My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 245 - One Year And Six Months.

Sasha was the first to wake up from the stupor Victor had caused everyone, and she quickly asked:

”WW-Wait, Darling, are you just going to stop the fight like that? ” She couldn ’t even believe she was saying that sentence.

In her mind, it was unthinkable. Wrong, it was completely impossible for Victor to stop a fight.

”Yes. ”

”…. ” Everyone ’s mouth opened as they were shocked again when they heard his short, simple answer.

What was that answer? Those who knew Victor before felt awkward at this simple answer. They couldn ’t describe the way they were feeling right now.

But it was a strange and incomprehensible feeling, especially on Scathach ’s part, since she was 100% sure that Victor wouldn ’t do something like this all his life.

”… ” Seeing everyone ’s reaction, Victor flashed a small smile and continued:

”I ’ve already achieved my goal by fighting Anderson… ” Victor started to explain his thinking to the girls.

”What was your objective? ” Violet asked, not understanding.

”… ” Natashia showed a small smile and closed her eyes; she already knew what his next words would be.

”You ’re all now motivated, right? ” Victor looked specifically at Sasha, Violet, and Scathach.

”…. ” The women were silent when they heard what Victor said.

”Also, by fighting him, I showed my master how much I ’ve evolved, and… ” Victor looked into Scathach ’s eyes.

”… ” Scathach stared into Victor ’s eyes in silence.

”I did it with the aim of her getting me to train properly this time. ”

If there ’s one thing Victor learned this year, it was…

To hold back. He learned to wait, to acquire the best ’dish ’. He realized that when he fought an opponent at the right time, and when both were at a very high level,

The satisfaction he ’d feel would be immense, far greater than the satisfaction of fighting without a suitable place.

”…Heh~. ” She flashed a small smile. It was a seductive smile, a dangerous smile:

”That was an inevitable fate, Victor. ” Does he think he ’s going to run away after showing me this? Hell no!

”… Good to know. ” Victor didn ’t seem intimidated by the pressure radiating off of Scathach ’s body since, to him, it looked like the woman had just gotten more excited than usual.

”Of course… ” Victor ’s smile suddenly grew unnaturally, and he looked at Anderson with a gaze glowing blood-red:

”I honestly did not expect this result. ” He was honest.

”I have to say, I didn ’t expect the new Count to be more special than I thought. ” Acknowledging Victor ’s explanation, Anderson understood why he stopped the fight suddenly, but, despite understanding and being agreeable, he was not satisfied.

”Hahaha~, calm your nerves, my friend. We will fight again, but not here… not now… ”

”After all, for beings like us, this kind of place is… ” Victor looked around him, ”Pretty weak for a fight of this level. ”

”… ” Anderson looked around and saw the destruction caused by the two.

Literally speaking, the ancient garden of Scathach now looked like a desolate wasteland. It was as if several powerful bombs had been dropped on this place, and marks of struggle could be seen everywhere.


Suddenly, a little girl appeared on Victor ’s shoulder:

”Oh? ” Victor looked at Ophis.

”Father, cool. ”

”Heh~ ”

”Better than your other father? ”

”Of course! ’ ’ She flashed a gentle little smile.

”… ” Eleanor and Natalia were silent, her face almost threatening to display a smile, but they couldn ’t do that!

He ’s the king, you know!?

”Dawg, Strong. ”

”…. ” Anderson ’s eyes narrowed a little. He didn ’t like being called ’dog ’ at all.

”Hey, she ’s a child, don ’t take it too seriously. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed dangerously, and this time no amusement could be seen in his eyes. It was pretty clear that if he continued to look at Ophis like that, If he continued to stare in that threatening manner, something good was not going to happen to him.

”…. ” Anderson ’s eyes returned to normal, and soon his transformation was undone:

”I ’m sorry about that, our race has a little problem with the word ’Dog ’. ”

”Well, deal with it? ” Victor didn ’t care about the problems of an entire race.

”… ” Anderson opened his eyes a little, and he understood that Victor said that in a way that he, himself, should solve this problem. After all, he was a prince.

”…I can ’t do that yet, despite being the second prince, my father doesn ’t plan to relinquish the reign to his sons. ”

”…? ” Question marks started to appear around Victor since he didn ’t understand how Anderson came to this conclusion:

”Who says you need to wait for his permission? Just do it. ” He felt Anderson shouldn ’t depend on his dad. He ’s a big boy, right?

Why does he have to wait for his father if he wants to do something?

”…Huh? ”

”You are already a grown man, an adult. So grow a pair and do what you want. ”

”Just do it. ” He wanted to say: ’just grow the fuck up! ’

But Ophis was here, and she couldn ’t hear that kind of barbarity yet.

”…. ” Anderson opened his eyes wide as he understood that Victor was saying that if he doesn ’t like something, he should just go there and fix it.

’He must know about our Alpha tradition? Is it because of that he said that? ’

Just for context, the Alpha class had codes to follow. If you want to be the new king, the new Alpha, the new big boss,

You must challenge the king and defeat him, and in doing so, the king will cease to be the Alpha and will become a subordinate.

Wolves had a simple society in which the strongest fist ruled the entire kingdom.

… A society of warriors, although this type of society has a tendency to abandon the ’weak ’, and it is usually those weak who have the greatest ’intelligence ’.

The kingdom hadn ’t collapsed so far because of the Queen, who understood this sort of thing, considering that, unlike the werewolf king, the woman was a governess from birth.

”Alright… I should just do this. ” Anderson ’s eyes were shining with determination.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand why so much determination to grow up and be independent. Isn ’t that something easy to do?

”Yes, just do it. ” But as a good friend, he completely supported his friend ’s independence, and if he gets weak, why does he depend so much on his father!?

He doesn ’t want his friend to become like those weak vampires.

”…I have to go, I ’ll be back later. ” Anderson started to fall towards the ground, and, as he was falling, he looked at his subordinates.

The four subordinates nodded, then jumped off the ice pillar and followed the man.

”Tsk, Tsk. What a hasty man, won ’t he stay for dinner…? Btw, what do werewolves really eat? ”

”Dawg food? ” Ophis used her incredible wisdom and shared it with Victor!

”…Does that somehow make sense? ” Victor looked at Ophis.

”Dawg? ”

”…. ” Why does he feel that she wasn ’t speaking the same language as him?

”…He… He just, just…- ” Siena didn ’t seem to believe what she was seeing.

”Yes, don ’t question it. Just accept it; it ’s better since your brain won ’t fry like that. ” Ruby spoke in a tired voice.

”How can he cause such a misunderstanding…? Can this already be called talent? ”

”… Just for context, Anderson is the culprit. ” Ruby explained.

”…Really? ” Eleanor wasn ’t sure about that.

”Yes. ” Ruby spoke while she looked at her mother, who had completely entered her own rosy world:

Seeing her mother like this, she felt a great urge to sigh, but she held it back and said:

”Mother, please? ”

”Umu? ” Scathach looked at Ruby.

”… You too? ”

”Me what? ”

”…Nothing, just lower the pillar. ”

”Oh, okay. ” Scathach stomped the ground lightly, and soon the ice pillar began to descend to the ground.

The group was now on the ground:

”Kaguya, undo your territory. ” Victor spoke as he had Ophis on his shoulder.

”Yes, master. ”

Kaguya ’s eyes glowed a little blood red, and soon her entire territory began to be sucked into her body.

”Done. ”

Victor nodded, satisfied, as he looked at a location and said:

[Eve, Bruna.] He didn ’t need to say much, and with those few words, his Maids already understood what he wanted.

[Yes, master.]

A few seconds passed, and then Eve and Bruna appeared, and they were carrying a type of creature that had two horns, red skin, a tail, and two wings.

”What are they holding? ” Sasha asked curiously while she was a little disgusted. After all, the creature looked revolting.

”… ” Natashia ’s entire atmosphere grew colder and sharper.

And it wasn ’t just her; Eleanor and Scathach also looked just like Natashia.

”Mother? ”

”…demons? ” Scathach narrowed her eyes. Just what kind of mess did Victor get into this time?

”Oh, they really came. ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone.

”We ’ve been waiting for this, they really have the balls to invade this place. ” Kaguya spoke with disgust.

”… Language. ” Bruna lightly scolded their ’leader ’.

Looking at Ophis, she displayed a reaction, ”…Oh. ” She had completely forgotten about the little girl.

”…It can ’t be helped, Kaguya was Lady Violet ’s former Maid, it ’s not impossible to think that she picked up some quirks from Lady Violet… ”

”… ” Kaguya ’s eyes narrowed when she heard what Eve said.

”Hahahaha, isn ’t that a good thing? ” Victor looked at Violet.

”Darlin-. ” Violet flashed a loving smile, but that smile was broken when everyone heard:

”Father, what is sex? ” Ophis asked in a neutral, easy-to-understand tone.

”…….. ”

”Eh…? ” Victor opened his mouth wide, thousands of thoughts popped into his head, but the main thought was:

’Where did she learn that? ’

Violet turned her face away, and began to whistle, ”… Whistle, whistle. ”

”… ” Could she be any more obvious?

”We ’ll talk later… ”

She flashed a sly little smile, ”If it ’s in bed, I ’ll be fine with it. ” She didn ’t miss a chance.

”… That too. ” He wouldn ’t deny it.

”Master, we ’re back. ” Although they were already close to Victor, Bruna told her master to pay attention to them.

”How many demons this time? ”

”Just a few scouts, they were quickly annihilated. ”

”Tsk. ”

Victor ’s face distorted, ”Belial is really looking to die, that motherfucker. ”

”Language. ” Violet was the one who spoke this time, while she had the smile of someone who managed to give back what she ’suffered ’: ’Feel my pain. ’ She thought in jest.

”Oh… ” Victor couldn ’t help but flash a small smile.

Cough, Cough.

The demon spewed up black blood on the floor.

”… He is alive. ”

”Yes, I thought Master would want him alive. ” Eve spoke.

”Good job, Eve. ”

”… ” Eve flashed a small smile, but then her smile faded when she heard a voice.

[Tsk, Tsk, that was my idea] A voice seemed to speak in Eve ’s head.

[Shut fuck up.] Eve replied.

[Tsk.] The voice stopped speaking.

Victor put Ophis on the ground as he walked up to the demon and grabbed him by the head, as he lifted the demon up and looked into his eyes:

”Belial, you sackless coward, speak up. I know you ’re watching. ”

The demon ’s face distorted, and a dark aura came out of his body. Soon the minion ’s eyes opened, and everyone could see a red eye.

”…this aura. ” Pepper swallowed hard as she felt the malicious aura that carried nothing but negative thoughts.

”Alucard, you are still an irritating being, as always. ”





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