Cassian arrived to class and walked up to his station. It seems he was the first to arrive to class. He grabbed his supplies and started working right away. He had a project he had been doing since before break and he wanted to finish it. It was the one thing he was enthusiastic about in life.

He wanted to create something that would capture the energy of the sun but not covert it into electricity but magic. It was a difficult task to say the least. It wouldn be surprising if it took him most of his life to finish this but he wouldn give up. The mundanes and mages had been keeping in mind about solar energy since the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt. Even Roman architecture was developed with solar energy in mind. It wasn until the 19th century that we began turning the suns light into electrical energy. It was the late 19th century when solar cells were developed and later the first solar panel. It was difficult to be where we are now with conversions of energy.

So converting energy into magic would be an extremely hard task, but it is possible. He would stop at nothing to be able to finish this invention and the professor of inventions would help him along the way.

Professor Creo was a lower grade mage. His magical limit was low, meaning he could only use his magic to a minimum of ten minutes. Though he was a mage he was interested in in inventions since he was a child. He was a kind old man and the professor of inventions class. He particularly doted on Cassian since he saw his potential and enthusiasm on inventing. He believed Cassian to be a smart young man. He always told him one thing to keep in mind.

”The powers of magic do not compare to the powers of the mind. ”

The professor would repeat this so many times to reassure Cassian even if he didn feel bad on a certain day and it would work. That one phrase would do more than make him happy.

He was drawing the structure for the millionth time. Frustration was rising within him. He then heard the sounds of students filing into class and getting to work. He liked the students of this class because they were the only sane ones to stay quiet whilst working. He loved his silence and peace more than anything.

The scratching of paper and graphite breaking could be heard from one table. Professor Creo looked over to the noise to see his stubborn student in the middle of a fit of frustration. He slowly glided over to Cassian, his robes dragging along the wooden floors.

”Rome wasn built in a day, my dear boy ” voiced the wise old man.

Cassian looked up to see the professor peering at him from between his moon shaped spectacles.

[2] ”Neither was- ”

The professor was interrupted by Cassian continuing the sentence.

[1] ”Neither was the world. ”

The professor smiled at his young protégé. He truly was an interesting child. The professor nodded before asking

[2] ”Now tell me whats the matter, for you to be fussing about? ”

[1] ”Im not fussing professor, its just…if I can even create the bloody plans for this project then how am I supposed to get start on the inventions? ”

[2] ”Patience is how. Now show me your drawings. ”

Cassian handed the tattered scrolls over to the professor who looked at them with careful consideration.

[2] ”I can see why your frustrated Cassian but I think I may have a way to help ”

[1] ”How? ”

[2] ”See this one? Its perfectly fine, extraordinary even. ”

He showed the drawing Cassian despised the most. Cassian was confused, wasn this absolute garbage? He had taken the designs of the Campbell Stokes Recorder and modified the designs to capture the sunlight inside a sphere of solar panels instead of glass and instead of measuring the sunlight it would keep it enclosed inside the solar panals for further use.

”It is clever how you used a previous invention and modified it so. With a few adjustments and considerations it could be just the perfect thing your looking for! ” Said the professor enthusiastically.

[2] ”Id suggest enclosing the sphere in a cube with glass frames instead of the original design ” he whispered before smiling mischievously and walking off.

He thought about this for a few moments before brightening up. The sphere has no sides so it would fundamentally capture the sunlight whilst the energy would be radiated in the cube! It was genius! He got into creating a new plan right away with a newfound enthusiasm.

The professor watched from close by with a knowing smile on his face. His wrinkled eyes shining with pride.


When inventions ended Cassian walked to the next class in joy. He didn think that in the few following days an event would happen that would change his life forever…

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