My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 349: The Mindset of a Wise King

Chapter 348: Ophis no longer wants to leave her father ’s side.

Looking at the weather, the two women looked at it with different reactions.

’Now that I realize, isn ’t this man divinely beautiful? What the fuck? He ’s on the same level as me! And I ’m a Succubus! Instead of being a Vampire, is he an Incubus? ’ Anna thought wryly.

’… This feeling… ’ Jeanne suspected something.

Jeanne ’s eyes glowed gold for a few seconds. She felt a stabbing pain in her body when she did, but ignored it, and soon she had her answer:

’He was blessed by a God, and cursed by another… And this is… Souls? ’ From Jeanne ’s perspective, she could see thousands of beings around Victor, each of those beings screaming as they held the man ’s body possessively:

’Thousands of souls, and he ’s not freaking out from hearing so many voices… He is indeed a Progenitor. ’

Jeanne D ’Arc, that was the name of a Saint.

A Saint who ’d achieved several feats, and caught the attention of God himself.

Even though she had become a Vampire, the spark of the woman who was called Saint of Orleans still existed.

After all, once a Saint, always a Saint.

And that power still existed within her, a power she ’d acquired from God himself.

Jeanne D ’Arc was not abandoned by God, she was abandoned by her own people. She was abandoned by Humans, and the proof of that was the power that was still in her body.

Even though she had fallen into the confines of Hell and became a Creature of The Night, the Saint of Orleans ’ light still shone within her.

Even though she became a Vampire to get revenge on the Humans who betrayed her and put her to the stake, the light of God still shone within her.

A Divine Blessing that allowed her to act as an Oracle, and that allowed her to see a person ’s real condition.

A very useful resource for anyone who wanted to become a doctor, or was involved in a war.

But just like Adonis, this very power was a contradiction to her current body; if used too much, she would be erased from existence.

She was a living contradiction who was only alive because whoever turned her into a Vampire was an experienced Progenitor Vampire.

Unlike Adonis who had Aphrodite ’s blessing, a blessing that only influenced the person ’s outward appearance,

Unlike Adonis who was cursed by Persephone, a curse that slowly attacked a person ’s existence.

Jeanne D ’Arc won a blessing worthy of a Saint.

… And even after thousands of years, she was still not exonerated by God from her position as a Saint.

And this showed that just like Humans, God also had his favorites.

”Master, the woman is moving. ”

”Umu? ” Victor looked at Kaguya who suddenly appeared.

”…Heh~, this woman really followed through with her challenge. ”

”She ’s quite persistent. ” Scathach flashed a small smile.

”Kaguya, what do you think of that woman? ” Sasha asked curiously.

”…she has a very similar attitude to my master. I would even go so far as to say that she is like a female version of him. ”

”Oh… ” Victor and Sasha reacted differently.

Victor looked interested while Sasha…

”… ” Sasha ’s lifeless eyes sent shivers down Kaguya ’s spine.

”… ” Sasha looked at Scathach.

”What? ”

Seeing the older woman ’s gaze, Sasha felt like sighing, but she knew that when the important time came, Scathach would instinctively make her move.

’It ’s one thing for me, Violet, Ruby, my Mom and Scathach, as even though we have our little problems, we know each other and we ’re mother and daughter… ’ Sasha ’s face turned a little red when she thought in that indecent way, but she was too far from the point of return.

Just remembering what she did in the bathtub with her mother and Victor along with Scathach, her face took on new levels of red.

But as if she were a bipolar woman, her face darkened and took on a lifeless tone:

’Yes, us women have no problems because we ’ve basically known each other since we were children, but an outsider? That ’s a big no. ’

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile as he patted Ophis and Nero ’s head.

To say he liked Sasha ’s attitude would be an understatement, he absolutely loved it.

After all, he was just like her too.

And despite being a little interested in this woman, it ’s still too early to say anything. She might be a battle maniac just like him,

…But she needed to have that special ’personality ’ that he liked, for him to feel interest, real interest, on another level.

Looking at Nero and Ophis, Victor thought about what had happened a few hours ago.

When Victor finished the fight, he asked the two little girls to explain what happened in those seven days, and to hear personally from the little girls what happened.

Victor made his own plans.

And all his plans revolved around one person… Wrong, his entire plan revolved around the chaos that person will cause.

Haruna, a woman Ophis called her ’mother ’.

That was also one of the reasons he hadn ’t moved yet.

’I will not hunt them one by one, I will gather them all in one place. ’ Small preparations were made, he had information that his ’guests ’ kindly gave him.

He had a list of names, all that was left now was to clean everything…

In the most painful way possible, of course.

Remembering what Scathach said when she heard what Ophis said:

”That ’s impossible, this little girl ’s mother is-… Well, this woman must be a relative of hers, something like a sister or daughter? ” She spoke kindly because Ophis was close, but Victor got the bigger picture.

Ophis ’ mother was dead, that was a fact.

Alexios himself confirmed this indirectly. After all, if the woman weren ’t dead, Vlad wouldn ’t be acting so strangely.

”…Just remember, you can ’t kill a God, Victor. ” Scathach warned him when she saw him moving.

”I know. ” Victor flashed a small smile when he heard what Scathach said. He really wasn ’t trying to kill a God, after all, pain is something much more convenient than death.

Looking at her husband ’s small smile, a smile that seemed quite threatening to some people, Sasha woke up from her threatening inner thoughts and spoke:

”Not even with my weapons, I ’m sure I couldn ’t kill a god. ” Sasha spoke up.

”So don ’t try anything stupid. ” Sasha warned him.

”Hahahaha~. ” Victor chuckled lightly as he stroked Ophis ’s head.

”…Well, shit… ” Sasha sighed. She knew her husband too well to know that when he laughed like that, something good didn ’t wait for his opponent.

”Alexios, I ’m counting on you. ”

”…Ugh, look. I ’m only doing this because it ’s my duty to ensure Ophis ’ safety until she returns to Nightingale. ”

”I know. ”

”I ’m not your subordinate, okay? ”

”I know. ” Victor replied in the same monotone.

”Don ’t misunderstand my intentions, I ’m only doing this because-. ”


Natalia hit her father on the head, and said with an irritated look:

”Stop acting like a tsundere and just do it! ”

”Ugh… Fine. ” Alexios with sheer will opened a circle and walked past him.

”I will too. ”

”Natalia, you must stay. ” Victor spoke in a surprisingly gentle tone that caught Natalia off guard.

”… Master? ”

”I still need you. ” He smiled.

’The view of that place is not suitable for her. ’ He thought to himself when he saw Natalia ’s slightly shocked face.

”Yes, Master. ”

”Kaguya. ”

”Yes? ”

”How are my Maids? ”

”…They ’re doing a good job, although some are a little too excited. ” Kaguya spoke as she thought of Roberta, Bruna, and Maria who seemed to be competing to capture the most people. They were treating it like a game.

Because of this, Eve and Kaguya, who were the most serious, had a headache.

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew: ”It ’s good that they are excited. ”

’Ugh… It ’s your fault master, you spoil your Maids too much! ’ Victor did not understand her suffering!

Victor chuckled internally when he saw the slight changes in Kaguya ’s expressions, and he spoke:

”Coordinate your movements with Natalia, you will be important. When it all starts, I don ’t want anyone running away… Use your power at full steam, don ’t hold back. ”

”… ” Kaguya ’s body trembled slightly, and when she bent down and said, ”Yes, Master. ” A big predatory smile could be seen on her face.

’Ahh~, he is indeed the best! ’

”… Master, Master. ” Roxanne nudged Victor lightly.

”Umu? ” He looked at his Maid.

”…And me? What do? ”

”….. ” To be honest, Victor had no idea of Roxanne ’s ability. He knew she was a World Tree, but hadn ’t the slightest inkling of what powers she possessed.

”What can you do? ”

”I can summon a projection of my real body here, and my darlings can do a lot of things. ” Roxanne thought as she focused her red eyes on a spot on Victor ’s body.

She was checking her master ’s internal condition.

’Good, he ’s not overloaded, his body has stabilized, and I see that his blood power has improved a lot with the addition of my body. ’ She nodded satisfied.

”Hmm… ”

”Essentially my capabilities are more aimed at defense. If my guardian were here I could somehow help better. ”

”…Big Guy…? ” Victor facepalmed.

”How could I forget about that old man. ”

”… Natalia stand by to go back and get Big Guy. ”

”Yes- ” Before Natalia could respond, Roxanne spoke:

”No need to bother, unlike other beings, my guardian is essentially a spirit, he doesn ’t really have a ’real ’ physical body, I can invite him anytime. ”

”…He ’s a spirit? ” Victor asked in shock.

”… ” Even Scathach didn ’t seem to believe what she was hearing, after all, she ’d punched that gorilla, and she clearly felt her punch connect.

”Yes. ”

”In that case, be ready to summon him at any time. ”

”Roger. ” She saluted like a soldier.

”… ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes a little when she saw Roxanne ’s attitude. This was not the attitude of a Maid, but as her Master seemed to like it, she was going to put that aside… for now.

”…Hmm… ” Sasha touched her chin, and thought, ’Ruby will want to know about this. ’

She took her phone out and sent a message.

Sasha: Haiyaaan, Ruby! I have news!

Ruby: Wut? I ’m Busy.

Sasha: Roxanne said that that Gorilla was essentially a spirit, he had no physical body! Smoked.

Sasha: I thought you might like to know.

Ruby: … ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ RLY?

Sasha: Yes!

Sasha: (~˘▾˘)~

A few minutes of silence pass, and then Sasha saw Ruby typing.

Ruby: This changes everything. ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Ruby: Thanks for the info Sasha <3. Sasha: You Welcome. Sasha: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Thinking the conversation was over Sasha was going to put her phone away, but soon she saw Ruby typing again. And soon she saw a message that turned her completely red. Ruby: As a thank you, I ’ll help set the mood when it ’s your first time. Ruby: ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Sasha: Baka… (▰˘◡˘▰) Sasha: I will count on you. Ruby: Umu! Leave it to me! Ruby-Sama will make sure your insides are blown up in unimaginable ways! Sasha: … Somehow, I ’m regretting making this decision. Sasha: (;一_一) Ruby: Don ’t overthink it… Just enjoy it when the time comes. ( ಠ‿↼ ) Sasha: And to think you would get so perverted in just a year and a half! Ruby: In my defense, I spent a year holding back all of my husband ’s impulses. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Ruby: And also, he made me train while promising Snu Snu when it was over… He ’s very evil~. Sasha ’s face was practically a different color at this point as she read Ruby ’s messages. For a moment, she even thought that this woman she was talking to wasn ’t Ruby, after all, it ’s very different from how she acts in person, but she knew that behind that cold mask, there was a very… Well, there was Ruby. Feeling her cell vibrate again, she looked at the phone ’s screen. Ruby: Trust me, you ’ll be addicted when you try it. ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°) Sasha: … (─‿‿─) Sasha: I ’ll count on you then. Sasha wasn ’t going to lie to herself and say she wasn ’t curious what Ruby was going to do. Ruby: Umu! Leave it to me, I know what I ’m doing! Sasha: Yes, Yes. Whatever… Btw, I recommend that you come back here soon, and if possible bring Violet with you. Ruby: Hmm? What happened…? And about Violet, I think it would be impossible, she is very busy with things involving her Clan. Sasha: I see… Well, a certain girl named Haruna has appeared, and she is a nine-tailed fox. Apparently, she has an attitude quite similar to my husband. Sasha: New girl. An exotic girl, and she ’s crazy… You can imagine the rest, right? Ruby: … ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) Ruby: I ’m on my way! No stupid fox will take my husband! Ruby: ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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