My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 59: The White Wolf. 2

Hearing the noise of the explosion, the girls looked towards the coliseum.

”They started, huh? ” Ruby spoke.

”What are we going to do? ” Sasha asked as she looked at the coliseum.

”What we originally intended to do, train, ” Ruby replied, and soon she turned and started walking towards her mansion.

”…I will go with you; I feel that if I train with you, I will get more results, ” Sasha spoke and started to follow Ruby.

”Like old times? ” Ruby smiled a little.

”Indeed. ” Sasha smiled.

”I want some tips on Count ’s transformation; I haven ’t been able to unlock mine yet, ” Ruby commented.

”I need to improve the basics, and I think you ’re really good at it. ”

”So we have a deal, ” Ruby chuckled.

Sasha looked at Violet, ”What are you going to do? ”

Violet bites her lip and clenches her fist in frustration, ”I ’m going back home. Like I said before, I feel my power increasing, and I don ’t have the confidence to control power like before; I need to complete my training. ”

She gets up off the ground and looks towards a place.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha seem to have gone deaf for a while.

”Excuse me, but what!? ” Sasha practically screamed.

”What do you mean you didn ’t finish your training? ” Ruby asked in disbelief; usually, vampires end their training at the age of 18, and after you turn 18 and finish training, you have to develop powers independently. That ’s how it happened to her and Sasha.

Ruby trained from a young age in martial arts and how to control her powers with Scathach.

Sasha just trained how to control her powers.

After all, vampires are born knowing how to use their powers; they just don ’t know how to control them.

Ruby ’s case is very rare in the vampire world as well. After all, vampire parents don ’t teach their children to use martial arts created by humans they consider to be ’cattle ’.

”… ” Violet ignored Ruby ’s question.

”…It ’s like Lady Violet said, ” Kaguya spoke when she realized that Violet was focused on something else, ”She spent many years watching Victor, and because of that, she didn ’t complete her training. ”

”… And how did she manage to use the Count form if she didn ’t even train? ” Ruby asked, she remembers that in the past, Violet also used this power for a while.

”I don ’t know, ” Kaguya replied, ”But Lady Violet has always easily controlled her powers; maybe that ’s the trigger? ”

”… ” Ruby was silent, but inside she just wanted to scream; ’Bulshit! ’

”Kaguya, ” Violet spoke.

”Yes, Lady Violet? ” Kaguya looked at Violet.

Violet looks at Kaguya, and soon her violet eyes turn blood red, ”I ’m revoking your status as my Maid. ”

”…? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand this sudden decision.

Violet continues, ”As of today, you are my Darling ’s Personal maid. ”

Kaguya ’s cold expression broke, and she just couldn ’t let go of the first word that popped into her mind:

”Eh? ”


Human World, current location somewhere around Brooklyn in a nightclub called ”The Lost Club ”.


The sound of the club door opening suddenly was heard, and soon everyone could see a dark, muscular man standing 195 cm tall. He was wearing black pants with a simple white shirt, and around the man ’s neck was a necklace with a sharp fang that was very visible.

He had short white hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a stern face. The man ’s body was covered in black-striped tattoos, and he had several small scars strewn across his arms.

”Oh, you came back. How are you feeling now? ” A woman, who was leaning against the wall smoking, spoke as she looked at the man.

The man exhibited a small smile that showed his white teeth, which were strangely a little sharper than usual, then he started walking:

”I ’m calmer~. ”

”Just don ’t make a fuss again. ” The woman rolled her eyes.

He walked past the woman as he spoke, ”Bitch, please. I never make a fuss~. I am the most peaceful and hardworking man you will meet. ”

The woman rolled her eyes again, ”Yeah, Yeah. ” Then she ignored the man.

The man walked down the halls to a door that had a tall man on guard, ”Johnny, you ’re forbidden- ” The guard spoke but was stopped from continuing by a sudden movement of the muscular man!

The muscular man puts his arm around the neck of the man who was on guard and pushed him to the wall:

”What did you say? ” He spoke with a smile that showed his sharp teeth.

The guard was sweating all over his body; he could have sworn he pissed himself a little.

”… ” The woman, who was a little farther away smoking, was just speechless. In less than a few seconds, the man known as Johnny already got into trouble.

”NN-Nothing… You can pass, ” The guard spoke.

Johnny steps away from the guard, ”You should have said that from the start. ” Soon he walks into the club.

Smelling alcohol, drugs, women, and sex, he flashes a satisfied smile, ”I ’m home~. ”

”… ” The guard sighed in relief. He adjusts the suit he was wearing, and touches the communicator in his ear, and says, ”The mercenary is here. ”

”What!? That mother fucker is banned! Why did you let him in? ” He heard a woman ’s voice.

”Madame, you know the man, if he doesn ’t come in, he will cause a fuss and destroy more property. ”

”…You were just scared, right? ”

”… ” The man used the right to remain silent.

The woman sighed, ”I ’ll go talk to Judy, Jessica, Jinsei, probably Roberta too, maybe some of these bitches can calm him down. ”

”… ” The man was speechless; just how many women has this man slept with?

Then she yelled again, ”And do your job to keep people out! I ’m paying you for this. ”

”Yes, ma ’am. ” Realizing the comm had hung up, he whispered, ”I ’ll try… ”

He could handle a normal human, but these freaks who came to this club, it was a big ”NO ” for him.

”Oya, Oya. If it ’s not the legendary mercenary, Johnny, The White Wolf. I thought I ’d never see you again; after all, you ’re banned from this club~ ” A black-haired man wearing a bartender outfit spoke with exaggerated gestures.

”Your mood is still exaggerated as always, Eddy, ” Johnny told the man.

”What do you want, Mister White Wolf? ”

”The usual ”

”Johnny special, huh? ” Eddy smiled, then he asked, ”Do you have money? ”

”Take it ” Johnny takes out a large amount of money and throws it on the table.

”30,000 dollars, that should pay half my debts, now give me a drink! My throat is dry! ”

Eddy ’s smile grew as he began to prepare Johnny ’s drink.

”Business seems to be going well, ” He started the conversation.

”You know how it is; people always need someone to clean up their mess. ”

”The client this time, I heard he was quite… exotic. ”

”If by exotic, you mean a leech, yes. ”

”… ” Eddy stopped preparing the drink for a while and said:

”…Just a piece of advice from a wolf friend who has been in this life for a long time… Don ’t get involved with the leeches ’ problems. Things tend to get more complicated when they are involved. ” Soon, he went back to preparing the drink.

”Hah! When aren ’t things complicated? And you know how it is; money is money, these bastards have lived so long their pockets are full of money, and they don ’t mind throwing that money away too easy. ”

”Indeed… They really are the best customers. ”

”You seem to know this man; tell me a little about him. ”

”I ’ll continue if you pay your debt. ”

”Tsk. Take it ” He throws another amount of money.

”This should cover all my debts. ”

”…Yes, until you decide to make another mess and get in debt again. ”

”Hahaha, I never caused a fuss. ”

”… ” Eddy rolled his eyes and remained silent, then he takes a glass and puts it on the table:

”Johnny special, enjoy~. ”

Johnny ’s eyes light up when he sees the drink, then in a single sip, he drinks it all.

”Ah~, ambrosia of the gods~ ” He belched, satisfied.

”Now… Give me tequila. ”

”Yeah, Yeah ”

The man takes a whole bottle of tequila and puts it on the table, and he fills Johnny ’s glass.

And, as if it were water, Johnny drinks the whole glass again.

”Again, ” He puts the glass down on the table.

Eddy refilled the glass.

And again, Johnny drank it all.

”Again ”

This process was repeated for 20 doses; when Johnny finally felt satisfied, he asked:

”And? Tell me about Lucy. ”

”Oh, it ’s the usual, commoner Vampire with big dreams of becoming a noble Vampire. ”

”Oh, Boring~. Continue. ”

”He ’s kidnapping innocent men and women to do a ritual that will change his race, and he ’s working with a new noble Clan house that I still don ’t have information about. ”

”Vampires using human sacrifices, nothing new. Go on. ” Johnny drank another shot, and soon Eddy refilled his glass.

”Apparently, the leeches ’ political power game that has never changed for 2000 years is starting to change. ”

”Politics? Meh, boring.

”I heard your sister is in love with a newborn vampire. ”

”Pffft, ” He spat all the tequila in Eddy ’s face.

”Disgusting, ” Eddy said as he wiped his face.

”Wh-… What did you say? ”


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