My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 336: Ophis meets astrange girl

Chapter 335: Ophis…? Ophis! OPHIS!

After the death of his son and wives, followed by the events of Jeanne and Anna ’s ’divorce ’, Vlad isolated himself even more.

And now, he didn ’t even talk to his kids properly since, despite not showing much emotion, these events impacted him…

Not as much as the death of his beloved wife, but they still impacted him. He felt that he had lost some rare treasures from his warehouse, but at the same time, he had an emotional attachment to those treasures.

That was the best way he could explain how he was feeling in the face of this rather…

Uncomfortable situation.

Vlad tasked his faithful subordinate with recounting the events to his remaining sons.

Alexios did as he was told and informed them of everything that happened and why Vlad killed his wives and Theo.

The second prince Luke and the third prince Saul were devastated by the deaths of their respective mothers and brother.

The blow was more intense for the second prince Lucas who was quite close to his brother. They had a love-hate relationship, but for someone who had grown used to someone ’s presence for thousands of years, seeing that presence disappear is very…


He was also afraid that he would be next on the list. After all, he was plotting together with Theo to overthrow his father.

And seeing that the father himself had no remorse for killing his eldest son, Lucas was even more afraid.

Because of this, he completely isolated himself as well and stopped any activities related to his father.

He didn ’t want to become part of the millennial monster ’s collection.

On the other hand, Saulo was sadder about the death of his mother since, even if she had betrayed his father, she didn ’t deserve to die. After all, this betrayal resulted from the actions of his own father.

But he kept the grievances he had about the matter inside himself for fear that his father would kill him too.

In hindsight, Adam, the four prince and son of Jeanne, was sad, but it was only his mother ’s escape. He wanted to go with her.

If you ’re going to ask Adam which person he loves the most, he ’ll always answer his mother.

But like every vampire and child… He seeks his father ’s attention, his father ’s approval, and the king ’s respect.

… But nothing beats a mother ’s love, and Jeanne, when she was still healthy, was always there for Adam.

Adam, in the past, was quite sad when his mother fell into a coma due to not having enough blood.

Despite not being as attentive to detail as his now dead older brother, he knew how broken his family was, and the only person he had any sort of emotional connection to is his mother, who fled Vlad ’s castle.

Adam wanted to look for his mother, but his father ’s last order as he secluded himself in the throne room was for all of his children not to leave the house.

Vlad was trying to clean up the mess this incident caused.

All of his forces were active to prevent any rumors about the deaths of his wives and children from being leaked.

He was completely abusing his powers from his vampire charm, he ’d practically brainwashed all the normal royal guard staff and faithful servants who roamed the castle.

Virtually all vampires except his children were Charmed by Vlad.

’…I ’ve practically given up on making him take a vacation now. ’ Alexios thought to himself as he sighed inwardly.

After this incident, the man known as Vlad became much more closed off than before, he became an emotionless shell with a lifeless gaze.

Alexios honestly couldn ’t tell whether he was talking to a dead body or a man.

To society at large, Vlad is a powerful monster, this is a fact that everyone knows.

But few know that this monster is completely fucked up in the head.

Living 5000 years is tiring for any mind.

Although a progenitor vampire and a noble vampire have a high tolerance for these kinds of problems, they are still not immune.

Especially so for Vlad, a vampire who had completely stopped looking for a hobby or trying to find something to do.

The boredom, the loss of the woman he loved most, that gave him the youngest daughter he named Ophis, and the betrayal of his family members.

All this came together with time and made the man more lifeless than before.

Now… He only had one goal.

Make vampires thrive in this new world.

That was his plan since he came to this world, he wanted to create a place for the vampire race, and in a way, he succeeded.

Alexios looked at the paper in his hand, this paper was a war plan.

’The king is moving… Vlad Dracul Tepes, the king of all vampires, is moving… God have mercy on the souls that will be lost by this conflict. ’

”Alexios, as of today, you are free from your duties as a counselor. ” Vlad, who had a report in hand at some point, spoke up.

”…Eh? ”

”I want your full attention in the search for my daughter. ”

”Your eyes couldn ’t find her? ”

”The entire Nightingale has been searched, all the count ’s territories have been searched… My daughter is not in Nightingale. ”

”… ” Alexios looks seriously at Vlad.

”The human world. ”

”Yes, I want you to go back to Earth and use all your powers to bring my daughter back. I don ’t care how many enemies you make, I want my daughter saved. ”

Vlad looked serious, with his eyes glowing blood red.

And for the first time since this entire incident happened, Alexios saw some trace of emotion in Vlad ’s eyes.

Anger, worry, and… Fear.

”I ’m counting on you, my friend. ”

”!!! ” Alexios opened his eyes wide when he heard the way the man called him.

”Yes, my master. I will not disappoint you. ” He spoke in a voice that held deep respect.

Alexios turns and snaps his finger, then a portal appears in front of him.

Vlad rises from his throne and appears on top of his castle. Then, with a little jump, he appears on top of the clouds and looks towards a place, specifically speaking, he looks towards Clan Adrasteia.

As if it were the vision of a hawk, his eyes sharpen as if they were zooming, as his vision easily surpasses the Clan Adrasteia territory and reaches the unexplored forests, places that contained great dangers and where several beasts of unimaginable powers lived.

Before his vision went any further, he felt his senses being picked up by a creature over 10 meters tall.


Vlad ’s smile grew wider as he heard the unfamiliar language, and soon his vision was cut off.

’It ’s good to see that you are firm and strong… ’

The chains of the monster known as Vlad have been loosened, and now… He wants blood.

But even for Vlad to face these beings head on is stupid, so it ’s time he uses all the plans he ’s been accumulating over millennia.

Vlad looks away and looks at his realm, several thoughts running through his head, thoughts that only he knew.

Elizabeth ’s Personal Room.

”You need to calm down, sis. ” Lilith, the daughter of Anna, commented in a calm tone.

”How can I calm down!? My little sister has been missing for a week! ONE WEEK! ” She practically screamed.

”And to make matters worse, our mother woke up from her coma and divorced my… ” Elizabeth was silent at the end, she didn ’t know what to call that man.

Is he her father?


Is he her king?

Like all children, she sought her father ’s attention and approval, but the man didn ’t do a good job of expressing it, and in the end… She was just confused by it all.

But her main priority now was Ophis.

Ophis is a child, but, despite being a child, she is beautiful enough to be considered one of the flowers of the vampire world.

Vampires whose beauty surpasses any mortal.

And the girl is very clueless and can be fooled easily.

If it weren ’t for her father saying he has forces looking for his daughter, and if it weren ’t for her father ’s ban on leaving the capital, she would already be on the street looking for the little girl.

”Fuck! ” She stomped on the floor, annoyed, as she bit her nails and started to think:

’At first, when she left after getting Vlad ’s permission to visit Victor, she thought the little girl was with the man, but no! When she contacted Scathach ’s mansion, she found that Ophis was not there! ’

Lilith was worried about her younger sister too, but unlike Elizabeth, she trusted her father enough that Ophis wouldn ’t be in danger.

She knows that of all that man ’s children, Ophis is the one he values most, both for being the daughter of his lover and as much for being a baby vampire.

Her father may have a lot of problems, but the love for his daughter is real…

It ’s so real that sometimes Lilith herself feels a little jealous.

Of course, she understands that her father likes his children in his own way, but unlike all of his children…

Her father shows the most ’reactions ’ to Ophis.

”… ” Lilith shook her head several times, she wanted to get this petty jealousy out of her head.

Lilith was more interested in something…

Her mother woke up!

This is a joyous occasion, she really wanted to follow her mother wherever she went, but her father forbade it.

’Will she teach me about demonic powers this time? ’

She didn ’t want to say it out loud, but she really missed her mother. Even though she was a crazy bitch, she was very kind to Lilith and Elizabeth herself.

She was always there when her daughters needed their mother.

Unlike Anna, who was a demon who acquired vampire traits…

Lilith is a complete vampire.

Not even the bloodline of the powerful mother of demons can resist Vlad ’s gene fusion with Anna.

If it was any other bloodline, Lilith should have been born a full demon, but the parent vampire blood is just too greedy, arrogant, and strong.

He completely devoured the blood of the demons, and his daughter was born a full vampire… With one difference, of course.

Lilith was born with the ability to use miasma, the energy of demons, but this is a dangerous energy and quite lethal to beings other than demons. Because of that, she always wanted her mother to teach her how to control this power.

She didn ’t want to use that power and hurt her family by accident or, in the worst case, hurt herself.

But her mother always said she wasn ’t ready yet.

”Come on… Come on… Answer the fucking phone… ”

”…? ” Lilith looks at her sister and sees the woman with the phone to her ear.

”Who are you calling? ”

”Violet. ”

”…Huh? ” Lilith was speechless and even thought that she heard wrong.

’She must be very worried to even consider calling Violet. ’

When the phone connects, the two hear Violet ’s voice:

”Wassup, Bitch. ”

”… ” A vein pops in Elizabeth ’s head.

”Violet, I want your husband ’s number, give it to me! ” She quickly said what she wanted.

”… ” Lilith facepalmed.

”… Excuse me? ” Violet ’s voice sent little shivers through Elizabeth ’s body.

”Sis, take a deep breath, and explain what ’s going on. ” Lilith advised her sister.

”…Arrrhhhh… ” Elizabeth let the air out of her chest and took several breaths.

Getting a little calmer, she said:

”My sister is still missing. I need to talk to Victor, he can use Natalia to help look for her. ”

”…You know Natalia is my maid, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”Why do you need to talk to him then? ”

”Have I not already told you? ”

”…Sigh. ” Violet sighed audibly and spoke:

”Listen here, bitch. ”

”First, you won ’t have my husband ’s number. ” Violet couldn ’t risk any more women getting close to her husband, especially someone like Elizabeth.

”Second, you don ’t have to worry about your sister. Knowing how your dad spoils you guys so much, he must be doing something about it. ”

”Third, I will inform my husband about Ophis ’ disappearance, so you don ’t disturb him, considering he is on an important trip. ”

”… ” Lilith opened her eyes in shock.

’Did Violet eat something spoiled? Why is she acting more controlled? Eh? Is someone pretending to be Violet? ’ Lilith couldn ’t believe what she was hearing.

”Is this okay with you? ” Violet couldn ’t completely ignore this subject. After all, she knew how much her husband liked that little girl, but she also didn ’t want Elizabeth talking to her husband.

So she combined the useful with the pleasant. She has pushed Elizabeth away and will report this issue herself to Victor.

’Umu, one less bitch to worry about. ’ Violet nodded to herself.

”…Yes… ” knowing the man and how much he likes the little girl, he ’s definitely going to do something when he hears about it.

”Good. Now I have work to do. We ’ll talk later. ”

”…Huh…? ” Elizabeth looked at her cell phone with a shocked expression.

”Violet…? That Violet…? She is working…? ”

”…Will Armageddon happen tomorrow? ”

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