My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 296: My Wifeforgive me

Arriving at Scathach ’s mansion, Victor walked towards the door with firm, consistent steps.

He opened the door and was greeted by all of his maids, including Roxanne, who was wearing a Maid dress similar to Kaguya ’s.

”Welcome back Master… ” Yet, when they saw Victor ’s face, the maids opened their mouths in shock. ’Doesn ’t he look absolutely stunning? It was as if they were looking at the ideal beauty of a man? ’

They were feeling strange.

”… ” Victor nodded, ”Good work, My Maids. ” He flashed a small smile.

”…. ” Hearing Victor ’s words, the girls awoke from their stupor and displayed a happy smile.

And then he spoke with a serious face:

”Where ’s Violet? ”

”She ’s on the second floor with Ruby. ” Bruna was the first to respond.

”Is Sasha back? ” he asked again.

”Yes, Lady Sasha and Countess Annastahia came back a day ago. They are currently on the porch with Scathach. ” The one who answered this time was Eve.

”Where is Eleanor? ”

”Eleonor is with the Scarlet sisters, they are currently in Siena ’s office. ”

Victor nodded in satisfaction, for now he just wanted to know.

”Thank-. ” When Victor was going to thank Bruna, Roxanne suddenly moved towards Victor with a strange look.

”Master… ” She was looking at Victor ’s entire body with her red eyes.

”You, what are-. ” When Bruna went to stop Roxanne ’s approach to Victor,

Victor raised his hand to the Maid to stop her.

”Master changed… Weird. ” She sniffed the air, her eyes gleamed slightly with a hostile look, and she said:

”The tree is stronger, are we stronger? ” She spoke with a strange face, as she seemed to understand and at the same time not understand what was happening.

She pulled away from Victor a little and made a difficult face as if she was thinking about something, then she said:

”What do you think? ” She looked at the window, and soon the eye of a gorilla appeared in the window.

”… ” Victor looked at the Big guy.

”Oh…? ” The Big Guy was surprised when he looked at Victor.

”Master, you ’ve changed. ”

”Yeah, I know… Some things happened, and as to whether or not I became stronger? I think so. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”It ’s not that. ” The Big Guy denied Victor ’s words, ”I ’m feeling divine energy from you… it ’s very small, but it ’s still there. ”

”…. ” Everyone was silent, including Victor. He could understand where this divine energy came from, it was from the power of Adonis.

”And you are cursed… ” From the gorilla ’s perspective, he could see an aura of death covering Victor ’s entire body, and in return, he could see a small trace of divine energy, but it was as small as a candle ’s fire. .

”Yeah, I know… ”

’Adonis wasn ’t kidding when he said that he would receive everything from him, including his curses. ’

”Who made this? ” Roxanne asked in a cold tone.

”I don ’t know, but the probability of being a Greek goddess of the underworld is high. ”

”And he was blessed too… That must be the cause of his sudden change in appearance. ”

”…I really can ’t hide anything from you, can I? ”

”You are connected with my Queen, she is part of you. Because of that, it ’s easier for me to notice the things that happen in your body, and since I ’m connected with her, I can see it too. ”

’In some strange way, that makes sense. ’ Victor thought to himself.

”Will the curse affect me in any way? ” he asked to be sure.

”You are a Progenitor, you are not so weak that you will fall because of a curse, and Roxanne is here, she can protect your soul if something happens. ”

”I see… ” Victor touched his chin, he had a lot to think about his changes, but it wasn ’t time for that.

”Tsk… Those bitches, they dare-. ” Roxanne was muttering something in a low tone. It was a vicious tone, it sounded like she was cursing all the gods.

Victor approached Roxanne and patted her on the head.

”…? ” She woke up from her stupor and looked at Victor, ”Thanks for worrying about me, Roxanne. ”

”Master… ” She flashed a small smile.

”You too, My Maids. ” He turned his gaze to the other Maids, and kept his gaze on Roberta, who had a gaze darker than darkness itself.

”…The Gods of Olympus again. ” She spoke in a disgusted tone.

’They dare to approach what is mine again… ’ Roberta ’s hair seemed to have taken on a life of its own and was floating around, and a bloodthirsty aura was escaping her entire body.

”Calm… ”

”!!? ” Feeling someone touching her head, she looked at Victor:

”We will solve this problem in the future… I guarantee I will make everyone pay. I haven ’t forgotten my promise. ” Victor ’s violet eyes held a dangerous little glint.

”… ” Roberta nodded and took advantage of Victor ’s caress.

Victor flashed a small smile when he saw the woman ’s condition had returned to normal. He walked away from the Maids and spoke as he walked, ”Get back to work. ”

”Yes! ” They all spoke at once and soon began to disperse.

Kaguya turned to darkness and entered Victor ’s shadow.

Roxanne stared at Victor ’s back for a few seconds until he disappeared as he went up the stairs, after that, she walked towards the window, opened it, and jumped out.

She preferred to be in nature rather than indoors.

”Kaguya, after I solve my problems, summon all the Maids, and take them to the coliseum. ”

”…? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand the strange order, but she didn ’t question Victor:

[Yes, I will do that.]

”Report everything that happened these three days while I was away…and ask each Maid if they have a wish they want me to grant them. ”

[…?] Kaguya didn ’t understand this strange order, but she thought that Victor was being careful with his Maids like he always was.

[Yes, master.] Kaguya stepped out of Victor ’s shadow and went to do her job.

In the meantime, while Victor was talking to Kaguya, he arrived in the room where Violet was with Ruby.

He paused for a few moments at the door, and he began to feel feelings of anxiety, worry, and indecision.

Feelings that he once felt, and that was when he killed Sasha ’s father. He remembered very well that at that time, he was feeling those same feelings.

But just like last time, Victor always thought that the sooner the truth was told, the better.

Victor knew an immutable fact that even if Adonis had asked him, it didn ’t change the fact that he killed Adonis.

There were various reasons and circumstances, but this was the undeniable truth.

And as the one responsible for that, he must tell her personally what happened… Wrong, he ’ll let his blood tell the story.

The connection he had with Sasha, Violet, and Ruby was so much more than a simple conversation and mutual understanding could be. They were partners that would be together for eternity.

Victor couldn ’t live without them, and they couldn ’t live without him… And now, one more person had entered that equation due to Victor absorbing Adonis ’ existence.

Agnes… Violet ’s mother.

”Sigh… ” He took a long breath as he looked at the ceiling for a few seconds, put his hand on his face, and spent some time like that until his eyes became serious.

He made his mind up.

He touched the handle and opened the door.

And the first vision he saw was Violet and Ruby talking while they each were holding a book.

A very rare sight coming from Violet herself.

”Darling-…? ” Violet looked at the door with a loving gaze, but slowly her gaze turned strange when she saw Victor ’s face, and that strange look turned into a look of shock when she saw Victor ’s current appearance.

If for Violet, Victor was already beautiful, he had become something she couldn ’t look at without the blood from her nose dripping out.

What was happening right now…

”…. ” Ruby glanced at Victor, as did Violet. She was shocked by Victor ’s new appearance, as her heart pounded madly, but slowly, her heart began to calm down when she saw his expression, and she remembered something.

’That look… It ’s the look he has when he wants to say something very important… ’ Ruby had seen that look before, it was when they were in the human world.

He made that same look when he decided to blast the son of Belial out of existence.

He knew from that moment on, he had made an entire faction of demons his enemy.

”We need to talk. ” He spoke in a serious voice that made Violet a little worried.

Violet ’s nosebleed stopped, and for the first time, she noticed something.

”Your eyes… They are the same as my… ” As far as Violet remembered, only 4 people had violet eyes.

Her, Adonis, Elizabeth, and Lilith.

But unlike Elizabeth and Lilith.

Violet and Adonis ’ violet shade was more like a neon violet, a little more special.

And those eyes were now on Victor ’s face.

Victor walked towards Violet, walking over to where she was sitting, and kneeled down. He touched Violet ’s face with his hand:

”I ’m sorry, Violet. ” He spoke with a gentle look that contained sadness.

”Darling-…? What happened? ”

He stopped stroking Violet ’s face and presented his neck, ”The blood will reveal everything you need to know… ”

’I just hope you ’ll forgive me… ’ He thought to himself.

”… Gulp. ” She swallowed hungrily as she looked at Victor ’s neck, her eyes changing to blood red.

”Come, my wife. ”

”!!! ” Wasting no time, she bit Victor ’s neck.

And the same moment she swallowed Victor ’s blood, she started to see his recent memories.

’…Father… ’ Tears fell down Violet ’s face as she bit Victor ’s neck.

”My stupid disciple has finally returned. ” Scathach ’s smile grew. She had been waiting for this moment, this time he wouldn ’t run away!

”… ” Sasha and Natashia were surprisingly silent.

”…? ” Scathach looked at the two women with a strange look, normally, Natashia would be the first to run towards Victor, but she was staying here, quiet.

A quiet Natashia was strange, it only meant one thing to Scathach.

”Woman, are you sick? ” Scathach asked.

”… I ’m not. ” She replied with an uncomfortable smile.

”Then why are you silent? This is weird! ”

Veins started bulging in Natashia ’s head, ”What!? I can ’t keep quiet!? ”

”Finally, you ’re back to normal. ” Scathach rolled her eyes.

”…. ” Natashia was silent when she heard what Scathach said.

”So what happened to you guys getting like this when you heard my disciple ’s name? ” She didn ’t beat around the bush and got straight to the point.

”Do you know the incident we were just telling you about? ”

”Yes, about cleaning up traitors, etc? ” Scathach wasn ’t paying much attention, but she picked up on the important points.

”The author of this whole incident was my husband, and not only that, he commanded the Snow Clan for a few days and cleaned out the entire Snow Clan. From what I heard from Yuki, he helped with the administrative and political documents from all over the world for Clan Snow, then made and proposed new rules-. ”

”He basically reformed the entire Snow Clan. ” Natashia summed up what Sasha meant.

”…? ” Scathach looked at the two confused women.

”… ” Sasha looked at her mother with a pout on her face.

Natashia leaned close to Sasha ’s ear and said in a low tone, ”Daughter, if you want to talk to Scathach, you have to summarize everything in less than 10 words, or she will ignore everything. ” Natashia taught Sasha an important lesson.

”Eh…? But isn ’t she a general? She should know these things. ”

”She knows… But she just ignores everything. She doesn ’t like dealing with that kind of stuff anymore. ”

”Oh… ”

”…I ’m listening to you, you know? ” Scathach ’s smile wasn ’t pretty now.

Whistle, Whistle.

Natashia turned her face away and started whistling.

”So? I don ’t understand why you ’re displaying this reaction? ” Scathach still didn ’t understand.

”Victor, who was the embodiment of his personality, suddenly started dealing with political matters, something he had never done before, and he did everything in a splendid way. ” Learning from the previous mistake, Sasha summarized as her mother instructed her to do.

”…Oh, that makes sense…I never taught him anything about politics. ”

”Darling changed… Again. ” Sasha spoke up.

”His appearance also changed… He became more handsome… ” Natashia ’s face turned a little red, and her breathing became erratic…

Yes, she was horny.

”Indeed… ” Sasha replied with a dreamy look.

”…Hmm… ” Scathach touched her chin and started to think.

’A person doesn ’t change from one hour to the next, and doesn ’t learn knowledge that he doesn ’t know from one hour to the next, that ’s impossible… That is unless he used something. ’

And soon, the image of Vlad changing forms into various beings appeared in her mind.

Her eyes widened in shock.

’…He used that skill!? ’

’That idiot! Does he not know how dangerous this is!? By absorbing an existence larger than your own, your being, your soul can become overwhelmed! He will only be consumed by memories that are not his, it will only damage the soul! ’ She gritted her teeth in frustration.

”What does he look like now? ”

”…? ” Natashia woke up from her stupor and looked at Scathach, who had a serious look:

”The last time I saw him, he had long black hair, and violet eyes, and an unearthly beauty. ”

’Violet eyes… supernatural beauty… Adonis? ’

”Was he okay…? Was he acting normal? ”

”Yes…? Except for these sudden differences, he was acting like himself. ” Sasha was the one who answered this time.

”…Huh? ”

Scathach thought again, this time, she was calmer.

’My foolish disciple is not a normal Progenitor… The difference between him and Vlad is that Victor was a human, and he turned into a Progenitor Vampire.

’He also has a world tree connected to him… ’

Scathach remembered an annoying woman who was in the Norse Pantheon, and she remembered that one of that woman ’s abilities was to protect her host ’s soul from harm done to the soul.

’Roxanne is not normal either, she was a tree created from blood, and it was this blood that she offered to Victor before… He said that he received several memories… ’ She opened her eyes in shock.

’Now that I think about it, he should have died from absorbing that immense amount of memories from beings that were older than him… But he ’s alive… ’

With the knowledge Scathach knew about souls, and about the Night Kings, and the world tree, she could only come up with a plausible connection.

’By biting into that blood fruit… Did his soul grow bigger? ’

”Scathach? ” Natashia called out to the woman who was looking at them with a look of disbelief on her face.

”…this…this…can this be called luck? ”

Becoming a Progenitor Vampire thanks to a ritual, meeting a strange tree and becoming friends with it, later in the future, that tree would connect to him, and his soul would grow…

With his greater soul, he would visit the Snow Clan and absorb Adonis, thus gaining the entire existence of a 1700 year old vampire.

Not to mention that he still has the dormant memories of the Vampires that the tree absorbs inside him…

”This is bullshit. ”

This level of luck is ridiculous, it ’s like he ’s blessed by the goddess of luck herself…


She visibly sighed.

And touched her head:

’Luck is influenced, but Victor ’s personality also helped, he was ’lucky ’, but how would he take the opportunities in front of him if he didn ’t even know it was an opportunity? Just by being himself, he achieved all these things. ’

Scathach didn ’t like the word ’luck ’, she felt she was offending her disciple with that word.

Because something similar happened to her in the past, when she fell into a ’bad ’ situation, she knew how to take advantage of that situation to gain more strength.

The same could be said of Victor, but with the only difference being that his personality influenced him to make strange decisions that no one else would ever make.

After all, what fool would give blood to a tree that could kill you? If the person had no prior knowledge of this tree, that person would never do it.

”…A fool ’s luck? ” She flashed a small, amused smile.

”If Pandora was here, she would laugh at this situation, that bitch. ”

”??? ” Sasha and Natashia were looking at Scathach as if they were looking at a madhouse.

”You ’re talking to yourself woman. Have you finally lost your mind for good? ” Natashia spoke.

”It ’s nothing… I was just in disbelief at how amazing my disciple is. ”

”… ” The two women looked at her with blank expressions.

”What? ”

”You finally realized it, took a while. ” Natashia spoke.

”Yes. ” Sasha agreed, ”Now that I think about it, she exhibited almost the same reaction in the past, huh? She is finally joining the club. ”

”Oh, that ’s true. ”

The two women had known this fact from the start, the fact that Victor was amazing, only Scathach didn ’t know, or pretended not to.

’Wait, doesn ’t that mean we ’re above Scathach? ’ The two thought at the same time.

”… ” Veins started bulging on Scathach ’s head, somehow, the pretentious look of the two women made her irritated.

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