My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 47: like mother like daughter. 2

Some hours later.

Violet, Sasha, and Victor separated from the group, and they started walking through the forest until they found a massive tree. Looking at the tree, they decided to sit under it.

By the time Victor sits down on the ground, Violet can ’t hold back any longer, she climbs into Victor ’s lap and bites his neck.

Feeling Violet sucking his blood, Victor began stroking her hair while keeping a gentle smile on his face.

Sasha sat on Victor ’s right side, ”As usual, she ’s in a hurry. ”

”Hahaha, if she wasn ’t like that, she wouldn ’t be my lovely Violet, ” He chuckled a little.

Violet felt her body shudder as she heard Victor ’s words. Then, slowly, she stopped sucking his blood too hard and got more comfortable in his lap.

Victor opens his mouth, and soon his teeth change; wasting no time, he bites Violet ’s collarbone.

”Ugh~ ” Violet moaned a little, but she didn ’t stop sucking Victor ’s blood, she looked very thirsty.

Sasha looks at the moon and ignores the two for now. A part of her was jealous of Violet taking the initiative in front of her, but she was used to Violet ’s attitude; because of that, she didn ’t try to think about it too much.

A few minutes later, Violet stopped biting Victor and licked the blood from her lips, her blood-red eyes slowly start to change to a violet color.

Feeling satisfied with Violet ’s blood, Victor stops biting his wife ’s collarbone, and then he looks at Violet and smiles.

Violet approaches Victor and starts licking his lips, ”My blood tastes weird. ” She grumbled.

”Really? ” Victor was curious, ”What does it taste like? ”

”… like normal blood? ”

”…. ” Victor was speechless and flashed an amused smile.

”I think vampires don ’t like to drink their own blood. ”

”Hmm~, ” Violet just closed her eyes and enjoyed Victor ’s caresses as she smiled.

Victor leans his head against Violet ’s head, ”It ’s Sasha ’s turn. ”

Violet ’s eyes began to darken, but Victor just displayed a gentle smile and kissed her mouth.

Tongues began to fight over who was victorious.

Eventually, Victor stopped kissing Violet; he caressed her face and said, ”Don ’t think nonsense, you silly. ”

Violet pouted cutely and slowly climbed out of Victor ’s lap, then sat on his left side, she holds his arm possessively and looks at Sasha while displaying a face that said ’mine ’!

Soon she rested her head on Victor ’s arm and closed her eyes.

Sasha rolled her eyes when she saw Violet ’s attitude. Victor chuckled, and, with his right hand, he patted his thigh.

Looking at his gesture, Sasha ’s face turns a little red, and slowly she crawls and sits on Victor ’s lap.

”Now that I got to see you more closely, you ’ve really gotten taller, ” Sasha commented in an attempt to avoid her embarrassment.

”Indeed. My evolution gave me a lot of things~ ” Victor laughed.

He tugs at Sasha ’s waist with his right hand, and then he feels Sasha ’s body brush against his.

He lightly caresses Sasha ’s thick thighs.

”!!! ” Sasha feels her body shudder at the sudden caresses.

”I- ” She tried to say something.

”Shhh, ” Victor puts his finger to her mouth with a silent gesture, then pulls Sasha ’s head to his chest and starts stroking her head.

”Are you okay? ” He asked in a gentle voice.

Sasha ’s body shuddered at the sudden question, but soon she took a long breath and relaxed her body, she snuggled into Victor ’s chest and spoke in a slightly tired voice, ”…Now, I am. ”

Victor exhibited a small smile, ”If you need to talk, I ’m always here to listen. ”

”… ” There was a moment of silence.

Sasha flashed a gentle little smile on her face, ”I know… And I appreciate that… But right now, I just want to be like this… ” Then, slowly, she started to close her eyes.

Victor just continued with a gentle smile on his face and, as he stroked Sasha ’s hair, he stares into the moonlight.

’I didn ’t realize it, but… ’ He thought for a moment, then spoke aloud. ”What a beautiful night… ” Slowly, he closed his eyes, ”A calm and peaceful night… ”

Victor ’s College, early afternoon.

”Tsk, ” Ruby was upset, she woke up wanting to punish a certain vampire, but when she went to college, that vampire was gone.

She looks around Corneliu ’s office and realizes that everything was untouched; it was like he was in such a hurry to get away.

”He must have gone back to Nightingale ” She spoke in a cold tone, she turns and walks towards the exit:

”Well, he can ’t run away from me. ” She flashed a cold little smile.

Director ’s office.

”What do you mean you ’re dropping out of college? It ’s just the beginning of the year; you can ’t drop out of college now! ” A blond-haired man with a big fat belly spoke.

”Headmaster, I need to get back to my country; more important things than my college are going on, ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone while crossing her legs elegantly.

”… ” The director sighed and sat down in his chair:

”An emergency… ” He puts a hand on his brow.

”Indeed. ” She nodded, ”You know where I live, right? My mother is already a very old woman, and I need to go back to take care of her. ”

”… Well, it ’s an emergency, ” The principal sighed again. It ’s a shame he ’s going to lose one of the most talented students in the college, but the student had a life of her own; he couldn ’t force anything on her.

”All right. I will provide the papers as soon as possible. ”

”…thank you, director, ” Ruby exhibited a cold little smile. Then, slowly, her eyes change to red, and she continues, ”Can you do the same procedure for the student named Victor Walker? ”

”Huh? ” The Headmaster didn ’t understand, but when he looked into Ruby ’s eyes, it was as if all his worries disappeared.

”Unfortunately, something urgent happened, and he needs to get out of college. ”

”Oh, that ’s too bad. Yes. It will be done. ” The director spoke in a robotic voice as his eyes glowed blood red.

”Good, ” Ruby smiled as she remembered something, ”You don ’t need to notify the parents of the mentioned student. ”

”Yes. I will not notify the parents of the student mentioned. ” He repeated in the same monotone.

Ruby got up from the couch and walked towards the exit.

When the door closed, Ruby walked away from the Headmaster ’s office.

The director woke up from his hypnotic state, ”Huh? What was I doing? ” He thought for a few seconds, but he couldn ’t remember; he just had the feeling that someone was in this office a few seconds ago.

Without him noticing, his eyes turned red for a few seconds, then disappeared, and, as if by magic, all his worries disappeared:

”I must go back to work. I have to provide papers for the two students who are leaving from college. ”

”Hmm, I think with that, I got rid of the loose ends left by my Darling, and by Violet…I think I ’ll go home now. ” Ruby, who was walking the halls of the college alone, spoke to herself.

”Lady Ruby, you need to go to Lady Violet ’s mansion; two hunters were abandoned in that place, ” Ruby suddenly heard Luna ’s voice.

”…Luna, you ’re back. ” She looked back and saw her personal maid.

”Yes! I needed to do something for your mom! ”

”Oh…? And what did you do for my mother? ”

”I built a coliseum! ” She spoke in a proud tone as she patted her chest.

”Did you build it? ” Ruby ’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

”…I asked the witches to build it, but everything was supervised by me! ”

’She was probably sitting while watching the witches at work, ’ Ruby thought.

Ruby sighed at Luna ’s attitude and thought of the coliseum; ’My mom is thinking about training my Darling?… I hope he doesn ’t get traumatized. ’

Ruby looks coldly at Luna, ”I haven ’t forgotten what you did; you will be punished. ”

”….!? ”

”But I was thinking of what ’s best for Lady Ruby! ”

”No excuses. ”

”I ’m going to cut your salary by 90%, ” Ruby gave her ultimatum, as expected from Ruby, a kind woman; her punishment was very light. If it were with other vampires, the employee would have already died from this ’betrayal ’.

But for Luna, this kind of punishment was just too scary. Luna ’s face darkened, ”Impossible… How am I going to buy my clothes on this small salary! ”

”… ” Ruby looked at her maid in disbelief.

”Even if I reduced your salary by 90%, you ’re still going to earn $30,000, isn ’t that enough? ”

”It is not! I spend 30,000 dollars in one night! ”

”… ”

”Your sense of money is totally broken, ” Ruby spoke flatly.

”Huh? ” Luna didn ’t understand.

”Nevermind. ” Ruby turned her face away and started walking, ”Did you bring the car? ”

”Yes! ” Luna smiled.

”Good, I was tired of walking around in this black coat. ”

”Lady Ruby must look like a suspicious person on the street, ” Luna spoke in a teasing tone.

”… ” Ruby looked at Luna again, ”Don ’t test your luck, or I ’ll cut your salary again. ”

”Please don ’t!… I ’ll be quiet. ”


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