My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 396:Shooting himself inthe foot

Chapter 395: My Beloved Maids

After talking to Oka and ignoring Ebisu ’s presence, Victor realized that the man was innocent.

In fact, he was just a nice guy who was trying to survive at all costs, they had a little chat, and something was decided.

In exchange for ’selling ’ the Nobles to Count Alucard, Oka ’s group would act as an information agent in Japan for Clan Alucard.

As Oka has contact with a God, in this case, Ebisu, he had contact with the Divine Realm of the Shinto pantheon.

Of course, Ebisu didn ’t take this well, but it just took a bit of ’persuasion ’, i.e. the spikes that were in the sky falling down a bit, and Ebisu agreed.

Of course, Victor wasn ’t stupid enough to believe the words of a God, so he used a gold-colored contract scroll.

A contract that was used to do business and that only Witches could break, gold being one of the rarest that only master Witches or experienced Witches could break.

Victor very much doubted that Ebisu would have contact with these Witches since he was a very reclusive god.

And once signed, it became even more impossible.

After all, the contract clauses told him not to say anything about what was discussed, and the probability of him leaking this information was nil.

Victor essentially just obtained a spy in the Shinto Pantheon ’s Divine Realm and an intelligence agent in Japan.

He particularly liked Oka a bit. He was a nice guy, and he felt he could be friends with him. Because of that, Victor gave Oka his personal number; in case he needed anything, he could just call Victor.

After this whole incident, Victor returned home, told his wives what had happened, and left the interrogation of the Japanese Noble Vampires to Violet, Ruby, Jeanne, and Anna, who was especially excited about the ’torture ’.

He specifically said not to kill them, he wanted to learn about the Youki, and these Vampires were key to that.

After that, he went to bed to rest his body.

He didn ’t need physical rest, but he did need some mental rest. Creating several giant spikes while holding them in the air was a very exhausting task.

He had a bit of a migraine.

But he refused to sleep because he knew that when he did, he would visit Persephone, and he didn ’t have the patience to talk to the Goddess right now.

As he lay there, Victor heard footsteps, and then the door to his room was opened.

”Hmm? ” He opened his eyes and saw Roberta standing in his doorway with a gentle gaze.

”Master, can I stay with you? ”

Victor found this attitude strange. Roberta, no matter how bold she was, would never do it without reason, so he didn ’t refuse:

”…Sure. ”

”Mm. ”

Roberta walked to the side of the bed, sat on the bed, before lying in Victor ’s arms.

”Master, about the Gods… Are you sure you can trust him? ”

’Oh… ’ Victor now understood the problem.

Upon coming into contact with two Gods in a very short period of time, Roberta, who wasn ’t much of a fan of the Gods, was feeling irritated.

Victor pulled Roberta ’s head to his chest and spoke while stroking her long hair.

”Of course not, because of that, I used that contract, although it would have been better to have used a black contract, but I don ’t have that. ” Victor explained.

”Mm. ” Roberta snuggled closer to Victor while enjoying the caresses on her head. She always liked that about her master.

She felt that her greatest treasures, being her hair, were being carefully cared for by him.

She liked that feeling.

”…And don ’t worry about the Greeks. ”

Roberta ’s body shuddered a little, and Victor felt her hair seem to come to life and begin to move.

”I haven ’t forgotten… Those two, in particular, will be completely yours to do with as you please. ”

”… ” Roberta turned to face Victor.

And Victor saw that her red eyes were narrowed like a snake, her eyes were empty, and there was a lot of hate inside them.

Realizing what was happening, he smiled softly and spoke with a gentle and serious tone:

”I never forget my promises, even if I take time to keep them… One day, those two will be at your mercy. ”

”That was the promise I made to you… My tragic heroine, Medusa. ” He spoke as he caressed the woman ’s cheek with his hand.

The woman ’s smile grew a little, and her snake eyes became kinder, and without Victor ’s permission, she approached him and kissed his mouth.

Victor felt her tongue dance inside his mouth, and a few seconds later, she rested her face on his shoulder.

”Thank you, Honey. ” The woman ’s hair began to curl around Victor as if she wanted to feel more of the man ’s body.

”I love you. ”

”I know. ” He laughed gently.

Suddenly the door opened again.

”Ahhh, Roberta, you sneak! How could you! ” Roxanne grumbled.

Victor felt Roberta ’s hair fall on his body and stop moving, a sign that Roberta had regained control of her body which was caught by the heroic spirit within her.

Roberta looked at Roxanne, smiled, then she said:

”Come on! ”

”… ” Roxanne ’s eyes sparkled, and she jumped onto Victor ’s bed.

Then she leaned against his body.

”Pfft, you act like a child sometimes. ”

”Bleh, I ’m still a child. ” She stuck her tongue out at Victor.

”A, very, very, very old child. ”

”But still a child! I want to be pampered! ”

”Hahaha~ ” Victor laughed in amusement as he felt Roxanne hugging him.

Just as if Roxanne ’s scream was a trigger.

Bruna, Maria, Eve, and even Kaguya entered the room.

Kaguya narrowed her eyes, ”… You-. ”

With a reaction time that would shame even the Fulger Clan members, Maria created several red threads of blood and captured Kaguya.

”Hmm? ” Kaguya lost her ability to speak, and when she was going to use her power, she felt someone hugging her.

”Hey, my maid. ”

”… HMMM!? ”

”We will not let Kaguya destroy this chance! ” Maria said. She was a woman who knew how to take advantage of her opportunities.

”Indeed. ” Bruna spoke as she climbed into bed as well.

”You come too, Eve. ”

”I-… ”

[GAHHHHH, Fuck you.] Alter Eve screamed in frustration when she heard Eve ’s hesitation and ’pushed ’ Eve ’s body onto the bed. Before she knew it, she was on top of her master.

”!!!? ”

[What are you doing?]

[Shut up, and enjoy!]

”Hahaha~, ” Victor chuckled in amusement when he saw Eve ’s face as he patted Kaguya and Eve ’s heads and spoke:

”Let ’s stay like this for a while. ” He spoke as he assumed a sitting position while leaning his back against the wall.

”YES! ” Maria practically screamed as she joined the group, crawled across the bed, and got close to her master.

She untied Kaguya, who was practically paralyzed from being in this position.

Victor just laughed gently and said:

”So what happened for you guys to come here? ” He spoke while stroking the heads of Eve and Kaguya, who were the most tense.

”Well, we want to spend time with you! It ’s obvious! ” Roxanne spoke up.

”Indeed, indeed, Master never pays attention to us… ” Roberta spoke with a deep tone of sadness, showing her skills as an actress.

”Hmm, have you guys eaten yet? ” Victor asked.

”… ” Everyone ’s eyes glowed slightly blood red. Even Roxanne, who didn ’t need to feed, reacted to Victor ’s words.

Even if she didn ’t need it, she wanted it!

”Well, that answers my question. ” Victor laughed lightly:

”Come, My Maids, I will feed you today. ”

”…. ” Everyone ’s eyes shone even more intensely.

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