My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 418: A Bad Foreboding

Chapter 417: Demons move

Before embarking on this mission, their Demon supervisor had warned the Demons under him of a list of beings that, if spotted, they should run as fast as possible, and the man currently in front of them was among the first names on the list.

And along with the man ’s biography was a disclaimer:

”If you see this man… Don ’t fight… Just run, and if possible let us know his location. ”

He had been ranked as one of the most dangerous beings to come into contact with.

The new Count of Vampires.

Destroyed several The Inquisition ’s bases.

Blew up a city in Hell that was under the rule of one of the 72 pillars.

Caused a genocide of more than 50% on Japan ’s Supernatural Beings.

The deeds of this man… Wrong, this monster was known to all.

He appeared not even 3 years ago, and had already caused so many disasters.

Alucard was an existence you must not provoke.

… And now, this man was in front of these little Demons.

”Tell me, what is your purpose in my city? ”

”Y-Yes! We want to kidnap the humans! ”

”Fo-Fool! You are spilling the beans! ”

”Oh? Why do you need humans? ”

”We do not know! ” He practically yelled,

”… ” The Demon next to him practically facepalmed.

”We ’re just low-class Devils, we ’re just following orders! ”

”They just divided us into several groups, and ordered us to capture as many humans as possible! ”

”That ’s all I know! ”

”I see…I see… ” Victor touched his chin as if he was thinking of something, he never once doubted the Demon ’s words.

Victor could easily tell he was telling the truth.

”…Sigh… ” The Demons around just sighed as they looked at their cowardly friend.

’At least have some balls and deny it! Why are you spilling all the beans from the start!? Sigh… ’

”!!! ” The Demons who thought that felt shivers down their spines, and when they looked up and saw Victor ’s gaze, their existences trembled.

’Nevermind, I agree with him. This monster is scary! He looks like a Demon! ’

”Hehe~, I ’ve never seen these arrogant Demons act like this before. ”

”!!? ” Surprised by the sudden voice the Demons looked towards Victor ’s torso, and saw a woman ’s head appearing, she was using the man ’s body as if it were a wall.

The moment the woman ’s face was seen by the Demons, their expression diminished even further, they recognized the woman immediately.

How could they not? She was also at the top of the danger list.

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty.

Did the Demons start to feel unlucky now, because they came across two extremely dangerous individuals?

And more importantly… Why are they together!?

’…As expected, even Alucard cannot resist the charms of the Goddess of Beauty. ’ The smartest Demon in the group thought.

”You sure are scary, Alucard. ”

”…You speak as though I am some kind of monster or something, Aphrodite. ” Victor rolled his eyes.

’You are! ’ The Demons thought, but they didn ’t dare speak aloud.

”And you are not? ” she asked with a giggle.

”Hmm… Goddess Aphrodite? ”

”Hmm? ” Aphrodite looked at the Lesser Demon who had spilled all the beans.

”May I ask you a question? ”

”… ” The Demons around just stared at him with open mouths:

’Is this Demon surprisingly brave? ’

”…Sure. ” Aphrodite was a little curious as to what this Demon was going to ask.

”Why are you with Alucard? ”

”Oh? ” Aphrodite walked beside Victor.


The Demons gulped when they looked at the Goddess of Beauty, she was really hot.

”The answer is simple, it is because he is my husband! ” She declared with a convincing face.

”…Eh? ”

’The Goddess of Beauty got married!? ’ They were extremely shocked, after all, this has never happened before.


Victor hit Aphrodite on the head as if trying to break a brick.

”Kyaaa! My Head! ”

”Stop fooling around, perverted Goddess. ”

”Mou, stop treating me like that! I am the Goddess of Beauty, you know? You need to praise me! Come on, come on, praise me like before! ”

”Bitch, are you a cow by any chance? And praise? I don ’t remember doing that! ”

”Ugh, you ’re such a Tsundere. ”

”Why aren ’t you honest? ”

”But am I honest? ” He spoke in a neutral tone.

”…Somehow, it hurts me more than before! Ouch, my heart~. ”

”Look at my face and see if I care for your heart. ”

”…. ”

What is this romantic comedy? But what the fuck? Are they really married?

The Goddess of Beauty really got married!?

Somehow, the single Demons felt like they ate dog shit seeing this sight.

”Back to the subject, where does this portal lead? ”

”Somewhere in the human world, we don ’t know the exact place. ” The Demon who spilled the beans continued.

”He ’s actually been quite cooperative… ” Aphrodite muttered.

”… ” This idiot! His partners really wanted to strangle that bastard right now.

”Oh? ”

”Isn ’t it in Hell? ”

”Hell requires a lot of energy to access. ”

”Can I enter that portal? ”

”… I don ’t know? They were made for Demons, I don ’t think a Vampire can get in? ”

”And how do humans go through then? ” Victor asked.

”That ’s why we brand them with this. ” The demon pulled a type of marker.

”Oh? ”

”By putting this on a human ’s skin, they can pass through the portal. ”

”Hmm… That ’s a bondage seal, huh? ” Aphrodite spoke as she watched the object in the Demon ’s hand.

”When trying to pass through the portal without this seal, humans turn to paste, it ’s quite a nice sight, kekeke~. ”

Hearing what he said, Victor thought, ’It doesn ’t matter if he ’s weak or not, he ’s still a Devil huh. He ’s just being cooperative because he knows me, and he knows he has no chance of winning. Because of that, he ’s dumping information in an attempt to make it out alive. ’

As he thought about it, Victor ’s smile grew a little bigger, but he quickly hid it.

”Let me get this straight, do you just capture humans, take them to this hidden place away from humans, and then go back to the city, and repeat the process? ”

”Yes, that ’s basically it. ”

”An easy job, huh? ”

”Indeed. ” The Demon nodded in agreement.

Victor and the Demon talked for a while longer, and after asking everything he was curious about, and understanding that the Lesser Demon really didn ’t know anything, he said:

”Umu, good. You can go now. ”

”Eh? ” The Demons and even Aphrodite opened their mouths in shock and looked at Victor with a strange look.

Is this the maniac who killed 50% of Japan ’s Supernatural World really letting them go? But what the fuck? Will the world end tomorrow? Will Hell be frozen over?

”What? ”

”A-Are you really letting us go? ”

”Obviously. ”

”I just stopped you guys because I was curious, and now that you ’ve answered my questions, you can go. ”

”…Oh… ”

The Demons looked at Victor with a surprised look, was this guy really a nice guy?


The portal the Demons exited through opened again, signaling that their time was up, and they needed to go back.

”In that case, we ’re going back. ”

”Seeya…- Oh, before you go, take this gift. ” Victor threw a small golden ball towards the talkative Demon.

The Demon caught the ball, his friends looked at the ball with a strange look.

”What is it? ”

”It ’s no big deal, it ’s just a treasure I found while traveling. As I have nowhere to put it, I ’m giving it to you. ”

”Ohhhh. ”

”Thank you, Alucard! ”

”You are welcome. ” Victor flashed a neutral smile.

Soon the Demons passed through the portal, and immediately the portal closed.

”… ” Victor ’s face becomes neutral.

”Aphrodite, hold me. ”

”Hmm? Okay. ” Aphrodite didn ’t argue, she just approached Victor and leaned against his chest.

Victor wrapped his arm around her waist, and his body was covered by lightning.


In the blink of an eye, he and Aphrodite appeared above the clouds.

”…why did you let them go? That ’s not like you. ” Aphrodite spoke as she looked around.

”Who said I let them go? ”

”Eh…? ” Aphrodite looked at Victor, and saw the small smile on his face, a smile like a kid who was up to something.

Aphrodite started thinking about the incident from before, and soon she understood what happened.

”You ’re really evil, Victor. ” She couldn ’t help but smile.

”Meh, they are in the wrong as they were the ones deceived. ” Victor shrugged as he looked around as if looking for something.

”Hahaha~. ” She laughed lightly.

”Found you. ”


Aphrodite leaned on Victor ’s body, and soon the two disappeared.

On the Canadian border, in a place where only nature could be seen.

Victor and Aphrodite appeared in the sky.

”…Holy fuck… ” That ’s the first thing Victor said when he arrived at the place.

”What happened? ” she asked curiously.

”…don ’t you see this? ” Victor asked as he pointed to the floor.

”Hmm? ” Aphrodite looked around and found nothing, she looked in the direction Victor was looking and saw nothing.

”…. ” Aphrodite narrowed her eyes, and used her Divine Sense.

Her pink eyes began to glow slightly, and even then, she didn ’t see anything.

”I do not see anything? ”

”Look further down, Aphrodite. ”

”Oh… ” Understanding what Victor meant, she looked towards the ground, passing easily through the ground, and Aphrodite saw a large cavern.

”A cave? ”

”…. ”

Victor was surprised, was he surprised that Aphrodite was able to see the cave?

Wrong, it was the opposite. He was surprised that she couldn ’t see what was in the cave even with her Divine Senses.

’Are my eyes stronger than her Divine Sense? Or is the place being protected by some magic? ’

Whatever it is, this is good information for Victor, whatever it is these Demons are using, they are capable of tricking a Goddess ’s senses.

And not just any weak Goddess, a Titan.

Victor narrowed his eyes when he saw the sight of a human writhing, then suddenly turning into a grotesque creature like a demon.

”Aphrodite, if Demons invaded Earth, will Angels act? ” Victor asked curiously.

”…Why this sudden question? ”

”Just answer the question. ”

She pouted when she heard Victor ’s tone:

”…they will act, the God of the Bible would not ignore this incident. ”

”I see… ”

Watching the demonic structures below, Victor couldn ’t help but shudder in disgust, it was simply revolting what was happening there, even by his standards.

’All humans are…dead. And their corpses are being used to house Demons. ’

’I don ’t see any stronger Demons, they are all minions… is this some kind of factory? ’ His eyes focused on the Demons he had talked to, and saw them bragging about the item Victor gave them.

”Tsk. ” Victor clicked his tongue.

’Useless worms. ’ A thin layer of ice began to form around the base.

”Just die. ”

Victor ’s eyes glowed slightly, and the golden ball that was in the Demon ’s hand began to glow.



The rumbling noise was heard, and soon a small pillar of explosion went up.

”W-What-. ” Aphrodite leaned on Victor, and that prevented his body from flying because of the explosion…

Who did she want to fool, she just wanted to hug him!

”Wasn ’t that a tracking tool!? ” she asked in shock.

”Yes, it was a tracking tool, and a bomb. ”

By using his blood as a conduit, Victor discovered that he could cause a ’reaction ’ in these bombs he had gained from Eleanor.

His progress in the Art of Explosions was reaching new heights.

”Even if you say it ’s a bomb… Isn ’t it very weak? ”

”I held off the effects of the bomb with a layer of ice around the cave… If it weren ’t for that, this whole place would blow up. ”

”Uhhh… In the end, what was in that cave? ”

”A Demon factory. ”

”…Huh? ”

”Demons were using dead human bodies to create more Demons. ”

”…How did I not see that!? ”

”How the fuck should I know? Aren ’t you supposed to be the oldest and most experienced person here, O ’ great Goddess of Beauty? ” Victor asked sarcastically.

”Ugh… ” Aphrodite felt attacked now.

She started to use her head and thought about this incident, and soon she remembered the one time in the past that her Divine Sense didn ’t work, and that was when she went to visit the Witch Queen ’s castle.

”Don ’t tell me…magic? ”

”Are the Witches participating in this? ”

”If there ’s profit to be made, they will participate. ”

”But that ’s on another level of problem, Witches wouldn ’t risk their connections by actively helping the Demons in whatever they were planning to do. ”

”Anyway, let ’s go back. ” Victor spoke.

”Yes. ” Aphrodite hugged Victor ’s chest again.

And then the two disappeared with a crash of lightning.

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