Mors Aranea Academy.

The History Book.

The Earth shook as he arose.

His bones were on fire. His fingers cracked backwards and he screamed out in pain. His skin felt as if a million bugs were crawling on him. He huffed in unbearable torture. He grunted and his eyes rolled back into his head. This was excruciating. He wanted it to stop. Why wouldn it stop?

All he could hear was the sound of his heart beat, as it started to weaken. Was he going to die? He felt a sudden numbness and he had stopped breathing. His heart had died.

As it started to rain heavily, the body of Cassian Cato lay still on the hard concrete ground.

Suddenly the heavens shook and lightning struck the ground. It was as if the heavens said this was unacceptable.

His body was struck by the streak of electricity and he awakened.

His eyes suddenly opened. He couldn move.

Once he finally got back the feeling of his legs and hands he stood up. He felt dizzy and stumbled around for a while, sitting by a wall for support.

He felt his bones burning again, and suddenly, a red zap of lightning came out of his hands. His blood was now flowing backwards, coming out of his fingers making intricate designs. He could almost feel his veins and arteries trying to adjust to this new development. His heart was beating at the speed of light. He started sweating and breathing heavily.

He felt a pain coming and he screamed louder than he had ever before. His screaming made the entire ground shake and his eyes glowed red, consuming his irises.

His true self had finally awoken from a deep slumber.

He sighed as he calmed down and leaned his head back onto the wall.

He had…powers?

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