My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 275: Scathach joins the club

After having that moment with Roxanne, Victor broke away from the girl and walked towards the mansion.

Victor asked if she wanted to go to the mansion, but she said that she preferred to live outside with nature, and knowing her old ways when she was a tree, he didn ’t find that strange.

Victor used his golden card and called a witch… Specifically speaking, he called June and asked the woman to create a house according to Roxanne ’s tastes.

June, of course, happily accepted Victor ’s request, and, as she broke into a cold sweat from the gaze of the gorilla, who was now a vampire gorilla, she began asking several questions pertaining to the house Roxanne wanted to build.

Victor left the two girls alone and then walked towards the mansion.

Upon entering the mansion, he was approached by a wild Scathach!

”You took your time. ”

”Well… I needed to accommodate my new Maid. ” Victor didn ’t lie… In parts, of course… He wasn ’t going to say yet that he ’d basically married the new Maid.

Why wouldn ’t he speak on the matter?

Well, he wouldn ’t want to cause intentional chaos now. After all, it was all very recent, and the girl ’s reactions might be the worst possible.

He would let the ’fire ’ subside a little… And when the fire was about to die.

He ’d take the 100 kg of gasoline that this topic was bound to be, and throw it in the fire…

After all, he ’s not a man who liked to lie to the people close to him, so he just decided to omit it for now so that the girls could get used to the Maid.

Victor looked around and saw Violet, Sasha, and Ruby sitting on different sofas, he looked for Natashia, but he just remembered that she wasn ’t present. She needed to go back to her territory since she couldn ’t leave all the work in her sister ’s hands anymore.

After all, she was now the leader of Clan Fulger. She couldn ’t procrastinate anymore! She needed to work!

By the free and spontaneous pressure of her daughter, she returned to her territory, even though she seemed very upset.

… And Victor didn ’t need to be a genius to know why she was so upset. After all, she was waiting for Victor to ’put out ’ her fire.

”Now, you can ’t run away. ” Scathach stared at him with a face that could frighten any being in the world as she took Victor ’s hand and pulled him towards the sofa.


For a moment, Victor could hear the bones in his hand almost cracking.

”… ” Victor exhibited a small smile as he stared at the woman ’s back. He just remembered that her attitude was quite different from when he first met her.

’She ’s cuter. ’ Remembering the face she made as he walked through the door, looking at his hand that was a little cracked, he thought:

’Well, maybe she hasn ’t changed that much. ’

Scathach threw Victor on the couch and pointed at him:

”Explain. ” Her voice was cold and dark, while her eyes were glowing blood red, and her hair looked like it was defying gravity. She looked like a jellyfish that was ready to sting every inch of Victor ’s body.

If it were any other being, this sight would really strike fear into their souls.

But Victor was not just any being.

”… Eh? What do you mean? ” He played innocent.

A vein bulged in Scathach ’s head; ’Isn ’t this man very shameless? Where did he learn it? ’

”I ignored it because the girls were worried… ” She was worried too, but she wouldn ’t say it out loud, ”But… You can ’t run away today, explain what happened! ” The pressure coming from her body seemed to increase.

She was serious! He couldn ’t run away from it without an explanation!

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew, while he seemed to be enjoying this more than he was afraid…

With the same innocent smile on his face, ”… Didn ’t Natashia explain? ” Victor found this situation strange since, knowing the girls, they would definitely ’interrogate ’ Natashia.

”Yes, she said it all. ” Violet explained.

”Initially, you arrived at that location, talked to the gorilla and the tree, then you went to prison and captured some criminals and fed the tree. ” Sasha continued.

’Oh…? Didn ’t she talk about that weird ’contract ’? ’ Victor ’s smile grew a little; he liked that attitude.

After all, that wasn ’t something he wanted to show the girls just yet, for the simple reason that he didn ’t understand anything about it.

The titles he received from that strange door were very specific, and he sincerely doubted it was a lie.

Maybe the door was tricking him? He didn ’t know, but… He didn ’t want to cause unnecessary worry for his wives, he had been doing that a lot.

’…Not now, I need to try to understand what that was, maybe there are some books in Scathach ’s library? ’ Victor decided to study that door first and the titles mentioned.

Especially that title:

Marked by the Chaos Witch. The very name reeked of trouble, trouble he felt he couldn ’t handle right now.

There was also another title that was very long and annoying:

One Who Has The Protection of The Goddess Aphrodite.

’When did that bitch do that? ’ Victor ’s spine quivered a little when he thought that that goddess had given him something like that.

Another title he was curious about was:

Loved by The Lightning Spirits…

Victor thought this was somehow related to his wife ’s family, the Fulger family.

He still remembered a story Sasha told, saying her grandmother was a spirit or something…

In the past, he hadn ’t thought much about it, and he had a pre-established thought that only humans could become vampires.

But that didn ’t seem to be the case, as he could tell from the examples of the Dryad, who was now named Roxanne.

And the Gorilla, who became a gorilla vampire.

”She told us everything. ” Ruby spoke.

”…? ” Victor woke up from his thoughts and looked at Ruby.

”And Sasha completed the story. ” This time Scathach was the one who spoke.

”…And what do you want to know? ”

Crack, crack.

Ruby, who was drinking a cup of red tea, looked at Victor with a smile that didn ’t seem to be a smile and said:

”How the fuck are you going to visit your ’friends ’ and come back with a woman and a gorilla? ”

”Right? That can already be called talent. ” Violet spoke as she rolled her completely blank eyes.

Scathach ’s body seemed to be shaking for a few seconds, and then she screamed:

”…And it ’s not just any woman, it ’s a fucking world tree! ” Scathach seemed to be freaking out.

”….. ” The whole place was silent.

’If Scathach confirmed it, then it ’s not a lie… She ’s a world tree… ’ The word world tree wasn ’t strange to Victor, considering that in the movies he watched, a lot of fantasy movies related to elves always had something called the ’World Tree ’, which is a tree that is responsible for all life on the planet.

Even some Norse Mythology films tackled this theme.

”Eh…? ” Ruby couldn ’t believe what she heard, ”Is she a world tree? ” she asked her mother.

”Tree of the world…? ” Sasha and Violet turned away in confusion since they didn ’t seem to know what they were.

Scathach answered Ruby ’s question:

”Yes, despite being young, she is a world tree, she gives me the same feeling as that Bitch I saw when I went to visit the Nordic Pantheon. ”

”…By Bitch, you mean… ” Ruby continued as she swallowed hard.

”Yggdrasil. ” Scathach spoke in a dry tone as she turned her face to the side and looked quite annoyed when talking about that woman.

”…. ” Ruby opened her eyes wide as she looked at Victor with an accusing look, ”Darling… just what did you do? ”

”…why are you looking at me with those accusing eyes? ”

”Why? It ’s literally your fault! Don ’t you know the consequences of having a world tree near you? ”

”No? ”

”… Well, that ’s to be expected… Sigh… ” Ruby sighed.

’And even if he knew the consequences, he would just laugh in amusement… ’ Ruby sighed again.

”… ” Veins started bulging on Violet and Sasha ’s heads:

”Explain what this world tree story is!? ” They spoke at the same time.

”…. ” Ruby looked at the two girls and spoke in a dry tone:

”Simply put, the world tree is a tree. ”

”…… ” Violet and Sasha looked at Ruby with eyes glowing blood red, while they looked like they were going to jump down the woman ’s throat at any moment.

”…Ugh, I don ’t have a choice. ” Ruby really didn ’t want to explain, and she couldn ’t think of a clever way to summarize the knowledge for the two women.

”Wait for me here, I ’ll be back soon. ” Ruby suddenly got up and walked towards the hallway.

”Stupid disciple, you really like to look for trouble. ” Scathach spoke suddenly.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Scathach.

”That ’s a trait I love about you, but… ”

”By welcoming that girl as Maid, you basically put a target of all the gods on your back. ” She exaggerated a bit, but given the importance of the tree, she wasn ’t exaggerating too much, considering that if a god-king sent for Victor to be hunted…

All the gods would accept that order; ’And if that day comes… A Pantheon will disappear. ’

”Oh? ” Victor was curious about what Scathach said, and his curiosity increased when he sensed Scathach ’s killing instinct:

”Why do you say that? ”

Scathach looked at Victor with a serious look, ”That woman, given enough time, and a place that doesn ’t have another world tree planted, she can create a planet. ”

”…. Wha-… ”

”It can ’t just do that, if you plant it on a planet with a hostile environment that can ’t support life… It can basically terraform the entire planet. ”

”Holy Fuck… ” Victor didn ’t expect her to be so special. Come on, dude. She ’s just a random tree he found while ’walking around ’.

He didn ’t imagine she could do something so out of ’his ’ current reality.

”Because of that, I said that you will put a huge target on your back, that woman is something that all gods want, wrong… All intelligent beings and those who have strength, desire. ”

”After all, if you give that woman enough time, she can create a territory that in the future can be called its own pantheon of gods. ”

”… ” Victor was speechless, and when he realized something, a cold sweat started to fall from his face:

’Isn ’t that tree inside me? ’ He was a little worried now.

And a little irritated…

’I just want to see who has the balls to try to take her away from me. ’ His eyes gleamed with a dangerous glint.

Victor was extremely possessive of people close to him.

Roxanne, despite being a new girl, was a ’Maid ’, and she was also born of his blood.

In a way, she ’s his daughter…

’Wait, what? ’ Victor thought a little deeper and realized that this could be true?

After all, she was reborn from his blood, and she was connected to him on a much deeper level than his own Maids that he created…

’Stop… Stop thinking about it, because if I think about it that way, my Maids will be my daughters too? After all, when they turned into vampires, they were ’reborn ’ too. ’

’It ’s better not to think about it, or I ’ll be more confused. ’ Victor made a decision.

”…isn ’t she very powerful? ” Violet, who was partially understanding things, asked.

”It ’s not a matter of being powerful or not. ”

”… ” Scathach looked at Violet and sighed. She really doubted Agnes ’ upbringing techniques now.

’Oh, that bitch didn ’t teach her daughter anything, she just gnawed at her brain. ’ Scathach had an epiphany.

”A world tree is a concept that exists all over the planet, without it, life is not possible on a planet. ” Ruby suddenly appeared, carrying several books in her hands.

She walked in front of Sasha and Violet and dropped the books in front of the girls:

”She ’s just that important. ”

”…. What is it? ” Sasha asked.

”…And that being became Maid … ” She muttered.

She still couldn ’t believe such absurdity.

Victor seemed to have a talent for coming across precious gems, isn ’t he very lucky?

”Books… ” Violet felt a sudden urge to burn everything and run.

Ruby looked at the girls with a serious look:

”Read, and learn. I don ’t have enough brainpower to sum up all the knowledge and importance of a world tree in one sentence. ” She spoke in a tired tone.

”…. ” Sasha and Violet looked at each other and showed a face that showed how much they didn ’t want to do that.

But they were a little surprised when Victor suddenly walked towards them, sat down on the floor, and picked up a book called:

[Yggdrasil, and its importance to the Norse pantheon.]

”Eh…? Darling willingly took a book…? ” Ruby opened her mouth in shock.

”… ” A vein bulged on Victor ’s head when he saw Ruby ’s reaction..

’That woman, she is going to suffer tonight. ’ Victor thought and continued to read the book. Despite knowing about the world tree knowledge from the movies, he thought that reality and fiction were different, and because of that, he decided to learn more about it.

”…. ” Seeing that Victor took the initiative to learn, the two girls were motivated and sat down next to him too and grabbed a book.

”And? I still haven ’t heard an explanation of how you were able to make a world tree your Maid. ”

”Oh… About that, I don ’t know either? ”

”…Huh? ” Scathach thought he must be playing deaf. How come he didn ’t know?

”Well, things just kind of happened? ” Victor spoke as he continued reading:

”The first time I visited that place, I felt a sense of nostalgia. ” Victor still remembered that feeling of coming home.

”… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes when she heard what Victor said.

”The second time I visited that place, as you yourselves know, it was full of bodies, and the tree looked damaged. It seems that Niklaus Horseman sent men to damage that place. ”

”…. ” Scathach touched her chin and thought; ’Maybe he already knew about the tree beforehand? ’

Scathach, if she was being honest, had visited that place in the past since she heard about a gorilla protecting a strange tree.

But in the end, she was disappointed with how weak the gorilla was and left the place without doing anything. She hadn ’t realized that that tree was a world tree.

’Which can mean two things… Someone was protecting that tree… Or was it just not mature enough for me to feel something? ’ Scathach was more inclined towards the first option.

And the only person on her mind who had enough knowledge for that was…

’Vlad… That old man… ’ Knowledge from the past and things she experienced started to fall into place, and soon it all made sense; ’Vlad was thinking about creating a world tree since he was little, and using the tree to have control over the entire planet? ’

’But what would happen to the current tree? The one that is close to the Elder Gods ’ territories? Would he kill her? ’

”I knew beforehand that she fed on blood, and because of that, I gave her my blood. ”

”… ” Scathach stopped thinking and paid attention to Victor ’s words.

”The result is, as you know, it created some red leaves. ”

”But after she gave me a blood fruit, it became dry again, and so, because of that, I had a feeling that if I gave the tree ’strong ’ blood and in large quantities, something interesting could happen. ”

”And I thought… Why not? And so I did that and gave her blood. A large amount. ” He displayed a small smile.


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