Hanging up the phone, Victor looked at the cops.

”Gentlemen, you really came at a very bad time. ”

”!!! ” The SWAT agents felt their bodies shudder as they looked into Victor ’s blood red eyes.

Victor put the phone in his pocket and got up from the corpses he was sitting on.

”…He ’s tall… ” Some of the agents spoke.

”Raise your hands-. ” One of the agents was about to say something, but he couldn ’t. With just one look from Victor, the agent came under Victor ’s control.

Victor pointed to an agent and said, ”Shoot. ”

”Yes. ”

”…? ” Before any of them could understand anything, the man Victor had been talking to turned and pointed his weapon at his fellow agents.


A bullet exited the gun and splattered his fellow agent ’s brains.

”W-What? What are you doing!? ” One of the allied agents shouted.

”I am serving my king. ” The agent being controlled by Victor pointed his gun at the other agents, and:

Bang, Bang!

Two more agents fell dead to the ground…

”Shoot! Take him down! ” The agents hid behind pillars and shot the agent Victor was controlling.

”Ah, Ah~. You killed him. ” Victor displayed a big smile and started walking towards the agents.

The agents aimed their guns at Victor and opened fire!

Bang, Bang!

A hail of bullets went through Victor ’s entire body, his head was destroyed, his mouth was destroyed, his body was destroyed, the only thing left was a piece of meat in the shape of a human body.

”… ” The agents looked at Victor ’s body for a few seconds, seeing that he hadn ’t moved, they believed he was dead:

”Mission accomplished-. ”

”I thought getting shot would be more painful, but…it just tickles. ”

”!!? ” The agents looked at Victor ’s body and were surprised by what they saw.

His broken body began to regenerate at high speed, the blood he had spilled began to flow back into his body as his limbs were restored.

And as if out of a horror movie, Victor ’s body rose, a black aura covered him entirely.

He opened his eyes that were destroyed by the bullets.

”!!! ” When Victor opened his eyes, the agents felt their entire existence tremble!

”M-MONSTER! Kill him! ” The sight of Victor ’s completely skinless blood-covered face shook the agents ’ souls.


The agents started unloading their weapons on Victor.

Victor ’s smile grew, and he spoke in a low voice:

”As a gift of recovery for my beloved maid… ” His voice began to grow louder, and soon a demonic scream was heard:

”Let there be carnage! ”

The black aura that was covering Victor ’s body suddenly seemed to grow!

Victor ’s body began to deform, and soon he appeared in front of an agent.

They couldn ’t react to his speed!

He opened his mouth and bit the agent ’s neck!

”N-Noooo! AHHHHHHHH! ”

”Kill him! Fast! Kill this monster! ”

Bang, Bang!

They fired and unloaded all their guns on Victor, but it seemed to have no effect; it was like the monster couldn ’t be killed!

A more experienced agent said, ”Contact the commander, tell him. ” Before he could finish speaking, the agent ’s entire body began to bleed, and in less than a few seconds, his entire body became dry as if he had run out of blood.

Victor looked at the pool of blood on his hand, slowly his mouth started to grow erratically, and he swallowed all the blood.

”This… ” Victor opened his hand and closed it several times. He could feel something, he could feel something inside him getting stronger, he could feel something demanding more blood.

He looked at his fist and noticed that his fist was becoming similar to what his face was, a shapeless body, and he could feel his blood control improving, despite it being a very tiny fraction.

’…Of course… Why did I never think about it? I am a vampire, I must feed on the blood of other beings. ’ Until now, Victor only fed on the blood of his wives, and he never considered feeding on other beings. After all, that was a ’rule ’, and he also felt disgusted at just thinking about feeding on the blood of unknown people.

Because of this, he never realized the benefits that feeding on other beings could bring him.

’The vampire is a race of predators. ’ Now Victor understood what that meant, and now he understood that by feeding on other beings, he could minutely improve his control of his blood power.

”… This is still not enough… ” Victor looked at the agents, ”Give me your blood! ”

Victor ’s body turned into a bat swarm, appearing in front of an agent and piercing his heart!

”HIII! Run away! We can ’t-. ”

He lifted the body of the agent he just killed and threw it at the other agents who were nearby!

”Noo-. ”


What happens when two bodies collide at high speed?

The answer was right in front of Victor.

They burst like watermelons.

”Come to me. ”

As if being called to by a higher existence, the blood of the agents Victor had killed began to float and soon began to flow towards him.


”We can ’t face this monster! We ’re going to die! ”

The remaining agents dropped their guns on the ground and started running for their lives.

Victor turned to face them. Seeing the sight of them fleeing and dropping their weapons, his face took on an annoyed expression:

”Dogs, if you dare bare your fangs to me, at least keep fighting until the end like good boys. ” Victor ’s eyes flashed dangerously, and in the time of a snap, he disappeared.

Soon all that was heard was:


The agents ’ cries of despair and pain.

Outside the mansion, a group of five Church Fathers were standing waiting for an order from a tall man wearing a uniform similar to their own.

The man was quite plain looking. He was tall, around 190CM tall, had short black hair, and was wearing black glasses.

He seemed like a kind-hearted man, always having a gentle smile on his face, a smile that could welcome any lost lamb.

A man fully armed and dressed in SWAT clothing approached the priest and spoke:

”Father Bruno, why are you here? ” The man ’s face was anything but pretty, and he didn ’t like civilians meddling in an important matter like this.

”Ah, Commander. I came here at the request of a friend. Apparently, a demon is hiding in this place. ”

”Demon…? ” The commander believed he ’d heard some kind of nonsense.

”Tsk, stop talking religious nonsense, get out of this place! Even if you ’re known to the big guys, civilians aren ’t allowed to stay here! ”

”Sigh… ” Father Bruno made an expression of disappointment, ’they never believe my words, huh? But it ’s okay, they ’ll soon believe it. ’

”AHHHHHHHHHH! ” Suddenly everyone heard the scream of the agents.

’Oh? That was quick. ’ Father Bruno thought with a small smile on his face.

”What was that scream!? Agents? Hello!? ” The commander tried to contact his agents, but he couldn ’t.

”Fuck! What is happening in there!? ”

”Like I said before… A demon is in that place. ” The priest ’s gentle smile grew.

”Stop your bullshit-. ” The commander was about to deny the Father ’s words again.

Quake, Quake.

The earth around the Garden of Sasha ’s old mansion began to shake.

”Is this an earthquake? ” The commander held on to the car next to him.

”Of course not. ” Father Bruno denied it.

”… He is coming. ” One of the priest ’s subordinates spoke with a serious face.

Soon several giant ice thorns began to be created around the mansion.

”W-What…? ” The agents couldn ’t believe what they were seeing.


Five objects flew out of the mansion ’s entrance.

”What is that? ”

When the objects got closer, everyone could see that they were actually corpses, which landed right in front of the agents!

”Hiiii! The bodies… The bodies are dry! What ’s going on in there!? ” One of the agents who appeared to be young spoke up.

”He really is a monster… ” Father Bruno couldn ’t help but mutter, and he thought too; ’Looks like the plan failed… In the end, it ’s foolish to try to understand the thinking of a monster. ’

”Fuck, we ’re too late, ” Sasha spoke.

”…Hmm. ” Violet seemed to be thinking of something.

”He ’s very angry… ” Now that Ruby was closer to Victor, she could feel his anger.

”… Well, this is an unexpected development… ” Natalia whispered in an extremely low voice as she looked around.

”…? ” The priest looked to the side and saw four women.

’They are…- ’ He couldn ’t continue his reasoning because suddenly everyone felt an overwhelming presence covering their entire existence.

”… ” The whole place was silent, they couldn ’t move, they felt that if they moved, they would die!

Everyone watched the entrance to the mansion with apprehensive eyes, as they could instinctively feel something… Wrong:

A monster was coming.

Step, Step.

As if everyone ’s senses were getting stronger, they all started to hear someone ’s footsteps approaching.


Some agents gulped and held the protective shield tightly. All they wanted now was to get away from here!

When Victor walked out of the mansion, everyone ’s face went white with pure fear.

He had a big bloody smile on his face while he was carrying two agents ’ corpses in both of his hands. For some reason, the agents felt that the man ’s presence was too big!

They felt small in front of him like they were bugs!

”M-Master… ” Mizuki ’s face darkened as she was watching Victor from the top of a tree, ”He ’s going to kill everyone, we have to stop him. ”

[Stupid disciple, stop your cheap sentimentality, and use your head!] He strongly reprimanded his disciple.

”…Huh? ”

[Don ’t you remember? What did that monster say when he fought Zandriel?]moment

”… ” Mizuki thinks for a moment, and then her eyes open wide, ”Blood red eyes, like a vampire… ”

[Yes, thank goodness your memory isn ’t bad .]

”… ” Mizuki ’s face darkened as she thought of a terrifying possibility.

[My stupid disciple, maybe we made a big mistake joining that organization…] The voice of the elder spirit was heavy…

Victor looked at all the agents present as if he was sizing up each one of them.

With each agent who felt Victor ’s gaze, they unconsciously shrank back and didn ’t dare look him in the eye.

”D-Drop-. ” The commander was going to say something, but Father Bruno raised his hand in a Stop sign.

”Commander, you must never deal with demons, they are beings that only aim at destruction, they must only be exterminated. ” Father Bruno passed the barricade with his subordinates and stood in front of Victor.

”… Father, what is this monster? ” the commander asked.

”Haven ’t I already told you? He is a demon, a devil of the highest order. ” Father Bruno spoke.

”… ” The commander was silent.

”Oh? Are there more of you? That ’s good… That ’s really good. ”

”Demon, justice has arrived! I will judge you! How dare you-. ”

”Silence. ”

”…? ” Father Bruno didn ’t understand what happened, he couldn ’t move his mouth!

”I ’m not in the mood to hear your hypocrisies. ” Victor had already verified this man in front of him with his power, and like Zandriel, this man was also a hybrid.

How dare a mongrel speak about justice? Victor doesn ’t have to be a genius to understand that hybrids weren ’t created naturally.

How many lives were lost for this existence to be created?

And this worm in front of him dares to speak of justice?

Victor looks up at the sky, ”The noise from this helicopter is irritating. ” He lifts the two corpses he brought, freezes the corpses, and throws them towards the helicopter.


As if it were a missile, the two corpses collided with the helicopter!


The helicopter exploded to pieces… Are there any survivors? Of course not.

”Finally, a little silence. ”


The commander gulped as he looked at Victor with disbelieving eyes.

”…This monster… He just threw the two bodies like it was nothing!? What is this force!? ” The commander still couldn ’t believe what he was seeing.

What kind of hell was he thrown into by his superiors!?

”Do not underestimate me! ” Father Bruno roared, a golden power began to cover his body.

”Oh? ” Victor looked at this situation with an interested look.

”Don ’t treat me like that man. In the end, he ’s just a failed product, unlike him, I ’m perfect! ”

”Training! ”

”Yes! ” Bruno ’s five subordinates parted ways.


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