”Dual cultivation? ” Victor, Violet, and Sasha were confused.

Somehow Ruby and Lacus sighed in relief when they realized they were the only ones who understood.

”Pepper! Stop talking nonsense! ” Ruby spoke.

”Awawawawa, I ’m sorry! But you blushed, and you were acting weird, I thought- ”

”Stop! Okay! We understand! ” Lacus closes Pepper ’s mouth.

”Hmmhmmmm, ” Pepper tried to say something, but only strange sounds came out of her mouth.

”Don ’t let her say anything! ” Ruby ordered.

”I know! ” Lacus spoke.

”Enough, ” Siena said, trying to bring order to the situation, she looks at her mother.

”Hmm? What is it, Siena? I was having fun~ ” Scathach said. For her, a bored person, watching her daughters play with her son-in-law was something nice.

”Mother, Why did Lady Victoria declare war? ” Siena asked in a serious tone.

”!!! ” Hearing the familiar name, Sasha reacted, ”Aunt? What is my aunt doing? ”

”Oh, she proposed a game with Clan Horseman to regain Clan Fulger ’s lost count title, ” Scathach replied.

”What!? ” Sasha was shocked, she never thought that selfish, narcissistic, proud aunt would do something like that. She ’s pretty sure her aunt isn ’t doing it to help her Clan.

”The Horseman Clan accepted? What were the bet this time? ” Siena asked.

”Horseman clan? I ’ve never heard of this Clan, ” Violet questioned.

”I want to know too, ” Victor said.

”Oh, I ’ll let you two in on the subject. ” Ruby started to explain to Violet and Victor who Clan Horseman was.

”Victoria just wants the title of vampire count, and she ’s staked all her riches. ”

”… ” Siena was speechless.

”Is she crazy!? Her equity is absurd; it ’s more than three trillion dollars counting on illegal and legal businesses; why would she give it up for just one title? ” Sasha spoke.

Pepper and Lacus, realizing that the conversation was becoming ’boring ’, decided to close their eyes and go to sleep; they were too lazy to think about it.

”You don ’t know why since you ’re just a member of the Clan, but the title of vampire Count is very important, ” Siena said, and Scathach nodded in agreement.

”What do you mean? ”

”Sorry, I can ’t say. Only the leaders of the Clan holding the title of Count can know this information. ”

Sasha frowned, then she looked to Scathach for answers.

”Don ’t look at me, Brat. ” She said and continued, ”This is something that even I can ’t talk about. ”

”Tsk, ” Sasha doesn ’t like it, she looks at Siena, ”And how do you know that? ”

”Oh, it ’s because I took on Count ’s duties in my mother ’s place. ”

”… Is this allowed? ”

”If the king approved, then yes, it ’s allowed. ” Siena smiled

”… ” Sasha frowned in annoyance when she saw Siena ’s smile; for some reason, she didn ’t like that smile.

”I see… ” Victor spoke when he finished listening to Ruby ’s entire explanation about the Clan Horseman.

”…Why didn ’t my mom tell me about this? This is an important issue. ” Violet asked herself.

”You probably left the house and didn ’t even want to talk to her, right? ” Ruby spoke.

”… ” Violet was silent, she knew Ruby was right.

”Scathach, tell me the situation of Sasha ’s family; you should know more about it, right? ” Victor said in an unnaturally serious tone.

”Oh…? What will you do if you know? ” Scathach smiled.

All the women looked at Victor, waiting for his answer; even Pepper and Lacus, who decided to sleep, were a little interested in Victor ’s answer.

”It depends on the situation, ” Victor started to speak.

”If Sasha is being ’owned ’ by someone else because of a stupid bet made by her idiot mother… ” He looks at Sasha, ”Sorry for the offense to my mother-in-law. ”

”It ’s okay. She ’s a fucking idiot; everyone knows that ”

”… ” Violet and Ruby were a little surprised to hear Sasha use such inappropriate words.

”Then? What will you do? ” Scathach looked more interested than usual.

Victor spoke in a definitive tone as if it were an absolute truth, ”Training, getting stronger, and no matter how long it takes, I will slaughter that entire Clan… Nobody touches my wives and gets away with it. ”

”… ” Scathach ’s smile grew, she seemed to like the answer.

”Victor~ ” Sasha smiled.

”Hmm, maybe I ’ll make my mom lose a bet too… ” Violet said; she got jealous.


Ruby hits Violet on the head.

”Ouch! ” Violet holds her head in pain: ”What are you doing, bitch!? ”

”Stop talking nonsense. Didn ’t you realize that when he said ’wives ’, he included us too? ”

”Oh, ” Violet opened her mouth.

”And what are you going to do if Sasha doesn ’t belong to anyone and her family just lost the count title? ” Siena asked a little curiously.

Victor looks at Siena and replies in a disinterested tone, ”I won ’t do anything. ”

”Huh? ”

”Huh? ”

Siena and Sasha spoke in unison.

”Sasha is fine, and for me, that ’s what matters. Now, if she wants to get that stupid title back, I ’ll support her, and if she wants my help, I ’ll help her, but other than that, I won ’t intervene. ” It ’s not like since she ’s lost the title of count vampire, she would be poor.

”Stupid title… ” Siena was trying not to strangle this man.

”…You believe in your wives a lot, ” Scathach said in a neutral tone.

Victor looks at Scathach and displays a gentle smile, ”If I don ’t believe my wife, who will? I always believed in them, from the beginning. ” He spoke with absolute confidence in what he was saying.

”…I see, ” She displayed a small smile on her face.

”Victor! ” Sasha suddenly hugged Victor.

”…? ” He didn ’t understand, but he didn ’t deny her embrace; feeling small tears on his shirt, he was a little shaken.

”What ’s it…? What happened? ”

”N-Nothing…- ” She spoke, sobbing a little. ”Just let me stay like this for a moment. ” She didn ’t know what she was feeling but hearing Victor ’s confident words somehow, she remembered talking to Julia; ’when did I get so emotional? I was not like that… ’

”Umu, you can hug me all you want~ ” He chuckled, then he started stroking her head.

”…Unfair…This bitch- ” Violet suddenly had her mouth covered by Ruby ’s hands.

”Read the mood, damn it! ” Ruby spoke in a low voice.

”… Hmhmmmh, ” She tried to say something, but Ruby didn ’t understand.

”Satisfied? Now. Explain it to me, ” Victor said, looking at Scathach.

”Brat, you must have more- ” Siena was going to say something, she was already annoyed to see Victor treating her mother so casually.

Victor looked at Siena as his eyes glowed pure red, ”Shut up. You are annoying. ”

”!!? ” Siena felt her body tremble, she tried to say something, but her mouth couldn ’t move, she couldn ’t move her body:

”Yes, I will be quiet, ” She spoke in a monotone.

”Good. ” He nodded with satisfaction; ’Finally, she was silent. ’ He thought.

”Oh? ” Scathach looked at it curiously, she remembers seeing it in the past.

Kaguya also remembered a similar situation that happened to her; ’That again, doesn ’t he realize what he just did? ’ She thought when she saw Siena ’s reaction.

Violet ’s violet eyes sparkled a little when she saw Siena ’s reaction, she remembers that something happened in the past with the two budding hunters.

”Big sister? Why are you standing like a robot? ” Pepper asked curiously, she pinched Siena ’s cheek, but the older sister wasn ’t moving.

Lacus, who saw everything that happened, just looked on with eyes shining with curiosity.

Scathach looks at Victor and says, ”Sasha ’s situation is exactly the second situation. ” She totally ignored her daughter ’s condition.

”Oh? ”

”The Horseman Clan requested a game with Sasha ’s mother, and the bet was the title of Count vampire. ” She explained and then added, ”The Horseman Clan was betting on something very unique… ”

”Something that even a vampire who ’s lived over 1900 years, and is bored as fuck, would be curious enough to bet the Count title for. ”

She puts on a face of disgust, ”They were betting a hybrid. ”

The whole room was silent the moment they heard what she said.

Lucy ’s Underground Base.

”It ’s a success ” Lucy smiled satisfied, he was looking at an open white coffin with the symbol of the black cross.

And on the floor were several red magic symbols; the symbols seem to have been made with blood.

”Yes, all we have to do now is fill the coffin with the blood of the innocents and noble vampires~. ”

”If everything goes as we planned, we will become noble vampires! ”

”Indeed, ” Lucy nods with satisfaction, spending almost his entire fortune to hire a corrupt witch seems to have been worth it.

”What did you do with the sacred artifact? That one spear seemed to be quite strong, ” Karen asked.

”I threw it in the trash, ” Lucy replied.

”… ” Karen was speechless, she even thought she had gone deaf for a few seconds. ”…What did you do with the sacred artifact? ” She decided to ask again.

”I threw it in the trash, ” Lucy replied.

”… ”

Lucy looked at Karen, and when he saw her expression of disbelief, he explained, ”The only ones who can use these artifacts are the hunters. If I sell them to the witches, those whores will sell information from me to the hunters, so the artifact was useless, and I threw it in the trash. ”

”…Couldn ’t you keep the artifact or something? ”

”Keep? Where? ” He asked.

”… ” Karen couldn ’t answer.

”And I ’m also not a fool who would keep a deadly weapon that I can ’t even use in my house. ” Lucy snorted.

”Because of that, I threw it in the trash. ”

”… Make sense ” Karen didn ’t find arguments to refute Lucy ’s decision, and the spear had an ancient look. In fact, the item didn ’t even have the appearance of a weapon; it looked like white wood in the shape of a spear.

”Where did you throw the spear? ”

”In Violet ’s territory. ”

”… ” Somehow Karen had a bad feeling about this.

”Couldn ’t you throw it somewhere else!? At sea or something!? ”

”The hunters would retrieve the spear if I did that; they somehow manage to track that object, you remember, right? Every time we would go somewhere, there were hunters waiting like they knew where we were going ”

”…Yes, if it weren ’t for that corrupt witch, we ’d be lost. ”

”See? As the witch ’s spell ran out, I threw the spear into Violet ’s territory. If the hunters find the spear, they will automatically link the incident to Clan Snow. ”

Karen started to think, and after a few seconds, she said:

”Hmm, I think you made a stupid decision. ”

”Huh? ”

”Did you forget they know you stole the artifact? ”

”Heh? ” Lucy opened his eyes, then he said, ”Of course I didn ’t forget! But they don ’t know who I was working for! ”

”…Is your brain melting? Hunters aren ’t dumb, they can hate vampires and blame all the shit they do to us, but that ’s just dumb. ”

”First, you stole the artifact, and they know that; everyone knows that. Second, that princess of Clan Snow has already met the hunters, and they must know she doesn ’t have the artifact. Third, did you see the Vatican incident? That was probably retaliation from that crazy bitch; some stupid hunter must have hurt her daughter. ”

”The hunters must know that the three noble clans that were in that incident are not involved in this theft. Come on, what would a count vampire who is over 1500 years old want with an artifact like that? They are basically useless to them after all like you said; only hunters can use that weapon. ”

Realizing the important points she made, Lucy said, ”A Karen with a brain… this is new. ”

”Huuh!? ” Karen ’s face distorted into anger.

”Okay, Okay, ” Lucy backed off, ”I ’m going to retrieve the spear, and I ’m going to throw it further away, okay? ” he said. He would never admit that he didn ’t think deeply about it; Lucy was so excited about his plan working that he totally forgot about that detail.

”Throw the artifact as far away as possible, preferably under the sea or something, ” Karen suggested and adds with a serious look, ”Don ’t fuck with us now. We ’re almost close to completing what we ’ve wanted for so many centuries. ”

”… Okay. ”

Lucy picks up the phone and dials a number; then he puts it in his ear:

”Johnny? I have a job for you. ”


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