My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 343: Crimson Nightmare

Chapter 342: She is not a disease.

”…A Nurarihyon, huh? ” Nero spoke when she saw a small creature that had a big head.

”For a foreigner, you sure know a lot about Yōkai. ”

”I have to know all I can about what kind of hole I call home. ” Nero spoke in disdain.

”That ’s a good mindset. ” The creature nodded in agreement.

For a Supernatural Being, caution never hurt anyone.

”Now, what are you going to do? ” He asked in a bored voice. He knew she wouldn ’t give up; after all, those weren ’t the eyes of someone who would give up.

”Kill you, and move on. ”

”That is impossible. ” He made a gesture with his hand, and as if an illusion was breaking around them, several beings started to appear.

Werewolves, Vampires, and all sorts of strange creatures in various forms that are Yōkai.

”Kekeke, Nura, your power is useful as always. ” A spider Youkai spoke.

”Master sent for them… ” A Vampire spoke with empty eyes.

”… ” A Werewolf looked at Nero silently, he clicked the button in his pocket, and a signal was sent to his pack and the Hunters.

”…This is a rare sight, I never thought I would see these groups together. ”

”We have taken a temporary break from our conflict. After all, our time is running out. ” He tried to hide it, but Nero could see he was in a hurry.

Nero looked around, and she couldn ’t help but vent some of her frustrations:

”Tsk, all this because of a Count ’s daughter. ”

”…Huh? ”

A silence fell around, even the bloodthirsty Yōkai stopped at such nonsense.

”…Don ’t tell me you don ’t know who she is? ” Nura asked.

”Of course I know who she is. ” Nero spoke in a convincing tone.

”…. ”

”Pfft… HAHAHAHA~. ” The creature laughed very loudly, he seemed to find something amusing.


Nero took advantage of him letting his guard down and shot the creature in the head, but the bullet just passed through the creature as if it didn ’t exist.

”Tsk, that annoying skill of yours. ” She muttered in annoyance, and then she spoke in a low voice:

”Fox, your skill? ”

”…I still can ’t, but I can try… ” When Ophis started using her ability, blood began to flow from her eyes and nose.

”Little girl, you better stop using that skill, or you ’ll die, you don ’t have Yōuki-. ” Nura appeared near Ophis.


The bullet passed through the creature ’s body, and it disappeared again.

”Tsk. ”

Ophis stopped using her ability and wiped her blood on her clothes. Little tears threatened to fall from her face, but she did her best not to cry. She had never felt pain like this before in her life.

”That smell… That smell… As expected. ” A man ’s voice resounded on the spot, and soon he appeared in close proximity to the creature.

”What are you waiting for? Get them! Everyone will have their share! ” A man of average height wearing a suit suddenly appeared and ordered, he was quite impatient.


The first to attack were the beast Yōkai, but they quickly got their heads pierced by a bullet.

”Moron. ”

Next up was the one man who was partially transformed, he was a Werewolf.

”You will come back to us, little mouse! ”

”!!! ” Nero opened her eyes wide when she heard that word, and soon memories she didn ’t want to remember popped into her head, and those memories filled her with rage.

”That is not my name! ”


The man defended with his hand: ”Ordinary bullets will not pass through my skin-. ” but soon he started screaming.

”AHHHHHHHHGGGGG. ” He looked at his arm, and saw that his arm began to convulse and melt.

’Wolfsbane… ’

Realizing what it was, he quickly cut the arm off.

”…Where did you get it-. ” He stopped talking when he felt a weight on his shoulders, and the feel of the barrel of the gun at the back of his head.

”Ask your bitch of a mother in hell, she must know. I sent her there after all. ”


A bullet went through the Wolf ’s head, and just like the previous soldiers, pieces of the brain were thrown around.

A silence fell around, Nero turned and looked at the other beings with her eyes glowing gold.

”Next. ”

”…. ” Everyone was choking for a few seconds when they felt the girl ’s pressure, this was not something a girl her age should have!

”Kill her! ” The Vampire ordered.


Back to Victor.

3 hours passed.

Victor, who had just scanned all of North America, decided he was going to Europe next when he suddenly felt his phone ring.

Picking up the phone.

He saw Ruby ’s name, and answered the phone:

”Darling! Go to Japan now! ”

”Okay. ” Victor didn ’t question his wife.

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor created an ice shelf in the air and kicked against it to launch himself.


Several sounds of air cracking were heard, and soon Victor disappeared, and no sound was heard, just the noise of lightning that the clouds were making.

”Are you sure she ’s in Japan? ” Sasha asked.

”Yes, my spies at the Inquistion informed me of this, and my Witches confirmed it. ” Ruby took a hand-drawn photo for the group.

”What is that? ” Violet questions.

”That ’s Ophis, and a girl named Nero. ” Ruby responds.

”… Nero… That little girl that Victor helped in greece? ” Violet asked. She had heard everything that Victor went through in those 1 year and 6 months that he was away, and during the events that provoked a friction with the Demons of Belial , Nero was at the center of it all.

”Yes, and she ’s also a natural hybrid. ”

”… ” Hilda ’s eyes fluttered a little when she heard about a hybrid.

”Are you okay with contacting a hybrid? ”

”…Don ’t treat her like a disease. ” Ruby looked at Hilda with her eyes glowing blood red:

”She does not deserve it. ” Ruby had never personally contacted Nero, but from what she ’d heard from Victor, Nero ’s circumstances hit her heart deeply. A child shouldn ’t suffer this just because she was born in a… special way.

”That was not my intention. ” Hilda spoke in a neutral tone.

”It ’s just that hybrids-. ” She tried to continue but she was interrupted by Ruby, saying:

”The child born of a Noble Vampire and a Werewolf is not a danger to Vampire Society as these idiotic myths say… She is just a child who has faulty genes.

”… ”

”I can spend hours here explaining to you about the genetic problems caused by two completely different races that decided to breed. ”

”Infertility, anemia, short life expectancy, body weakness, blood problems, brain disorders that if left untreated can cause Alzheimer ’s… This is just one of the examples. ”

”The same kind of problems can be found in animals that have bred with members that don ’t have the same gene base as their own breed. ”

The reason that all of humanity could breed with each other despite having different ethnicities was all because its base was still ’human ’, the core genetic code of this being ’s existence was still human.

And that didn ’t apply to Vampires and Werewolves.

The core genetic code of Noble Vampires was totally different from a Werewolf. They are two completely different species.

Even a Vampire Slave is not equal to a Vampire Noble. They may be similar but they are not.

Vampires Noble are a fully fledged species, they can procreate and have children, but a Slave Vampire cannot do that.

After all, they ’re dead, they ’re just a Ghoul with better control.

A Noble Vampire ’s bite does not change a being ’s core genetic code, only one creature in every supernatural race could rewrite an individual ’s genetic code.

And those creatures are the Progenitors.

Blood and Souls are the Progenitors ’ currency. This phrase implied what kind of being a Progenitor is.

When a Progenitor decides to turn someone into a Vampire, no matter what humanoid species you are, your genetic code will be rewritten to 99.99% in likeness of Noble Vampires, and all that will be left will be just 00.01% of the genes of the previous race that the humanoid was.

And this 00.01% stored the external appearance of the being, and what kind of being it was in the past. It is a trace in the genetic code that cannot be erased even by the Progenitor itself.

Ruby believed that Progenitors aren ’t limited to physical beings either. She hypothosised this because she knew there were stories that Sasha ’s grandmother was a lightning spirit.

’It ’s not just the blood, but the soul too… ’

Not to mention the fact that her husband had abilities that affected a being ’s soul.

’My husband ’s bite can change everything in a living being. ’ ’

’…But I don ’t have enough evidence to come to a conclusion. ’ She thought to herself. Victor ’s newfound power… It ’s like she said; it ’s too soon, she needed more data.

… But even with only what she ’d learned from studying her husband, and the Maids he ’d raised, Ruby felt the true terror of the existences known as a Progenitors.

After all, if a Progenitor was thrown onto a planet that had no supernatural beings and that planet ’s race was humanoid, it was only a matter of time before the Progenitor ruled over that world.

’Oh… I rambled on too much… ’


When a Noble Vampire has a child with a Werewolf, it ’s the same thing as if a dog tried to have a child with a cat, the genetic basis is completely different, and when the product of these two races are born, they are born with various genetic problems.

And because these genes are unstable, which is dangerous, they are basically a new species, and when that new species comes in contact with bacteria and germs from the outside world, their body reacts differently than their mother and father species.

This is also one of the reasons why the blood of natural hybrids was quite lethal if administered correctly.

”… ” Ruby sighed inwardly as all these thoughts popped into her head. She was going to try to explain the result of her experiments and discoveries to Hilda, but…

”I could explain everything to you, I could detail every study I ’ve done, but you ’d never understand. After all, you can ’t convince someone who is stuck in their bigoted mindset and refuses to listen. ”

Yes, not worth it.

In the measly two seconds every thought popped into her head, it only took half that time for her to decide it wasn ’t worth it.


She immediately erased that thought from her head.

”…Are you calling me stupid? ” Hilda narrowed her eyes dangerously.

”I didn ’t say that, I said you ’re a bigoted old woman. ” She reiterated herself.

”…. ” Veins bulged in Hilda ’s head.

Hot air started to leave Hilda ’s body, and cold air started to leave Ruby ’s body, they seemed to be about ready to clash at any moment.

”Okay, that ’s enough. This is no time to fight between us. ” Violet tapped the table as she spoke.

”…I ’ve never seen you so defensive about something, Ruby. ” Sasha spoke up.

”I just don ’t like this mentality of accepting everything without any evidence. It ’s because of thoughts like hers that kids like Nero suffer through what they do. ” She turned her face away, she would never admit that she didn ’t like what Hilda said.

And Sasha and Violet knew it.

’It seems that she has a special affection for this girl called Nero. ’ Violet thought.

”She ’s no monster, she ’s just a kid who needs help. ” Ruby removed her hair clip, and tossed her hair back while walking towards the exit:

’I hope that this time, she will come with us. My Darling said he ’d invited her to live with us, but she refused… Which is not surprising, she will hardly ever be able to trust a person 100% in her life again. ’

”Where are you going? ” Violet asked curiously.

”Our husband is going to Japan, and Ophis or Nero could be hurt. If that happens, just like my mother ’s case, a country will disappear from the map. ”

”…But unlike that time, there are gods in that country. ” Sasha ’s face darkened as she remembered that detail.

”Correct. My husband may be powerful, but not even he can fight over 1 million Gods alone. ” Ruby took her phone and opened her contact list: ”So I ’ll call for backup, just in case he needs it. ”

Due to Victor ’s new temper, she had some doubts as to what kind of action would proceed, but she had enough confidence in her understanding of Victor…. She trusted her instincts on what she believed the course of action the man who lived by the phrase:

”Eye For An Eye. Tooth For A Tooth. Blood for Blood ” would be.

’No matter how much he changes, he ’s still Victor. He ’ll still get angry when he sees someone close to him hurt. He ’ll return the favour a hundred times over to everyone responsible, and that trigger alone is enough to cause catastrophes. ’

”Daughter? ”

”…. ” The faces of everyone in the room darkened when they heard the woman ’s voice, not just Victor, but Scathach too?

”Mother, we have a problem. ”

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