My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

​Chapter 366: Destiny can be unpredictable sometimes

Chapter 378: Endless Depravity.

Chapter 378: Endless Depravity.

”Darling, we need to shower. ” Sasha spoke while still lying on Victor ’s chest.

”…Yes, we must. ” Victor agreed as he smelled his own scent.

”… ” Sasha lifted her torso a little, and with that movement, Victor was able to clearly see her two white rabbits.

”…We should shower, okay? ”

”Of course… Unless you ’re planning on doing something else. ”

”… ” Sasha ’s insides twitched when she saw Victor ’s predatory smile, her eyes gleamed faintly for a few seconds, and the desire to be filled again reignited throughout her body.

… But this time, she held back.

Biting her lower lip, she spoke while patting Victor ’s chest lightly:

”Do not tease me. ”

”…I can ’t promise that. ”

Sasha pouted, it ’s not like she didn ’t like it either, but they really needed to leave now. Her husband had stuff to do.

’He has to hunt that unknown fox, and he has his subordinates-… ’

”!!! ” Her thoughts stopped abruptly when she felt a firm member sneaking into her against her rear.

”…Darling… ”

”It ’s not my fault I have such a beautiful wife… ” Victor scratched his cheek a little.

”… ” Sasha felt butterflies dancing in her stomach, and unconsciously, she couldn ’t help but lift her bottom a little and feel her husband ’s firmness with her important place.

Making small movements as if she wanted her lower lips to kiss her husband ’s member, she bit her lip a little harder, blood started to leak from her lips, and her breathing started to get a little more ragged.

Looking at Sasha ’s lips, Victor ’s eyes lit up slightly.

And with a wave of his hand, he pulled his wife on top of him as he cupped her face gently and kissed her lips.

”!!! ” Sasha melted into his kiss, and the rationality and restraint she was desperately trying to hold back were thrown out the window again.

While kissing his wife, Victor took his wife ’s cheeks with both of his hands. He pressed both of them together and then opened them a little and felt a liquid running down his younger brother, a liquid that was the mixture of his seed and Sasha ’s liquids.

He positions his member with his right hand, placing his member at the entrance, as he makes a hip movement.

”!!! ” Feeling her insides fill again, Sasha ’s desire exploded once more.

”Hmmmm~ ” Sasha ’s moan was muffled because her mouth was also busy at the moment.

Victor stops kissing Sasha and speaks in a loving tone:

”One more time, and then we stop? ”

Sasha ’s eyes shone brighter, and she started to move up and down:

”…How about three more times? ” She spoke between movements.

”I wouldn ’t deny that… ”

Soon groaning sounds were heard again in the room.

”…and they started again. ” Violet said. She could completely understand Sasha since when she had her first time with Victor, she only stopped the next day because it wasn ’t the right place, but Sasha didn ’t have to worry about that now.

”…Sasha really is that woman ’s daughter. ” Scathach laughed in amusement.

, ᴄ`ᴏ`m And soon she started looking at her nails as she made strange sounds:

”Indeed… ” Violet replied, she looked at Scathach for a few seconds, then looked at the wall as if finding something interesting.,c`o`m

”HmmmHmmmmhmm~. ” Scathach seemed to be singing some song that no one knows.

Ruby looked at her mother with mixed feelings, she was worried, a little scared, anxious…

Her feelings were in chaos, since she had never seen her mother act this way.

For God ’s sake, she ’s never seen her mother sing a song before! Okay, she ’s not singing and just making sounds, but still!

”Ugh… ”

Honestly, the way Scathach looked at her nails, the way her eyes glowed blood red from time to time like she was trying to keep her wits about her or something, the way she laughed and flashed a very different smile than usual…

Ruby was honestly really scared right now!

She can ’t help but look at Violet blaming the woman!

”…What? ” Violet looked at Ruby with an innocent look. She didn ’t understand why Ruby was looking at her with an accusing expression… Or she did and is pretending she doesn ’t know anything.

Since it ’s Violet we ’re talking about, it ’s probably the second option.

”Ugh… ” Ruby really felt like strangling Violet right now.

The sound of an open door is heard, and then two women enter:

”Hey, girl. We came back. ” Anna was heard.

”… ” Scathach, Ruby, and Violet looked at the guests and saw Jeanne and Anna, both women wearing modern casual clothes.

Which was a strange sight compared to her old dress that the two of them had before…

Jeanne was dressed in a frilly white shirt with her pale shoulders visible, jeans, and black boots.

Meanwhile, Anna was wearing only tight jeans and a black shirt with gold accents highlighting her ample breasts.

She was wearing black sneakers, which she found quite comfortable.

Along with this look, her succubus wings, horns, and tail, she gave off a very exotic image.

The moment Anna set foot in the room, she suddenly stopped.

She felt her entire body being hit by a scent she knew all too well.

’Sex, blood…a wild night… ’ Anna ’s eyes began to glisten slightly.

For someone who was thirsty for blood, and adding to the fact that their race is a Succubus, a species known to be a sex demon, who despite acting only in dreams to grant their victim ’s every wish, are also known to have a very large sexual appetite, that smell is very dangerous for Anna these days.

And Jeanne was no different. Just the scent of blood alone was enough to drive her crazy right now, pairing that with the scent of sex…something she hadn ’t known since having her son Adam.

She can ’t help but breathe the air more deeply.

”…You really came back at a bad time. ” Ruby spoke with a dark look. She knew very well what the women were thinking, and she didn ’t like it at all.

”Who are you bitches? ” A bloodthirsty explosion erupted from Violet ’s body. Unlike Victor and Scathach, Violet hadn ’t killed many people.

But her ’yandere ’ was the strongest of all.

”…Huh? ” Seeing that someone deliberately offended them both, the two woke up from their stupor.

And then they looked at Violet.

Seeing a woman wearing a black outfit with violet details. [A/N: same as cover illustration.]

The two women couldn ’t help but say.

”…Agnes? ”

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