My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 250 - Belial Loves Say The Name Of... ALUCARD!

”Alucard, you are still an irritating being, as always. ”

Looking at the minion ’s face, suddenly, ”HAHAHAHA~ ” Victor ’s laugh was heard everywhere, it was a very different laugh from his usual one, it was more… Crazy?

Not that his laugh wasn ’t crazy enough already, but something felt more ’evil ’.

At least that was Sasha and Violet ’s impression.

”… ” Veins started popping on the minion ’s face, and it was pretty obvious that he was furious.

Victor stopped laughing and spoke with a big smile on his face, ”Looks like you haven ’t solved your problem yet, have you? ”

”And whose fault do you think it is!? ”

”Because of you, I have become impotent! ”

”… Pfft. ” Pepper almost burst out laughing, but she held back.

”Hmm? ” The demon would look at whoever was laughing at him, but Victor held the Minion ’s face.

”Oh? ” Victor squeezed the minion ’s face a little to keep him from looking elsewhere.

”I wonder if I ’m really to blame for this. ”

”Of course you are, if it weren ’t for you, Aphrodite wouldn ’t have cursed me helplessly! ”

Goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and physical beauty, but she also has one more divinity… The goddess of sex.

One of the most worshiped goddesses in ancient Greece.

Now, what does this have to do with Belial ’s problem?

It ’s simple. Just like love and physical beauty, she is the personification of sex, that is, she can control all aspects of sexual intercourse.

And that means she can ’curse ’ any being to have no sexual desires, rendering it impotent for life.

And that ’s what happened to Belial.

He became a eunuch.

The devil bothered the goddess so much that the woman couldn ’t take it anymore and took the man ’s masculinity…

… What a terrible goddess…

”And…? ” Victor flashed a disdainful face, ”Who says that is my problem? ”

Belial ’s eyes turned as dark as night, obviously, he didn ’t like Victor ’s answer at all.

An evil pressure started to come out of the minion ’s body. It was Belial ’s raw power, but unfortunately, the minion wasn ’t capable of holding that much power, and the lesser demon ’s body was giving away.

”Not only leaving me like this, but also interfering in hell ’s affairs… ” Belial ’s voice started to become distorted.

”I haven ’t forgotten about that incident, Alucard. You have interfered too much in hell, and that debt will be paid. ”

”… ” Scathach and Natashia narrowed their eyes when they heard the word ’debt ’. They know that demons take contracts very seriously, and for Belial to be saying this, Victor must have made a contract with some demon? And he broke that contract?

Questions began to pop into the two older women ’s heads, but they had no answers.

”Oh? A big demon terrorizing a little girl, is that what you call debt? ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red.

Six months ago, in Victor ’s perception, he was walking around Greece looking for a way to invade Nightingale, and he came across the scene of a demon chasing a little girl. Despite being a vampire and having questionable morals, he is only like that for whoever attacks him, so he wouldn ’t ignore this scene if he could intervene.

And that ’s what he did, he intervened, and it got him into trouble.

”…By saving that little girl, you ’ve put a huge target on her back, our king won ’t like that at all. ”

”I don ’t give a fuck. ”

”Your king can go and sit on Zeus ’ lap, I bet he would like it. ” He flashed a meaningful smile.

”… ” Eleanor, Lacus, and Siena opened their mouths in shock.

’This man, he really has a knack for making enemies, huh? Now he ’s even putting Zeus in the middle. ’

”…You-. ” Belial looked like he was going to say something, but Victor started squeezing the Minion ’s head harder.

”Hey~… ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”… ” Belial felt a bad feeling about that smile.

”Since we met six months ago in Greece, I have always wondered something. ” Victor glanced at Kaguya.

Kaguya nods and pulls something out of his shadows. It was the head of an entirely red being.

Precisely, the head of a demon.

Victor took the demon ’s head and showed it to Belial.

”!!! ” Belial opened his eyes wide when he saw that head, all of his aura disappeared, and a dull mood descended around him.

His smile grew widely:

”Can demons cry? ”

”̷A̷L̷U̷C̷A̷R̷D̷! ”

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Just with his voice alone, he seemed to distort all the space around him from his fury!

This man not only left him impotent and got in the way of his king ’s plans, which consequently the responsibility fell on Belial, and to make matters worse, he did this…

He killed his heir.

”Hiii… ” Pepper hid behind the sisters.

”I searched hard, I had to visit a dozen witches specializing in your race, but I managed to find him… ”

”And unsurprisingly, just like his father, he was a piece of shit. ”

”You will pay for this. ”

”Blah, blah, blah. ”

”… ” The pressure around Belial seemed to grow even more.

”From the moment I interfered with your plans in Greece, I knew this would happen, I just attacked first. ” Victor cleans his ear out and flashes a small smile, ”Just like my master taught me, attack first and ask questions later. ”

”…. ” All the women looked at Scathach.

”Eh…? I didn ’t teach that. ” She made a confused face.

”…. ” Everyone just looked at the woman with a dry look; clearly, no one believed her.

”War, it ’s inevitable. ” Sounds of bones breaking were heard all around:

”I ’ll see you in hell, motherfucker. ”


Victor crushed the minion ’s head, and all of Belial ’s pressure disappeared.

”… ” As if a supernatural creature had cut the sound off the place, an uncomfortable silence fell around them.

The women kept looking at Victor, and several thoughts were going through their heads, but the main one was:

’He became more cruel ’.

And that was inevitable. Being away from his wives for 1 year meant he lost his shackles, and the only one keeping him sane was Ruby, but the woman couldn ’t be in several places at the same time, and she needed to train too.

Just as Victor has been training all this year nonstop, Ruby has done the same.

But on the rare times that Victor went out somewhere, Ruby wasn ’t there.

That is, he was alone, and an Alucard alone is never a good thing for other individuals.

Seriously… He caused more chaos than Violet and Sasha combined.

”… ” Ruby looked at Victor silently as several emotions passed through her heart now.

When Victor said, ’I will go on a night walk. ’ Ruby knew someone was going to die that night.

And he always did that when he got bored of training alone. He ’d take his Maids and go somewhere.

As if death were walking in the moonlight, he took his Maids and caused chaos wherever he went.

Ironically, the only people he killed were the people he thought were ’bad ’, and as part of Victor ’s morality is still that of a normal human,  the ones who died were usually criminals, rapists, and vampires who preyed on the weak.

In the literal sense, he was like an ’anti-hero ’ who walked only at night.

Though his methods were… bloody.

And before she knew it, Roberta was also part of the ’maids ’ of the group.

From what Victor explained to her, Roberta wanted revenge against the gods, and as Victor ’provoked ’ the goddess Aphrodite in Roberta ’s perception, the woman wanted to join him.

Ruby doesn ’t know the exact details about Roberta ’s revenge since Victor didn ’t tell the details, he said it was something personal to the woman, and she would tell Ruby if she chose.

It wasn ’t like he was keeping it a secret. He just respected his new Maid ’s wishes.

”Natalia. ”

”!!!? ” The woman was startled when she was suddenly called by Victor.

”Get over here. ”

”Y-Yes! ” She felt a little embarrassed that she was stuttering, but it was inevitable since she didn ’t expect the man to suddenly call out to her.

Victor says something in Natalia ’s ear, ”Open a gate at these coordinates. ”

The woman felt a shiver down her spine when she heard Victor ’s voice right next to her.

But that shiver quickly turned to an icy chill as she felt the gaze of several women on her.

When Victor finished explaining the coordinates, the woman opened her eyes wide.

”This will use up almost all my energy… ”

”You can ’t do it? ” Victor asked in a neutral tone.

”I can, but I ’m not like my father who has a high amount of energy, this place… It ’s quite protected. ”

”Opening a large portal is literally impossible alone. ” Natalia judged the mission as impossible.

”I ’m not asking you to open a portal my size, I ’m telling you to open a portal about this size. ” Victor lifted the demon ’s head.

”… ” Natalia looked at the demon head:

”Oh… In that case, it is possible. ”

”It ’s just a small hole, the protectors of that place should not notice. ”

”Good, now… Do it. ”

”Okay. ”

”Kaguya gave me that item. ”

Kaguya opened her eyes a little, and she asked:

”Are you really going to do this? ”

”Yes. ”

”Master… The reaction of the demons will be the worst possible. Doing this is basically declaring war against King Diablo ’s faction. ”

”I don ’t give a fuck. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”… ” The girls felt weird when they saw Victor ’s attitude. Normally wouldn ’t he fight the man? After all, he likes to fight.

”Victor, why are you doing this? ” Scathach asked curiously, she didn ’t know what he was going to do, but from Kaguya ’s reaction, it ’s going to be something that could cause a war.

Victor looks at Scathach, ”Belial and his subordinates don ’t have my respect. To me, they are the worst beings there are, and their leader has clashed with me, so I will eliminate him. ” He made a face of disgust as he remembered the ’vision ’ of what the piece of shit he was holding did to the human world.

This piece of shit had a peculiar taste for children, and when he finished doing his thing, he ’bathed ’ in their blood.

”This is not a fight anymore… This is a war, and I will do everything to eliminate my enemy. ” Demons can come to the human world and possess a human body, meaning they can use this method to harm Victor ’s relatives and acquaintances.

He knows it, and because of that, their friends are always under constant protection from Violet ’s vampire and dark witches that Esther recruited in a certain incident in the past.

”…You seem to understand the meaning of war. ” Scathach narrowed her eyes.

”I don ’t understand… I haven ’t personally experienced it. ” Victor was honest, he knows how cruel war is, but he only knows this through the teachings he learned in school.

He didn ’t personally experience it as Scathach had.

”But I understand that I can ’t be what I am if I go to war. ”

”… That ’s true. ” Scathach had nothing more to say.

Victor looked at Kaguya and extended his hand:

”…Sigh, if the master is so determined, it ’s not a Maid ’s duty to stand in your way. ” Kaguya extends her hand, a dark power appears in her hands, and soon that power disappears.

And in Kaguya ’s hand was a small golden cube.

”THAT IS! ” Eleanor opened her eyes wide.

”How did you get this? ”

”I bought it. ” Victor spoke as he took the item and placed it in the demon ’s mouth.

”How? This item only exists in my territory, and there are no witches there. ” Eleanor looked quite worried.

”I do not know. I just bought it from a witch, and it was cheap. ” Don ’t be fooled kids, despite saying it was cheap…

The number easily reaches 7 digits, and that ’s just one unit.

”… ” Eleanor opened her mouth wide as she couldn ’t believe the bullshit she was hearing.

”Eleanor, explain what this is. ” Violet spoke to Eleanor.

”… ” Eleanor was silent while she seemed to be thinking about several things.

”Eleanor! ” She called the woman again.

”Leave her alone… It must have been a shock to her. ” Ruby spoke.

”Huh? ”

”Do you know what this is? ” Violet asked.

”It is clear. ” Victor flashed a smile.

”What is it? ” Sasha asked too.

”A bomb. ”

”…. ” The two women were silent.

”My daughter, you must explain in detail. How about the little fact that this is a bomb made from monster materials? And that its blast radius can easily destroy a city? ” Scathach spoke.

”Oh… I forgot to explain that. ” Ruby flashed an innocent smile.

”A bomb created with material from monsters? ” Sasha looked at her mother.

”It ’s a long story… ” She was too lazy to explain.

A vein pops in Sasha ’s head, ”Summarize in 30 words! ”

”Ugh… Later. ”

”…I see, I understand now why Eleanor is so shocked… ” Violet spoke, and then her eyes widened:

”Wait, don ’t tell me. ” She looked at Victor, who completely burned the flesh of the demon ’s head and left it practically unrecognizable, as he smashed the demon ’s head, and soon a black ball was created.

”Where do you want the portal to appear? ”

”On top of Belial Castle. ”

”… You are crazy. ”

”I call it military tactics, US generals would be proud of me. ” Victor replied.

”…. ” Even his answers got better… Natalia felt awkward now.

”Now, do it. ”

”Yes, yes. ”

Maria points her hand forward, and soon a small portal appears:

Victor takes a deep breath several times, ”Testing, testing, one, two. ” Every time he spoke, his voice grew thicker.

Soon he shouts, ”I, Beelzebub, declare war on BELIAL! ”

”….. ” A deathly silence fell around them.

”You son of a bitch, you will pay for eating my wife! ”

Victor makes a motion with his hand and throws the black ball into the portal.





3 seconds pass, and everyone hears:


Followed by Victor ’s maniacal laugh:

”HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH~ ” He laughed out loud as he clapped his hands, looking very pleased with what he did.


[A/N: This end Volume 3, Volume 4 is the next episode.]


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