My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 213 - 213: I Found You.

Seeing Maria approaching him, Carlos said:

”In the end… Is this my end? ”

Maria showed a big smile, on the woman ’s face you couldn ’t see even an ounce of emotion, the only thing that appeared on her face was hunger…

A long time ago, she was overcome by her hunger.

That was inevitable since she suffered great damage, and her body needed nutrients.

Yes! Victor ’s blood was a top-notch delicacy, but Maria knew that she had only obtained a few drops of Victor ’s blood purely for Sasha ’s sake, Victor wouldn ’t give his blood willingly.

And she also knew that she was only alive because of Sasha. Victor would ’ve readily let her die at that time, and she would never forget that man ’s smile when he saw her slowly lose her life.

That smile deeply touched Maria ’s heart, reminding her of how scary Victor could be.

A cruel being, a being who had no mercy, and at the same time, a being who took care of those close to him.

It was because of that last trait that she couldn ’t completely hate Victor because if you looked at it from his POV, she was just an enemy.

”Wrong, this is just the beginning. ” Maria cracked her neck.

”I ’ll use you until I ’m completely satisfied… ” Her mouth started to drip.

”I ’m starving, and I haven ’t been completely satisfied for several days. ”

”…Sigh, you really have become a creature of hell. ”

Maria showed a sneer, ”The same can be said of you, Carlos. ”

”…Hahaha, you might be correct. ” He sighed at the end.

Maria stopped in front of him.

Looking at the monster in front of her who was once the person he loved most, Carlos said:

”Do it. ”

Maria opened her mouth wide and bit a big chunk of Carlos ’ neck as she tore his flesh and pulled out a big chunk of meat.


Blood splashed on Maria ’s face, but she didn ’t care, as her smile just grew, but at the same time, her smile grew, a small imperceptible tear fell from her face. When she bit Carlos, something that was left inside her shattered completely.

Soon she opened her mouth again and bit another piece of flesh from Carlos ’s body.

’Disgusting…as expected that man ’s blood is better, but…I can satisfy my hunger. ’ She thought as she swallowed Carlos ’ flesh.

Despite feeling immense pain, despite feeling something inside him break when he saw Maria feeding on him, he didn ’t scream or cry.

He just accepted it all as inevitable. That was the fate of those who lost a war… Death.

As if it were a movie that was playing at high speed, Carlos saw his whole life flash by in an instant while he focused his memories on two children running from adults while holding food in his hand.

’Although it was a hard life… It was a good life… ’ Then, as he was closing his eyes to fall into unconsciousness, he suddenly woke up.

”Huh? ” He looked at Maria incomprehensibly and saw that his body was healing at a high speed.

”Why the surprise? ” Maria ’s smile grew.

”I said it, right? I ’m so hungry, I won ’t let you die so easily. ”

Maria made a gesture with her hands, it was as if she was grabbing the air, and with a small use of her strength, all of Carlos ’ limbs fell to the ground.


This time, he couldn ’t take the pain, but like a determined man, he bit his tongue and stopped himself from screaming anymore.


Maria thrust her hand into Carlos ’ stomach and pulled his liver out, while she opened her mouth wide and swallowed it whole.

”… ” Sasha watched the spectacle in front of her with neutral eyes. As she watched the enemies who killed her mother sinking further into the bottomless pit, she felt immense satisfaction, and it was like a weight was being lifted from her shoulders.

’I avenged you, Mother… ’

But even though she was feeling this satisfaction, she couldn ’t smile…

The sight of Maria eating Carlos in front of her didn ’t make her smile. She had a naive thought that if it were possible, she didn ’t want it to end like this.

At the end of the day, she is still a kind woman.

She just couldn ’t enjoy this horror show in front of her…

But despite having these thoughts running through her head, she never stopped looking at the show in front of her.


Because that was her responsibility, she caused it, and she must see it through to the end.

Despite being a kind woman, she was also a very responsible woman, and these two traits appeared quite strangely in this situation.

As she watched the show in front of her, she felt someone tap her shoulder.

She turned her face and saw Victor.

”…Darling. ”

Seeing his wife ’s lifeless look, Victor ’s heart filled with worry. He didn ’t say anything and just pulled her into a hug and said:

”Stop. ”

”…Darling? ”

Victor took Sasha ’s face and lifted a little, while he looked into Sasha ’s lifeless eyes and said:

”Don ’t force yourself. Like I said before, you ’re a kind woman. This kind of dirty sight doesn ’t suit you. ”

”… What are you talking about? ”

Victor caressed Sasha ’s cheek a little and said with a small smile, ”Stubborn as always. ”

”… ” Sasha was silent.

”You mentioned your grandmother to me, right? ” This happened after the incident in which Kaguya was injured.

”… Carmila Fulger? ”

”How did you describe her? ”

”A woman who had the personality of a knight… ” She remembered saying something like that.

”In a way, Honey. You are just like her. ”

”…Huh? ”

”A noble woman, a direct and reckless woman, sometimes responsible, and above all, a kind woman. ” He stroked Sasha ’s head.

”… ” Sasha opened her eyes wide.

”Because of that, you don ’t have to try hard. You ’ve already avenged your mother, that ’s enough. ”

”… But-. ” She was going to say that it was her responsibility to watch until the end.

”Shhh… ”

”This is enough. ”

Victor ’s eyes began to glow blood red, ”Just sleep like a baby, okay? Tomorrow when you wake up, everything that bothers you will disappear. ”

”Wait—. ” Sasha was going to say something but couldn ’t. She felt her eyes heavy and slowly began to fall into the world of unconsciousness.

Victor took Sasha into his arms like a princess and lifted her up. He stared at his wife ’s face for a long time in silence, while several thoughts seemed to be going through his head at this moment.

But the main one was, ’She needs to rest. ’

”… You are very kind, Victor… But, you know that one day, she will not be able to continue with this personality. ” Natashia spoke with neutrality.

”Just like me, she ’s going to have to get her hands dirty. One day, she ’s going to have to wake up and see that this world is a worse place than what she believes. ” She spoke while looking at Maria and then looked at Victor again.

Victor looked at Natashia with lifeless eyes.

”… ” Natashia ’s whole body shook when she saw Victor ’s gaze.

”You ’re wrong. ”

”…Oh? ”

”She doesn ’t have to deal with the filth of the world, I ’m here for that. ”

”None of my wives have to deal with the rot. They just need to be as they are…beautiful, bloodthirsty, and immaculate. ”

”The rest? ” Victor ’s smile grew so abnormally that it looked like his whole face distorted.

”I ’ll take care of the rest. ”

”… ” She opened her mouth wide in shock.

A demonic creature was standing in front of her. When you think of demons, you think of cruel and evil beings who do everything to satisfy their desires.

And that was the impression an ordinary person would get of this man now.

But… To Natashia, he looked like something else.

He looked like a gentle demon… Wrong, he was just a husband worried about his wife… 

”I see… ” She closed her eyes a little and smiled gently, ”I ’m jealous of Sasha, I wish I had met someone like you in the past. ” This time, she didn ’t say it with ulterior motives. Those were really her honest thoughts.

And slowly, the obsession she already had with Victor started to grow, as each time she got to know him more, she felt that what she was looking for was right in front of her.

Victor walked towards Natashia and handed Sasha to her.

”… ” Natashia picked up Sasha carefully and looked at her daughter.

’She was so small… Now, she ’s this big… ’ She sighed a little sadly when she imagined that she missed her daughter ’s childhood because of her other personality.

Victor lifted Natashia ’s chin and made the woman look at him.

”… ” She looked into Victor ’s lifeless eyes. She felt that if she stared into those eyes for too long, she would be sucked into that abyss in his eyes, but… She didn ’t care about that since she would gladly jump into that abyss.

”I ’m watching you. ”

”!!! ”Natashia ’s entire body visibly shook, and her eyes widened.

Victor didn ’t need to specify what he was talking about, Natashia already knew what it was.

Victor turned and walked towards Maria:

”Before you think of me, you must think of your daughter. ”

”Never forget that, now more than ever, she deserves to have a good mother close to her. ”

”… ” Again, her whole body shook, as she seemed to have received two surprises at the same time, if before her obsession started to grow, now her obsession exploded like a nuclear bomb.

But most of all, the desire to be with her daughter grew even more. She looked at Sasha, while she caressed Sasha ’s cheek a little and said:

”… You are correct… My daughter needs me… She needs me… She needs me. ” Like a broken record, she began to repeat that phrase.

On top of her obsession with Victor, her maternal side began to take on the same height as her obsession. Now more than ever, she wanted Victor and wanted to be close to her daughter.

A good vampire always chooses both options, she never chooses just one!


Because they are greedy beings!

Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Natashia ’s gaze out of the corner of his eye:

”…Good. ”

”Natashia, take Sasha to her room. ” Victor made a request.

”Yes, I will take her. ” Natashia didn ’t want her daughter to stay here.

When Natashia left, and the door was closed, Victor looked at the door, and for a few seconds, his eyes seemed to glow blood red, and then the entire door was frozen solid.

He looked at Maria, who was literally eating Carlos, who was doing his best not to scream.

”Maria. ”

”!!! ” Maria suddenly woke up from her stupor and looked at Victor.

”You greedy Maid, you ’re doing a bad job. He ’s not suffering. ”

”…Eh? ”

”Come here. ”

Victor called her towards him.

”… ” Maria didn ’t think much, she just nodded her head and walked towards Victor.

Carlos opened his tired eyes and looked at Maria, but he couldn ’t stay conscious for long and fell into unconsciousness.

As if by magic, his body began to regenerate again.

Victor ignored Carlos as he lifted Maria ’s chin and said while his eyes glowed blood red, ”Because you ’re a flawed vampire, you get lost easily in emotions, so you can ’t do your job properly. ”

He didn ’t seem bothered by the blood on Maria ’s face.

He raised his finger and collected all the blood from Maria ’s clothes in a small sphere in the air, and soon that sphere entered his body.

”I ’m sorry. ” She didn ’t know why she was apologizing, but she felt she ought to apologize.

”Hmm? Why are you apologizing? ”

”I don ’t know, I just thought I should apologize. ” She spoke honestly.

”… You are afraid of me? ”

”… ” Maria ’s body trembled, and she answered honestly:

”Yes. ”

”That is good. ” Victor ’s smile grew:

”Never forget that fear. ” He caressed her face gently, ”The day you think about betraying Sasha, the day you get lost in the gluttony for food, don ’t forget that fear, that fear will be the motivation that will make you avoid attacking my wife, My Maid. ”

’My Maid…? Then he-. ’

Maria ’s thoughts were interrupted when Victor hugged her, and soon she felt something bite her neck.

”Ahhh~. ” Unconsciously, she closed her legs around Victor ’s waist and wrapped her arm around his neck.

She was feeling something change in her, something that already existed inside her was slowly merging with something that Victor had thrown into her, and it was like the circle of Yin and Yang.

These two ’somethings ’ have completely merged.

But something was still missing, she opened her mouth and bit Victor ’s neck!

Gulp, Gulp.

Drinking that delicious blood straight from the source, that something that had fused together began to change, that began to turn into something more robust, something special.

For the first time in several months… She felt complete in every way possible.

’Ahhh~. Now, I understand… I understand why this man ’s Maids are so obsessed with him. ’ Maria always felt strange when she saw Bruna and Eve looking at Victor with such obsessive eyes, but now she could understand why they were like that.

In Maria ’s vision, she could see, the man in front of her was the ’beginning ’ of everything. For the first time in her life, she understood the meaning of the ’god ’ that that man lying on the floor talked so much about.

Ironically, Maria, the hunter of the Inquisition, had to go through this whole journey to understand the meaning of ’god ’.

Did she think Carlos was her god? How absurd! He was meaningless!

How could she call that man a god!? Was she blind?

Maria ’s skin began to take on a healthier, paler hue, the scars that looked like a crater had completely disappeared, while her blonde hair had loosened and grown a bit and taken on a more vivid color, and just like the other Eve and Bruna ’s eyes, Maria ’s eyes hers took on a permanent blood-red hue.

She looked at Victor, and for the first time in a long time, she felt at peace, a peace she never wanted to lose again, a look of obsession appeared on her face, and she thought:

’My Master… ’


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