My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 237 - The World Moves.

In the room Ruby was in before.

A tall man and a tall woman were looking at each other. 

Victor was looking into the golden eyes of the tall woman.

”…You ’ve become a Count, huh… ” That was the first thing she said.

Chomp, Chomp.

”Well, yes? ”

”…And you are responsible for the exploration of this world… ” The woman spoke as she tossed her long hair back.

Chomp, Chomp.

”Yes. ” He replied in a neutral tone.

”Which means you ’ve become my neighbor… ” Eleanor continued.

”…? ” Victor looked at Eleanor in confusion since he didn ’t know how she came to that conclusion.

Chomp, Chomp.

Eleanor ’s eyes narrowed, and she looked at the little girl who was on Victor ’s lap and was drinking blood from Victor ’s wrist:

”I see that you are close to the youngest princess… ” Eleanor spoke and then continued in a low voice, ”Closer than you should be. ” She looked at Victor with an accusing gaze.

Her gaze said, ’Are you corrupting the king ’s daughter? Should I call the FBI? ’

”… ” Ophis stopped sucking Victor ’s blood and looked at Eleanor with her red eyes.

”Well… ” Victor looked at Ophis, ”… This is normal, after all, she is my daughter. ” He spoke in a matter of fact tone.

She wasn ’t his biological daughter, but from the moment the little girl called him ’Father ’, and when he learned of her ’curse ’, he felt he should protect that innocent smile of hers.

”… ” A small smile appeared on Ophis ’s face, and soon she started sucking Victor ’s blood again. She seemed to be quite hungry because no matter how much she sucked, she didn ’t seem to have enough.

”… ” A silence fell on the place.

Eleanor looked at Ophis again.

Chomp, Chomp.

’Whatever… ’ She decided to just forget about the sight in front of her.

”Anyway, I see you ’ve changed a lot. Has something happened? ”

Victor flashed a faint smile, ”… A lot of things happened. ”

Eleanor narrowed her eyes in annoyance, ”…Fine. You don ’t have to tell me if you don ’t want to. ”

”… ” Victor remained with the same smile on his face and didn ’t say anything.

”… ” An awkward silence fell on the place, and nothing else could be heard, just the noise of Ophis ’ constant bites.

”Anyway. ” In an attempt to break this awkward silence, she began to speak, 

”Before I leave, I ’d like to ask you something… ”

”Sure, go ahead. ” Victor easily agreed.

”Are you still going to visit me? ” She wanted to be sure of that. After all, knowing Victor ’s story, she knew that the man had been imprisoned for 1 year on ’Earth ’, and she wanted to know if he would still fulfill the promise he had made to her a few months ago.

”Of course… ” He patted Ophis ’ head, ”If I promised to do something, I definitely will. ”

’But… You didn ’t promise anything… ’ She thought to herself, but she didn ’t say it out loud. Wouldn ’t he change his mind?

Which was very unlikely.

”…I see… ” She flashed a small smile, ”That ’s good… ”

”I ’ll be waiting for you then, neighbor. ”

Before Eleanor could get up, Victor asked curiously, ”… Why are you calling me neighbor? ”

The woman was speechless for a few seconds. Was he serious? She asked.

But when she saw the man ’s gaze, she realized he was in genuine doubt:

”…Count Alucard, Your clan is responsible for exploring this world, and my Clan is Nightingale ’s shield, so we are both on the front lines. ” She explained.

”Oh… ” Victor suddenly remembered that it was something like this that he ’d talked to Vlad about before. But, so many things had happened this year that he ’d completely forgotten about it.

’I need to explore and create my own territory, huh? ’ Victor thought.

”I see… In that case, I won ’t keep you waiting too long. ”

Victor got up from where he was.

”…? ” Ophis was surprised because suddenly, Victor took his arm away from her mouth.

Victor chuckled a little when he saw the pout on Ophis ’s face, ”That ’s enough for now. ”

”But… ” She tried to protest.

”Ophis… ”

”Ugh… Okay. ” She knew she shouldn ’t be greedy right now, even though she wanted more, but like a good girl, she ’d be patient!

Victor put Ophis on his shoulders, and the little girl leaned against his head.

”High… Whoaaa… ” She looked at Eleanor, then she showed a cocky smile.

”Higher than you… ”

Eleanor ’s eyes narrowed when she saw Ophis ’ face, she felt like protesting, but she wasn ’t going to argue with a literal child.

She refused to be like Violet!

That was definitely a big no!

”Follow me, Eleanor. ”

”…? ” Eleanor looked at Victor curiously.

”Where to? ”

”Just follow me. ” Victor kept walking.

”…Fine. ” She dropped the question and started following Victor like a duckling.

Victor walked through the halls while he looked at a Russian maid who was in front of a room. Luna greeted Victor with a gesture of respect and left the front of the door. Victor opened the door and entered the room, and inside that room was :

Natashia, Violet, Ruby, Scathach, and Sasha.

”Ugh, why was I dreaming like I was being buried under a mountain? ” Natashia asked herself as she touched her head.

”Isn ’t it because your daughter is too fat? ” Violet flashed a smile.

”I ’m not fat! ” Sasha growled at Violet.

”…Hmm… ” Natashia looked at Sasha ’s breast area and said, ”Make sense. ”

Veins started popping in Sasha ’s head, ”If you ’re talking about fat, look at those two women! ” She pointed to a spot.

Seeing Sasha pointing at them, ”…? ” Scathach and Ruby both wore confused expressions.

Seeing the assets hanging perfectly in front of the two women with no visible signs of sagging whatsoever, Natashia swallowed hard and said:

”Sugoi Dekai… ”

”Hmm, Hmm! ” She waved several times.

”… ” Ruby narrowed her eyes and looked at Natashia:

”Where did you learn those words? ”

”I was going through my daughter ’s stuff, and when I watched the movie, I saw that the heroine was wearing these clothes, so when I went to look up the meaning on the internet, I saw a lot of people saying that when looking at women with big breasts. ” Natashia explained step by step what she did.

”… ” What is this great adventure?

More important! She casually invaded her daughter ’s privacy…

”You were checking my stuff!? ”

”Of course? ” Natashia didn ’t understand why Sasha was angry.

She was speechless when she saw her mother ’s oblivious expression.

Veins started popping in Sasha ’s head, ”You shouldn ’t do that! What about my privacy!? ”

”Privacy? What ’s that? Can you eat it? ”

”…Mother… ” Sasha ’s eyes were glowing blood red, as she clearly didn ’t like that answer.

”I mean, it ’s a mother ’s custom to check daughters ’ things. Look at Scathach, she always knows where her daughters are and what they ’re doing. ”

”…? ” Scathach looked confused at Natashia, ”Why are you dragging my name into this mess? ”

”… ” Sasha looked at Scathach, and she got even angrier:

”Don ’t follow her example! ”

”I mean, Agnes does this too. Some time ago, she told me a bit of information about Victor that was in Violet ’s diary. ” Natashia was like a machine gun of truths. In fact, she was indirectly causing chaos!

”…she did what? ” Violet ’s eyes weren ’t pretty, ”That bitch… she dares… ” She walked towards the wardrobe, she was going to get her phone to call her mother.

”That is an even worse example! Don ’t follow that madwoman ’s example! ” Sasha practically screamed.

Violet stopped pacing and looked at Sasha, ”Oyy, it offends me to hear you talk about my mother in such a manner, at least she doesn ’t have two personalities! ”

”… ” Everyone looked at Violet with a blank expression.

”Are you defending your mother?… Will hell freeze over tomorrow? ” Scathach asked.

Violet felt offended, ”…I ’m not defending her, I ’m just speaking the truth! ”

”Of all the women I know, Scathach and Natashia are worse than my mother! ”

”… ” Sasha and Ruby were silent and looked at their mothers.

Remembering what the two women had done in the past, they couldn ’t help but agree. Compared to the two of them, Agnes just sat quietly in her corner as she sucked Adonis to death…

Nod, Nod.

The two nodded in agreement with Violet.

”Don ’t agree with her! I ’m not as crazy as Scathach. ” Natashia growled.

”…I don ’t mind being called crazy, but…Woman, why are you always putting my name in the conversation? ” Scathach looked at Natashia with accusing looks.

Natashia seems to think for a while, and then she says, ”… Force of habit? ”

”… ” Scathach was speechless. Does this woman want to be spanked?

”What? You want to fight? ” Natashia showed a big smile; she was stronger, you know? She took her husband ’s blood, and more importantly, in the future, she will receive his love!

That is equivalent to a 1000% strength boost!


100000000000% strength boost!

”Oh? I would love to. ” Scathach ’s smile distorted.


The woman totally forgot one fact…

The woman in front of her also got this boost!

”… I mean, nevermind. I forgot that I have to take care of my black cats. ”

”Tsk, don ’t run away, coward. ”

”But it ’s not fair! You ’ve been getting love longer than I have! Of course, you are stronger! ”

”…? ” Scathach looked confused at Natashia, ”What do you mean by love? ”

’UGH! DENSE MOTHER FUCKER!! ’ Natashia ruffled her hair.

”…What is this chaos? ” Eleanor asked with an expressionless face and continued, ”And more importantly… Why is everyone in just their panties? ” She could see that everyone was in their underwear, except for Ruby.

”…? ” The girls looked towards the door, and finally, they seemed to notice the presence of Victor, Eleanor, and… Ophis?

”We just woke up. ” Natashia spoke for the group.

”More importantly, why are you still here? Shouldn ’t you be going home? ” Violet asked.

”… ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes. She wanted to say a lot of things to Violet now, but not wanting to cause trouble, she said:

”I was on my way home when he asked me to come here. ” Eleanor pointed at Victor.

”… ” The girls narrowed their eyes at Victor.

”Darling…again? ” Violet asked.

Nod, Nod.

The girls nodded and agreed with Violet.

”…? ” Victor looked at Violet, confused.

”But I didn ’t do anything? ”

”You haven ’t done anything ’YET ’, right? ” Violet ’s eyes were scary!

But this did not affect Victor:

”Unfortunately, I haven ’t had the opportunity to do anything with you guys yet, and I ’ve owed Sasha a date for over a year. ”

”…Eh? ” Violet was speechless, and when she thought of Victor ’s words, a perverted smile couldn ’t help but appear on her face.

”Speaking of which, we haven ’t done it in a while… ” Her eyes began to glow blood red.

”…We have to fix that, right? ” He laughed.

”Of course… ” Violet agreed without a second thought.

”…Did he get better at changing the subject? ” Sasha looked at Ruby.

”He was always like that. ” Ruby retorted.

”Anna ’s teachings, huh? ”

”Indeed. ” Ruby nodded in agreement.

”More importantly… ” Ruby walked up to Violet and tapped her on the head, creating an ice baseball bat.


She hit Violet on the head.

”Ouch! What was that for!? ” Violet looked at Ruby accusingly.

”There are children here. ” She pointed at Ophis, who was looking at everyone with a neutral expression.

Seeing all the girls looking at her, she raised her hand as if waving.

”…Oh. ” Violet totally forgot about the little girl.

”Back to the subject, what do you want, Victor? ” Scathach asked.

”Oh, I came to inform you that I am going to Eleanor ’s in a week. ”

”Ohh… ” These were the girls ’ reactions, and then:

”She lives in the countryside, right? We need to buy bug repellent. ” Violet spoke.

”Which repellent? ” Sasha asked.

”Those big ones, after all, the place where she lives is very desolate, no soul lives there, only flies… Bush, plants, and trees… And flies. ”

”Flies are annoying… ” Ruby said.

”Yes… ” Violet agreed.

Veins began to pop in Eleanor ’s head:

”You make it seem like I live at the end of the world! ”

”But is it not true? ” Violet looked at Eleanor with a wordless expression.

”I don ’t live in such an isolated place! ”

”Do you have stores in that place? ” Violet started to ask with a smile on her face.

”… ” Eleanor was silent since she didn ’t want to answer because she knew that Violet wanted to provoke her again.

”Anyway, why are you only going in a week? ” Eleanor asked Victor.

”Oh, like I said, I want to spend more time with the girls, and I need to go on a date with Sasha. ”

”Darling… ” Sasha flashed a small smile when she saw that Victor hadn ’t forgotten about her, which was something impossible to happen.

”HI, HI! I want a date too! ” Natashia flashed a big smile.

He showed a small smile, ”…Sure. ” He thought it was a good time to talk to her when they went on a date.

An even bigger smile appeared on Natashia ’s face, and she said, ”YESSSS! ” She didn ’t hide her happiness.

”…Mother… ” Sasha just looked at her mother with a blank expression. She wanted to say many things, but when she saw her mother ’s happy face, she just… 


’Fate is a bitch. ’ She thought.

Victor looked to the side, and he flashed a small smile when he saw Scathach ’s annoyed face.

”…Scathach. ”

”Hmm? ” She looked at Victor.

”I haven ’t forgotten about our training. ”

”…Oh… ” Scathach ’s annoyed face became a normal one, and soon a small smile appeared on her face, ”I see… It ’s good that you didn ’t forget. ”

”… ” Eleanor stared at this open-mouthed in shock, she rubbed her eyes several times, and even then, she couldn ’t accept the reality in front of her.

Scathach Scarlett, the strongest female vampire in the world, a cruel woman who could freeze the world at any moment, the woman everyone feared, even at the mention of her name…

But in front of this man…

This woman…

’SHE BECAME A TEENAGE GIRL!? WHAT THE FUCK!? ’ Eleanor wanted to scream right now.


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