My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 64: Do you want it?

Violet ’s side.

”Darling… ” Violet muttered worriedly as she looked towards the coliseum. Even though the structure couldn ’t be seen in the distance, Violet instinctively knew where Victor was.

”Don ’t distract yourself in a fight. ” A cold voice spoke from beside Violet.

Violet turned quickly and tried to defend against the oncoming attack, but she wasn ’t quick enough.

Hilda kicked Violet in the face, and her kick was so hard it threw Violet across the hill, ”Ugh ” Violet was buried under a pile of rocks.

”Never let your guard down, always be prepared to use your powers at any time, remember; you are the heiress of Clan Snow, everyone envies you, and everyone loves you, but at the same time, you have a lot of enemies. ” Hilda straightened her white glove and continued watching the place where Violet was buried.

”HAAA! ” Pure fire covered Violet ’s body, and soon she came out of the rocks.

She looks at Hilda, ”Now I understand who was inflating my mother ’s narcissism. ”

”…It ’s not a lie if it ’s true. ”

Violet rolled her eyes.

”You don ’t understand how special your Clan is, ” Hilda appears beside Violet and whispers.

”Huh? ”


Hilda slapped Violet on the cheek and sent her flying again.

”You ’ve let your guard down again. ” She spoke coldly as she watched Violet, who was buried in the same area.

”BITCH! Stop hitting my face! ” Violet yelled angrily.

”Your ’Darling ’ would be disappointed to see how weak you are right now, ” Hilda said coldly.

”…Huh…? ” Violet ’s face darkened, her eyes lifeless. Then, slowly, her body began to release a dark red pressure; this was killing intent… She was irritated.

And Hilda saw it.

”That ’s it, use the anger, our power comes from that anger, but-… ” Hilda walked towards Violet with elegant steps.

And slowly, Hilda ’s image was blurred; it was as if she was drifting in and out of existence.

Violet ’s fist started to catch fire, and as soon as she punched the air, a massive amount of flames flew towards Hilda!

”Anger out of control is just a waste of power. ” Hilda ’s image slowly faded.

”Tsk, ” Violet realized that the attack didn ’t touch Hilda, she started using her senses in an attempt to find Hilda.

”Your way of using power is very raw. ” Violet heard a cold voice behind her.

”!!! ”

Violet turns around, and soon she sees Hilda ’s hand inches away from her face.

Hilda ’s two fingers began to be covered in fire, ”Looks like we have to work on all your control again. ” She finger-flicked Violet ’s forehead.


With one simple move, she managed to create an explosion that sent Violet flying away.

As she looked at her clan heiress, Hilda thought; ’Tsk. Agnes did a sloppy job again. I should have taken over Violet ’s training when she got home… ’

Hilda has noticed Violet ’s improvement this week, but that ’s not enough for her since she is a strict woman. So she will not be satisfied with this ’little ’ improvement.

Hilda visibly sighed. ”Hmm? ” She looks at her shadow and, seeing the shadow of a man within her shadow, she said:

”Oda? ”

”Yes, Lady Hilda ” the shadow ’s mouth moved, and she heard a voice in her head.

”…Go get Lady Violet, and when you finish this work, I want you to get in touch with Kaguya. I want her to come home. ”

”… ” The man was silent, and he seemed to be thinking about something:

”Kaguya was fired from her task by the Snow Clan heiress. ”

”I know, but she ’s still part of Clan Snow, she has to go through all the legal processes to get fired from her Maid job. She also needs to find her new co-worker. ”

”… Yuki, huh. ”

”Are two maids not overkill? ” He can ’t help but ask.

”…You ’re asking a lot of questions today, huh? ” Hilda spoke.

”I ’m just trying to understand, is this man so important to receive a servant from Clan Snow and Clan Blank? ”

”I don ’t know… But that was Lady Agnes ’s order and Lord Adonis… Initially, she would just be a servant of Clan Snow, but now that Violet has fired her Maid and transferred the right of the master to her husband …Things just ended up like that… ”

Hilda frowned a little; ’For some reason, Lord Adonis is very supportive of Violet ’s new husband. He seemed very happy that he found a son-in-law. Lady Agnes doesn ’t seem to like Lady Violet ’s new husband very much, but in the end, it doesn ’t matter if Lady Agnes doesn ’t like it. After all, when Lord Adonis wants something, Lady Agnes will do anything to please him. ’ She thought.

”… ” Oda didn ’t know what to say; he just kept thinking about what he heard.

”Finished with the questions? Now go do your job. ”

”Yes! ”

Human world. Outside Queens.

On top of a building, a white-haired man was sitting on the balcony while drinking a bottle of tequila.

As he stared up at the starry sky, he was thinking about Jessica.

”I fucked up, ” He knew he ’d screwed up, he was aware of it, but he couldn ’t apologize.

”Whatever. I ’ll think about this problem in the future. ” He took a sip of tequila

”This is not what I expected from our meeting, my son. ”

Johnny ’s whole body shivered when he heard the sudden voice behind him, he was startled! Johnny turned and looked at the visitor who was standing on top of a water tank.

”You keep doing this, huh? Can ’t you show up in the normal way, Old Man? ”

”Normal? ” Adam put on a confused face, ”I ’m just an ordinary professor working at an ordinary university. I ’m the most normal person you ’ll ever meet, my Son. ”

”Yeah yeah, whatever. ” Johnny turned and took another sip of tequila.

Adam jumped slightly and landed next to Johnny. He sniffs the air and soon displays a face of disgust, ”Wolf, human, Vampire, and Witches. ”

”Looks like you ’re still the same. You can ’t control where you put your dick, huh? ”

”Yes, you know how things are. I ’m just like you. ”

”…I ’ve never slept with a human or a witch, and especially with leeches. ”

”Hey, you ’re wrong on the last one; I haven ’t slept with her yet. ” Johnny rolled his eyes.

”Yet, huh? ” Adam ’s eyes sparkled for a few seconds. He clearly didn ’t like that answer, but as soon as he felt disappointment, he decided not to poke his nose in this matter, and he just started stroking his mustache. A habit he always does when he ’s thinking about something.

And, Johnny knew about that habit. He waited for his dad to finish thinking and took another sip of tequila. ”Damit, this is good. ”

”Well, whatever. As long as you don ’t have a child with these women, I won ’t mind too much… And you wouldn ’t listen to me anyway. ”

”Hey, glad you know that. ” Johnny chuckled.

”…And to think you ’re my heir… If the king discovers that… ” Then, just imagining his Alpha ’s disappointed face, Adam ’s feeling of disappointment grows; ’Well, I still have Edward, even though his mother doesn ’t have the best genes, he ’s still my son… ’

’Ugh, my son who has the most potential is a drunk who can ’t control which hole he wants to put his dick in… And my youngest son is a good kid who listens to me, but he ’s weak… what have I done to deserve this? ’

Adam also had his problems…

”Fuck- ” Johnny was going to talk bad about the king, but he stopped when he felt a huge pressure seeping from Adam ’s body.

”Don ’t you dare continue, ” He spoke with a growl as his teeth shifted, and his face took on a more animalistic shape, ”Even if you are my son, I will not tolerate offense to the king ”

”… ” Johnny swallowed hard and turned away.

Adam continued watching his son for a few seconds, but soon he relaxed his expression:

”Let ’s talk. ” Adam approaches the balcony.

”I heard that my sister is in love with a leech ” Johnny ignored what his father said and spoke.


”H-Heh… ” He broke the concrete with his grip; he didn ’t expect to hear that. ’Calm down… My daughter has no interest in a leech, she wouldn ’t dare lie to me! ’

”Where did you get this information? ”

”The Lost Club. ”

”Madam contacts, huh? ” Adam ’s eyes glittered menacingly, and he thinks; ’If that ’s true, then it ’s that woman who investigated Victor… Maybe this information could be true. ’

”Oh? I never thought someone of your status would visit that place. ”

”Hah! Fool, don ’t you know what kind of place that is? Have your senses gone numb? ”

”??? ” Johnny was confused by his father ’s reaction.

”Stupid son, that place is a haven for lone wolves. Madam is a witch, but at the same time, she is considered an ’Alpha ’ by the wolves. ”

Adam purposely didn ’t mention that Madam also houses witches who are tired of living in the witch nation.

”… Heh, that old woman is that important, huh? ”

”… ” Adam didn ’t say anything, but soon he changed the subject:

”Ignoring my daughter ’s love issues… ” Adam sighed.

”What did you want? ”

”You ’re being hunted, ” Johnny spoke simply, then took another sip of tequila.

”Hah! Do you think I don ’t know? Boy, who do you think you ’re talking to? ”

”Oh? Tell me. ”

”The Horseman Clan, right? Those fucking twins think they can threaten my family, and I won ’t know? ” Adam spoke in contempt.

Then he continues, ”If you came to talk to me, then you must have gotten this information from that disgusting leech. ”


Johnny broke the tequila bottle with his grip.

”Don ’t talk about her like that. ” He growled.

”What a waste~ ” Adam totally ignored his son ’s threat.

Adam looks at his son, and his eyes sparkled intensely, ”Before you threaten your father, you must first be prepared to follow through with your threat. ”

Johnny turned his face away. He wasn ’t going to fight his father since he knew he was going to lose; it was a futile fight.

Adam shakes his head in disappointment, then he turns around, ”Coward, if it were someone else I know, he would have jumped on me and fought, regardless of whether he was going to lose or not… ”

”In a way, he ’s more wolf than you. ”

”He seems to be crazy, this person you talked about. ” Johnny wasn ’t offended; it ’s been a long time since he stopped caring what his father told him.

”Indeed…He ’s crazy, but at the same time, he ’s not a coward. He would fight me just because I offended his wife. Even though he knew he would lose, he would fight anyway, and he would probably evolve in battle and have fun fighting. That ’s the kind of man he is. ”

Adam turns his face and looks at Johnny, and then he flashes a small smile on his face:

”Like I said, he ’s more wolf than you, despite being a leech. ” Soon Adam disappears.

Johnny looks at the full moon. His eyes were shining brightly; he wouldn ’t deny it, hearing his father talking like that about someone else affected him a little:

”…Heh, I wonder who this man is. ”


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