.

”Pfft, ” Victor laughed at the same time as Violet.

”Desperate woman. ” The two said at the same time.

”You guys… ” Siena ’s eyes flashed blood red.

”We need to go! ” Luna screamed again.

”… ” Everyone nodded in agreement.

”Hahahahaha, ” Victor was laughing a lot, he was currently riding Chloe, and as a special horse, the speed Chloe was running was very high.

And this was a new experience for Victor. The horse was faster than any car he had ridden in the past, and he felt intoxicated when the wind hit him in the face.

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha just looked at it with a dry look; although Sasha was in the mood to join Victor, she thought it looked fun.

”…Chloe… Why did you abandon me… ” Eleonor was looking at Chloe like a woman who had been dumped by another man.

Currently, the group was going to the capital in a luxurious carriage prepared by Eleonor, and in this carriage was Eleonor, Victor, Violet, Ruby, Sasha, and Scathach. Originally, Victor was supposed to be in the carriage with the girls, but when the group left for the capital, he quickly got bored and decided to play with Chloe.

”Now that I ’ve stopped to think about it, what are these horses? ” Ruby forgot to ask.

”Oh, they are demonic horses. They live in an isolated area in the West, ” Eleonor said.

”Why is this name so scary? ”

”Well, they ’re much stronger and tougher than regular horses, so why not? ”

”… ” Ruby didn ’t know what to say, she just thought the name a little ugly for such a beautiful creature.

”That ’s unfair, I tried to ride one of those horses, but I got kicked off. ” Sasha pouted.

”If it were so easy, my army wouldn ’t be special! ” Eleonor snorted, then she explained, ”Riders go through a long period for the horse to get used to their presence; they have to have a brother-sister bond. ”

”…But what about Darling? ” Violet asked in an innocent voice, but Eleonor could have sworn she saw a slight smile on Violet ’s hateful face.

”… ” she decided to be silent, she had no answer to that question… Victor was just very strange…

”Kakakaka, you ’ll get used to this feeling soon. ” Scathach laughed, she was leaning against the carriage, she looked very relaxed.


Eleonor just sighed.

In another carriage was the group of Pepper, Siena, Lacus, Maria, and Luna.

”Umumumum, ” Pepper was making strange noises, ”That looks fun… ” She looked at Victor with a sharp look.

Like Sasha, she also tried to ride a horse, but she was also kicked off by a horse.

”Just give up. You heard from Eleonor, right? These horses won ’t let you ride them. ” Lacus spoke.

”Never! I want to have fun! ”

”Don ’t be spoiled, ” Siena said.

”But I ’m not spoiled! I just want to have fun, and it ’s unfair that Victor is having fun alone! What about my rights!? I also want to ride a horse and feel the wind in my face! ”

”… ” Siena rolled her eyes.

Pepper looked back at Victor with a piercing look.

Suddenly, a lightbulb flashed on top of her head, she seemed to have an idea.

”Whatever you ’re thinking… Just don ’t do it. ”

Pepper ignored Siena ’s voice, ”Eyy, ” as she backed onto the carriage and jumped towards Victor.

”Pepper!? ” Lacus and Siena spoke at the same time.

Victor was surprised when he saw a body flying towards him, but he quickly picked up Pepper and placed her in front of him, ”What are you doing? ” He patted Pepper ’s head a little.

”… ” Pepper ’s face turned a little red, ”I want to have fun too and, it ’s unfair that you ’re having fun alone! ”

Maria and Luna looked at Pepper, ”Lady Violet is not going to like this, ” They said at the same time.

”Oh? ” Victor flashes a small smile as he takes Pepper ’s hands.

”Heh? ”

He opens her hands and makes her hold the horse rope, ”Enjoy~. ”

”Heh? OHHH! ” Pepper looked like a child who was riding a horse with her father.

He looks into Chloe ’s eyes, and, seeing that the horse is upset, he says, ”Just hold on for a few minutes, ” He spoke in a low voice.

The horse neighs nodding.

”This Bitch… What is she doing!? ” Violet freaked out.

”Pepper… ” Ruby sighed.

”Kakakakaka, ” Scathach just chuckled like he was enjoying himself.

”Unfair…I want to try too. ” Sasha ’s blue eyes sparkled, then she jumped towards Victor too.

”Even you Sasha!? ” Violet couldn ’t believe what she was seeing, she just thought of something; ’Those bitches! I missed my chance! ’

Seeing another body flying towards him, with a gesture of impressive dexterity, he rises from his horse and jumps back in a somersault, then he catches Sasha in midair and puts her behind Pepper.

Soon he falls behind Sasha and grabs her waist.

”Eh? ” Sasha didn ’t understand what happened.

”Fue…? I feel something soft on my back. ” Pepper muttered.


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