My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 199 - 199: A Normal Day In Nightingale?

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room as everyone was processing the words Ruby spoke.

Victor looked at the experiments and spoke.

”Burn it all. ”

”Huh…? ” Ruby didn ’t expect this answer from Victor.

Sasha and Violet stop thinking about something and look at Victor.

”Or take it all. ” Victor looked at Ruby and said:

”Choose. ”

”…Huh? ” Why is he giving the decision to me? Ruby did not understand what was going on.

”My honey. You found it, so you decide the fate of this place. ” Victor spoke in a heavy tone that held no emotion.

”… ” Ruby opened her mouth a little in shock. She didn ’t expect him to leave the decision in her hands.

”This place… ” Victor looked around, his eyes glowing blood red, ”It disgusts me. ”

”If it was me, this place would already be destroyed, but… ” Victor looked at Ruby again:

”You must decide that. ”

”…I… ” Ruby seemed to be hesitating a bit, things were moving too fast, and she didn ’t have time to process the best decisions.

”… ” Victor displayed an imperceptible small smile when he saw Ruby thinking.

”No need to think too much, Honey. Do you want this place or not? ” He hurried her a little.

”…I want… ” She looked at Victor, ”This place is interesting… ” She was honest.

”Tell me your thoughts. Why do you want this place? ” Victor asked as he stared into Ruby ’s eyes.

”…I want to… ” Ruby swallows hard since, for some reason, she found this all very difficult to say, ”I want to know more about the research of these hybrids. And, by studying about it, I can avoid someone using your blood as an experiment. I want a base of operations in the human world, a place where I can do whatever I want. ”

Victor exhibited a small, gentle smile:

”So Be it. ” Victor takes off his protective mask.

”Darling!? Don ’t do that, this place might have some viruses that can affect vampires! ” Ruby warned Victor

”I have a bad feeling about this… ” Violet suddenly spoke as she looked at Victor.

”…? ” Sasha and Ruby didn ’t understand why Violet said that.

A small flame is created in Victor ’s hand, and soon he says:

”Explode. ”

”Wha-, ” The explosion Ruby had been expecting didn ’t happen, and instead,

A small eruption of heat rose in the air and seemed to burn off all the ’air ’ in the place.

Victor points his hand at the ceiling and freezes the lab ’s fire systems.

”Done. ” Soon, he looks towards the laboratory.

”…As usual, he is casually doing ridiculous things, ” Ruby spoke as she understood what Victor had just done. He just purified up and burned all the ’air ’.

”Having all of our powers is also a great injustice, it ’s like the union of our clans. ” Sasha pouted.

”But… This is our Darling! ”

”Indeed. ” The three spoke at the same time.

Victor ’s eyes glow blood red:

”My Maids. ”

The moment he said that, his shadow grew, and soon three women wearing Maid uniforms stepped out of his shadows.

”Master. ” The three spoke at the same time.

Victor pointed to the spot, ”Take everything of value, take all specimens, take all documents, everything my wife decides is important should be transported to my basement. ”

”…Wha-, ” Bruna was speechless with Victor ’s request, wasn ’t that a very irrational request!?

”Yes, Master. ” Eve and Kaguya spoke at the same time.

”Fast! ” Bruna was impressed with the girls ’ response speed.

Eve didn ’t quite understand Victor ’s purpose, but she would do as he asked.

And Kaguya would just do what Victor asked. After all, a Maid must fulfill all the selfish wishes of the master.

Victor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a card.

”How do I use this? ” Victor spoke as he looked at Violet.

Violet opened her eyes a little since she had forgotten about June ’s card.

”…Just call her name, she ’ll show up with some bullshit magic. ”

”Okay… ” Victor pretended he understood, but he didn ’t understand at all. What do you mean just call her name?

Victor looks at the golden card and says:

”June, I have a job that will make you money-. ” He didn ’t even have to finish his sentence and then:


A large magic circle appeared in front of Victor, and soon a woman with long black hair and golden eyes appeared.

”Hey, Hey, Hey~. I hear you have a job for me!? ”

”What services of this humble witch of greed can satisfy Count Alucard ’s desire? ” She bowed with a noble gesture.

”It ’s simple. Take everything of value, take everything my wife says is useful and transport it to my basement. My Maids will help you in the process. ”

”You can do it? ”

”Oh… I see, I see, I see. ” June looked around with her eyes shining while she seemed to be assessing the place.

”It ’s easy, I ’ll just need to destroy some annoying enchantments, and voilà, I can take it all. ”

”Good. ” Victor turns and walks towards the exit:

”Violet and Sasha. ”

”Darling? ”

”When they finish… ”

”Nuke this place. ”

”…Huh? ” They don ’t understand anything. What did he mean by Nuke in this place!? They don ’t have an atomic bomb, you know!?

”W-Wait, Darling, I want this place-. ”

”I won ’t allow it. ” Victor looked at Ruby with his eyes glowing blood red.

”Eh? ”

”I won ’t leave my beloved wife in this lair reeking of dogs and mongrels, the basement of my house is a cleaner place, just get everything important, and Nuke this place. ”

”… ” Why does he sound like a thief!? And more importantly, what is this Nuke story!?

’Darling… He ’s a tsundere, huh? He just doesn ’t want to be away from me! ’ Ruby exhibited a small, gentle smile.

”Master… How are they going to nuke this place? ” Eve asked curiously.

Nod, Nod!

Sasha, Violet, and Bruna seemed to nod their heads furiously since they wanted to understand this as well.

Victor looked at his Maid, ”…My Maid, Eve. Don ’t you understand that? ”

”I do not understand. ” She responded with the same neutral tone as she continued to look at Victor.

”I see… ” Victor exhibited a small smile, ”Then I ’ll teach you. ”

”Gather all the chemicals in this place, in one location. ” Victor started making hand gestures as if he were teaching a child.

”When everyone is away from this place, Violet will just set everything on fire, and… ”

”And…? ”


”This whole place is going to be destroyed, ” Victor explained with an innocent smile.

”… ” What is this shitty explanation!? That ’s not how things work! Ruby and Bruna had a lot to comment on what Victor talked about now.

”I see… ” Violet and Eve spoke at the same time.

’I must take pesticides and fuels like gasoline, alcohol, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas. Acids, bases, and alkalis should help too… I ’m going to put everything in a lab, and a satisfying explosion should occur. ’

’Maybe if I find a little Nitroglycerin, the explosion could increase even more… Maybe a little uranium, and plutonium too… ’ Even though she responded lightly, Eve ’s head was spinning too fast.

…Is she really trying to create a Nuke…?

Now that Eve ’s body was healthier, she could think about a lot and not get tired.

In contrast, Violet ’s thoughts were simpler.

’…Just burn everything, right? Okay, got it! ’

”… Did they understand…? ” Sasha ’s lips twitched a lot now.

”Ruby, you ’re smart. I know you ’ll find a way to throw this place by the wayside, destroy everything. ”

”… ” Ruby nodded as she thought of a way to blow this place up, ’Wait… ’ But the moment she realized she was thinking this, she quickly looked at Victor, who was walking towards the exit.

”Darling, what are you going to do? ”

”I will investigate this place further, I still can ’t see some hidden places down here, ” Victor spoke as his eyes glowed blood red while he looked to the side and saw a spot he couldn ’t see with his special eyes.

”I see…Oh…be careful, Darling. This place may still be under surveillance. After all, before entering this place, I saw several cameras, but don ’t worry- ” Ruby was going to say that she had already destroyed everything and that the area where she was with the girls was completely safe.

”Oh…? ” A cold air started to come out of Victor ’s body, he didn ’t like it one bit when he heard that someone was watching them, he breathed and exhaled a little, and everyone could see a little cold air coming out of his mouth.

”In that case. ”

”… ” June slowly approaches Violet and stands behind her.

The magic circles on Victor ’s glove start to glow crazily:

”This place will become a new ice age. ” Victor snaps his finger.


A cold air left Victor ’s body and spread all over the place.

Suddenly, the whole place turned to pure ice and, to prove his control of the ice, he ignored the specimens and the files. He just froze the floor and wall of the whole place.

”He ’s overreacting again… ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha spoke again.

”… ” Kaguya, Eve, and Bruna exhibited a small smile when they saw the way Victor does things.

”Done. ” Victor starts walking again.

”Oh, wait! I ’ll go with you! ” Sasha jumped up and ran towards Victor since she didn ’t want to serve as a luggage carrier. She knows the girls will abuse her because of her speed!

”Me too. ” Kaguya had the same thoughts as Sasha when Victor ordered his Maids.

He didn ’t specify who should work, and as the oldest and the hardest working Maid, she has the privilege of using that wordplay so she doesn ’t do something she doesn ’t want to.

Definitely not because she wanted to be with her master.

”… Tsk. ” Violet and Ruby clicked their tongues at the same time:

”Let ’s get to work, Girls. ”

”I ’m going to want this, this, this, and that, and all these documents. ”

”Yes! ”

”Get it all together in a box-. ” Before Ruby could finish speaking, she heard something crack:


”Does this work? ” Eve spoke as she plucked a huge metal box from the wall. Apparently, the box was an empty container?

”Yes… ” Ruby nodded, but she was surprised at how quickly Eve worked.

Ruby stops looking at Eve and looks at June, ”…June, don ’t charge too much for my Husband. ”

”Oh, I know. I won ’t. ”

”…good. ” Ruby felt strange. Was this the so-called Greedy witch? Why was she not looking for more benefits…

’Oh, just having connections with a vampire count is already a huge achievement… ’ Of course, June had a connection with Violet before, but she wasn ’t a vampire count; she was the heiress of a clan that has the title of vampire count. Though she had a lot of political powers because of being from a powerful Clan, that doesn ’t compare to the power of Agnes Snow.


A woman was sitting in a rather noble red chair while wearing a white dress with black fur lining her shoulders and what looked like little black flowers lining a lace opening in the chest area that showed some of the pale woman ’s skin and her breasts that have grown due to the woman ’s power. The dress was quite noble with its vivid white on the outside and dark black trim on the edges and inner parts of the skirt.

The dress had a slit going up the right side that showed the woman ’s thick legs.

”Kid, ” The woman spoke while sensually crossing her legs:

”I ’m not here to deal with garbage like you. ”

She makes a movement with her hand.

Rumble, Rumble.


The sounds of lightning, followed by current hitting the ground, are heard.


Einer Houseman gulped.

She had a sadistic and, at the same time an annoyed, expression on her face:

”Call your father. ”

”As I ’ve said many times… He ’s not at home, he needed-. ”


The current hit Einer ’s side again, and this time it felt closer than before!

A cold sweat broke out on Einer ’s face. He couldn ’t act arrogantly in front of this woman, she ’s an older vampire, and to make matters worse, she ’s completely crazy!

”Kid…I said, bring your dad. I don ’t care where he is, what he ’s doing, or if he ’s fucking some big dick man. ”

”I want him here now. ”

’This Crazy Bitch… She doesn ’t listen to anyone!? ’ He ’s said countless times that his dad isn ’t home and, in fact, even he wants to know where his dad is! If his father were at home, he wouldn ’t be dealing with this woman.

And another thing too…

Einer looks around; ’Where ’s my twin brother!? ’ He didn ’t see Zwei Horseman anywhere. Not even his sister was home!

Einer Horseman is having the worst day of his life.

After waking up from his coma, he suddenly found that the man he ’d fought in the game against his family had become a vampire count, and to make matters worse, a few days later, this crazy woman showed up at his door.

Like, what the fuck?

How did he get count status so quickly?

Fuck! Life is fucking unfair!

”Tsk… ” Natashia ’s eyes glowed blood red, as she was clearly getting more annoyed as time went on.

’If I kill this whole family without being in a formal game, I won ’t be able to regain the title of count… but I don ’t want to wait… ’ She was very impatient.

’Fuck it, I ’m going to kill them all! Anyone who stands in the way of my happiness with my husband will die! ’

Rumble, Rumble.

Golden lightning began to cover the woman ’s body, and her hair seemed to be floating a little.

”Shit… ”


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