My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 67: A weird situation indeed.

”My Maid? ” Victor displayed a confused face.

”Yes ”

”Hmmm, ” Victor puts his hand to his chin as if he ’s thinking.

”Kaguya, ” He called in an orderly tone.

Kaguya approached Victor, ”Yes, lord Vic- ”

She stopped talking when she felt Victor stroking her head, she felt goosebumps all over her body for a moment.

”What do you think about this? ” He asked.

He looks at Kaguya ’s black hair and nods, satisfied. He was missing this, and Scathach wouldn ’t let him stroke her head.

”…It doesn ’t matter to me, and it was Lady Violet ’s parents ’ order. I don ’t have much of an opinion on the matter, ” Kaguya said.

”… ” Yuki almost put on an angry squirrel face, but she managed to control herself and keep her poker face.

”Heh~ ” Victor displayed an unreadable smile.

”Lord Victor, you may not know, but I am also your personal maid now. ”

”Lady Violet fired me and transferred the master rights to you… But, first, we need to talk about my salary and what kind of contract we ’re going to make. ”

”Oh? But I can ’t pay you, you know. ” He chuckled.

”… ” She nodded in agreement.

”As expected, I ’m going to have to fire you. ”

”!!! ” Kaguya ’s entire body shook.

”Maybe in the future, I ’ll hire you as my Maid, but now, I ’m broke~. ”

Victor stopped stroking Kaguya ’s head and slowly backed away.

”W-Wait… ”

”Hmm? ” He looked at Kaguya, who held his suit.

”You can take out a loan, and, in the future, when you earn money, you can pay me back. ”

He flashed a smile, ”Are you sure? ”

”Y-Yes ” She stuttered a little, she was thinking about her vacation, but when she remembered that the sacrifice was for the greater good, she didn ’t care! It ’s for the greater good, after all!

”HAHAHA, ” Victor laughed happily, then he lifted Kaguya and looked her in the eyes, ”You can ’t go back now. ”

Looking into Victor ’s blood-red eyes, Kaguya sighed and thought; ’Whatever ’. Strangely, she no longer cared.

”Put me down, please… ”

”Of course. ”

”… ” Sasha and Ruby were staring at Victor with a deadly glare:

”Why is he acting like this? Is it unconscious? ” Ruby spoke coldly, the air around her cooling rapidly.

”Is he becoming a Playboy? ” Sasha whispered in a dangerous voice.

Scathach appears behind Sasha and Ruby, she wraps her arm around Sasha and Ruby:

”Yeah, he might not realize it, but he instinctively knows how to act with women. When I questioned him about it, he said his mom taught him about women. ”

”Anna… ” Ruby sighed.

”Well, she seems to be that kind of mother. ” Sasha sighed at the end.

”I will visit her in the future, she seems to be interesting, ” Scathach flashed a smile.

”!!! ” Ruby turns her face to her mother, and, looking into her mother ’s emerald green eyes, she says, ”Why this sudden interest in my Darling ’s family? ”

The corners of Scathach ’s mouth turned up a little, ”Can ’t I be interested in my disciple ’s parents? ”

”… ” Ruby didn ’t know how to respond.

”Yes, you can. But don ’t get too close to him! ” Sasha growled, and slaps Scathach ’s hand, then she walks closer to Victor.

”Kakakakaka, she ’s jealous~ ”

”Mother… ” Ruby looked at her mother.

”Don ’t look at me like that, my daughter, you ’re going to make a hole in my head with your gaze~. ”

”You-. ” Ruby was about to say something, but suddenly everyone could hear a loud scream.


”… ” Yuki, Maria, and Siena put their hands over their ears.

”Ugh, ” Pepper covers her ears, ”How does her throat work? Does she have a superpower that raises the volume of her voice or something? ”

Victor quickly looked up at the sky, then his smile grew, and he pulled away from everyone and opened his arms.

Everyone looked to where Victor was looking, and they could see a beam of fire in the air.

”She ’s flying… That ’s so cool! ” Pepper ’s eyes sparkled.

”Heh~, she finally got better, that stupid girl, ” Scathach chuckled.

Violet started to descend at high speed towards Victor, and soon a small Violet-shaped meteor hits Victor!

”… ” Everyone expected a big explosion to happen, but unexpectedly, before Violet touched Victor, her power completely disappeared.

”Darling~! Darling~! Darling~! ”

”She has improved in her power control, ” Ruby praised.

”Violet~ ” Victor hugged Violet tighter. ”How are you? Are you okay! ”

”Nooo~ I ’m not fine; I need my vitamin V! ”

”Vitamin V? ” he asked, confused.

”Shh, ” She puts her finger to Victor ’s lips, ”I ’m reloading now ” then she hugs him tighter.

Victor smiled lovingly, and soon he started stroking Violet ’s head.

While Victor and Violet were in their world.

Luna suddenly appeared, ”Lady Scathach, you are late! The game starts in three days, we were supposed to be in— ” She was going to say something, but when she looked at Victor, she was speechless.

”…He got stronger. ”

”Oh, the game, huh? I totally forgot about it, ” Scathach said.

”Let ’s go. We need to go to the capital. ” Scathach started walking towards her mansion.

When Luna looked at Scathach, she was speechless again, she hadn ’t realized it because she was in a hurry, but her eyes weren ’t red anymore…

’What happened in that coliseum? ’ She thought inwardly.

Scathach has stopped walking and looks back, ”Aren ’t you coming? ”

”… ” The women look at each other and nod.

On the walk back home, a strange situation was happening. Victor was walking with Violet sitting on his shoulder, and beside him were Ruby and Sasha, and a little further back were Yuki, Kaguya, Maria, and Luna.

”…I didn ’t expect this, ” Yuki commented in disbelief.

”What? ” Maria asked.

”… ” Kaguya and Luna were a little surprised to hear Maria speak, but they didn ’t convey that surprise on their faces.

”I didn ’t know my master was married to the three flowers of the vampire world! ”

”Three flowers? What is this weird title? ”

”The four flowers of the vampire world is a title given by all-male vampires, the title speaks of Ruby, Sasha, and Violet, along with the youngest daughter of the king who was born with supernatural beauty even to vampires. ”

”Oh… ” She understood now.

”So you ’re surprised he ’s married to three of the four flowers in the vampire world. ”

”Yes, ” Yuki replied.

”Hmm, ” Maria looks at Victor, who was carrying Violet on his shoulders, seeing him laughing and happily chatting with his wives.

She adjusts her glasses and speaks with a serious expression, ”I have a feeling that if he meets the daughter of the king of vampires, they will end up together. ”

”… ” The three Maid were surprised by this bold statement.

”Impossible, ” Kaguya immediately spoke.

”Oh? Why? ” Maria asked.

”Lord Victor is a faithful man, and he won ’t run after other women if he already has three wives. ”

”… ” Maria, Luna, and Yuki looked blankly at Kaguya.

”What? ”

”Didn ’t you realize you were flirting with him a few minutes ago? ” Maria spoke.

”…That ’s not flirting. ”

”Hmm? What is it then? ” Yuki asked.

”This is… A form of thanks…Yes, this is a form of thanks. After all, I ’m a hardworking Maid! ”

The three Maid rolled their eyes.

”Believe me, he can treat me like that, but he doesn ’t have any hidden desires. It ’s just the way he is; he ’s a caring man. ”

”… ” The three were silent and decided not to prolong the conversation. They knew it would be useless to say something now, and also because they realized they were getting close to the mansion.

”Before we go, Victor and I should take a decent shower. ” They had a bath in the coliseum, but they were very simplified, and the bathroom was created with that intention because, in training, luxuries are not allowed.

”Yeah, you ’re right, Scathach, ” Victor agreed, and he started walking in a random direction. Did he know the location of the bathroom? Of course not, but he didn ’t need to know the location of the bathroom. After all, he knew that he would eventually find one of the bathrooms in this gigantic mansion.

”Let ’s go. ”

Scathach nodded and followed Victor.

”WAIT! ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha yelled simultaneously, then they disappeared and appeared in front of Victor and Scathach.

”What? ” Victor and Scathach asked at the same time.

”Are you guys going to take a shower together!? ” Ruby yelled.

”Yeah…? ” Victor turned his head a little confused.

”And don ’t you realize this situation is weird!? For God ’s sake, she ’s my mother! She is your mother-in-law! ”

”Oh… Now that you say it ’s true. ” Victor nodded.

”Master, you are my mother-in-law. ” He looked at Scathach and spoke with shock visible on his face.

”Yeah, did you forget? ” She smiled seductively.

”Well, I was busier trying to survive, ” Just remembering that he had every part of his body taken out in grotesque ways made his body shudders a little. He ’s not going to lie and say he ’s not a little traumatized by the training that he went through, but… As time went by, he got used to it, and the pain became tolerable.

If Scathach asked him to train again, would he go?

Of course, yes! He liked to train with her, and he also loved the sense of progress. The feeling of growing stronger was something very addictive.

”… ” The three wives were speechless.

”Wait… From the way you ’re reacting like everything is normal, don ’t tell me you guys have already done this!? ” Sasha yelled.

”Yes. I was beaten every day in a lot of different ways, and it was Scathach who carried me to the bathroom. ” Victor nodded.

”… ”

Violet ’s body began to release a dark, distorted pressure, her eyes turned dark, and she looked at Scathach.

”What? ” She smiled teasingly.

Before Violet did something stupid, Ruby quickly held her up like a sack of potatoes.

”Put me down. ” She spoke in a distorted voice.

Ruby ignored Violet and looked at her mother,

”Darling, go shower with us! You ’re going to shower alone! ”

”Hmm? Hell no! I ’ll do what I want, and you can come with us. ”

”H-Huuh? M-Mother!? ” Ruby didn ’t believe what she heard.

”What? ”

”… ” Realizing that this is not going anywhere, Victor said:

”Hmm, I ’m taking a shower; follow me if you want. Now give me Violet. ” He approached Ruby and picked up Violet, and carried her like a princess.

Violet quickly hugs Victor ’s neck and glares at Scathach menacingly.

Soon, he walked in a random direction.

”… ” The people around were speechless when they saw Victor treating Violet like a teddy bear.

”Well, let ’s go? ” Scathach soon followed Victor.

”… ” Sasha and Ruby still couldn ’t believe what they were seeing.

”Wait! ” The two shouted in unison and followed Victor.

Ruby and Sasha weren ’t alone. Everyone who knew Scathach ’s personality enough to tell what kind of person she was, weren ’t believing what they were seeing either.

Only one question remained in these people ’s minds.

What happened in that damn coliseum!?

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