My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 249 - Alucard Has Become An Expert In Causing Chaos.

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Looking at the man who was showing an indifferent and neutral attitude, the goddess ’s smile widened a little, she was tempted to use her Charm to see how the man would react, but she held back those playful feelings out of respect for a friend of hers.

”First question ”

”… ” Victor looked at the woman and waited for her question, but inside he was:

’Kairas, kiro, kira, whatever, are you going to be long? Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Call the woman and tell her the information! So she can tell me and I to get out of this place! ’

”Why did you attack that man? ”

”… Huh? ” Victor ’s brain seemed to short-circuit and stop working.

Thinking he misheard, the woman spoke in a louder, easier to understand tone, ”My first question is, why did you attack that man? ”

”…. ” Victor continued silently… To be honest, he expected the woman to ask a more personal question…

He definitely didn ’t expect that kind of question from the woman, but by no means was he sad about it!

”It ’s simple, he insulted my master in front of me. ” He spoke in a cold tone.

”…Do you know who he is? ” she asked in a curious tone.

”It does not matter. ”

”Oh? ”

Victor clenches his fist, and the magical symbols on his glove begin to glow brightly, ”No matter who he is, no matter what hole he came out of, insulting my master in front of me, there ’s only one fate… ” Victor ’s smile grew distorted:

”Death. ”

”!!! ” Aphrodite opened her eyes wide, her eyes slightly glowing pink, while she seemed to be seeing something beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.


The woman visibly swallowed and crossed her legs sensually as she adjusted her posture and said:

”I see… ” Her legs felt like they were shaking a little.

”Just to let you know, that man was Belial, one of the 72 Demon Dukes of Hell.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand why she was saying that.

’And does hell really exist? ’ Now that he was paying more attention, he could understand this information.

’…Hmm, if Gods exist, then hell should exist, right? ’ He felt that was kind of obvious.

Seeing that Victor was thinking deeply, she added:

”Oh, don ’t mind the hierarchy of hell. That place is a total mess, and, in the end, the most important beings are the two kings of hell. The 72 dukes are just powerful demons who call themselves dukes to grow their ego a little bit, in the big picture, they are unimportant. ”

”…. ’

”Oh, but the 72 dukes do command hundreds and thousands of demons, and I think it ’s because of that they call themselves dukes? ” Aphrodite was thinking, and then she ’s like, ”Meh, who cares. ”

”…. ” This woman likes to talk, huh? Victor can ’t help but think as he remains silent.





An awkward silence fell over the place, and the social goddess looked at the man with an annoyed look:

”Why are you so quiet? ”

”…is that your second question? ”

”… ” The woman ’s gaze narrowed a little, and her mood turned a little bad:

”Tell me why you ’re so wary of my presence. That ’s my second question. ”

”… ” Victor looked into the woman ’s pink eyes and spoke in a dry, brutally honest tone:

”I hate the fact that you can turn me into a horny dog ​​at any time. ”

”… ” She flashed a small smile.

”I hate the fact that your existence reminds me of my wives, and more importantly… ”

Aphrodite ’s mood suddenly turned sour when she heard the word ’wife ’.

”I ’m dealing with a goddess, I have to be cautious. ”

Aphrodite ’s pink eyes seemed to glow for a few seconds, and she said:

”… The first two are true, but the last one is a lie. ”

”…. ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed a little, he didn ’t lie, but he didn ’t tell the whole truth either. If I ’m going to specify what he said, he just omitted some information, and that ’s not a lie.

”It ’s useless to lie to me. ”

”…For the first time, I discovered that I hate dealing with opponents like you. ” This time, he spoke the truth.

”…? ” Aphrodite didn ’t understand:

”Opponents who can manipulate the individual ’s will in the blink of an eye are the most troublesome. ” That was Victor ’s honest opinion.

He hasn ’t had that much trouble so far because his natural resistance as a Night King kept him from being manipulated, but against beings that are the embodiment of a ’concept ’ that resistance is useless.

”… ” Aphrodite narrowed her eyes as she assumed an annoyed expression, rested her head on her hand, and spoke:

”I don ’t understand… Why are you treating me like an ’opponent ’? Haven ’t we just met? ”

”… ” Victor was silent.

Aphrodite seemed to think for a while, and then she spoke with a sneering face, ”I get it now, you heard about me, huh? ”

”… ” Victor ’s facial expression didn ’t change, as he remained in a neutral state and on alert.

”Probably, from some woman, you must have heard the ’rumors ’ of me and were wary of it. ” Being cautious when meeting a god is common enough, Aphrodite understood that, but this man, he already seemed to come to this place with a prejudice pre-established

He had already marked the woman as ’dangerous ’ because of information he received from another individual.

Aphrodite could easily understand this, considering it wasn ’t the first time this had happened in her long existence.

This happened many times, and gods who didn ’t even know her personally already came to visit her with a pre-established thought in their minds.

”I am not your enemy, Alucard. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

”That ’s not for you to decide. ”

”Yes, it is. ”

”Because… ” Her eyes started to glow pink as a strange pressure started to leave her body, and a pink aura started to spread around her.

Victor felt the ’world ’ fall on top of him.

”If I decided you were my enemy, you wouldn ’t even set foot in this place. ”

Crack, Crack.

The ground around Victor began to break.

But even though he was feeling the goddess ’s aura… It didn ’t affect him, why?

’It ’s a little weaker than Scathach. ’ He judged the woman to be on par with or close to Scathach, and she didn ’t seem to be using her full strength.

’She is strong. ’ Normally, this would put a smile on Victor ’s face, but something strange started happening in Victor ’s body.

His body started to get hot, the tent started to be pitched, and he started to get excited. When this information registered in his head, without wasting any more time, he immediately made a move:

He creates an ice stake and pierces his head.

”Eh…? ” The goddess was taken by surprise.

And then his body fell to the ground.

”…. ” Aphrodite looked at this with an incredulous expression.

She took the pressure off him and looked at the body with a neutral gaze. Honestly, she just wanted him to understand that she wasn ’t his enemy, but how did that happen?

Victor ’s hands gave a sign of Life, and as soon as his regeneration began to take effect, he stood up and looked at the woman with eyes as dark as a black hole:

His mood was at its worst now, but even in that state, he hadn ’t done anything yet, he ’d come here with a goal in mind, and he hadn ’t forgotten about it.

Looking into the gaze of the man in front of her, Aphrodite understood that she had pushed the wrong buttons if, before, the man had been cautious and with a prejudice in mind about her.

Now, he ’s become entirely hostile, and she can clearly understand that the reason he didn ’t do anything was that he needed the information she could offer.

’Tsk, annoying. ’ Now, even Aphrodite was irritated. She didn ’t want things to turn out like this, and she didn ’t like the way that man was looking at her at all.

Noticing the silence in the place, she said, ”Next question. ”

”…. ” Victor cracks his neck a little and continues watching the woman with a dead look and a cold stare:

”…What do you think of me now? ” She was a little curious.

”Nothing. ”

”Huh? ”

”I need something, and you have this something. When I get that something, I ’ll be gone, just that, nothing more and nothing less. ” He spoke the truth in the face of Aphrodite ’s question. The woman asked, what does he think of her ’NOW ’, and those were his honest thoughts.

”… ” Aphrodite felt it was true, but at the same time, there was a small lie.

”… Hmm. ” She touches her cheek with her finger, and assumes a cute expression:

”What if I refuse to give you what you want? ”

Victor narrowed his eyes a little, but soon he replied, ”Nothing will happen. ”

”I ’ll just leave. ” Victor was tired of dealing with this troubled woman. If she didn ’t give him what he wanted, he would just walk away, he wouldn ’t beg or anything like that, and he would just try to find out what happened another way. In the end, there were several options for him, and he just chose to visit this woman because it was the quickest option.

”….. ” A silence fell over the place.

This silence lasted for a few minutes, something Victor was very grateful for since he didn ’t want to talk to the woman anymore.

Suddenly, the phone ringing starts to be heard.

Aphrodite takes her cell phone and puts it to her ear:

This time, Victor tried to hear their conversation, but for some reason, he couldn ’t hear anything even with his senses.

”I see. ”

”Okay, thanks, Keiros. ”

”You ’re welcome. ” The man hangs up the phone.

Aphrodite keeps looking at Victor and says:

”The king of vampires, Vlad Dracula Tepes, has closed his world, no one can enter, and no one can leave. ”

’Vlad… ’ Victor ’s black hole eyes glowed with a spark of blood-red color.

”At the same time he closed the passage to his world, he also altered the Nightingale ’s time apparently, that place has time running slower now. ” She tossed her long pink hair back and spoke in an impressed tone:

”The power of that Clan is certainly enviable, he did something that only gods like Kronos can do-… ” She stopped talking when she saw that Victor was already far away, ”Hey! ” She gets up from where she was.

”Thanks for the information, Goddess Aphrodite. ” Victor said as he walked towards the exit. His mother always taught him to be ’polite ’ with those who help you, even if you can ’t stand the existence of that person.

It ’s just how society works.

Victor opens the door and closes it.

”…. ”

A silence fell in the place, and soon the woman sat down in the chair.

”Sigh… ” She sighed visibly, a melancholy expression appearing on the woman ’s face.

’It ’s hard to try to get along with someone who ’s been defensive from the start… I shouldn ’t have done that either. It just made it worse. ’ She was reflecting on what she had done.

Unlike other people, she wanted to get along with the man, not in a sexual sense… I mean, if possible, also in a sexual sense, but that ’s not the point.

The man was the son of her only friend in the human world, so she wanted to get along with him.

”Well, at least… Did I pay my debt to you, Anna? ”

’…I feel that in my other form, I ’ll have a better chance than in this form… ’ She thought as her body slowly began to change.

Her long pink hair disappears, the ’divine ’ body that can be described as ’perfect ’ becomes more ’normal ’ as far as the beauty goddess ’s tastes go.

And then a woman with long blonde hair, with a curvy body, was seen: ’I ’m going to visit my friend, I haven ’t seen her for a few months. ’ She thought as pink light covered her body and she disappeared.

Outside Aphrodite ’s house, Victor encounters someone, a tall, muscular man with golden hair that has clearly been dyed the wrong way.

He looked like any thug, but Victor knew who he was.

’He ’s alive, huh? ’ Victor narrowed his eyes as he realized it wasn ’t that easy to kill a demon.

Victor takes a step and appears in front of the man as he touches the man ’s shoulder:

”Piece of shit-. ”

”Belial, Duke of Hell, one of the big 72 demons who runs the whole damn thing. ”

”…Oh? ”

Victor assumed a gentle smile that was emptier than his wallet these days:

”I, Count Alucard, come here and tell you… ”

”You are a lucky man. ”

”…Eh? ”

”The goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. Just said she likes you, isn ’t that amazing? ”

”What-. ” Belial assumed an expression of disbelief, and when he was about to say something, Victor said:

”Yes, Yes. Believe me, I never lie. She said to me in a loud and clear tone, ”

”I like that demon, I can ’t be with you. ”

”… ” Belial ’s brain seemed to stop working, and he just kept listening to Victor.

”It hurts me to be rejected by the goddess of beauty, but you know, in a man ’s life, rejection is a symbol of perseverance. So I won ’t worry, and I ’ll just look for another goddess of beauty. ” He made a disappointed expression.

”But! ” Victor placed his other hand on Belial ’s shoulder:

”I ’m rooting for you. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood-red:

”Give your love to the goddess of beauty! She will love you in return! ”

”… ” Belial ’s body shook a little as his eyes lost life for a few seconds but quickly recovered.

”Really? Did she really say that about me? ” Belial was in disbelief.

”Of course, I never lie. ” Victor flashed an honest smile.

’Tsk, I can ’t control him… But at least, I put a suggestion in this motherfucker ’s brain. ’

Victor lets go of Belial ’s shoulder and says, ”I ’m rooting for you, Buddy! Go and conquer the oldest milf in the world! ”

”Ohhhh… OHHHHHH, I WILL! ” He started to get excited!

Victor nods, satisfied, and he turns his back to the man and walks a little distance, as his body starts to be covered by lightning.

Rumble, Rumble. As if he were a golden rocket, he shoots towards the sky.

He looks a little at the goddess ’s mansion and thinks; ’I hope I never go back to this place, this place disgusts me. ’ When Victor felt that pink power entering his body, he felt his whole body reject that energy. It was disgusting, it was awful, and he felt like throwing up.

He would rather die than feel that energy again.

And mostly, he hated to ’see ’ his wives in that woman. Just thinking about it, his whole heart darkens, and he feels like erasing this ’annoyance ’.

If I ’m going to put into words what Victor is feeling right now, it ’s basically the same thing Violet and the girls feel when they see Victor with another woman they don ’t know.

A deep hate.

’Forget it, Victor. I will no longer see this goddess anyway. ’ This wasn ’t the time to be thinking, ’I need to see Ruby. ’ arriving at a considerable height, he changes direction to another place.


Sonic blast sounds were heard all around.






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