Inside a coliseum, Victor and Scathach were in the center of the arena looking at each other; at some point, as Victor ran after Scathach, the red-haired woman disappeared in front of him and came back wearing a tight-fitting outfit that clung perfectly to her body.

The outfit was black with golden and red details. At first, glance it looked like a tight full-length bodysuit, but looking closer, he realized it was something like a battle suit.

To be honest with himself, Victor was having a hard time looking at Scathach; that voluptuous body was just too unfair. And, since she looked like a more mature version of Ruby, who was his wife, the temptation was much greater.

But despite being feeling it, he kept a poker face with a slight smile on his face; he didn ’t want to be rude. His mother always said not to stare at women ’s bodies too much; after all, they felt the eyes of men.

He still remembers her words, ”Look once, observe, appreciate, and commit the image to memory, don ’t be staring at the woman like a weirdo! ”

Scathach flashes a small smile when she sees Victor ’s gaze, and her smile grows even wider when he keeps a poker face and doesn ’t stare at her body like a dog in heat.

She nods contentedly; like a woman who considers herself old-fashioned, she quite appreciated Victor ’s attitude.

”First of all, we should start training your resistance to pain. ” A small ice stake appears in front of Scathach, ”Don ’t dodge. You can take it easily, right? ” She said.

Soon she throws the stake into Victor ’s heart. Realizing the stake will pierce his heart, Victor grits his teeth and doesn ’t move.

Soon the ice stake pierced his heart, and he felt pain throughout his body, he felt like screaming, but he gritted his teeth harder and resisted.

”Good~ ” Scathach complimented, ”As expected, you didn ’t disappoint me. ”

Victor takes the ice stake that pierced his heart and pulls the stake out, his body was shaking, and it was visible that he was hurting, but he didn ’t scream. Something inside him wouldn ’t allow it; he ’d rather die than demonstrate a pathetic action like screaming and acting like a little girl.

”Heh~ ”

Victor throws the stake into the ground.

Scathach nodded in satisfaction once more as she began to explain, ”The vampire is a physically weak breed compared to werewolves, but in compensation, we have regeneration that is far superior to that of wolves, and, in combat, we get hurt a lot. Because of that, we must train resistance to pain. ”

As she was satisfied with Victor ’s previous action, she demonstrated with actions what she meant.

Scathach shows her right hand, then her hand hardens and becomes sharp, she extends her left arm and suddenly cuts it!

Blood fell to the ground, and yet the smile never left Scathach ’s face, and she never stopped looking at Victor.

Her arm fell to the ground, and in less than a few seconds, her arm disappeared from the ground, and appeared in her hand again. In less than 1 second her arm has completely regenerated!

”!!! ” Victor was surprised by this demonstration, he touched his heart, and at some point, he could feel that his heart had already healed.

”See? In time you will be able to do this. ”

”Pain resistance, that ’s what we ’re going to train first. And that skill is the most important for our fighting style. ”

”Okay, ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone as he began to undress.

”Oh? Aren ’t you going to ask why we shouldn ’t train with weapons, or powers, etc.? ” She spoke of the complaints her students always made.

He stops undressing and looks at her; he replied in a neutral tone, ”You are the master here; I just have to follow what you order me to do. ”

”… ” She didn ’t expect this answer.

”And… ” He smiled a little, ”I trust you; I know you won ’t make me do something useless. After all, just like me, you want me to get stronger quickly, right? ” When he finished speaking, he started to undress again.

”!!! ” Scathach ’s smile slowly grew distorted, her eyes were glowing blood red, and her teeth changed and sharpened, and an immense pressure of murderous intent left her body.

The birds around the coliseum started to flee in fear; they feared for their life, they could feel that a predator had arrived, and this feeling was felt by all the animals that were around.

Victor ’s shadow began to shake violently, and soon the shadow seemed to leave his body and fled out of the coliseum.

”Ah~, as expected, I can ’t contain myself anymore~ ” She put both hands on her face, her cheeks turned red, and her breathing became ragged. She loved the answer he gave her!

”I don ’t want anyone in the way… ” Her killing intent grew bigger and formed a dome around the coliseum:

”For six months, I will cut this diamond any way I want. ” Somehow she felt her private parts a little wet.

”W-What is this? ” Violet fell to the ground while breathing quickly, she was very terrified.

”T-This is M-Mother… ” Ruby was leaning against the tree as she stared at the coliseum that had turned into a dome of murderous intent.

”W-What happened? Is she angry? ” Sasha asked as she held her trembling arms.

”L-let ’s step back a bit. ”

”Y-Yeah, ” Sasha nods and then leaves the coliseum area.

Seeing that Violet was unable to move, she seemed more affected since she was closer to the coliseum when the explosion of murderous intent took place.

”Sasha, ” Ruby said.

Sasha turns and looks at Violet, she bites her lip, resists her fear, and covers her body in lightning, then she appears beside Violet. ”Let ’s go. ”

”Y-Yes ” Violet didn ’t refuse, she was too numb, she had never felt this feeling before in her life; ’Was I teasing this monster all along? ’

Only now did she understand why Scathach was called the strongest female vampire in the world.

At a considerable distance from the Coliseum, the three wives were on top of a mountain.

”What in the seven hells is this? ” Sasha asked, she was looking at a black dome, she could feel all the negative feelings in that dome; instinctively, she knew that if she approached that place, she would be killed.

”That ’s my mother ’s killing intent … ” Ruby commented in disbelief, she had seen her mother ’s killing intent before, but it was nothing like what she saw now.

”Just how many beings has she killed…? Sasha can ’t help but ask, ”Just how many? How many lives do you have to take to have such frightening pressure? ”

”I don ’t know, but she participated in all the wars she found interesting. With just those wars, you can imagine the huge number of beings she killed, ” Ruby added.

Suddenly Violet ’s shadow begins to tremble, and then it leaves the ground as Kaguya coughs.

”Kaguya!? ” The three women spoke.

”What happened? ” Violet asked.

”I got kicked out; I couldn ’t stand it. I felt like I would die if I stayed in that place… I ’m sorry, Lady Violet. ”

”And Darling!? What happened to him!? ” Violet started to shake Kaguya, who was trying to recover.

”Calm down, Violet, ” Sasha spoke, she took Violet ’s hands.

Violet glared at Sasha:

”My mom won ’t kill Victor. Remember she took him to that place to train, she probably doesn ’t want to be interrupted. ” Ruby added.

”… ” Violet sighs, and she says, ”I ’m sorry, Kaguya, can you tell us what happened to make Scathach act like that? ”

”… ” Ruby and Sasha were a little surprised that Violet could listen to them so easily.

Kaguya nods, and soon she starts to explain.

Some minutes later:

”So it ’s Darling ’s fault…? ” Violet didn ’t know how to react.

”I don ’t think so, ” Ruby said; she was the one who understood a little more about Scathach.

”All her students always complained about her training; even I was like that. But Victor is different, and he seemed to be willing to accept whatever my mother threw at him; that must have been the trigger that made her act that way. ” Ruby finished the explanation.

”She was always obsessed with being stronger and training. And my husband is a lot like her. ” Sasha spoke.

Violet bites her lip, just thinking that Victor is going to be stuck with Scathach for six months; her body trembles with jealousy and rage!

”Don ’t think about it, ” Ruby warned her.

”Huh? ” Violet didn ’t understand.

”I can read your superficial thoughts, have you forgotten?… But I don ’t even need to read your thoughts to understand what ’s going through your head right now. So again, I repeat, don ’t think about it, or jealousy will consume you. ”

”My mom isn ’t interested in relationships; she ’s just excited that she ’s found a potential disciple for her to train any way she wants.

”… ” Violet bites her lip.

”…Are you 100% sure she ’s not interested in a relationship? ” Sasha asked.

”… ” Ruby was silent. Realizing that Ruby didn ’t respond, the two women became more concerned. Honestly, Ruby didn ’t know. Her mom never talked about it, and she never saw her mom get in touch with anyone either.

One time 14-year-old Ruby asked her mother that had received a marriage proposal from a Clan:

”Mother, why don ’t you get married and hook up with someone? ” She asked her mother, who was on top of the wreckage of the Clan that the man who sent her the marriage proposal was from.

Scathach exhibited a face of disgust, ”I ’m not interested in trash; these men are just unworthy of my attention. They ’re just pigs to be slaughtered by me. ” the vampire ’s entire body is covered in ice until it becomes a statue.

Ruby looked at it with cold eyes and asked, ”So which man is worthy of you? ”

”I do not know. ”

”… ” Ruby was speechless.

Scathach looked at her daughter and showed a small smile, ”But I ’ll know when I meet this man in person; my instincts are always correct. ”

”Then I ’ll wait patiently for the day I have a father, ” Ruby said coldly, but her mother could see the sarcastic tone in her daughter ’s words.

”Kakakakaka, that day will probably never come. My standards are too high and almost impossible to meet, ” She laughed, then she jumped towards the street and started walking towards her mansion.


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