My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 114: Another crazy mother-in-law.

Side of Violet, Sasha, and Ruby.

Suddenly the group stopped running.

”This feeling… ” Sasha ’s chest filled with worry as she felt something coming from their connection:

”Is it Darling? ” She asked.

”This is weird. I ’ve never felt this before. It ’s like he ’s…overflowing with pride? ” Ruby felt strange, her husband was a proud man, but his pride was not so great that he could convey it to them through the connection.

”This is my Darling! ” Violet spoke with a big smile on her face, but then she wore an uncertain expression:

”I ’m sure this is my husband, but something is weird, this feeling, he ’s never conveyed something like this before…. ” She couldn ’t explain what she was feeling.

”… ” Agnes looked at this situation with curious eyes and was wondering what they were talking about.

’Master… ’ Yuki was worried, and somehow, she felt jealous of Kaguya now. After all, with her power, she could always be with her master.

’Something… Something delicious is in that place. ’ Unconsciously, Maria ’s mouth started to drool, her stomach was hurting, and begging for food!

Maria quickly wipes her mouth and thinks, ’What was that? Why did I feel so hungry just now? ’

”Darling? ” Agnes looked at Adonis, whose violet eyes were shining a little, he seemed to be in a trance for a few seconds, but then he said:

”Yes? ” He replied with an innocent face.

”… ’that ’ happened? ” She asked with a serious expression.

”Yes… ” He sighed. He couldn ’t hide anything from her, huh?

”When we got home, we will talk about it, ” Agnes spoke in a tone of voice that would not allow for refusal.

”That ’s a good idea. ” Adonis agreed.

Scathach looks up, and, seeing the red pillar of power, her eyes fill with worry and annoyance:

”That idiot! ” She increased her pace even more.

Once six months ago, Scathach discovered something while training with Victor.

Victor, her stupid disciple, had his own vampire count form.

Although this form is incomplete, it gives the host great power.

If Victor, who now had the power of a 500-year-old adult vampire, uses this form, he will be able to fight 1500-year-old adult vampires.

It ’s an absurd increase in power.

As with all Vampire Count transformations, the user gains a significant boost to the powers common to vampires and also improves the amount of elemental power they can use…

Victor ’s transformation was essentially the same, but different…

Unlike the first time he ’d changed into Clan Snow ’s vampire count form, his own vampire count transformation was something more… chaotic.

Ice and water, fire and lightning, and Victor ’s own power that is blood…

Victor ’s vampire count form was the joining of all his powers.

And it ’s because of that, his form was so strong. Normally it was not supposed to cause such a sudden power boost, and the vampire count form of an ordinary noble vampire provides a simple power boost.

If the vampire is 500 years old and uses the vampire count form, he will be able to fight a 1000 year old vampire. The increase was only 2X.

Of course, this applies at the first levels of transformation.

In total, the vampire count transformation has three levels.

Level 1: An incomplete form of transformation, the user is covered by the source of their power, their ears get sharper, and they grow a little in height. This stage gives a significant boost in base elemental power that you can use without getting tired. Power boost is 2X.

Level 2: A semi-complete form of count transformation, the wearer ’s appearance becomes more monstrous, they gain an increase in the vampires ’ racial powers, they become tougher and stronger physically, and they gain better control of the power from the previous form.

Level 3: The full form of transformation, it is said that only older vampires who have trained a lot in controlling their power can achieve this form. This form significantly enhances the base powers and the vampire ’s control of their own power. This transformation is basically a fusion of the two previous forms. Few in the history of noble vampires have had a chance to glimpse this transformation.

It is said that the complete transformation of the vampire count is the true nature of the ancient vampires that has been lost over the millennia, but no one knows whether this is true or not.

Even the very existence of this transformation is uncertain.

And like she was laughing at the whole vampire story, her stupid disciple broke that rule…

The first level of Victor ’s transformation gives a 3x power boost…

’But, I think this is logical? After all, he inherited the powers of three houses of vampire counts… His very existence is an irregularity, ’ Scathach thought.

But not everything is perfect. Since her stupid disciple didn ’t completely master all of his basic powers, Scathach forbade him to use this transformation and even gave him gloves that restrained and helped control his powers.

Until he was able to completely control his powers and the transformations of the Three Clans of Vampire counts without the gloves, Scathach forbade him to use that power.

The reason? The recoil was just too big. You don ’t get that much power for free, and a cost must be paid. By using so much power recklessly, the user only harms himself.

The last time this happened, Victor was comatose for a month, and he was a vampire with a powerful regeneration…

As Scathach had experience dealing with something like this in the past, she immediately understood something when she saw the condition of her disciple that day.

”The recoil from using a power he is not prepared to use is so strong that it has also damaged his soul. ”

The soul is the anchor of life in the physical body, if the soul is destroyed…immortal or not, you will die, and that applies to everyone.

Even for spirits like Abe-no-Seimei.

Although as spirits summoned by magic, they acted by another set of rules completely different from those who had a physical body…

Victor was an atomic bomb of walking power. He was like a faucet that never stopped pouring water, with the water, in this case, being power. This might be a good thing at first glance, but without control, power is just as harmful to its users themselves as it is to everyone around them.

Scathach arrived at the scene, and her eyes immediately sought out Victor and soon found him.

His clothes were destroyed, he got taller, his whole body took on a shade of gray, his eyeballs were completely red, all his teeth were sharp like a predator ’s fangs.

His hair was floating up like he was defying gravity, and his hands were sharp as claws, and behind him, he had a big bat wing.

And around him, pure blood was floating as if it had been protecting him.

’It ’s different… The first time it happened, that wing was just bones, and he couldn ’t control that blood. And… ’

”He didn ’t lose control this time. ” Scathach displayed a satisfied smile.

”Is that… The vampire count form? Does he know how to use this too? ” Natasha spoke.

”Sigh, he made me worry about nothing; this form is still incomplete- ” Suddenly, William ’s vision began to spin. ”Huh? ”

’Fool, you let your guard down, weaker than you or not. On the battlefield, you never let your guard down, especially when you ’re faced with something unknown. ’ Scathach sneered in contempt.

William ’s body fell to the ground, and the moment the body fell to the ground, his body started to catch fire and disappeared from existence.

Victor appears holding William ’s head and shows it to Natasha.

”Brat, let go of me! ” William yelled angrily.

”Don ’t you dare… ” Natasha growled when she saw Victor ’s sadistic smile on Victor ’s face.

Victor ’s smile grew even wider, and slowly, he began to squeeze William ’s head.

Crack, Crack…

”W-What-… ” Realizing what Victor was going to do, William ’s face started to panic. ”S-Stop, don ’t do this! ”

Cracking sounds could be heard all around.

”N-Noo… S-Stop it! ” Natasha ’s voice was almost breaking.

”K-Kid, are you really going to kill your wife ’s father!? ” William tried to negotiate.

”Remember, I ’m her father. What will your wife think of you!? Let me go, okay? I promise we won ’t do anything against you anymore! ”

Victor didn ’t say anything and just squeezed William ’s head tighter.

Seeing that Victor wasn ’t kidding, Natasha ’s voice began to contain despair.

”P-Please, please don ’t do this…please… ”

Victor ’s sadistic smile changed to an evil grin, ”No Mercy, ” and, as if he was breaking a watermelon, Victor squeezed William ’s head tighter.

Crack! Splash!

Blood splattered Victor ’s face.



And soon William ’s head caught fire and vanished from existence.

He killed him…

”W-William… ”

’One is gone… Now. ’ Victor uses his speed and appears behind Natasha.

Taking advantage of Natasha ’s emotional imbalance, he tries to kill the woman by also destroying her head, but the woman defends herself with her hands.

”BASTARD! ” Natasha attacks Victor, but he quickly defends himself with the blood barrier and backs away.


”… ” Victor ’s face took on an expression of annoyance for a few seconds when he realized that his barrier was almost broken, but the expression on his face disappeared quickly.

And as if it were magic, a smiling expression appeared:

”Ahh~, he died so easily, like ants being stepped on, it ’s a shame, it ’s really a shame. ” Victor looked at the ashes of William ’s body and stepped on them.

”He ’s a strong opponent. It ’s a shame he ’s not a warrior. He ’s just a parasite, and parasites must be eradicated, right? ” He looked at Natasha.

”Do you understand what you did!? You killed your wife ’s father! She will never forgive you! ” Natasha screamed with tears in her eyes.

Victor raises his finger, and then the blood around him turns to blood swords, and he throws those swords towards Natasha!

”Child ’s play. ” Natasha ’s body is covered in lightning, and she dodges all of Victor ’s attacks, and soon she appears behind Victor and tries to kill him!

’Annoying speed. ’ He quickly turns back, controls the blood he ’s thrown, and the swords come back towards him, quickly transforming into a blood barrier and defending Natasha ’s attack.

Crack, Crack!

This time the blood barrier broke!

”Tsk. ” Victor backed away.

’My speed has increased, but I ’m still not an opponent for her… But my strength is causing damage to her body. ’

’I can ’t stay in this transformation for long, or I ’ll start suffering damage to my soul… I need to increase my time using this transformation a little. I need blood… ’

Victor flashed a sneer, ”Cheap sentimentalism, don ’t pretend to be a saint, woman. You don ’t care about your daughter; you never did. ”

”… ” Natasha looked coldly at Victor.

”But… Well, you may be correct. Maybe my beloved wife will never forgive me. ”

”Of course, she will never forgive you, he was her father! ” She growled.

But Victor didn ’t mind and continued:

”I love my wife very much, and I don ’t want her to be sad because of my actions. ” He started to float slowly, then he pointed his hand towards Natasha.

”But even if I love her, I ’ll never forgive anyone who hurts her… Even if that person is her own family! ”

”Hypocritical! ” Natasha spoke in a hateful tone.

”I know. ” Victor laughed.

”Now. Give me your blood. ”

”Huh…? ” Suddenly, tears of blood started to come out of Natasha ’s face.

Cough, Cough!

Natasha coughed up a lot of blood on the floor.

”This is… ”

As if the blood had gained consciousness, Natasha ’s blood began to fly towards Victor. Victor ’s mouth grew distortedly, and he swallowed all the blood.

”You have delicious blood~ ” Victor displayed a big smile, ”I want more~. ”

”You will pay for this! No one takes my blood without my permission. ” Natasha ’s face wasn ’t pretty.

Rumble, Rumble.

Natasha ’s body was covered by lightning again, and she swiftly appeared in front of Victor, ”Die! ”

”Kaguya. ” Victor jumped back and narrowly avoided Natasha ’s attack.

[…Yes, master.] Despite being surprised at Victor ’s transformation, she was still a hard working maid, and she did her job.

Victor ’s shadow spread across the ground, and soon a black territory was created.

Suddenly, Victor ’s image slowly faded into the darkness.

”Fool! This won ’t work again! ” Natasha steps on the ground, and immediately a small lightning blast happens, the lightning travels across the ground, and it seems to have swallowed up all of Kaguya ’s shadow.


Kaguya ’s territory of darkness was completely undone, and Victor was prevented from entering Kaguya ’s shadows.

”Huh…? ” Victor didn ’t expect this.

Natasha grabs Victor by the neck, and using her hand, she attacks Victor ’s head.

Victor ’s head exploded like a fragile jelly.

”Eh…? ” But something happened that she didn ’t expect.

Victor ’s body fell to the ground and dissolved into blood.

Suddenly the blood gathers behind Natasha, and at superhuman speed, that blood transforms into Victor, and he quickly embraces her.

”You are mine now~. ”

”Huh? Let me go! ” She struggled.

Victor suffered major damage to his body, but he didn ’t care:

”Didn ’t you want me? I ’m here. ” His mouth grows disproportionately, and he bites her!

”Ahhhh~! ”

”… ” Scathach ’s eyebrows quivered a little as she looked at this scene.

Victor ’s eyes began to glow brighter, and slowly his body began to be covered in lightning.

”I… I ’m being drained~. ”

”Just relax~. Soon it will all be over~. ” He spoke in a calm, gentle voice.

”Ahh~, S-Stop… N-No… ”

Natasha was feeling a pleasure she had never felt before in her life, but she knew that if she continued like this, things would go wrong.

”Let go of me! ” Her eyes glowed gold.

Rumble, Rumble!


Lightning crashed down on her.

Victor ’s body suffered severe damage from Natasha ’s attack, but he didn ’t care. In this transformation, if there was something that improved the most, it was his regeneration.

In less than a few seconds, all the damage he suffered was restored.

”Let go of me! You piece of shit! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

A shower of lightning began to fall upon her.

And just like before, Victor ’s body was damaged, and less than a few seconds later, his body regenerated.

Victor didn ’t let go of her and just squeezed her tighter and sucked her blood.

”Ahh~ ” Natasha moaned in pleasure, and her breathing was getting erratic as she was feeling her life slowly fading away.

”Grr… ” Natasha was annoyed like never before.

”I said… ” Natasha ’s eyes started to glow brighter in gold, and then, with her body covered by the lightning, she said, ”Let go of me! ”

Rumble, Rumble!

”!!! ” Feeling a bad feeling, Victor quickly lets go of Natasha and backs away.

Immediately after, a bolt of gigantic and much stronger lightning fell on Natasha.


A massive explosion happened at the scene, and the booming sound of lightning falling to the ground was heard.

”Bloody Hell. ” Victor looked at a gigantic crater that had been created.

Everything disappeared from existence. The only thing that remained was Natasha, who was floating with her dress completely destroyed.

”…This power… ” Victor looked up with an expression of shock.

[It ’s her true power… If you hadn ’t retreated, you and I would have vanished from existence…] Kaguya explained.

Natasha looked at Victor with her eyes gleaming gold.

”!!! ” Victor felt a shiver down his spine that made his smile grow.

[She ’s coming, get ready!]

Victor braced himself. With the blood he ’d absorbed earlier, he could go on a little longer.

[Master, remember, she hasn ’t used her vampire count form yet.] Kaguya warned him.

”… Damn monster. ” Victor ’s smile grew, and he didn ’t seem to be saddened by this news.

Natasha took a deep breath, and then she opened her mouth:

”Boy… Noo. Victor. What do you think will happen when my daughter finds out what happened here? ”


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