My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 200 - 200: Discoveries.

Today was a quiet ’morning ’ in Nightingale, as the vampires from Clan Horseman territory woke up and were about to go about their daily routine.

What was the daily routine of these vampires who can live thousands of years?

Well, older vampires will seek ’entertainment ’ with their wives or even chat and gossip about whatever subject they are interested in talking about.

But most of the time, the older vampires were practicing dual cultivation with their wives since there isn ’t much better entertainment than sex.

You can always invent something new and have fun.

Although some older vampires liked to read books and acquire more knowledge, but… These were the vampires who had the nickname ’Sage. ’

Why sage? Well, even though it ’s been several years, and they ’ve reached the age that ’s considered old by vampires. (1000 years old).

They still haven ’t experienced the forbidden pleasure since they were too busy with other things, like reading books, acquiring knowledge, following Japanese and Korean idols, and practicing the art of petting the goose that by that time has already reached the divine domain…

They are the real ones. Sages of the modern age…

Younger vampires who are poorer will go looking for jobs since they can ’t be bums forever.

And jobs are not lacking in Nightingale. After all, there is always something to do since, as immortal vampires, they are always looking for ways to be entertained and not sit still, considering that if they stay put and do nothing all day, then how will that be any different than not living at all?

Although the most lucrative jobs were the ones where you needed to get your hands ’dirty ’.

But it ’s a shame that vampires who go looking for jobs are the minority since most vampires who have lived for a long time have a ’small ’ amount of accumulated wealth.

And what are the descendants of these vampires going to do with that money?

Work and earn more?

Maybe seek out a female vampire and strengthen your clan by raising offspring?

Or maybe go after subordinates to make the Clan stronger?

The answer to all these questions was…


Yes, they won ’t do anything…

How can descendants of noble vampires who have a ’small ’ amount of money even think about working?

Of course, they are not going to work since, like a real young master, they are going to spend that money!

They will go to brothels in search of forbidden pleasures. Apparently, some hostesses from a particular area of ​​Clan Horseman territory have some very peculiar techniques that can make any vampire reach the ’heavens ’ in less than a few minutes.

They have a divine mouth… And a cave that could defeat even an incubus.

Those were the rumors, they didn ’t know if they were true, but they would definitely go there.

Some noble vampires will go to the cinema to watch the newest movies, like the Marvel series, especially the most recent one where three spiders will be participating. Some younger vampires are particularly excited about this movie.

They even bought several t-shirts with a spider ’s logo on them and went to the movies.

Some looking for exotic entertainment would go look for ’humans ’ to sample their blood.

It was an ordinary ’morning ’ in Nightingale, and everyone was doing their business until…

Rumble, Rumble.


”Hmm? ” Some vampires look at the house of Clan Horseman.

”What was that noise? ”

A small commotion began to take place with the vampires near the Clan Horseman mansion.

”Was that the sound of lightning? ” A woman asked.

”Yes. ”

”Hmm…But I don ’t see rain clouds anywhere. ” A younger vampire spoke as he looked up at the sky.

Today it was a clear sky, without any clouds.

An older vampire stroked his beard and said, ”It ’s not rainy season yet, so… the only thing I can think of is that former Countess Annatashia must have made her move. ”

”Stop using your powers for something useless like this! ” A woman attacked the older man ’s head with a black pot.


”Ouch… ” The older Vampire holds his head, and soon his appearance starts to change to that of a 30-year-old adult.

”Woman, let me have some fun, this is why I want to get divorced-! ”

”What did you say…? ” The woman ’s eyes glittered dangerously, and she wore a smile very similar to the one Violet gave Victor sometimes.

”… You are beautiful today. ” He displayed a small forced smile.

”Ara, thank you. ” The woman displayed a loving smile.

”… ” The crowd that saw this only thought one thing.

’He is dominated by his wife…poor man… ’

”Anyway-. ” The 30-year-old looking man looked like he was going to say something, but suddenly.


All vampires look at Clan Horseman ’s mansion and see a small cloud of lightning forming in the sky.

Strangely… golden lightning was falling in the area of the Clan horseman mansion, which means…

”Yes, it ’s definitely the former countess. ” The man spoke.

”Things are getting interesting again, what should we do? ”

”What a silly question… We will gossip of course! ” The man ’s wife spoke.

”Ohhh, you ’re right! ” The crowd seemed to get excited.

”Let everyone know that the former countess is making her move! ” Someone suddenly yelled.

”Yes! ”

… They sure have a lot of free time.

”Ara… ” Natashia displays a smile that shows all her sharp teeth.

”Father… ” Einer spoke in a neutral tone, but with some emotion in it, his father helped him! Did a miracle happen…?

He can ’t help but feel suspicious.

”You finally showed up. I thought I ’d have to rip all your descendants ’ heads off for you to show up. ”

”… ” Niklaus Horseman just fell silent as he held the woman ’s wrist with an annoyed look in his glowing blood-red eyes.

”What do you want-. ” He was going to ask something but was interrupted by Natashia.

”First, let go of my hand. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia ’s other hand begins to be covered by lightning, and soon a lightning blade is created from her fist.

She attacks Niklaus ’ hand, but the man quickly lets go of the woman ’s hand and backs away.

”The only one who can touch my body is my husband. ”

’Husband…? ’ For a few seconds Niklaus ’ expression twitched a little since he didn ’t know this crazy woman was remarried.

And if he doesn ’t know, that means something ’s wrong, he ’s pretty sure he ’s ordered his subordinates to watch Clan Fulger, and he knows that crazy woman has killed all her husbands, but why is she talking about husbands again?

No wonder Niklaus doesn ’t know anything. He asked someone to watch the Fulger mansion and report anything ’important ’ and not report useless stuff.

After all, of all the counts, Annastahia Fulger was the woman who did the most random things, and he didn ’t want to be bothered by a ’useless ’ subject.

His spy reported the rumor about Natashia and the new Count Alucard to Niklaus.

But this information never reached him since, when they were triaging to separate the vital information and send it to Count Niklaus, this information was dismissed as a ’rumor ’.

’I need to review the reports again. ’ He thought to himself, while he flashed a small smile:

”To what do I owe your visit-. ” Niklaus was about to say something again, but he was interrupted by Natashia.

”I want a game for the title of vampire count, you and I will fight. I don ’t want a fight between our descendants, it ’s you and me that will fight. ” She repeated herself to accentuate what she wanted, and at the same time as she waved her hand in disgust.

’Ugh, should I rip that arm off? This disgusting man has touched me, I feel contaminated… But I will stain my beautiful dress again… Sigh ’

”…Fine… ” Niklaus ’ eyes twitched again since he didn ’t like being interrupted several times: 

”Why are you- ” He was going to ask something again but was suddenly surprised by Natashia ’s movement.

”Whatever. ” She cuts her arm off.

”… Eh? ” The only one who reacted to this strange situation was Einer.

A few seconds passed, and suddenly her arm that had fallen to the ground dissolves in blood and flows back into her arm again.

”Now I feel better. ” She exhibited a small satisfied smile. She finally didn ’t feel contaminated anymore!

’This garbage, I ’ll kill him for it in the future, just wait… ’

This woman is definitely not right in her head…

”… ”

”What? ” She looked at the man who was looking at her with a strange look.

”Why did you do that? ” He can ’t help but ask out of curiosity.

”I felt disgusted when you touched me, so, because of that, I had to rip my arm off. Now that all the impurities from your touch are gone, I feel much better. ” She nodded several times in satisfaction.

”… ” A vein popped in Niklaus ’ head.

”I-. ” Niklaus was going to say something again.

”Oh, the game will start in three days, tomorrow I will announce it to everyone from Nightingale. ”

But he was interrupted again:

”…Huh? ” That was the only thing that seemed to cross Niklaus ’ mind.

”The contents of the bet will be as follows, I want the title of vampire count, you must bet that. And, in return, I will stake my Clan ’s divine treasure. ”

”Wha-. ”eyes Niklaus ’ opened wide, he couldn ’t believe what he was hearing right now.

”Yes, I have a divine treasure that was created by the dwarves of Norse mythology. Actually, the treasure is not mine, it ’s my mother ’s, but as I ’m her heir, it ’s mine now. ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Natashia ’s body begins to crackle with lightning.

”The game starts in three days, don ’t forget… Ah, no need to wash the mansion. Since you guys moved in, I ’ll make sure to burn it all down and build a new one.

”I ’ll talk to you guys later. ”


Natashia ascends to the skies and, when she got high enough, she flew towards somewhere.

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room.

Einer silently looked up into his father ’s face, which was covered in popping veins.

”That bitch, she wouldn ’t let me say anything. ” Surprisingly, he said it out loud while looking very frustrated.

”…What are you going to do, Father? ” Einer seemed to ask carefully. After all, his father ’s mood was not so good now.

”I will accept, of course, I can ’t refuse in the face of a challenge. That ’s the rule of being a vampire count. ” Niklaus turned around.

’And the content of the bet isn ’t too bad either, but… ’ He looked at his hands a little and realized that it was still damaged.

’That woman seemed to have gotten stronger, so I need to be careful when facing her… In the latter case, I can use ’that ’ although… The king will definitely attend this event since, unlike before, it will be two older vampires fighting. ’ Niklaus ’ head started to spin, thinking of several things he should do and plan.

But he also didn ’t forget something:

”Einer, now that you ’ve woken up, pack your things and come to the lab, I need to update you. ”

”Yes, Father. ”

As she flew through the Nightingale sky.

Natashia was thinking of something.

’I solved this problem. Now… I must fetch the treasure that is in my daughter ’s possession, and afterwards, I must go back to the game… ’ She flashed a loving smile. ’I will be able to see my husband! ’

’Ah, but first, I must warn them about the game against that old man. ’ Natashia looked at a building and then descended from the sky towards that building.

She then entered the building casually.

”Wha- ”

”Countess AnnatashIa Fulger! ”

”Tsk, Tsk. I ’m an Ex-Countess now… For now, that is. ” She displayed a small evil smile at the end.

”!!! ” The vampires in the building ’s eyes widened in surprise.

”That means-. ” A vampire was about to say something, but he was interrupted by Natashia.

”Bitches, I came here to let you know that there ’s going to be a game between Clan Horseman and me. So put that all over the papers, okay? ”

Seeing the gaze of the vampires, Natashia nodded in satisfaction.

”Good, I ’m leaving now. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia disappeared in the blink of an eye, and the only thing everyone could see was the lightning trails that were left behind, but they soon disappeared.

”… ” This woman, can ’t she listen to people!? Some people wanted to scream it.

”WHOAAAAAA, this is great news! Put it in all the newspapers now! Make the headline as sensational as possible! ” The vampire in charge of the newspaper Natashia visited was very excited.

”YEAH! ” Everyone was influenced by his excitement.

Again in the skies of Nightingale…

’Okay, I solved this problem… Now, I must visit my husband! ’ 

’I mean, I must get my family ’s treasure! ’

’But visiting my husband is more important! ’

Suddenly Natashia stops flying while she looks at the clouds with a strange face.

”Where is my husband ’s house again? ”

”… ” A moment of silence fell around.

Natashia ’s brain was spinning at an amazing speed, and in the end, she decided something.

She looks towards Snow Clan territory.

”That woman must know. ”

If you don ’t know something, just ask the one who does! That was her thinking!

Rumble, Rumble.

Natashia flies towards Snow Clan territory.


Three sonic booms were heard as she accelerated even faster.

’Agnes, I will visit you, Bitch! ’

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