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Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning struck in front of Clan Fulger ’s mansion, and soon a woman could be seen standing where the lightning struck.

The woman had long golden hair, blood-red eyes, and was wearing a rather luxurious black dress. The dress mainly consisted of black, but for the more observant beings, you could see details of red on the choker she was wearing and on the dress itself.

After Victor accepted her, Natashia began wearing clothing colors that matched the usual clothes that Victor always wore, which were burgundy, red, and black.

The reason for this? Not even she knew, she just felt satisfied like that.

She wanted to feel closer to Victor. She wanted to be closer to him than anyone else, and if possible, she wanted to share her existence with him or be in his shadow like Kaguya.

She wanted more, more, more, more.

And maybe because of the desire she ’d always had, and that had only grown stronger after Victor accepted her, she ’d sought out clothing colors that matched the man himself.

”Of course it does… She is your sister, she will help you. ” Victoria laughed.

’To be honest, I don ’t know about that… Normally, when a man has multiple wives, the wives can ’t get along… I just have to bet that my sister ’s relationship with that man ’s wives is good enough for the other women to help us. ’

Natashia thinks for a moment and replies, ”We will leave this as a last resort, name all the options that do not harm our reputation, and I will decide after listening to everyone. ” If possible, Natashia wanted to solve this problem herself and didn ’t want to involve her other ’sisters ’.

It was also a way of proving to her husband that she was a good clan leader and a good woman.

”Sure. ” Victoria soon continued to explain the options to her sister.

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