My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 188 - 188: A Wolf There A Wolf Here Wolves Everywhere! 2

The afternoon of that day.

A muscular man with white hair was walking along the streets near his father ’s house while he was accompanied by a woman with long blonde hair.

”Hmm… ” The man suddenly stopped walking and started looking around.

”What is it Johnny? ” Judy, the man ’s lover, asked.

”… ” He looked around and said, ”Isn ’t it too quiet? ”

”…? ” Judy didn ’t understand, she looked around and saw that they suddenly found themselves alone in the middle of the street, she was sure they were full of people a few moments ago!

”…Johnny-, ” Judy was about to say something, but suddenly Johnny said,

”Stay behind me. ”

”B-But-, ” Judy wanted to protest, but she couldn ’t.

Johnny looked back as his eyes glowed sapphire blue, ”No argument. ”

Judy ’s eyes gleamed gold for a few seconds, and she nodded, then got behind Johnny.

Despite being his lover, Johnny was still her Alpha, so she had to obey him.

Johnny looked up, felt something approaching at high speed, and soon it fell in front of him.

The explosion Johnny had been expecting didn ’t happen, as the man fell so deftly that he didn ’t even cause damage to the ground.

Soon Johnny saw a dark, white-haired man looking at him.

”Anderson… ” Johnny growled at the end.

”Jonathan Lykos, son of former General Adam William Lykos… What a disappointment you are. ”

”…Oh? ” Johnny ’s eyes twitched a little.

”Despite being the son of a former general who is a very respected man, all you have to show for it is… this. ” Anderson didn ’t even seem to have the words to describe his disappointment:

”The best genes don ’t dictate an individual ’s personality, huh? ” Anderson flashed a small disdainful smile.

He looked at the woman behind Johnny with a neutral gaze, then quickly lost interest.

”It ’s none of your business, Fucker. Worry about your own life. ” Johnny growled.

”You ’re still as foul-mouthed as ever. ”

”Fuck. Off. ”

”… ” A moment of silence fell as the two men looked at each other until Johnny asked,

”Anderson, if you are here then… ”

”Of course, an Alpha werewolf never walks alone. You should know that as you ’re one too. ”

”!!! ” Johnny looked to the top of a house and saw a dark woman looking at him with disdainful eyes, like a goddess facing a mortal.

”… ” Johnny squinted. He didn ’t like that woman ’s eyes and quickly turned his gaze.

He looked down an alley behind him, and he saw a tall man with a ponytail, then looked through a window and saw two men.

”Four people… ” He was surrounded, and he didn ’t even notice it happening.

”That ’s very little coming from someone who is the son of the werewolf king. ”

”!!! ” Judy ’s eyes widened when she heard what Johnny said.

The man ’s smile grew, ”Unlike my older brother and you, I don ’t go around collecting any garbage for my Pack, they are the best of the best. ”

”What did you say-. ” Johnny held up his hands and stopped Judy.

”Don ’t do anything. We ’re at a disadvantage, fighting now is just suicide. ” Johnny spoke in an unnaturally serious tone.

”… Tsk, coward as always. ” Anderson lost interest when he saw Johnny ’s attitude, he just wanted to test the man after a long time, and he saw that he still hadn ’t changed. He was still a coward.

’He is very different from his father. If he were his father, he would have fought not caring about anything, I like that kind of attitude better. ’ Anderson thought as he looked at Johnny.

”… ” Johnny didn ’t say anything and didn ’t mind the words of the man in front of him. Now his number one priority was the woman behind him.

”Where ’s your Alpha? ” He was talking about Johnny ’s father.

”I do not know. I don ’t care, I ’m not part of his Pack anymore. ”

”Oh…? ” Anderson looked Johnny up and down and felt that there was a little connection with him and Johnny still, which means he was still part of his father ’s Pack.

Anderson put a hand on his chin and started to think, ”Hmm… ” He seemed to have decided something.

”Johnny, you should go back to your dad ’s Pack. ” He looked at Johnny with a serious look.

”…Huh? ”

”Your current self is very weak, and remember, there are tons of beings that want to hunt us down, especially an Alpha wolf like us. ” Anderson ’s eyes gleamed sapphire blue.

Despite being arrogant, Anderson was still the son of the king, so he worried about his ’pack ’. After all, all the wolves that have a connection with his father are part of his ’pack ’, it ’s like a big family.

”Never. ” He wasn ’t going back to his father ’s Pack since he knew that, in order to go back to his father ’s Pack, he had to abandon his women, and that he would never do.

Anderson ’s eyes twitched, ”I see… You seem determined to take a path alone… ”

’If this continues, he will become an Omega… This fool, doesn ’t he know the consequences? ’

”You finished? ”

”Tsk. ” In the blink of an eye, Anderson appeared in front of Johnny and looked into Johnny ’s eyes as if he were a being capable of looking into a person ’s soul.


Johnny swallowed hard when he felt the pressure of the man in front of him; he felt very small.

”Johnny, remember. You are not an ordinary wolf, you are an Alpha. If you completely leave my father ’s Pack… ” Slowly his smile began to grow:

”We will hunt you down. ”

”… ” Johnny ’s eyes went cold.

”It ’s an unspoken rule that if an Alpha leaves my father ’s Pack, he ’ll be killed, the competition must be eliminated, that ’s how the King of Wolves works. ”

”And your father knows that. That ’s why he didn ’t say anything about your rebellion to the king. ”

”If you weren ’t stupid, you ’d have understood your father ’s intentions not to abandon you completely. ”

Anderson could more or less imagine what was going on with the former general ’s family, as this was not uncommon.

After all, as Alpha werewolves, each had an inherent pride in creating their own pack and going their own way. Hence they will disengage from the werewolf king, this was quite common.

And the werewolf king knew that. He was no fool. He knew that numbers were responsible for his strength, and because of that, he did everything to gather as many common wolves and Alpha wolves as he could find.


Anderson pats Johnny ’s chest lightly, ”Remember, Buddy. ”

”Betrayals are not allowed. You ’re either with us, or you ’re against us. ”


Soon the man disappeared with a display of impressive speed, speed that Johnny couldn ’t even follow.

When Johnny felt the eyes on his body disappear, his face turned ugly, teeth started to grow, and a pressure started to leave his body.

”Grrrrr… ” He was annoyed, but in addition to being annoyed, he was worried.

Crack, crack!

He clenched his fist so hard his bones began to break.

”Johnny!? ”

”… ” Hearing Judy ’s voice, Johnny somehow began to slowly calm down.

He took a deep breath and let the air out of his chest:

”Gather the girls. We need to talk. ” He ’s decided to do something. He was not going to sit around while others decided what he should do.

Judy nodded, and she calmed down when she saw Johnny calm down, ”…What are you going to do? ”

”Acquire information. If Anderson, the son of the werewolf king, is here, it ’s because he ’s after something or someone. ” If it ’s an object, Johnny had no idea what he would be after.

But if it ’s a person, Johnny can only think of one person: ’The new Count of the Vampires… Alucard. ’

The subject of a new count was a hot topic in the supernatural community, and the king of wolves would definitely be interested in this man.

”Come on, I ’ll take you home. ” Johnny spoke and started walking in one direction.

”Okay… ”

”What do you think, Juan? ” Anderson asked one of his subordinates while looking at Johnny from a considerable distance.

”What do you mean, Anderson? ” Juan, a tall thin man with golden hair and black eyes, asked.

”Don ’t play dumb. ”

”… ” Juan was silent and looked at Johnny:

”As the eldest son, he has potential, but because of being an Alpha Werewolf, he has grown up arrogant, thinking he can do whatever he wants. If that is eliminated, he will become a good force for the king. ”

”Hmm… Uninteresting. ” Anderson spoke.

”Oh? ” Julian looked at Anderson, ”Why do you think that? ”

”An alpha werewolf who has lost his will can no longer be called an alpha werewolf. He ’s just a lion who ’s had his claws and fangs removed. ”

”… ” The four subordinates were silent.

”Anyways, I gave him my warning, he decides what he ’s going to do from now on… I hope he makes the right choice… It ’d really be a shame to have to kill an Alpha wolf of his pedigree… Sigh . ”

”You ’re quite sentimental about wolves, Anderson… ” Liza spoke with a small neutral smile.

”I can ’t help it. I grew up hearing from my father that everyone in his Pack is my family, and subconsciously, I think so too. ”

”… ” Anderson ’s subordinates exhibited a faint smile. They liked that gentle side of Anderson a little.

”Anyway, let ’s go visit the ex-general. ”

”Yes! ”

That same afternoon.

A tall man with blood-red eyes was standing in front of a gate as he was looking into the sapphire blue eyes of a man who had a rather elegant mustache.

”Teacher. ”

”Victor…No, should I call you Count Alucard now? ” Adam displayed a slight smile.

Yes, before paying a short visit to his wife ’s enemy, Victor decided to visit someone he hadn ’t seen for a long time.

His College Professor, Adam William Lykos, and also the man who was the parent of his childhood friends.

At first thought, he had decided to visit Andrew, but his friend was not at home, as he was too lazy to look for him, he thought: ’Why not visit my teacher then? ’

He didn ’t care one bit that his teacher was an alpha werewolf… Actually, that was the best part!

He really was a random man…

”You can call me what you like, Professor. ” Victor spoke with a small smile on his face.

Victor could feel something he hadn ’t felt before and could tell that this man in front of him was strong! Incredibly strong!

So strong that he was excited to fight him! But… It wasn ’t what he came here for today… not yet…

”Oh? I like your confidence. ” Adam spoke with the same smile:

”What have you come to my humble abode for, Victor? ”

”… Can I enter? ” Victor ignored his question and asked.

”… ” Adam lost his smile and continued to look at Victor with a neutral gaze while he seemed to be assessing the man up and down.

Victor ’s smile grew predatory when he saw his teacher hesitate:

”Oya, Oya? Is a powerful Alpha afraid of any mere vampire? ”

Looking at Victor ’s smile, a vein popped in Adam ’s head, and then he clicked his tongue, ”Tsk, you really know how to provoke someone. Who did you learn this from? ”

”From you and my dad, of course. ”

”I don ’t remember teaching you this! ”

”I learned by watching. ”

”Tsk. ” He clicked his tongue again:

”Fine, come in. But if you do something, I will kill you. ”

”Yeah, everyone says that… ” Victor ’s gloves began to glow slightly, and slowly Victor walked towards the gate.

And as if by magic, his body passed through the gate and entered Adam ’s land.

”… And to think that you already know how to do this… How old are you anyway? ”

”Have you become senile? I ’m the same age as your daughter. ”

”…That ’s fucking Bulshit. ” Can a vampire less than 100 years old already use this technique? Just what kind of monster is he?

”Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand the man ’s reaction.

”Nothing, let ’s go in. ”

”Yes~, ”

An annoyed look appeared on Adam ’s face, ”And stop with that annoying smile. It reminds me of a memory I don ’t want to remember! ”

”Oh? Tell me more about it. ”

”Oh, it ’s no big deal, just a story about a red-haired demon. ”

”Red-haired demon… Oh, are you talking about Scathach Scarlett? ”

”… You know her? ”

”Of course, she is my mother-in-law and my teacher. ” Victor displayed a proud little smile.

”…E-Eh? ” Adam opened his mouth in shock.

Victor narrowed his eyes, ”…I thought you already knew that? Didn ’t your kids tell you? ”

”Hmmm… ” Adam put a hand on his chin as he tried to remember whether they ’d said something about it in the past or not… Hmm…

”I don ’t remember. ”

Victor looked at Adam with a pitying look, ”…Aren ’t you really getting senile? Are you absolutely sure? ”

Several veins started to pop in Adam ’s head:

”Shut up, brat. Unlike you, I don ’t worry about small details about leeches! I do not mind it! ”

”And I ’m retired! ”

”I call Bullshit…. ”

”Tsk, stop talking nonsense and come in! Before I kick you out! ”

”But I ’m already in…? ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”…This motherfucker… ”

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