My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 344: Crimson Nightmare

Chapter 343: Crimson Nightmare.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

Sounds of gunshots and screams resounded from atop a building, and in the midst of those screams and gunshots was a girl with golden eyes.

Less than a few minutes had passed, and everyone could see several dead bodies near the girl.

”… Nero. ” Ophis bit her lip when she saw the girl ’s condition, parts of her clothing were torn, and claw marks could be seen on her chest, and behind her, she was bleeding but was acting like it was no problem.

Ophis was feeling quite useless now since she had tried to use her power several times, but it didn ’t work, and she only harmed herself.

And the longer she took to use her powers, the more Nero suffered.

”…no more? ” She stopped in front of Ophis again while breathing heavily.

”… ” An awkward silence fell as the lesser supernatural beings were looking at Nero with faint indications of fear running through their eyes.

They were afraid of her persistence, they had never seen anyone like that before.

Looking at her wounds, Nero clicks her tongue in annoyance. If she didn ’t have a cursed race, those little cuts would be completely regenerated by now.

’This girl… Doesn ’t she reload her gun? Is this shit infinite? ’ The Japanese Vampire thought in irritation, and with slight interest, he wanted to know what the problem was with those Deagle.

”Kuroki, you are being embarrassed. ” Nura wasted no time in making fun of the man.

”Shut up. ” Kuroki, the vampire, looked at the youkai:

”Can ’t you do something? With your technique, it should be easily resolved. ”

”…Believe me, I already tried, but this girl ’s senses are very good, and she can see through my illusions easily. ”

”Tsk, useless. ”

Nero, who was breathing heavily, looked around with a gaze glowing gold.

When she takes a step forward, some beings take a step opposite her.

She flashed a smile.

”If you don ’t see it, I-. ” Before she could finish, she quickly tried to defend herself against something but failed.

”AHHHHHHHHH! ” Nero screams in pain and watches helplessly as both of her arms are cut off.

”NERO! ”

”B-Back off! ” She spoke with difficulty as she held the pain from her body. She didn ’t even need to look at the wound to understand what kind of wound she had received.

That nagging pain as if thousands of ants were gnawing at her flesh, she knew all too well.

’Hunters… That nasty energy. ’

”August, what are you doing? ” Nura asked with visible irritation.

”Accelerating the process, you are taking too long. ” A tall man with long white hair and a face with two scars appeared behind Ophis and Nero

He was wearing a kind of priest ’s outfit that was quite easy to move around in, and in his hand, he was holding two golden swords of pure energy.

”Just as promised, you will have a part of the king ’s daughter. ” By the time he finished speaking,

In the measly time of a few seconds, Nero felt a bad feeling approaching.

”O-Ophis- ” Before she could warn Ophis, she saw Ophis ’ head separated from her body.

”… ” Ophis ’ eyes widened widely at this unexpected pain, tears fell from her face, her eyes glowed blood red, and suddenly…

”[email protected]$$%%@[email protected] ” A demonic scream of pain came from the little girl ’s mouth.

”UGH! ” All the supernaturals present put their hands to their ears as they felt their existence tremble slightly in fear at such a cry.

”F-Fast, shut her up! ” Nura called out to August, who was closer.

”GAHHHHH! ” August, who was closest, along with Nero, just screamed. Like the other supernatural beings, their senses were quite heightened, and this scream coming from very close stuns them both.

’O-Ophis… ’ Nero slowly fell into the world of unconsciousness as she looked at Ophis ’ head which was screaming in pain. She just couldn ’t stand up anymore, the only thing she regretted now was not protecting her, the daughter of her benefactor, properly.

’…At least I ’ll die trying to protect someone, not a dying death in some alley. ’ When her upper body fell to the ground, she saw something in the sky, the old white moon had disappeared, and stormy weather had formed around her in the blink of an eye. Pa nda


Coming with a crash of lightning, a tall man appeared in the midst of all the supernaturals.

Looking at the expression on the man who could freeze even the most dangerous of demons, Nero flashed a small smile.

’You took too long… Idiot. ’ She slowly closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

”AA-Alucard! ” Nura and Kuroki gulped when they saw the man standing in front of them.

’Of all vampires, that damn psychopath had to come! ’ The two of them couldn ’t move, as the blood pressure that was emanating from his body was just too frightening.

Their bodies weren ’t obeying them! They felt like the world was crashing down on top of them, and they were desperately trying to hold on to the world with their weak little shoulders.


With one step, he appears towards Ophis ’ head and gently picks up the little girl. He wasn ’t being affected by her scream.

”…I ’m sorry, my little girl… I took too long. ” His heart sank when he saw Ophis ’ state and her crying face.

”…AHHH-… ” Slowly Ophis stops screaming when she feels the man ’s embrace, ”F-Father, ii-…. ”

”Shhh… It ’s okay, I know… I know. ” Victor removes the glove from his hand, makes a small cut in his flesh with his fingernail, and gently lets his blood fall into Ophis ’ mouth.

The vampires seemed to go crazy when they smelled Victor ’s blood, but unlike Ophis, they couldn ’t move.

August, who at some point recovered from Ophis ’ scream, looked at Victor, and his face darkened.

’Fuck, he arrived too fast… I need to get out of here and meet Sylvie. ’

The moment he took a step towards running away, he fell to the ground.

”!? ” He looked confused, and it wasn ’t until seconds later that the pain came on, and he screamed as he looked down.

Half of his body had been cut off.

”…. ” He broke out in an even colder sweat when he realized he didn ’t even feel the man move.

With the help of the blood in Victor ’s body, the progenitor blood in Ophis ’ blood reacted strongly, as the little girl ’s body became pure blood and flew towards her.

And in the blink of an eye, she was whole again.

”F-Father-…I… Snifff… ” She held onto Victor ’s shirt tightly as she cried silently.

”I know… ” Victor lightly stroked Ophis ’ head as he hugged her, lifted the girl, and held her with one hand.

He walked quietly towards Nero, and seeing the girl ’s wounds, he realized something:

’She won ’t survive long. ’

Victor owed an unpayable debt to Nero, with just one look, he could understand how much pressure this little girl was under.

’For a hybrid that can ’t even use the abilities of a vampire and a werewolf, she did very well… She did very well indeed . ’ Victor bit his lip when he saw the little girl who was almost the same age as Ophis in this state.

’You won ’t die… I won ’t let you. ’ He approached Nero and bit her neck as he sucked her blood.

And the moment he sucked her blood, he felt like his whole body was rejecting that blood, but he didn ’t care.

After drinking a few doses of her blood, he saw Nero ’s recent memories, he also saw memories of when she was trapped in a stark white place looking like a laboratory, until one day an explosion happened, and she managed to escape.

With just a little bit of Nero ’s blood, Victor saw the entire existence known as Nero.

He bit his wrist and let his blood fall into the girl ’s mouth.

His eyes gleamed blood-red; ’Your soul… Your existence… It has undeniable value to me… I won ’t let you die. ’

The moment the blood fell into the girl ’s mouth, and she swallowed…


The sound of a heartbeat was heard by everyone, and soon she opened her eyes as she screamed in pain.


”Nero!? ”

”Shh, it ’s okay. I ’m just healing her, I won ’t harm her. ” Victor pats Ophis ’ back as he says this.

”…Mmm. ” Trusting her father completely, she didn ’t say anything else and just watched as the little girl who had always protected her screamed in pain.

Victor, all the time she was screaming, never stopped looking at her body. He was completely focused on eliminating the evil substances from Nero ’s body, controlling his blood in her body as if he were a surgeon… A novice surgeon.

Victor did his best to eradicate everything that was harmful to Nero.

Soul and blood are a parent ’s bargaining chip. Instinctively, Victor was demonstrating to everyone what that phrase implied.

He was changing Nero ’s entire existence in front of everyone.

”Cough. ” Nero stopped screaming and coughed violently on the floor, and everyone could see a kind of black and green liquid mixed on the floor.


She threw up a lot of this liquid on the floor.

At some point, both her arms and eyes were healed.

When Nero stopped vomiting, everything she was doing felt different, she felt much better…

She gets up from the floor and looks at the liquid with disgust. She knew what it was, it was all the products those wretches had put in her body.

Feeling sick from the sight, she suddenly felt someone stroking her head.

”… What did you do to me? ” she asked as she looked at the tall man.

”I made you better than you were before. ” He responded with a gentle smile as he continued to stroke the girl ’s head.

”…what is that supposed to mean? ” she asked as she got comfortable with Victor ’s caresses.

”You ’ll find out soon enough. ” He chuckled as he looked into the little girl ’s newly acquired red eyes.

Two portals appear in the sky, and from one, a golden-haired man appears, and in the other portal, a blonde woman accompanied by several women appears.

”What terrible pressure… ” The woman with long black hair that had wings and a demon tail spoke up.

”It ’s like I ’m on the slaughtering ground again… ” The long blonde-haired woman spoke as they both looked curiously at the ground.

”Well, that ’s a rare sight, multiple enemy races coming together for just one little girl. ”

”….. ” An even worse silence descended on everyone.

They completely ignored the two women. Instead, their eyes were on two red-haired women specifically speaking…

The older woman, wearing the red armor she always wore and holding a spear.

Scathach Scarlett.

If things were fucked up before, now the situation was completely fucked up.

”Father, it took you a while to find her. ” Natalia complained:

”Where is your dignity as the vampire king ’s right hand? ”

”… ” Alexios in a cold sweat when he saw his daughter ’s gaze, ”Well… Earth is big… I was in Russia when I heard about what happened here from some allied witches. ”

”Witches are never to be trusted. ” Jeanne and Anna spoke at the same time.

”I know… ” Alexios replied in a restrained way to the two women. He didn ’t know what to call them, considering they were his master ’s ex-wives.

He looked at Victor, and seeing Ophis holding the man tightly, he sighed inwardly as he realized that perhaps the father image Vlad had was completely destroyed by Victor with this incident.

’Well, fuck it. That ’s not my fucking problem. ’ Alexios ignored the problem.

”Victor, they… ” Hearing Nero ’s voice, everyone fell silent and turned their attention to the little girl.

”I know. ” He laughed gently.

He stops stroking Nero ’s head, and looks up at the sky, specifically at Scathach, Ruby, and Sasha, his eyes not even registering the presence of Jeanne and Anna.

Ruby, Sasha, and Scathach, feeling Victor ’s gaze, instinctively knew he was calling them. They disappeared from the sky and appeared in front of Victor.

”Take care of them. ” Victor tried to give Ophis to Sasha.

But the little girl held his shirt tightly.

”…Father… ”

”…. ” The girls had their hearts sinking when they saw Ophis ’ tearful face.

”I ’m not going anywhere… ” He chuckled gently as he stroked Ophis ’ head.

”Your father only has to punish a few beings… Thousands of them… ”

”…promise? ”

”Yeah, just hang out with them for a while, okay? ”

Ophis made a complicated expression, she didn ’t want to be separated from Victor, but when she turned to Ruby and Sasha, she understood that she was no longer in danger:

”…Mmm. ”

”Good Girl. ” Victor hands Ophis to Sasha.

Ruby lightly touches Nero ’s shoulder:

”Nice to meet you in person, Nero. ”

”I ’m Ruby Scarlett. ”

”… His wife? ”

”One of them. ” She laughed in amusement when she said that.

”…. ” Nero didn ’t know what to do when she heard this joke that wasn ’t funny.

”…Stay with me for a few minutes, okay? ” She spoke while looking into Nero ’s red eyes.

”Okay… ” Nero spoke as she looked at Ophis, who was in the hand of a blonde woman.

’She ’s fine now, huh. ’ She breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

Ruby and Sasha disappear along with Nero and Ophis and appear in the sky next to the other girls.

They were floating, a demonstration that they never stopped their training. Now she could even use that basic vampire skill.

Something that, for the age of only 21 and 22, was absurd.

Ruby was holding Nero by the arm, much to the girl ’s misfortune, but she didn ’t have much to do now.

She just felt frustrated because she was being bullied by those giant boobs.

’Ugh. ’ She gave up trying to resist.

”…What do you plan to do, Victor? ” Scathach asked just out of courtesy.

”Hunting and Destroying. ” The magic circle in Victor ’s hand began to glow fiercely.

He spits on the ground, and the same liquid that came out of Nero ’s body came out of his body.

”Hunting who? ” Scathach ’s smile grew.

”Everyone. ” Victor ’s entire face began to unravel as if his skin was peeling, and soon only a kind of darkness that showed his sharp teeth and blood-red eyes was visible.

”Witches, youkai, demons, werewolves, hunters, vampires. ” Victor takes a step forward as the sounds of chains are heard by everyone, the sounds of chains breaking.

”… That ’s right. It can ’t end like this. Everyone will pay for what happened tonight. ”

Scathach ’s smile was sincerely making the people around them more uncomfortable, especially Jeanne and Anna, who saw Scathach look at the man with looks that only a woman with immense feelings would give to a man.

This was not the look of a master looking at her disciple!

’It can ’t be… That woman… ’ The two were speechless and couldn ’t believe what they were seeing.

’Level 2 ’ Lowering his powers ’ restriction level by one more level.

Victor finally stops holding back his mood, and…


Even more bloodthirsty pressure shot out of Victor ’s body and exploded around him.

”!!! ”

For a few seconds, everyone, including Scathach, could see themselves in a great red sea of ​​blood and bodies,

and they saw a man sitting on top of what looked like an island full of bodies of dead people.

”Everyone responsible for this incident…Everyone who thought they could profit from this incident…Everyone who had the balls to target my daughter. ” With each sentence that his demonic voice uttered, the beings present felt heavier and heavier, as if they were being drowned in that sea of ​​blood.

A large red wing of a pure-red bat shot out behind Victor.


An Odachi fell from the sky beside Victor.

Victor takes the Odachi in his hand, and the entire sword is covered in the power of blood, and the feeling that the Odachi gave was quite ominous.

”Everyone will die. ”

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