My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 377: Sasha And Victor. 3

Chapter 376:Sasha And Victor.2

Chapter 376: Sasha and Victor. 2

After a long, exciting little morning, Victor and Sasha were now in the bathroom.

Due to the recent events they had experienced, the two felt a divine obligation that they needed to cleanse themselves.

After all, both of them… Wrong, not just the two of them, but even Scathach, Violet, and Ruby are incredibly clean beings. They like to be squeaky clean and fragrant.

You might even say that the people mentioned above have a little mania for cleanliness.

And these two were definitely smeared with each other ’s body fluids, given how intensely Sasha was…  The room may even be unusable now.

A quick renovation was needed when the walls, bed, and ceiling were completely destroyed.

As she walked hand in hand, Sasha was red-faced, a face she acquired when she felt Victor ’s gaze on her legs that were oozing liquid from her past obscenities, but that wasn ’t what she was ashamed of. She was so happy that her husband wanted her body, she was even feeling that shiver down her spine and itching in her private parts when she felt his gaze.

… She was ashamed of something else.

She was embarrassed at how easily she squirts! She even looks like a woman in heat! Wrong, it even looks like a child that wets their entire bed when they wake up!

She is incredibly embarrassed about it!

Even though her husband doesn ’t mind and even likes it, she has complicated feelings about it!

She didn ’t think her body was so perverted.

’So that ’s what my mother meant… ’ Sasha remembered as she felt Victor ’s hands all over her body, washing her.

Her mind was so confused that without fully realizing it, at some point in all the action, she was in the bathroom with her husband washing her body in a gentle yet exciting way.

Sasha can ’t help but remember a random conversation with her mother, a conversation she had while receiving her training.

”Mom, why are you so… intense? ”

”Hmm? ” Natashia looked at her daughter.

Sasha elaborated, ”I mean, it seems like at any moment you would be willing to do lewd things to my husband… ” She actually felt awkward saying that thought in a full sentence and out loud.

The Sasha of the past would actually laugh if I told her that she would get along with her mother, a mother who never had much of a presence in her life and that their relationship would progress so much that they would discuss things like this with each other. …

Although their relationship ended up developing in a strange direction because she is not just his mother now, but something close to a ’sister ’, after all, they will share the same man in the not too distant future.

…But for her own mental health, Sasha decided not to think about it too much. Strange things happen, and because of these strange and irrational things she is getting along well with her mother right now.

And she really doesn ’t want to miss it…

… Even though it is strange for a daughter to share the same husband with her mother, if her mother has a child with her husband, for example, what will she be to this child?

Will she be a sister/mother?

Or Sister/aunt?



You know what? She better not really think about it right now.

”Yes, I ’m ready to do it anywhere, anytime, any season… ”

”You have no idea how hard it is to hold back. ”

”… ” Sasha just looked at her mother with an expressionless look, but Natashia could feel that her daughter was judging her for what she said.

”Hahaha~, My Daughter, when you have your first night with your husband, you will understand. The best happiness for a woman who is madly in love with a man is to be filled completely by her beloved… And especially for us who are vampires … Our feelings react much stronger, if we are not careful, we will fall into a spider ’s web of depravity. ”,c`o`m

”M-Mother… ”

’Sasha, how innocent you were getting embarrassed by just those words… ’ Sasha couldn ’t help but think as she recalled this memory.

”…Though I really wouldn ’t mind falling into depravity for a whole year… Maybe two whole years… Hmm, I think ten years would be long enough for him to fill my entire existence with his scent… ” Natashia ’s eyes began to glow blood red as her cheeks turned a little red, and her breathing became a little ruffled.

A switch that shouldn ’t have been pressed has just been pressed!

”Wrong, I ’m an older vampire. My needs are much more intense than a younger vampire… I think 100 years is a more suitable time… ” She muttered to herself.

But Sasha, with her super hearing, could clearly hear her mother ’s voice.

”M-Mother! ” Sasha felt like she should call her mother now, or something terrible might happen. She was completely lost in her desire again.

”Y-Yes!? ”

”Wake up, please. We need to train. ”

”O-Oh… ” Hearing her daughter ’s voice, a bucket of cold water called rationality was thrown at her, and her face grew more neutral, ”You ’re right. ”


Sasha breathed a sigh of relief, and soon she went back to training listening to her mother ’s instructions.

’Come to think of it now, she was getting uncontrollable just imagining the scene I ’m going through now… She didn ’t even experience it. ’

Sasha can ’t help but be impressed by her mother ’s capacity for perversion…

As she felt her breasts and thighs being washed by Victor, she grabbed the soap and started lathering his body as well, she focused mostly on the member that was inside her until a few minutes ago.

These days, they weren ’t in a bathtub like the mansion in Scathach, which looked more like a public toilet because it was so big.

They were in a common bathroom that had a shower stall, and as they were both relatively large, with Victor being ridiculously large, the bathroom felt small.

But… That was definitely not a complaint.

As she held her husband ’s member in her hand, she couldn ’t help but think of something:

’Although the way my mother reacts to my Darling is far more intense than any husband she ’s ever had… ’ Sasha thought back a bit.

And she saw little flashes of memories of how Natashia treated her ’parents ’.

And her attitude was completely different from her current mother.

She knows that the reason for this change is also because her past personality is not the same as it is now.

As literally speaking, Natasha and Natashia were completely different people.

Natasha was a bitch, crazy, and she liked to gamble.

Natashia, the true personality, was still even crazier than her other personality and even more insane because of being the true personality.

She had the full capabilities of a countess of a clan of vampires.

, ᴄ`ᴏ`m Her reasoning went out the window again as she felt her Darling lift her thick legs a little, as he hugged her possessively, bit her neck, and the object she had been washing a few seconds ago had completely gone where it belonged. 

”Haah~! ”

Sensing her husband ’s desire for herself, her smile can ’t help but grow. She ignores the icy water falling on her long golden hair, licks Victor ’s neck, then bites him!

Another passionate session started happening again… this time in the bathroom.


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