My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 37: like mother like daughter.

At the same time in Victor ’s House:

”Here I got water, ” Sasha offered.

”T-Thanks ” Anna was still very shaken, she drank all the water in one gulp. Then, when she saw Zack walking calmly through the house, she quickly got up from the couch and grabbed him!

”Meow!? ”

She sits down on the couch again and starts stroking Zack.

”Meow~ ”

Ruby and Sasha ’s eyes sparkled for a moment when they saw Zack; they thought he looked too cute to pet.

Sasha approaches Ruby and sits beside her.

Anna looks at the two women and sighs, ”Okay, let ’s start at the beginning. ”

”Y-Yes, ” Ruby was a little nervous.

”First, did you do ’that ’? ”

”That? ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t understand.

”I mean, what husband and wife do, did you guys do it? ”

”Oh, ” Sasha exclaimed, and then she remembers the moment she sucked Victor ’s blood.

”Yes, we did, ” She smiled.

”Indeed, ” Ruby confirmed

”O-Oh, I-, I see, ” She stuttered a little and squeezed Zack a little harder without realizing it.

”M-Meow!? ”

Realizing what she was doing to Zack, she quickly stopped squeezing Zack.

Anna takes a deep breath and asks:

”Y-You said you were married to my son, right? ”

”Y-Yes, ” Both confirmed.

”V-Violet, does she know…? ” For some reason, she didn ’t stop stuttering.

”Yes, she knows… ” Ruby confirmed.

”Yes, she accepted our relationship, ” Sasha confirmed as well.

”… ”

Anna looked at the two women with a blank expression.

Both women were sweating profusely now; they were a little afraid of being rejected by Anna.

Anna sighed again, she looked tired, like she lost some kind of battle, ”How can I say…Congratulations on the wedding…? I guess… ”

”Huh…? ” Anna ’s words took time to register in Ruby and Sasha ’s brains.

”Thanks, ” Ruby smiled happily.

”Thanks, M-Mother, ” Sasha stuttered a little.

Seeing the two women ’s honest smiles, Anna looked like she ’d suffered heart damage; I think my son will die soon… he was very lucky in a short time; something is not right.

Anna ’s own thoughts were confused…

”And to imagine that my son would have three wives… ” After the initial shock, she slowly began to come back to her personality.

”In our country, this is normal, ” Ruby said.

”Oh? Which country do you live in…? ”

Ruby was taken aback by the question… Legally, she is registered as Romanian, but the country she lives in is not registered on the world map.

Sasha looks at Ruby with a talkative look, and then she continues, ”We live in a small community in Romania. ”

”Romania…? But Romania doesn ’t have polygamy. ”

Sasha was nervous, ”We live in a small community, but that ’s not a problem; we can get married in Alabama! ”

Ruby looked at Sasha like she was looking at an idiot.

”But Alabama is for incest… ” Anna said.

”…Huh? ” Sasha ’s face turned red.

Suddenly Anna ’s face darkened in horror, ”Don ’t tell me my son went after your sister, or even worse, he went after your mother!? Does he plan to make Oyakodon!? ”

”N-No! ” Sasha was more confused than she was, and her eyes began to roll.

”She meant that in our community, polygamy is allowed! ” Ruby helped Sasha.

”Oh… ” Anna ’s face cleared a little, then she sighed, ”I need to talk to my son… ”

”That ’s what we came to talk about… ” Ruby continued.

”Huh…? ” Anna looked at Ruby.

Seeing Anna ’s look, Ruby started to get nervous again; she found it very difficult to talk about it with her husband ’s mother.

”H-Eh, H-Hmm… ” Her eyes started to roll, ”Sasha, Violet, and I want Victor to find our moms to ask her to marry him! ”

”Huuh!? ”

”Huh? ”

Anna and Ruby herself didn ’t understand.

”As expected… It ’s an Oyakodon… ” Anna puts her hand to her head as if she has a bad headache; Zack takes this chance and runs away from Anna ’s lap.

”N-NO! That ’s not it! ”

Sasha takes a deep breath and says it all at a fast pace, ”She meant that Victor traveled from Violet to Romania with the intention of asking our mothers for their blessings for our marriage! ”

Sasha could embarrass most rap singers in the world with the speed she spoke those words.

”…He traveled to Romania to meet his mother-in-law… ” Anna leans back on the couch, ”My son is growing up fast, until a week ago he didn ’t even have a girlfriend… ” She looked like she reached enlightenment.

Suddenly the women hear the door open, ”Honey, I ’m home, ” Leon, Victor ’s father, spoke as he walked towards the living room.

When he arrived in the room and saw two beautiful women, he suddenly stopped in shock and looked at his wife, confused. Then, seeing the state of his wife, he was even more confused; what ’s going on here?

”H-Hello, Father-in-law, ” The two said.

”Huh…? ” He opened his mouth in shock.

Unaware of the little chaos his wives were causing with his parents, Victor was at this point meeting his mother-in-law.

”Heh, ” She smiled seductively as she crossed her legs elegantly, ”My son-in-law, were you so desperate to see me? ”

I swallow a little dryly when I look at my mother-in-law; she really knew how to tease me with just a simple gesture. When I was going to answer her question, I heard the woman next to her saying:

”S-Son-in-law? ”

Looking at her, I see a woman with long red hair and eyes as red as Scathach.

”Who are you? ” I asked.

Before the woman could say anything, I heard from Scathach, ”She is my eldest adopted daughter. ”

”Oh, cool. Anyway, ” I lost interest. I look at my mother-in-law, who was wearing clothes that seemed to be glued to her curvy body:

”Why did you kidnap me? ”

My mother-in-law ’s smile grew, she got up and walked towards me sensually; for a moment, I was mesmerized by those two mountains that looked unbearably soft. They were full, round, smooth, and perfectly shaped.

She gently touched my face and spoke with the same sensual tone as if she were seducing me:

”You said it was a shame you weren ’t strong enough to fight me, right? ”

Slowly, my smile grew, and I nodded, ”Yes. ”

”We should fix that, right? ” Her smile changed to a predator ’s smile that showed all her sharp teeth.

”Oh, indeed, ” I smile just like her.

”Oh Fuck… She found another madman, ” I heard Siena speak, but I ignored her.

Scathach ’s smile changed to a satisfied smile, she took her hand away from my face and looked at a spot, then she yelled:

”Pepper!! ”

Her voice seemed to resonate throughout the mansion.

”Yesh!! ” I heard an awkward voice answering.

Suddenly, a girl with long red hair, a curvy body, and breasts that seem to rival Scathach appeared, she was just wearing a towel around her body.

”I ’ve arrived, Mother! ” She put a hand to her head like a soldier.

”Good. ” She looked at me, and for a moment, she seemed to study my reaction. But, seeing me not reacting much, she seemed pleased with something.

”She is my youngest adopted daughter, as you may have heard, her name is Pepper. ”

”Nice to meet you! ” She flashed a goofy grin on her face

”Nice to meet you, ” I said in a neutral tone. For some reason, even though she was an attractive woman, I wasn ’t attracted to her… I felt that ’something ’ was missing in her…

”Your initial training is simple; you must identify and learn to use your powers- ”

Before she can finish, I open my hand, suddenly, a fireball appears.

”Oh…? ” She displayed a curious smile.

”Huh? ” Siena exclaimed in surprise.

”Fue? ” Pepper looked, surprised?

The fire disappeared, and soon lightning began to crackle in my hand, then the lightning disappeared, and soon a block of ice appeared in my hand.

”Even my mother ’s powers… ” Siena said, looking at me.

”Ruby married someone interesting, ” I heard someone ’s voice; I looked to Siena ’s side and saw Lacus smiling with a curious look.

I point my hand in a direction that had no one and say, ”All blood belongs to me. ”

But nothing happens…

”What are you trying to do? ” I heard Scathach asking, her voice sounding heavier than usual.

”Give me a sec. ”

What did I do? Remember the memory I got from Ruby…

I close my eyes and try again, but I can ’t… Tsk, I can ’t get the right feeling to use that power…

Suddenly, I heard a voice in my ear that shivered through my whole body:

”Victor, don ’t be in a hurry. ”

I look to the side and see Scathach ’s distorted smile, her eyes were glowing red, and she was staring at me with a possessive face.

”You have all the time in the world to get better. ” She spoke with a seductive smile.

”…You ’re right, ” Seeing that smile made my body shiver; I needed to fight her!

”Train the basics with Pepper, she may be an air-head, but she ’s strong. ”

”I will, ” I nod and pull my attention away from my mother-in-law and look at Pepper; I walk over to the woman and pick her up like a sack of potatoes.

”Kyaa!? ” She yelled in a thin voice, ”What are you doing!? ”

”You have to train me, right? I ’m kidnapping you. ”

”Great… He has the same attitude as my mom… ” Siena said, but as usual, I ignored her.

”Huh…? ” Before she can say anything, I put strength in my legs and run to an open spot that I saw with my eyes.

When Victor left, Siena asked her mother:

”Is that all right…? ”

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at her daughter

When Siena saw Scathach ’s smile, she felt her entire body tremble in fear.

”Oh~, about Pepper? It ’s all right. Victor is a good man; he won ’t do anything against Pepper. ”

”… ” Siena and Lacus opened their mouths looking like a fish who didn ’t know what to say; they were just too shocked. They had never seen their mother praise a man in their life before.

”You look happy, Mom… ” Lacus commented.

”Happy…? ” Scathach spoke, confused, then she put her hand to her face.

”…Maybe…Maybe I am. ” Her smile changed to a seductive smile. ”I have something to do; I ’ll see you guys later. ”

Scathach soon disappears.

”…I think she ’s glad she found a man with potential…? After all, she likes to fight, ” Lacus questioned.

”Is that what you think? ” Siena asked as she looked at her sister.

”Yes, ” Lacus replied, she looked at her sister, ”What do you think? ”

”I don ’t know, but she wouldn ’t react so strongly if that man just had a big ’potential ’. ”

The two sisters had many doubts in their heads, but one thing they were sure of; they were curious about the man who had piqued their mother ’s interest.


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