My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 38: Pepper is an airhead girl.

Violet ’s perspective, a few minutes before Victor woke up.

Going through the portal, Violet realized she was at her house.

Just as she was about to leave her house and look for Victor, she heard a cold voice:

”Lady Violet, you finally came home. ”

She looks at the voice and sees a maid with short white hair and blue eyes, she was the personal maid and head maid of the Snow Clan.

”Oh, it ’s you, Hilda… Anyway, I ’m leaving! ” Violet starts running towards Scathach ’s mansion, she passes by Hilda ’s side.

”Wait, ” Hilda grabbed Violet by her shirt collar.

”Ugh! ” Violet was almost hanged, then she turns to face Hilda. ”Are you going to get in my way too…? ”

Seeing Violet ’s lifeless eyes, Hilda said coldly, ”Of course not. ”

”But as a maid, I have a duty to do. ” She started walking as she dragged Violet by her shirt collar:

”And my order was that when you came home, I should take you to meet your mother. ”

”Let go of me! I don ’t want to see that old woman! I ’m going back to my Darling! ” Violet tried to free herself from Hilda ’s grip, but it was a futile attempt.

Hilda has stopped walking, she looks at Violet, her blue eyes change to blood-red, ”…You did the ritual… ”

Violet puts on a smug expression, ”Of course I did! ” But soon, her expression crumbles, ”Although there were some unforeseen events. ”

”Oh? This is something your mother should know. ” Hilda started walking again, she pulled Violet and held her like a sack of potatoes.

”Ugh…! ” Violet began to struggle, ”Let go of me! ”

Hilda ignored Violet and continued walking, ”In all the millennium I ’ve served the Snow family, I ’ve never seen anyone as reckless as you… ” Hilda puts a hand to her face as if she ’s thinking about something and keeps talking in the same cold tone, ”Coming to think about it, you have the same personality as your mother when she was younger; although you are less aggressive than her… ”

”Annoying… ” Violet muttered angrily; Violet ’s body began to become covered in fire.

”Oh? ” Hilda looks at the fire in Violet ’s body: ”Your powers have grown stronger… That ’s good news. ”

Hilda smacks Violet on the ass.


”Ugh… ”

”Don ’t be a rude child; you know the rules, right? ” She spoke in a cold tone as her eyes glowed red.

”Can ’t use powers indoors, right? ” Violet snorted and continued, ”I haven ’t forgotten! Now, let go of me! The only one who can hit my ass is my Darling! ”

Hilda sighed, ”I think it ’s because you ’re only 21 years old, and because of that, you ’re really spoiled? ” Soon she started walking.

Violet got angry again, ”I ’m already an adult by human standards! ”

”But to us, you ’re still a newborn baby… ” She looked around and even looked into her shadows, ”Where ’s Kaguya and Natalia? Shouldn ’t they be protecting you? ”

Giving up on running away, for now, Violet sighed and said, ”Kaguya is protecting my Darling, and Natalia stayed behind with Ruby and Sasha. ”

”The Fulger heiress, and the Scarlett heiress… ” She puts her hand to her chin and continues, ”I heard they were in that town too. ”

”What happened to your ’Darling ’? ” She asked in a neutral tone.

”He was kidnapped by Ruby ’s mother. ” Violet started to get angry again.

”Oh, looks like Countess Scathach took an interest in your Darling. ”

”Of course, she would be interested in him! He has great potential! ” She squealed proudly.

”Oh…? ” Hilda displayed a small smile.

Hilda enters a room, and then she puts Violet on the floor:

”Lady Agnes, Lord Adonis. I brought Lady Violet. ”

”Hmm…? Oh, good job, Hilda. ”

Violet looks at her mother, who was sitting on a sofa. She was a curvaceous woman with big H-cup breasts and skinny legs, she had pale vampire skin and golden eyes, a very unusual eye color even for vampires.

She had long white hair that reached to her waist and wore simple glasses, she was wearing black leather pants and a long black shirt.

”Are you still wearing those glasses, Mom? It ’s not like you have a vision problem, ” Violet commented.

”But I look good in glasses, right? ” Violet ’s mother, Agnes, spoke with a narcissistic smile.

”Whatever, ” Violet snorted.

”Heh, you ’re still in the same bad mood… I thought meeting your ’darling ’ would calm you down a bit. ” She sneered at the word ’darling ’.

Violet, hearing the obvious tone of contempt, didn ’t like it one bit.

Violet looks at her mom, and slowly her eyes begin to darken, ”…What did you say, bitch…? ”

Agnes ’s face distorted when she heard her daughter call her, ”Are you that attached to those cattle? ”

Violet ’s eyes changed to blood red, and she looked at her own mother like she was about to jump her neck at any moment.

”Daughter, don ’t fight with your mother in my room, okay? ” She suddenly heard a gentle voice, gentle as if blessed by heaven itself.

”Agnes, don ’t tease our daughter; she ’s different from you, ” He spoke a little coldly as his eyes glowed a little violet.

”H-Humpf, ” Agnes turned her face away.

Violet ignores her mother, then looks at the bed and sees a pale, frail-looking man with short white hair and violet eyes.

Despite looking like a frail man, he still displayed a supernatural ’beauty ’ that was far superior to any woman and man Violet had encountered. Violet thought; ’my dad is handsome, but my Darling is prettier!… But I ’m a little jealous; I wish I had inherited just a little of that supernatural beauty… ’

Violet looks at her mother ’s breast and thinks; ’I should have inherited those breasts too! Why are genes unfair!? ’

Violet was still a woman, she still had few insecurities, especially now that Ruby had become Victor ’s wife.

Adonis had a gentle expression on his face as he looked at his daughter, ”Come here, daughter, ” He called her.

Violet nodded and walked towards the bed; when she got closer to her father and saw how weak he was, she said, ”… Are you okay…? ”

Although she didn ’t show it when Scathach asked in the past, she was still worried about her father, she was closer to him than her very narcissistic mother.

He smiled gently, ”Yes, I ’m fine, I just need to drink blood, and I ’ll be brand new. ”

”Liar… ” She whispered, ”You always say that, but you never get better. ”

”Hahaha, ” He laughed in a weak voice, he slapped the bed with a gesture for her to go up, ”Come here, tell me about your ’darling ’ ”

Violet bites her lip, she wanted to talk to her father, but she wanted to find Victor first!

Seeing his daughter ’s expression, he asked, ”Hmm? Are you worried about something? ”

”I need to see my Darling! He is in danger! ”

”Oh? Tell me what happened ”

”Mm ” Violet started to explain what happened to Victor, and without realizing it, she started talking more about Victor to her father.

She climbed into bed and sat up, and soon she looked like a child who came home and told her father everything about her day.

A few minutes later, Adonis laughed with a gentle smile, ”He seems to be an interesting man; I would like to meet him in the future. ”

”I will bring him in the future so you can meet him! ” Violet asked excitedly.

Seeing how excited his daughter was, he laughed a gentle laugh and asked, ”Just out of curiosity, you didn ’t kidnap him, right? ”

Violet thought for a moment and replied:

”… Of course not. ”

”Good, good! As expected, you are very different from your mother! ” He sighed, relieved for himself and for Victor.

”Hey! Why are you so happy!? ” Agnes, who was silent, asked with a pout.

Adonis looked at Agnes and spoke in a dry tone, ”Well, the experience of being kidnapped, and raped for a whole month, can hardly be forgotten no matter how long I live. ”

”Ugh, ” She seems to have taken damage, but then she spoke angrily, ”Just forget about it! That happened 1800 years ago! I ’m not the same woman I was before! ”

He flashed a gentle smile, ”Indeed, you ’re no longer a crazy, psychopathic hedonist who did what you wanted. ”

The woman ’s face just distorts several times, listening to what her husband was saying.

He continued with the same gentle smile, ”Now you ’re just a narcissistic woman, and because of that personality, our daughter doesn ’t like to talk to you. ”

Agnes looks at Violet, ”…That ’s not true, right…? You like me, right? ”

Violet just turned her face away and ignored her mother.

Agnes looked like she could cry at any moment, but Violet and Adonis didn ’t care.

Adonis sighed and looked at Violet, and speaks with a fatherly smile:

”Even though your mother is the way she is, I ’ve learned to love her over the years. ” He said that but, inside, he was thinking; ’I was beaten by Stockholm syndrome and those breasts… Well, She ’s better than that bitch Aphrodite and Persephone… Sigh, my life is a disaster; it ’s a sin to be born beautiful… ’

Adonis was a bit narcissistic too…

”Darling… ” Agnes looked at Adonis with possessive eyes.

Seeing Agnes ’s gaze, he smiled a helpless smile; he promised never to tell anyone he liked the look his wife gave him.

Feeling a sudden pain in his chest, Adonis displays the best smile he can muster and says, ”It ’s time, huh? I think you should find your ’Darling ’. ”

Violet ’s eyes flashed with possessiveness, and then she yelled, ”DARLING! ”

Soon she ran towards the exit of the mansion.

”Pfft… ” He held back his laugh, but then he laughed gently, ”Hahaha… I think she ’s a bit like You, Agnes… ”

”Humpf, ” Agnes snorted, but Adonis could see she had a gentle smile on her face:

”I still don ’t agree with my daughter relating to cattle, ” She said grumpily.

Adonis exhibited a gentle smile and said, ”Oh…? So I am cattle too? I see… ”

Agnes ’ body shook, and she quickly said, ”N-No! You are different from those humans! ”

”Oh…? How am I different? ” he asked curiously.

Agnes ’ face glowed in possession, ”You ’re mine, Darling~, ”

”… ”

Adonis just displayed an ironic smile.


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